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Checkmate Anonymous 3239803

>younger brother wants to get a chess set for his 17th birthday
>apparently he's been playing a lot online and he's convinced he's super good at it
>he gets the chess set and plays my mom
>beats her in five turns
>they play some more, my mom can never come close to beating him
>fast-forward to tonight
>mom's not home, he wants to play me
>I haven't played chess literally since I was a kid, I barely remember the rules
>I agree, figuring I'll be annihilated
>I have no strategy, I just come up with moves on the spot
>match lasts 45 fucking minutes
>I just BARELY lose because he eliminates all of my pieces except my king
>it was intense as fuck, he tried psyching me out by saying funny things, in the end the only advantages he had was the horse piece and one pawn
>I actually took out his queen twice
>I didn't want to play again because I was amazed I even got that far
>he says whoever wins the next match gets the last brownie
>fuck it, it's on
>I tell him no bullshit this time
>we are both dead silent
>I start to realize what he's expecting me to do, so I intentionally surprise him, and I can tell he's pissed
>I notice that he makes moves quickly, so I take really long amounts of time to think about my moves
>I win by eliminating all of his pieces except his king, just like he did to me
>he tries to make up some bullshit rule about how if he can get his king to my side he gets all of his pieces back
>we make our mom look it up just in case and we don't take our eyes off the board
>the rule was fake, I fucking win
>he tries to take the last brownie anyways
>I grab it from his hands and devour it
>we're gonna play again tomorrow

holy fucking shit I never knew chess could be so intense

how good are you at chess /oat/? my brother claims it is literally impossible to defeat a computer, there are over 4,000 possible outcomes and the game was created by ancient egyptians or something

Anonymous 3239865

Your brother is full of shit, put him up for adoption.

>my brother claims it is literally impossible to defeat a computer

Your brother is wrong. Chess is not a solved game; it is possible for even the best existing computer players to lose. However, the very best computer players play better than the very best human players.

HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3239902

i saw a pretty interesting video on this once. it said that the chess computer that they used for that/those games/whatever wasn't REALLY an ai that was made to figure out how to play chess. instead it was essentially just an amalgamation of other chess players' moves in different situations put together. the question he put forward was, did a computer really win that game, or did those chess players that it used as sources of information?

Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3239980

>ancient egyptians
lmfao it was invented in fucking india

Eliza!zIANOLEeck 3240058

File: 1428549710899.jpg (107.54 KB, 900x800, 139831187814.jpg)

>tfw you used to be really good at chess and went to tournaments and stuff
forgot all my shit tho, used to be able to think like 6 moves ahead.

Anonymous 3241436

I am rated at roughly 1200 and I mostly play for fun. Not super strong and I have difficulty with reading moves ahead, as well as distraction issues.

Unfortunately I have never defeated any engine at a really strong difficulty, although I was able to settle for a draw on occasion against some outdated programs.

Chaturanga and Shatranj were, maybe, although it made its' invention in Europe as the chess we know today.

Anonymous 3241439

also this may be interesting to some people

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