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Anonymous 3236365

This is just pathetic


I agree with these comments:

"I admire how abruptly the last three girls stopped their conversation to check their phones, almost like robots. I think its become a subconscious reflex for them. I don't know if that's funny, sad, or interesting. Maybe all three. I think someone definitely needs to conduct an experiment on this subject, like monitor their brain activity before and after the sound."

"This video is more of an interesting commentary of just how zombified cellphone technology has made us. The instant the chime goes off everybody gets in a frenzy to check their phones, desperately hoping it's for them. Social media has made people so self-important to the point where it looks desperate. The worst was the three girls sitting together, presumably all friends, yet when the chime goes off they all check their phones at the same time. Has social media made them that bored of each other? "


HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3236377

File: 1428451172042.gif (962.3 KB, 350x197, 1426391181603.gif)

>edgy teenagers who are too good/too autistic/socially isolated to use cell phones
yeah. what happened to the good old days when long distance communication was accomplished by lighting bonfires and signaling with smoke? then they wouldn't have to wait for a noise to check their phone, they could just be staring at the sky all day

Anonymous 3236402

I don't have a problem with cellphones. I have a problem with people become addicted to it.

HolyGhost!Grimes./iQ 3236434

>hey was that a cellphone noise???
>oh i better check mine
>oh it wasnt me, w/e


File: 1428453551523.jpg (61.23 KB, 600x714, FB_IMG_1428436270523.jpg)


File: 1428453826870.png (125.63 KB, 375x442, 265.png)

this is just second nature

i dont see the problem

it sort of works the same way when i hear the phone ringing on TV

i thought it was my home phone

it has little to do with people being addicted to their cell

and the prank is kinda funny

Agiri 3236469

File: 1428454380963.png (163.76 KB, 396x396, guys im pretty sure op is a fa…)



File: 1428461663752.png (84.31 KB, 297x295, zoe_5014.png)

It's like I said before.

Humanity is bored.

Red Star 3237232

File: 1428469418085.png (228.09 KB, 733x660, Uuuuuh.png)

I'll check my phone, sure, but after I finish my sentence, or if I excuse myself from the conversation at hand/if conversation has died down.

Honestly I see my friends like once a week and I cherish that. (also I'm pretty introverted so that's generally all I'll want to be around them, besides maybe one on one) So usually when we're talking we're all quite engaged with one another.

Eliza!zIANOLEeck 3237419

File: 1428475335379.jpg (109.1 KB, 800x711, 807cceed2a75552f1f65d863a3c06e…)

What's pathetic is how lame this prank is.
>notification sound
>checks phone
>oh it wasn't me
>nothing happens
comedy genius

Thunderanon 3237454

File: 1428476078536.jpg (617.29 KB, 1200x900, o56586_-_Magic_artist-swaetshr…)

This is fucking dumb.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 3237496

File: 1428476781592.png (143.28 KB, 500x490, 1393894758005.png)

Holy shit you weren't kidding, that was boring as fuck.

How the hell is that funny.

Red Star 3237518

Some people have an amazingly low barrier for what they call funny. Just look at this. I dare you.


Lisbon!EZSlut7tis 3238018


>ten thousand times a day to the point where you cant focus on anything else because you're permanently on edge about being the first to know about some guy farting in India


Anonymous 3239769

Hopefully when home phones become illegal we can all go to rehab and stop jumping up from whatever we're doing to talk to some shitlord no one cares about every time there's a ringing noise.

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