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Drifting Without Purpose Anonymous 3223073

S'been a while since I have last drifted into these here lands. Not sure what to make of it, what with the recent merger. But for now, this small place will do for some talk. Maybe some "old days gone by" talk of times that have passed into the sands of history. Me personally? I've got a stronger tinge than usual of nostalgia for the past mid 2011 and 2012.

Just nostalgia glasses on my eyes, but for me it seems I cannot sever ties. Especially to a past that it seems that only but I long for. If anything, I suppose it is just me being sentimental for old times. The rational part of my brain says this is rather foolish. Why lament what has already past when there is still the present to be had? Passions long dead won't make themselves come back to life, nor shall the fandom you once revelved in shall revive it for the whims of a lone anon.

Just angst, but honestly I feel somewhat lonely to some degree that it only appears that I am the only one who misses anything from fandom fanon/head canon of that era. (If you could call it that.) At this point I am resigned to loiter from site to site in apathy, occassionally pitching in a comment or two before disappearing back into the shadows from whence I came. Sometimes I may make an effort to try and bring some life back into some portions of old content that I enjoyed, only to remind myself that similar efforts from the past were but in vain.

Hell, this fandom at one point brought me out into the wild to actually create something fanfiction wise for a time. Now that spirit is rather... Well, dead for the most part. It was fun while it lasted, but like most fanfiction before it, the content left much to be desired. Soon enough my efforts came to be expired.

As said, these days I just lurk, with barely a post at a month if at all. The fandom isn't quite dead yet for me, and I doubt it will ever fade for me personally at wholesale. Though I do long for to share some banter with folks of similar inkminded lines of thought like myself, yet in my four years into this fandom, I have yet to find similar like minded individuals who have remained here in a group, if at all.

Simply put, I am a nostalgia fag to put it bluntly. I even have different colored nostalgia lenes accumulated over the the time I have been in this fandom, collecting and archiving a personal library of fanon/head canon lore, characters, world building over time in my head or on a computer document. I suppose doing such an activity does fill a small part in me that feels that I am preserving a small, if inconsequential memory of the fandom, even if I am but the only individual who will ever take note of it. Looking back, I feel sad that some pieces of old tales and world simply were left to rot as the show went on, as if it never existed in the first place. Other times such pieces seemed to be loathed, even earning what appeared to me a hostile reaction whenever I attempted early on to post why such things were left behind. Such moments have left me all but barran of any desire to create content whatsoever for this fandom. Why bother if it will be ripped to shreds the moment it contradicts some common canon, viable fanon and/or otherwise? Again, just the nostalgia fag in me here talking, probably for some moment of attention and whatnot.

Why I post in this thread remains somewhat of a vague mystery to me. Perhaps I long for someone at least to sympathize and provide reason/solution to why I wander here yet. Maybe a shoulder to lean on, or at least someone to talk to who is willing to bear the ramblings of some fool, even if it is a waste of bandwidth and pixels.

What say you then?

!Lunacy/ic. 3223080

File: 1428026736725.png (910.67 KB, 936x1192, Coffee.png)

What exactly is it about the spirit of the old days that you long for? The rush to create content? The "love and tolerance" mentality? The excitement around the novelty of pone?

Anonymous 3223111

File: 1428028597376.jpg (18.22 KB, 261x302, deal with it.jpg)

This week marks the end of a particularly long hiatus. People tend to go silent when there's nothing fresh to discus.

The movies offered no appeal to many of the adult fans of the show, so Rainbow Rocks did nothing to keep the common interest of the fans of the show.

I predict that come this Saturday morning and the streams pop up again, we'll have a lively Renaissance of the feels we had back in '11 and '12. Maybe not the same as before, but better than today.

We've lost a lot during the hiatus. News sites and internet radio stations have gone under. Many of the fans have moved on to other interests or just got on with life. Others just got sick of the drama of the fan base.

Feel free to hang out here. This isn't as bad a place as /mlp/ or /pone/ to interact. You rarely see anyone from the other side of the wall that marks pchan.

Anonymous 3223119

File: 1428028790285.gif (124.41 KB, 125x125, Adagio hips (auto) (2).gif)

>The movies offered no appeal to many of the adult fans of the show

Anonymous 3223122

Look at what you had to sit through to get those fleeting moments of brony fan service.

It wasn't worth the time it took to sit through the movie.

Anonymous 3223138

File: 1428029140796.jpg (232.84 KB, 900x887, Adagio table seduction.jpeg)

Those sultry songs do nothing for your ears/boner?

Sorry, anon. I for one lust after our new siren overlords.

Anonymous 3223167

that's nice. I agree with this guy >>3223111

OP, if ponies don't inspire you anymore, find something that does. That's what naturally happens for a lot of people. With the new season coming up after a long hiatus there should be some rekindled interest, but the fandom won't ever be the same as it was in 2011/2012 because it has snowballed and become too popular.

Don't worry about contradicting canon/fanon with creative work, if it's interesting enough work most people won't care.

Anonymous 3223181

File: 1428030487262.gif (337.55 KB, 500x400, 1428008319554.gif)

I agree.

Try watching the first few weeks of the new season. If nothing reignites the kind of interest you may recall from the first and second seasons, it's time to expand your horizons a bit.

You don't have to leave. Just keep an open mind and see what else is going on.

Anonymous 3225095

File: 1428099141399.jpg (509.6 KB, 1920x1080, Screen Cap 1.jpg)

It would appear that the reply that I have typed out was seen as "too long" by the website. I don't suppose anyone would happen to know if there is a way to find out what those limits are, anyone?

Apparently I over 3000 words typed out according to this word counter.


File: 1428101892818.png (536.29 KB, 900x1039, yoko_littner_colors_by_vegeta_…)

Protip: If you hit the post limit on this board, no one was going to bother to read that shit anyway.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 3225159

I think the limit is in characters, and it's at least 7000. Just do three posts?

Anonymous 3225180

>>3225157 ... Like I was expecting more than a few individuals even bother.

>>3225159 Got it. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous 3225187



Mostly that of the first, and a little of the third. To me, the show back then left sort of a blank slate for both the show's inner history/lore and for the characters themselves, background, main or other characters otherwise. What mainly drew me here was the raw power and creativity of the fanbase back then, which was novel for a fandom that was so new back then. I enjoyed how the varieties of interpretations for the show itself blossomed into many different but equally enjoyable visions that each individual fan author and artist had when they looked beyond what the show gave to them. It was a euphoric experience for a mind like myself, dazzled by a menagerie of worlds that branched off from the main canon show, some even become their own small haven of communities of fans who were drawn to a Y interpretation and built upon that as a recursive material. This wholesome barrage of unique content for such a show that first began as some 4chan war became something much more than anyone would have expected.

I might as well provide some history of my own introduction into the fandom itself to give some perspective and understanding as to why I came to become part of this fandom and still stay to this very day. It might even help a little to organize my thoughts for a more substance filled "discussion" if you will.

My first introduction into the fandom is somewhat foggy in my memory, so I cannot narrow a precise time and event as to when I becam involved. As a general timeframe however, I do know that it happened roughly around early to mid 2011, February to late April-Early May. Probably by some YouTube fan video, which shortly thereafter came to another, then to Season 1 of the show when it was still uploaded to the site. During this time, I presumably hit one a link in the description of one of these videos that directed to Equestria Daily.

As an avid fanfiction reader, I particularly enjoyed the content that was being produced by early fan writers at the time. As such, quite a few of the precurssors stood out in my mind. I apologize if I am not able to provide the specific name for some of the stories, though I will attempt to substitute it with a description of the story itself to see if they ring any bells. The list isn't set in any particular order, just what is at the top of my head at the moment. The list may present a common theme and character to make a point. Not completely comprehensive, may list other such stories as a later date.

Anonymous 3225188

"Bubbles" A tale of how Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo earned her cutie mark, and her derped eyes. Presented as a heartfelt tragedy. Poignant to say the least. A similar story by a different author had Derpy Hooves adopting a young background pony teenager, who resented such a thing. Later the relationship between the two is built through a series a letters, though vocally impaired, the exterior hides a poetic intellect of passion telling the young unicorn the history of her step mother, and why she was adopted in the first place.

"Allegreaza": The definitive fanfiction that set the standard romance pairing between a certain refined classical earth pony mare Octavia "Philiharmonica" (Then known last name that sometimes accopanied the character, depending on the author until the blind bag featuring the character changed it to "Melody") and the party hard DJ-PON3 unicorn mare whose purple shade hid the beautiful ruby eyes beneath. (Rather somthing which I hold important to me personally as an asthetic and symbolic kind of thing. Naturally Canterlot Wedding pretty much made this moot. There were other eye colors for Vinyl Scratch's character, but up until that episode, red was the most popular.) The pairing was a favorite of mine for a time, though less so these days for rather personal, petty reasons.

A few variations of Trixie redemption fics that sometimes paired her up with Twilight Sparkle. A couple of which were well written by my standards. There was a notable twist in one fic on deviantART (Later posted to FiMfiction) in which ended up having her paired with Princess Luna instead through unfortunate circumstances. First started as a rivalry between the two in a bid for Twilight Sparkle's affections.

"Auld Lang": Scottish title of the moon itself in a poetic way. A variation of the Luna character that involved a lonely romance between Luna and a human character in Equestria. While introduced to the rest of the cast, a tragic misunderstanding later fated Luna to wipe the memories of those who saw him except for herself, fearing that her sister would banished the human for mistaken tell tale signs.

"The Death of Princess Luna" Self explanatory title. This fanfic answer the question to a scenario of what would happen if Princess Luna was murdered in cold blood, and the aftermath of the event on the rest of Equestria, particularly Princess Celestia.

"Through the Eyes of Another Pony", a parody of Gary Stues of a human turned pony popping into Equestria. The protagonist was a black coated, dark orange maned unicorn (Later named Firewall.) who early on befriended the Mane 6, and may or may not struck up some romancesque relationship with the then blank slate Princess Luna. (Not to be confused with the Luna Eclipsed version. The same probably applies to most other stories on this list up to a certain point.)

"Progress", a comedy story centered around an awkward Princess Luna who attempts to mingle with the common pony, particularly that of the earth pony variety, using an earth pony disguise named "Selene" to interact with two other earth pony characters, one male and female. Male was more action oriented, noted for testing somewhat dangerous devices as a rocketeer. Female was the sane one of the group, who later drew the attention of Princess Celestia, warning her of what would happen if anything foul were to befall her little sister.

Anonymous 3225189

Notable for introducing an early fanon quirk in that Luna was attatched with an abacus by the name of "Abby". Story also featured in th first chapter of Luna's disasterous attempts to use a microwave. First instance of being shipped with Big Macintosh. Story set the prominent fan set personality of the Luna character until the appearance of "Luna Eclipsed", where very shortly thereafter the fanon version of this character cease to exist, consigned to the sands of history to be little more than but a footnote. After this episode, this interpretation of the character recieved a permanent negative stigma from that point on, associated with being a "wangst" character that is used to presumably in a similar light of that of a teen-young adult angst. A particularly irksome time during the months after Luna Eclipsed aired. Or the other alternative, being presented as a babified "Woona" characterization that stuck thereafter.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBOf9zLYgc0 Essentially, a babality to this character interpretation.

Do not misunderstand, I actually like interpretation presented in Luna Eclipsed. Still do to this day for the most part. What I did not expect however was the way this canon personality of the character would bury all other interpretations up to that point. To me, this episode set an early precedent of what was to come for the fate of other fan characterizations and lore. At that point in time, I was of the mind that the previous fanon/head canon interpretations of previous existing characters and lore would remain intact to exist alongside with the canon standard of the show, peacefully coexisting while each respective realms built up and branched off from each other. Instead... Well, most fan created material up to this point that wasn't completed ended up conforming to the canon status quo. Not exactly what I had in mind or desired, more expecting that creators would make use of their own interpretations that they created plus those of the fandom up to that point and the newly introduced characters and lore from the canon show in separete "dimensions" for both present and future creations to satisfy an equal medium so in a way that did not hinder the progress and continuation of the other. An ideal which I unfortunately set upon a high pedestal of idealism that was unknowingly built upon an unstable foundation. As one would expect, this later came to bite me in the back. Hard.

Remember how I said that I was drawn to the fandom due to the creativity and diversity the fandom had with the created content based on the bare base of the show, and expanded upon it in a variety of ways that was equally enjoyable to me? Yeah... It was later made apparant that from my perception, the rest of the fandom did not seem to share this attitude. "Past Sins" is a fanfic that defines the precedent I mentioned earlier. For those not in the know, the Princess Luna character initially used the S1 interpretation of the character, though in the latter end half shifted more towards the S2 canonized version. A rewrite later on completely stripped the story of any S1 characteristics. To my dismay, it appeared to me that many other creators followed either the same or similar pathes. If it a new episode appeared in which any fanon contradicted it in a notable way, most if not all head canon and fanon alike had a very short lifespan before being buried and forgotten in favor of what I suppose is a so called "superior" show canon version of things. From what I heard, Princess Luna had been a popular character to write for up until Luna Eclipsed, especially in regards to her past and how events led to her downfall. After that though, any fanfiction exploring her past dried up. Princess Luna S2 version appeared, but a little less frequently with little variation to be seen, most all using the S2 standard, and certainly with no fanfiction exploring her past to the degree that past fanfiction did for some time.

Anonymous 3225190

Various fan explanations of Equestria's past lore also took a hit when Hearth Warming Eve showed up.Though there are some persist to these day, if it does not use the canon standard, then it simply is fated to become obscure and forgotten. Any writer or artist exploring Equestria's past that predated this episode has in one way or another disappeared from sight and lays forgotten to this day.

The Canterlot Wedding also sealed the fate for exploring any further family members for Twilight Sparkle, and introduced a new Princess to the fray. Though I don't mind either Princess Cadence and Shining Armor (I actually enjoy their fan usage for the most part.), it shut the door for any attempts to explore further family members for Twilight Sparkle, and set the end for using the two princesses up until that point as some form of "goddesses" for the land. I do recall a few fics attempting to explore such a thing, or how Twilight is but a lone child, but they have since vanished from the net.

Twilight Sparkle was more or less a relatable character for me, though the "Want it, Need it" episode ended up drawing further distance in how I could relate to the character, turning an otherwise reserved bookworm into a form of neat freak that I am not able to relate in most any way. For the most part, the character was relatable until the advent of the end of Season 3, and continued that end further with the end of Season 4. I can already hear how the character hasn't changed one bit even with the ascension, that I am only being petty with my so called "complaints". I will concede that there is some truth to these words. "Some" only though. The impact that S3 and S4 had on the character though in terms of how fan creators treated the character definitely changed for me, specifically in ways where I can actually relate. In some ways it can be called character development to a point. But the way Twilight ascended so early came to me as a kind of power creep. What use were the rest of her friends after that? Sure, they are still present in some major focus, but when you have an alicorn that can dominate villains more or less single handly, I find it somewhat... Well, jarring. But then again, I suppose my opinion in this regard is irrelevant. Doesn't really change a damn thing regardless of my thoughts on it and related issues that I might hold.

Anonymous 3225192

Back to Luna, S4's premier starting episode did not do any favors for fan interpretations of the battle between Princess Luna(Nightmare Moon) and Celestia. I seem to recall that up to that point, the NLR vs the Solar Empire was at least slightly popular. Though there were a few nuts that truly believed in such a conflict, I mostly enjoyed how the interpretation explores a conflict dynamic between two such groups, and the heated emotional fire between two characters of common blood. To be blunt, this episode more or less nailed that coffin shut.

Equestria Girls is another irksome thing for me. From what I have heard, it was a direct answer to the "Monster High" show in an attempt to get merchandise on the line, using the name brand of MLP to market it. It was jarring for me to say the least. At this point, it is canon, even if it is not spoken of as such, the impact is has on the rest of the fandom means that will find its way to influence the rest of the content created by fans in some way, shape or form. Just a personal matter.

The theme for me is the lost of potential to explore the show, and discouraging in any attempts to branch out. For me, I wonder why one should bother with any so called "fanon" and "head canon" material when the show can joss it at a moments notice. Especially with how some creators will quickly jettison their own interpretations and creations in favor of canon. Failing that, alter their content to suit the canon version whenever possible. Though there are some exceptions to this rule, they are few and far between that the difference made by them is unnotable at the end of things.

Needless to say, I have become bitter over my time in this fandom, feeling slighted in a way. I do not blame the show's creators for this. At one point, I might have put some form of blame on fan creators. Though these days, I find myself being resentful of the fact that I even became attached to any of this material. I am jaded to the point where I find myself discouraging would be new creators from participating in the fandom if they try and stray from the canon way of things in any way, shape or form, both to to help them avoid potential loss in some way, and more of for myself to prevent further disappointment down the line. Caustic is one way to describe the way I sometimes feel.

These days? Just apathetic. What's the point? There is only the show, and little to no room for more. Further interpretations are more or less worthless, prone to being disposed of at any time. Canon is the only thing important that matters. To clarify before anyone comments on this, I am aware that my own perceptions and biases are influencing my comments here. I suppose I just wish to express these feelings I have instead of bottling them up, even if my cynicism is furthered by other less than pleasant commentary. I wouldn't blame an observer if they were to claim that I am being a pretentious attention whore who is unjustifibly feeling burned in some manner that does not warrant it. At this point, what else can I be called? "If you do not have anything good to say, then don't say it." Is the response that I have come to expect these days, and which I find to take up more and more as time goes by. I might sometimes participate in some forum voicing my own ideas, only to see it backfire in one way or another with rarely any sympathetic responses.

Anonymous 3225193

Hell, I find myself becoming an antithetical for what I have formerly idolized and other similer ideals. Most of the rest of the fandom will eventually move on to adopt whatever is canon and discard anything that isn't, so there is no point to be diverse and branching in one's creativity. Parodoxically, I find opposition to these extremes of mine. Further jarring even when I see people mention canon in such a positive light.
"Make up your fucking minds!" Is an appropiate phrase for some of the things I feel in this regard.

One must wonder why I even bother to post this thread. There won't be a difference made regardless of the thoughts that I spew forth from the keyboard. I meet with negative outcomes in any case I go. Yet even sitll, I cannot find it in myself to want an out to this fandom. I put too much in terms of positive memories and experiences to try and leave for any length.


I have done some branching out to some degree, with limited success. I suppose it was too much to expect a self perpetuating discussions of branching arks on different universes and interpretations on fanon elements. In the end I suppose the net result is an unpleasant individual who has presented a sad existence of self pity. I hope there at least some amusment in this self monologue if nothing else.

>>3223138 Meh. I do not mind for the most part. You're talking to a minority here that has little influence for much of anything to be had. Something of an Eeyore I guess.

Anonymous 3225196

File: 1428103307644.png (14.77 KB, 125x100, 1369678740658.png)

And that marks the end of that wall of text.

Now to see if anyone will actually read it.

Heavy Mole 3225245

File: 1428104967113.jpg (4.96 KB, 130x148, lucy356.jpg)

Uh... It was good! Really good.

Thunderanon 3225288

File: 1428105931471.png (123.41 KB, 800x1000, cloaked_lyra_by_ask_lyrathepon…)


I thought so too. What was your favorite part?

Heavy Mole 3225333

File: 1428109156227.jpg (28.2 KB, 400x300, 647890.jpg)

Anonymous 3227875

File: 1428187446440.png (98.04 KB, 1082x600, 1374189950595.png)


Are your words genuine? I find myself a little skeptical of earning a postive mark so quickly on this board. Then again, I suppose stranger things have happened.

Anonymous 3227877

Also, why was it "good", if you don't mind me asking?

Heavy Mole 3228617

File: 1428202569494.jpg (8.11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I liked that too

Heavy Mole 3228673

File: 1428203685596.png (121.24 KB, 320x226, lucy192.png)

Oh, we're not that acerbic.

I got addicted to the show the same way you did, as part of a positive feedback loop of fan and creator content. There were certain aspects of the show itself (particularly in season one) which spoke to where I was in my life at that time. I watched the first and second season pretty much in one go (it was around spring 2012, and ACW was new), and knew when I was at the end of season one that it wouldn't be the same going forward. Thus I never really became "jaded" about the show; in fact, I made a fanwork of my own lampooning just how absurdly Rainbow Dash was flanderized compared to season one. It's all in good fun.

I liked season one for its (believe it or not) literary qualities, like good contemporary fairy tales, rather than for its world-building possibilities (although the 'wideness' of that world was certainly an appeal). Few people I've encountered in the fandom share this view. So for me, there's no love lost.

Anonymous 3238827

File: 1428520666654.jpg (1.95 MB, 3126x2961, 1396836517696.jpg)

Nice to know I suppose.

I honestly just wish that all contemporary realms that have been created could co-exist.

But it would appear that is an impossibility for the most part. Meaning whatever works that I dote upon happen to contradict canon at some certain point in time, I can say goodbye to seeing any more of that content from that point onward.
This has happened so many times that I am just generally pessimistic about things these days.

Leaving the fandom isn't an option as stated before for me.
I've already gone too deep to pull out.

Take that cute little bugger up top.

That's Applejack Two, born from the Princess Applejack threads back on 4chan.
Believe it or not, the threads themselves originated from a random shitposter.
Then it was hijacked and turned into something else entirely. Two just so happened to be a random changeling that over the course of the threads became smaller and cuter as time went by, with the writefags in those threads grouping together for a world building that I haven't seen in a long time.

THAT is the creative power that drew me into this fandom in the first place. I admire and respect that kind of thing. To see creators of the fandom conform on a whim is... Painful for me to say the least. Yet when attempting to confront the topic on forums... The responses are less than what one could hope for.

The S1 Princess Luna I mentioned, I liked the depiction from way back when because in part I could relate. Though I can concede that an over saturation of such a depiction can be annoying, when done right the depiction was enjoyable to me overall. Especially if the character triumphed over the angst while still relatively retaining her demeanor and personality.

To see it flung overboard just like that makes me wonder what was the point in even creating things like fanon in the first place. Why bother having it if it will be sent to the trashbin heap of history at the provocation of being outside show canon?

Hell, why bother establishing a world timeline for one's stories? You don't need fanon, the show and official content will provide all that you will ever need. In fact, you don't even need fan websites. Just Hasbro and their beautiful merchandise.

*Supreme Sarcasm Engaged.*

Heavy Mole 3239073

File: 1428525257861.png (75.48 KB, 235x250, lucy14.png)

Perhaps enjoying a creative and intertextual fandom, and wishing to preserve certain individual elements of it, is a case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too?

Anonymous 3241156

File: 1428592868143.png (538.26 KB, 3268x4000, rainbow_dash_shrug_vector_by_t…)


I suppose that is certainly one part of it. To elaborate, to catalog the various creative works of the fandom for future use and to both expand and mix upon by other creators. Least, that was the hope and plan from the beginning. But with each episode, the possibilities close, and whilst other may open up, the routes of old forever become sealed, forbidden to explore for an answer has already been canonized, rendering further interpretation and/or what ifs scenarios from creators utterly pointless, all needing to conform what has been canonized in the source material.

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