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/bettercallsaul/ Anonymous 3233635

who else is ready for the season finale of Better Call Saul tonight??

Thunderanon 3233683

File: 1428367574052.png (59.18 KB, 600x800, _Thunderlane_Happy.png)

Oh god yes.


Best scene in the whole show.

Anonymous 3233729


>gun guy is Trevor

>the guy who hired them is Lester


Anonymous 3234020

Well that was...kind of underwhelming.

Bingo scene with the explanation of the Chicago Sunroof was great, the slippin' montage was great, the Kevin Bacon joke was kind of funny but at the end I was just like...that's it? Maybe I'm a pleb for wanting a major character death or a crazy cliffhanger but still.

Also when Jimmy (Saul?) says:

>I know what stopped me. And I'm never letting it stop me again.

What was he talking about? What stopped him? His conscience? The law? His brother?

And god they couldn't have chosen a cheesier song to end with.

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