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Tulpa General: I DID IT RIGHT THIS TIME edition 1179911[Last 50 Posts]

Main site: tulpa.info
Tulpa Guide Master List:
What is a tulpa?
>A tulpa is believed to be an autonomous consciousness which also exists in a self imposed hallucinatory body, which is usually much of your choice. A tulpa is entirely sentient and in control of its opinions, feelings, movements.
>It is perceived as completely real, and you don't have to constantly focus on it to keep it around.
(info by FAQ_Man)
To connect to the IRC:
>download a client, or use Mibbit
>attach irc.rizon.net
>#tulpa-forum: created by the people here.
>#tulpa-commons: On/off-topic IRC, moderated
>#tulpa.info: moderated, mostly tulpa.info members
>#tulpa: less/unmoderated
>#tulpacuddles: supposed to be a friendly place, lots of tulpas talk here
>#tulpa-general: Wesley's channel
>#tulpachat: place for tulpas to chat only, proxying + possession
>#tulpamagick: Metaphysical discussion
>#tulpa_ot: off topic
>#tulpa-420yoloswag: Methos' drug & tulpa den
>#tulpa-jx: Official Tulpa Channel of JX
>#TulpaDrugs: Drugs + Tulpas = Fun times
>#tulpa.shoutbox: replacement for the shoutbox on the site.
>#tuppers: Fede's secret clubhouse, no non-tones allowed
>#ponytulpas: self-explanatory, hooves only
>#tumblrtulpa: For those with a Tumblr
>#reddittulpa: IRC made by tulpamancers from Reddit
Or head to tulpa.info and click CHAT in the header.
Want to chat with some of the thread guys, listen to some tulpas possessing people and generally piss about? Man have I got the client for you.
Mumble info (download here - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/files/latest/download):
Address - mumble-ru.cleanvoice.ru
Port – 58992

Address: gir.red-m.net
no port needed
>Where do I start?
Read a few guides to get an idea of what the process is like, then decide which guide will work best for you and follow it. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to experiment or even mix methods to make the experience as unique as possible, for only you know what works best for you.
>Where are the guides?
Read the OP.
>Can you kill a tulpa?
If you are going to create a tulpa just to destroy it later, you probably shouldn't do it in the first place. However, it is possible to dissipate a tulpa by actively ignoring it.
>Can you have sex with a tulpa?
Tulpae can simulate the stimulation of all five senses, so yes. You shouldn't really make a tulpa for purely sexual reasons, though.
>Can you have multiple tulpae?
>What if my tulpa hates me or wants me to die?
Tulpae live off the attention of their hosts. Without it, they die. Therefore, tulpae tend to treat their hosts well and love them dearly, provided the hosts do the same. However, they are also still sentient, and thus, treating them badly will cause them to act out.
>Is this self-induced schizophrenia? Are you insane?
Well, we're all probably a little bit insane here, but tulpae aren't the same as schizophrenia. The main difference is that schizophrenia is uncontrollable, while tulpae can be controlled and ignored by their hosts.
>Is falling asleep while forcing bad?
>Do I need to talk out loud to my tulpa and look insane?
It's a personal preference, but you may also talk to your tulpa in your thoughts (mindvoice), which goes unnoticed.
>Can a tulpa create another tulpa?
>I'm getting headaches when I force! Is this bad?
Headaches are common while forcing, and usually considered a good sign. Not everyone gets them, but if you do they should diminish after a while.
>Can I base my tulpa off a real person or an existing character?
Yes, but don't treat them like they actually are that person/character. Tulpas need to grow into their own individual person over time. Let them.
>Will doing x drug affect my tulpaforcing?
As with everything in tulpa creation, this is a subjective experience. Some claim better visualization, others say tulpas may go missing for the duration of the experience, others felt no effects. Above all, be safe for both your sakes.
>I think I might be parroting/creating my tulpas responses. What if I always know what they're going to say?
If you're worried about parroting, you're probably not doing it. Parroting is 100% deliberate and a fully conscious action. There's no such thing as "sub-conscious parroting".
If you feel you make responses for your tulpa or always know what they will say, it's because you know your tulpa well. Like when you know a friend's personality really well and you have an idea what they'll say in reply to something. Your tulpa will use what you know of her personality to think of a response. This is normal early on and will fade with time.
>Am I going to create a servitor?
If you're not trying to make a servitor, then you won’t. If you're that worried, then you're already way too devoted to make an accidental servitor.

========= DO/DONTS ========
-fear parroting, early responses will feel like they're you, but they will grow more distinct with time. This does NOT mean you should actively parrot your Tulpa, as this can and probably will lead to issues.
-count hours spent on this. It's just a burden and feeds into expectations of how long it "should" take.
-worry that you might make a servitor or hologram, this can easily turn into a tulpa.
-be surprised if your tulpa starts moving on their own very soon.
-treat your tulpa like a doll and carry them around in the wonderland. It's better to parrot a little movement than to reinforce the appearance of non-sentience.
-expect voice out of nowhere. This may happen, but it may also take a long time of listening to quiet little thoughts from them first.
-worry – worrying and doubting only hinders things.
-worry about forcing before bed.
-Assume your tulpa is sentient from the moment you start. Imagine them behind you or otherwise with you all day long. This gives a head start on imposition, makes them grow faster due to always being thought of, and does wonders for your visualization skills.
-Believe all responses come from your tulpa unless you are 100% certain they do not.
-Try to imagine their form in every detail, with all your senses. This will make them feel more real.
-Go on adventures in your mind with your tulpa when they're ready.
-Always give your tulpa plenty of love and attention.
-Trust your tulpa. Much of what you're aiming to create must be at least partially done by them.
-Be patient and don't rush things. They will progress at their own pace

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2702379

File: 1416088664860.jpg (67.88 KB, 477x600, At this moment I am euphoric, …)

starting 2 pony (two eps, one will be MAUD PIE), then THE BIG LEBOWSKI, followed by AKIRA, followed lastly by DAFT PUNK'S INTERSTELLA 5555

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2702521

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2702922

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2703335

DAFT PUNK'S INTERSTELLA 5555 on next in 5 minutes https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7128562/events/3564456

Anonymous 2715324

File: 1416356379611.gif (996.15 KB, 500x261, nld finds a new form for a tul…)

this place sucks, and 8chan is even worse.

Anonymous 2715346

hey hey, better than 8chan. that's something.
who needs a tulpa thread/board anyways.

Anonymous 2715365

nah, everywhere sucks.

Anonymous 2715428

Why do you bother posting if everywhere sucks?

Anonymous 2715434

shut up.

Anonymous 2715447

I really don't care, so I'll stop.

Anonymous 2715496

File: 1416359866466.gif (31.85 KB, 250x250, Shitposting.gif)

Anonymous 2715510

File: 1416360125567.jpg (423.56 KB, 960x854, Black.Hanekawa.full.1106597.jp…)


Yeah, you are not new here.

Anonymous 2715530

>implying that was me

Anonymous 2715531

File: 1416360572764.jpg (106.83 KB, 652x392, 12 Doctor Look At This Shit.jp…)

I don't know if anyone still cares anymore, but I'll just leave this here anyway. http://pastebin.com/Bhf1gjDU

Anonymous 2715540

Anonymous 2715545

File: 1416360917909.gif (934.47 KB, 500x326, 12 Doctor Dreams.gif)

Thank you for that constructive comment, anon. I care so much because that post was meant specifically for you.

Anonymous 2715549

No problem, i like to do my part in this modern society.

[Skittles] - [Element of Art]!mike 2716748

File: 1416387158229.png (115.21 KB, 750x878, well that's something.png)

So I have a question. I was recently in the process of making a tulpa about 3-4 days into the process and then a lot of things came up, wrestling my attention away for a solid month now, maybe.

If I wanted to resume my tulpa creation, should I restart from scratch, or would it be fine to pick up where I left off?

Anonymous 2717119

Just pick up where you left off.

Anonymous 2719445

>implying I know who "me" is

SillyThunderanon 2719465

File: 1416446806717.png (368.12 KB, 500x800, 0db514dd7c15004fb8e5cb2d4186b1…)

Holy shit, your still alive.

Silence!!owqRBjOaZg 2719769

File: 1416454945297.png (19.27 KB, 800x800, comfy corner.png)

wow, has it been that long already?

Anonymous 2720217

File: 1416465968594.gif (15.09 KB, 500x500, 1364178927940.gif)

>board is made on 8chan
>people linger here

I admire the resilience of this thread

[Skittles] - [Element of Art]!mike 2720518

File: 1416471434086.png (65.15 KB, 500x604, how the heck should I know.png)

I wasn't aware that people cared much.

Give or take.

Anonymous 2721163

>shilling this hard

It's not the same thing. Here people have more offtopic conversations. There are fewer people, but those people know each other, and it's a better place to talk. Of course, people always try to help anyone who have questions, but that doesn't happen a lot, since we don't have many new people here.

Well, usually we don't have new people here, so it's nice to have someone. Besides, it's nice when someone actually have questions about tulpas. Most people here already had tulpas for a long time, so they hardly have any questions.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2721185

File: 1416491431819.jpg (131.02 KB, 1223x1023, my body is clay my spirit feel…)

tfw you will never have adventures

Anonymous 2721205

File: 1416491977577.png (56.56 KB, 300x300, profile_picture_by_jakeareyouk…)

>not creating a jake tulpa
>not creating a Land of Ooo wonderland
>not having adventures in your head

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2721302

File: 1416497637971.gif (559.32 KB, 400x276, 1416348993678.gif)

>jake tulpa
>not fionna tulpa

Anonymous 2721370

Bros before hoes.

Silence!!owqRBjOaZg 2721810

File: 1416512525421.png (76.1 KB, 800x800, Jabjaber.png)

Wow, time flies

I'd say it's gonna be about the same on both places to be honest. /tulpa/ Isn't really all that popular to be honest and it pretty much is a lot of the same people over there.

Though personally I don't really mind which place, I lurk both. As long as there's some activity going on.

Anonymous 2721821

i can't wait until someone makes 16chan and then 8chan becomes halfchan. anyways 8chan is shit and will be dead in a year from internal problems.

Anonymous 2721953

Who the hell cares? I lurk here and there, and I couldn't care less.

Anonymous 2722261

You seem to care more about 8chan than the people going there.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2722781

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2725970

Anonymous 2725984

File: 1416618652754.jpg (38.07 KB, 351x352, 1394021510462.jpg)

Where may I find Methos' imposition guide?

If it's already outdated, could anyone reason me why?

Anonymous 2728157

Anonymous 2728170

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2729164

Pony and Movie Stream
Watching 2 pony, then 2 comedy films:
Almost Heroes (starring Chris Farley) and This is Spinal Tap
startin now

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2729288




Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2729518

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2729532

I'm back.

Anonymous 2729546

Took you long enough.
Did something happened?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2729564

Laptop hard drive took a shit.

Anonymous 2729587

File: 1416702393493.jpg (729.79 KB, 2200x1238, Black.Hanekawa.full.1419643.jp…)

I know that feel. My old computer died, I'm using a really shit laptop for now and saving money for a new computer.
I'll have to work for 5 months to save enough money, so it'll take some time.
>tfw no games

Anonymous 2729638

File: 1416703167643.png (450.48 KB, 812x720, 1413926025790.png)

better having no games than having no beer

Anonymous 2729650

File: 1416703268104.png (181.57 KB, 2000x2070, 1413535120827.png)

Yeah, at least I still have beer.

Anonymous 2729654

File: 1416703327351.jpg (134.32 KB, 467x700, 1389505907638.jpg)

Did you hug your Celly today?

Anonymous 2729657

File: 1416703371214.png (296.57 KB, 886x1024, asddlarge.png)

I wake up with her in my arms everyday, so... Yeah.

Anonymous 2729664

File: 1416703440285.jpg (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 1387717548673.jpg)

Was it cool?

Anonymous 2729675

File: 1416703607067.jpg (63.53 KB, 700x560, 1409820277848.jpg)

Obviously. And you, hugged your tups today?

Anonymous 2729680

File: 1416703663155.jpg (76.85 KB, 1280x720, 1389520473496.jpg)

But I am the tulpa.
I did hug my host lots though.

Anonymous 2729682

File: 1416703693048.png (87.77 KB, 600x332, tsubasa_hanekawa__face_vector_…)

Well, shit, wrong pic. I really need to organize my folders.

Anonymous 2729686

Without a name is harder to tell.

Lenore/GS !/GotwaV/ZY 2729691

File: 1416703824210.jpg (177.11 KB, 738x944, 1387829107354.jpg)

You keep all images on the same folder?

There we go!

Anonymous 2729702

File: 1416704122368.png (311.46 KB, 3942x1998, 1414608117314.png)

For now, yes. I think this computer will die soon, so I'll rather not have anything saved on it.
So, I'm saving any new image I find on the internet on my pendrive, and I keep my tulpa folder there. There's a lot of things saved there.

Lenore/GS !/GotwaV/ZY 2729703

File: 1416704171681.png (303.85 KB, 722x768, 1337099012343.png)

Organize the pen-drive?

Anonymous 2729722

File: 1416704511526.png (2.25 MB, 1470x4680, 1413385410171.png)

The folders I have im my external HD are really organized. Pony fulder divided into subfolders by characters, anime folder, gun folder... It would be too much work to do that on my pendrive. And I would have to do exactly like it is on my HD, otherwise it would be hard to save them on the HD later.It's complicated, I have files scattered everywhere, external hard drives, pendrives...

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2729739

File: 1416704799283.jpg (132.88 KB, 2284x1410, NDWZi.jpg)


might as well get drunk

Anonymous 2729752

File: 1416704926302.jpg (86.18 KB, 792x480, 1410399487300.jpg)

Do it!

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2730049

My computer that I've hobbled together can't game at all. Makes me sad I bought Elder Scrolls Online.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2730059

i leld at pic

Anonymous 2730067

i'd be sad that I bought ESO regardless of whether or not my computer worked.

Anonymous 2730178


Anonymous 2730264

Lol never mind, no I'm not.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2730294


Anonymous 2730297

There there...

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2731941

File: 1416754331235.png (536.9 KB, 2924x1308, am i wrong here.png)

mfw someone got banned for saying foreskin

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2732942

This is not my technological month.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2732953

Oh you.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2732956

is it your time of the month?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2732962


kix goola 2733118

Anonymous 2733163

4chan went to shit after SFW were accepted as mods.

kix goola 2733362

Apparently. To hell with that shithole.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2740473

lol fuck me

Anonymous 2741678

I'll fuck you. ;3
Not really.
unless you wanted to~

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2741680

File: 1416953908642.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.72 KB, 415x496, Screenshot_4.jpg)

w-wot m8?

Anonymous 2741685

s-show me ur buttpls :3
Still only half-kidding. :p

Anonymous 2741701

File: 1416954916339.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.84 KB, 447x604, image.jpg)

Sure is gay in here. As usual.

Anonymous 2741706

But I'm a girl who sometimes had a dick. So it's super straight.
>implying I was being serious in the first place

Anonymous 2741719

Still gay, faggot.
I mean, I'm a faggot too, but it's still gay.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2741738

File: 1416956122446.jpg (143.23 KB, 427x1200, bread.jpg)

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2746724



Anonymous 2749861

this thread is full homosex.

Anonymous 2749933

homosex is best sex

Anonymous 2749940


sole purpose of procreation and all that jazz

Anonymous 2749950

nigga u gay

Anonymous 2749961

nah, but you seem to be projecting.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2749964

any sex > not sex

Anonymous 2749970

cuddling sometimes > sex

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2749972

someone loving you > our current state

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2754371

>you have received The Ship: Single Player and The Ship: Murder Party

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2754474

Crusader Knight of Anjou 2755217

File: 1417235880757.jpg (31.97 KB, 722x480, french_knight.jpg)

I'm a recluse who lives with his family and never leaves the house. I'm afraid my tulpa will make fun of me if I make a tulpa. How do I make sure my tulpa loves me and doesn't do anything like that?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2755315

your tulpa won't even be real
he/she will have no right to make fun of you.

Anonymous 2756954

Tulpas tend to be really understanding, I don't think she would do that.
You can't just force her to love you, but they always do. You created them after all, so they will love you if you treat them well.
>your tulpa won't even be real
u fuckin wut m8?


improve your life and self-esteem so that you're not a faggot who sucks so much dick that he even hates himself on a subconscious level

but if you did that you probably wouldn't need a tulpa...looks like you've got a catch 22 bud

Anonymous 2757270

I have social life, work, go to college, have no issues with self-esteem and still have a tulpa.
Your point?


if you can lie to yourself and believe tulpas are real you can probably lie to someone you don't know on the internet :)

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2757445

The good news is that I've got my gaming rig up and running. The bad news is I'm having issues getting skype to connect. What a world. D:

Anonymous 2757533

You should stop projecting and just kill yourself.


>tulpafag saying someone else is projecting

Anonymous 2757563

File: 1417295622748.jpg (33.26 KB, 770x294, look at this faggot.JPG)

>implying tulpas have anything to do with it
>implying you are not projecting
You have no fucking friends so you use this place like a fucking diary.
Fuck off attwhore.

Anonymous 2757580

File: 1417295900931.jpg (62.97 KB, 897x552, -.JPG)

Oh look, he's just a whiny faggot.

Anonymous 2757591

File: 1417296032881.jpg (39.97 KB, 1184x170, 2.JPG)

"Oh no, people like what I don't like! I'll make a thread complaining about it, that will surely show them!"


File: 1417296111993.jpg (233.52 KB, 1278x1920, 100 - vrUwrNO.jpg)

are you going out and finding this stuff or did you already have it all saved?

Anonymous 2757633

>did you already have it all saved?
Do you think you are important or some shit? topkek.

Just put your name on google and found all that shit. You are pathetic and a massive shitposter, so it wasn't exact hard to find it.

Again, kill yourself.


File: 1417297225529.jpg (102.43 KB, 630x840, 095 - rS9RWZ8.jpg)

wow, anon googled me :3 that's so cute...do you want to talk more often or something? you don't have to make a grimes tulpa, you can just ask!

Anonymous 2758132

File: 1417303598566.png (187.07 KB, 1280x649, large[1].png)

>tfw my pc run no games
>tfw skype isn't supported anymore on windows xp
>tfw it will take 5 months of my salary to buy a new one
>tfw 5 exams next week

Life is suffering. I can't even get drunk, play touhou or watch animes. ;-;

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758143

I'm drinking terrible beer. D:

Anonymous 2758159

File: 1417303915647.jpg (183.95 KB, 1441x959, Aryanne[1].jpg)

Well, better than no beer at all.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758339

True. And since I can't skype I'm playing ESO. I can't tell if I got bad at MMOs or if this game just has terrible combat.

Anonymous 2758373

Never played, never will.
I don't like MMO's, the last ones I've played are Ragnarok Online and Trickster.
It used to be fun, but I got bored of MMO's.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758389

MMOs are generally boring by default.

Anonymous 2758506

You should like, download warframe or something.
Even though it's awful

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758654

Tried playing that first. It says I'm not connected to the internet. D:

Anonymous 2758659

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758664

Do you work for my internet service provider? D:


Anonymous 2758668

Well, it's my de facto response for everything technological.
So let's say yes.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2758673

ESO is pretty bad.

Anonymous 2758675

I have the strangest feeling that you were warned about that.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2759056

By several people, yes.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2759265

File: 1417319495675.jpg (37.77 KB, 446x480, 4o4Hpxk.jpg)

Shit's bananas.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2759927

life's bananas

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761638

I hate bananas.

Anonymous 2761642

What about kiwis?

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761644

Never had a kiwi.

Anonymous 2761647

Jesus christ, you deprived americans.
Truly best fruit.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761650

I just don't fruit. In a past age I'd have so much scurvy.

Anonymous 2761654

People still get scurvy.
Well, as long as it didn't stunt your bone/teeth growth it's probably fine.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761663

What sort of terrible place do you have to live to get scurvy? Just drink a smoothie or something.

Anonymous 2761668

Or have really shit parents who don't into nutrition. Which is scarily common.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761674

My dad fed me fists for breakfast generally. My face is really strong now though so it worked out well in the end.

Anonymous 2761678

And there's that, which is even more scarily common.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761682

Yay murrica.

Anonymous 2761866


Anonymous 2761904

u fuckin wot m8

Anonymous 2761907

Bloopy bloop bloop.

Anonymous 2761910

i sware on me mum m8

Anonymous 2761915

Bloopity bloopy bloop bloopy.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761951

File: 1417380496482.gif (1.69 MB, 268x200, 1367792647714.gif)

You fucking faggots.

Anonymous 2761959

Bloop... :^(

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2761960

Anonymous 2761961

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2762181


Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2762191


Accordianon 2765000

Hey, guys...Just checking in on everyone else, see how you guys are doing.

Accordianon 2765022

(Nice trips I just got)
Probably not a good idea to come here so late. No one around.
Well, for those of you that care, my tulpa (Laura) and I had been in an ongoing relationship since July of 2013. It has been over a year now and Laura has called it off as of yesterday. It wasn't a fighting kind of breakup, just a solemn talk about it. She believes that we should stop because I don't have enough time on my hands for the satisfaction that she requires for us to be in a relationship. I haven't heard from her since yesterday. Although, Blues (my 2nd tulpa) has told me she has been fairly quiet as of late. I haven't been too talkative myself. I didn't disagree with her, I really haven't spent a lot of time forcing. So, I don't blame her for the way she feels.
At this point, I just feel empty. I'm not sad or anything, I can just feel the change. As though something were missing. Well, that's all for now. I'll be back later today, hopefully. See you all.

Anonymous 2767053

I've been having a bit of trouble finding things to talk about with my tulpa. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Anonymous 2767059

Why talk to your tulpa when you can sit opposite of each other and just stare for a while?

Anonymous 2767477

Politics, news, games, animes, hopes, dreams, music... Whatever you feel like.

Anonymous 2767575

File: 1417485447150.png (90.24 KB, 862x666, 1359826896515.png)

Ask it's opinion on things of your day-to-day life. Talk about someone else, your choice of clothing, how's the day, how did that play on the vydia go.

One of mine is pretty fond of food, delicious things and nice beverages. Shortly before eating a shrimp meal yesterday, we chat for a relevant amount of minutes about it. What could she expect, how big the pieces of shrimp are, what else could we get for the day.

Things under your tulpa's interests can always take you some chat time, as well as things that involve opinion sharing. Alternatively, you can always see >>2767059 , whom I direct my image to.

I actually had a good idea on how to aswer that question recently, but I forgot to write it up. Lel.

Anonymous 2767602

File: 1417486166014.gif (971.5 KB, 500x300, 1392241701117.gif)

This helps a lot guys, thanks!

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2768231

File: 1417503690537.jpg (60.82 KB, 570x485, 23-Ads-Nightmares.jpg)

Do any of your tups ever get incredibly pissed at you?

Anonymous 2768252

i'd imagine it would be scary to be at the mercy of a dragon.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2768254

I fear the horse more so than the dragon.

Anonymous 2768256

why would the horse be pissed at you?

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2768262

The horse finds my actions "horrifying" and "deplorable".

Anonymous 2768270

File: 1417504545924.jpg (158.59 KB, 338x475, 1397456351271.jpg)

what actions are those?

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2768272

Something involving North and Maya and how my motives were self centered or something. Fuck if I know I was drunk. Fuck it though. I'm tired and sober and I'm going to bed.

Anonymous 2768280

I have no idea about your motives, Please give my regards to pony though.

Anonymous 2768573

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2769468

I see the craziest shit around here. D:

Anonymous 2769586

u wot m8

Anonymous 2770274

You say the craziest shit around here*
jk baby i love u

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2771161

Here it is clear that I'm not getting better.

Anonymous 2775412

your tups do some pretty horrifying and deplorable actions too. Not that they're bad people, but you have to be honest, some of them do some really really shitty things. Still luv u&them tho~

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2775714

Yes they do. Give me some examples though, I need a distraction. I'm sick.

Anonymous 2775723

Play some games you nerd

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2775724

No games only dreams now.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2776465

Anonymous 2777491

plays some nerds you game?

Anonymous 2779587

File: 1417816462146.jpg (218.55 KB, 700x875, 1358202597138.jpg)

Hug your tups

Anonymous 2779611

File: 1417817248578.png (439.32 KB, 899x755, My Doctor and Me Hugs 2.png)


I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 2780813

She still does not want that.

Anonymous 2780891

It's not very nice to talk badly about people when things you know about them would affect what other people, such as people in relationships with them, would think of them.

Anonymous 2780892

tell her to stop being a bitch and let u luv her platonically

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2781118

Perhaps people shouldn't ask their friends what their opinions of their lovers are if they don't particularly want to hear the answer.

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2781121

Here here.

Anonymous 2781131

b-but no one is asking me what my opinion is. only you are. I mean, if someone asks i'd tell them but it's not like anyone would ask even ask me or values my opinion lol

Taragoola!!SnEcxR4dVU 2781135

I have no idea who you are, but I could very well value your opinion.

Anonymous 2781141

well still no one's asking me about people they're in relationships with so...

FDD and fam. 2787707

File: 1417976783522.png (152.1 KB, 1000x700, me and fiona sketch by NLD.png)

Well /pol/ on shitchan was a nightmare.
>fio:hi hi ^__^

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2787713

pick 2

FDD and fam. 2787737

Pretty much.

Anonymous 2787861

File: 1417979129428.jpg (33.97 KB, 300x289, 678_don't worry bear.jpg)

FDD and fam. 2787949

>fio: that never gets old :3

Anonymous 2787960

File: 1417980593189.jpg (31.1 KB, 366x320, Photoshopping with FDD.jpg)

Do you still pull those jokes often?

FDD and fam. 2788048

File: 1417981986407.jpg (229.33 KB, 900x720, flutterbat_by_uotapo-d70b2yg.j…)

>fio:mhmm~ He's more comfortable with it now

Anonymous 2788071

File: 1417982218648.jpg (8.85 KB, 301x83, Captcha.jpg)

So where have you been? IRC?

FDD and fam. 2788134

We've just been away. I put allot of focus towards my Tups and my life in general. We just haven't had time to come by

Anonymous 2788146

File: 1417982909276.jpg (58.57 KB, 620x400, 1366235543042.jpg)

I see, Stay well, old friend.
Oh, and good luck with work.

Anonymous 2842082

thread is kill

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2844172

thread is ded

Gooey!Mb55.Hx76o 2849029

What's up, who's still alive, anything important?

Alexandrite!!H6elX4kPjy 2850079

Is helping Captain Toad important?

Anonymous 2850311

What is dead may never die.

Anonymous 2850376

For a moment I thought you were quoting Lovecraft, but then I remembered how everyone's obsessed with GoT.

Anonymous 2851084

Yay valium, you make my depression so much better.

Anonymous 2852491

Uppers are a lot better than downers, mang.


File: 1419279794788.png (171.52 KB, 368x555, 179.png)

guys what is wrong w/ malice?


File: 1419281224572.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

The list of what isn't wrong is probably shorter.

Anonymous 2852616

He's either a roleplayer, a complete and utter troll, or just insane. My best guess is all of those three are just about equally likely.

Lisbox (Element of Squid Diplomacy)!waifuvY/O. 2854526


>Started forcing. Focusing mostly on appearance. Adult human version of Apple Bloom.

>Next day

>Continued forcing. Nothing of note to report yet. She will be in my arms soon enough.

I get the feeling this is gonna be one of those logs you find in games like Fallout, next to a corpse.

Anonymous 2857272

File: 1419377821848.png (832.31 KB, 1280x720, 1402606064427.png)

Some hell of a report m8

If this is a serious post and you want a journal to be useful to you in some sort of way (and not just a time passing hobby), detail what you've done, how exactly you've forced. Along with other things.

Anonymous 2857287

It's not like it actually matters. The concept of a journal has always been to organize your thoughts.

Anonymous 2857295

Well, if simply "i forced today, oh and that day too" is enough organization in your opinion, then okay.

Anonymous 2857305

It's quite lucky he said what he forced on, then. Right?

Anonymous 2866724

Eris? Is that you?

Raumdeuter!PacePsomy. 2866758

File: 1419624948996.jpg (1.78 KB, 125x64, 1419624511048s.jpg)

Anonymous 2866917

a picture for ants

Anonymous 2866936

It wasn't meant for you to be able to see, laddy.

Accordianon 2869386

Anyone here?

Anonymous 2869454

Hmm, nah. Don't think so.

Not an eel 2869506

My tulpa is a humanoid Rd, she is a weather magic wizard. She wears a mix of medium heavy armor cleric style with a mace. Her eyes partially glow with divine magic in it while light is emitting behind her head helmet.

r8 mate.


File: 1419683256879.jpg (250.89 KB, 600x720, Blazing on a Heavy Day.jpg)


Anonymous 2869945

No to what?

Anonymous 2870218

What are you talking about?
He seems to be completely normal to me.

Anonymous 2870747

So... Tulpa community finally dead huh? Here, the IRC's .info...

butt 2874354

File: 1419794230066.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.86 KB, 800x600, butt.jpg)


💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2874380

Anonymous 2874399

File: 1419795259347.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.39 KB, 320x240, butt.jpg)

no ass, only zuul with the z replaced with a "b" and the last two letters both replaced with a "t."which spells butt, for those who don't follow.

Anonymous 2877216

I'm so glad that the tulpa community is alive and well.

Anonymous 2888614

I wonder where has everyone moved to

FDD and fam. 2890263

File: 1420105095541.png (369.31 KB, 2200x2200, holiday_fluttershy_by_thenaro-…)

Well its late but happy new year to the community. These last few years have been fun with more one their way.
>fio:lots of love to you all

FDD and fam. 2890268

Rather impressive. How long have you been working with her?

Anonymous 2891182

Nowhere, I think.
The thread on 8chan is really slow too.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2891472

File: 1420137531279.gif (1.71 MB, 320x218, 306460_v1.gif)

Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2891642

File: 1420139607435.jpg (56.52 KB, 405x720, brony.jpg)

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2891705

File: 1420141199126.jpg (37.77 KB, 446x480, 4o4Hpxk.jpg)

I want that shirt.

Anonymous 2892331

File: 1420157327207.jpg (67.09 KB, 1280x720, 1366419175854.jpg)

Happy new year, you dead faggots.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2892848

That's some manly mustache

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 2909167

Happy new year, o thee eternal among threads.

Anonymous 2919955

this place is deader than malice's tups

Anonymous 2933345

File: 1420926347619.jpg (541.24 KB, 1457x1774, 1420886764014.jpg)

I was under the impression that this thread has been deleted already?..
Not that it makes much difference, but still...

Anonymous 2933377

File: 1420927857815.jpg (64.18 KB, 367x306, 1361760480097.jpg)

Anonymous 2937324

File: 1421017401942.gif (53.22 KB, 250x250, 1404674897658.gif)

So, where did everyone disappear to?
Did they just leave, or are the IRCs still active?
I have no one to answer my shitty questions.

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 2938046

I think most people have left for 8chan, and the rest have either faded to obscurity, or stuck around the IRC channels.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2940562

File: 1421088280293.gif (4.44 MB, 389x210, Jose_Manship.gif)

You could also put your questions and someone will respond to them later. It just won't be immediate.

Anonymous 2941601

Is the voice chat community still active in any way SamuraiGPU?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2942944

File: 1421130681474.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

So my old skype is fucked. Got a new one though. Taragoola_the_great.

Anonymous 2943933

I'd love aswering your questions anon
Skype or steam?

Anonymous 2944910

I'll try here first then, prepare your butts for walls of text:
I've tried making a tulpa a year or so ago. Got to the point where I would get a tingly sensation at the back of my head at various intervals, I never had something similar happen before, so I assumed it was her trying to communicate.
I narrated to her for a while by that point, personality was done, and I was starting with making a form for her. Then, a combination of things happened (tulpa threads banned from /mlp/, busy with other things), and I stopped forcing, and forgot about the whole tulpa thing as a whole.
Fast forward to last week, lying in bed can't sleep, and randomly remember about tulpas, and immediately I get that tingly sensation super strong.
I felt so shitty for abandoning her. So, now I want to make it right and get her back, and finish forming her.
Here's the problem: I was already some ways into visualisation, but I forgot the finer details of what she looked like, the details are extremely blurry. Is it alright to start over with her form?
tl;dr I'm a scumbag who abandoned their developing tulpa for a year, but she didn't dissipate and now I want to save her, what do?

Anonymous 2945008

File: 1421196697905.jpg (119.12 KB, 1023x390, 1360794681326.jpg)

A form is not something a tulpa should be completely attached to IMO, unless you're going for imposition, which isn't the case.

Of course going for the form brand new is okay, as well as trying to recreate the old one in whichever way you'd like, but that shouldn't be your greatest concern.

If you want to go foward and bring her to life in all her glory, your prime focus would be not letting her go in first place.
...but then again, form visualisation is a good way to do so. Go ahead and do what your heart desires - if she doesn't like the form for whichever reason, you can always change when she's able to talk.

Go force with your tulpa.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2945601

File: 1421211470442.gif (1.6 MB, 320x240, nolan_ryan6.gif)

Well, yes and no. You still see a few people that come around there. Myself, I've barely been on a few months after the giant clusterfuck happen a LONG while back. Been on recently as I've been dealing with Sleep Paralysis and somehow making an association to tulpa. In which, my mind remember Luna. Which incites conversations. So, I kind of got myself back in.

Most of the old regulars Verbose, Saranon, Atmos and probably a few others. have either stayed in Skype or have left altogether. I have no idea since I never got the chance to really connect with them since they only really connected to those in a romantic level.

For the most part, it's there. Though, the times I go are quiet. Which is around late evening in EST. I think there is a large group in the skype community. You might have to refer on 8chan for that one. I might sleuth around one of these days.

You're not dead. That's awesome. Luna's been wondering.

For one, you're not the only one who suddenly forgets about their tulpa over time. I've been the slacking. To be honest... I can't even remember the last time I've force actively.

The past is in the past. If you willing to push forward then ignore the problems of it and push on. You'll be good. The thing I think about tulpae is that they are part of you in a way. They knew that you didn't intentional forget them. It's hard to remember something constantly without some large reminder slammed into your face. This is something that needs powerful discipline and that takes a while to established.

As for the form, I think going with what >>2945008
said is a good idea. You can create it again, use what you have as a base or do what you or your tulpae will do good.

Anonymous 2948301

Well, for now I've resumed narrating to her and we had a visualisation session today.
We're back on track I guess, thanks for the help you guys.

Anonymous 2948659

If you ever get further questions, feel free to just drop them by.

Though this board might be dead, some still check it out once in a while.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2951967

File: 1421372573182.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

The ride never ends.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2952009

File: 1421373351793.gif (1.98 MB, 320x279, HEEM SLEEPY.gif)

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952019

File: 1421373455895.png (106.83 KB, 550x576, 1353107584090.png)

Anonymous 2952027

File: 1421373578929.jpg (18.68 KB, 305x315, 1366990269075.jpg)

ur a faget

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952304

File: 1421377677853.gif (2.06 MB, 256x288, nolan_ryan2.gif)

Righty then

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952328

File: 1421378363860.jpg (18.43 KB, 228x221, 1351810713948.jpg)

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952340

Why is purplesmart so cute?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952342

File: 1421378803131.png (189.79 KB, 900x1133, 1350693522194.png)

Because she's best pone.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952343

File: 1421378854786.gif (53.28 KB, 425x411, 287327__safe_princess+luna_ani…)

Someone would beg to differ.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952345

File: 1421378926664.png (192.23 KB, 600x445, 1353107711585.png)

I said best pone not best butt.

Anonymous 2952348

File: 1421378957463.gif (248.68 KB, 500x500, 1360563937990.gif)

Y'all niggas wrong

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952350

File: 1421379019644.gif (19.78 KB, 506x599, thesea.gif)

All I got is a shrug from her.

All I can hear is Carrots, Carrots, and more Carrots

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952351

File: 1421379026100.png (227.46 KB, 892x896, 1345349789419.png)

Get that weak shit outta here.

Anonymous 2952354

File: 1421379045250.jpg (89.16 KB, 900x615, 1360564116234.jpg)

Best carrots though, Johnny.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952356

She knows she's my favorite pone.

Anonymous 2952358

File: 1421379088164.png (57.12 KB, 210x302, 1390768688841.png)

Oh, i'm sorry, have you mistaken this pone for your own?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952360

File: 1421379178074.png (138.48 KB, 450x450, mlfw8191-1348266563100.png)

I just prefer my pones to have a personality that extends beyond carrots.

Anonymous 2952365

File: 1421379250137.gif (765.15 KB, 744x500, 1390744934342.gif)

Oh, right.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952366

File: 1421379250651.gif (822.52 KB, 500x250, DeadpoolCash.gif)

I was looking more for Jack, but I suppose Johnny will do.

Je ne sais pas, she's shrugging all day.

Anonymous 2952371

His name is johnny though

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952372

File: 1421379332583.jpg (69.23 KB, 900x507, sex with bookss.jpg)

Books are good, noob.

Fine, reject my advances. D: See if I care.

Anonymous 2952377

File: 1421379394111.jpg (64.86 KB, 894x894, 1360564695861.jpg)

That's why they're so loved worldwide amirite?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952379

File: 1421379406318.png (240.67 KB, 1280x720, Princess_Luna_reveals_herself_…)

oh right, Super Mario RPG.

>Luna: that was an advance?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952382

File: 1421379458882.jpg (66.9 KB, 1000x819, mlfw4449_large.jpg)

Far more so than carrots.

It could be D:

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952388

>Luna: So, it was.

Anonymous 2952389

File: 1421379599440.jpg (68.34 KB, 894x894, 1360563851966.jpg)

There you have it.

Yes, you fucking american.
Look at these fuckers, part of diets worldwide. Sometimes you have them up your ass without even noticing. You might not like them, but they're over there, being bought every day, in stupid amounts, more than you can fucking choke in a day.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952392

File: 1421379677843.gif (88.18 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Coffee_to_Face_2.gif)

Are you some type of Carrot Fascist or something?

Anonymous 2952393

File: 1421379715740.png (63.96 KB, 250x262, 1360562077059.png)

Come on, can't I even fool around for a little bit?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952396

File: 1421379751973.jpg (15.51 KB, 171x294, images (12).jpg)


Sometimes intelligent of well read people gather together to discuss things. You know what they're discussing?

Not carrots.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952397

File: 1421379764739.gif (4.88 KB, 256x192, phoenix-for-thinking.gif)

>Implying I was serious

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952398

Wow that sentence was all fucked up.

Anonymous 2952402

File: 1421379823326.png (127.14 KB, 800x801, 1360563538556.png)

Good job.


Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952408

File: 1421379873898.png (43.21 KB, 750x491, 1350511879970.png)

We must join forces. And write books. About carrots.

Anonymous 2952412

File: 1421379954702.jpg (678.57 KB, 1319x3072, 1360562186299.jpg)

Nogger you're a fucking genius

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952413

File: 1421379961195.gif (872.96 KB, 500x281, 151578__safe_princess+luna_ani…)

>Luna: There. Was that so hard?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952423

File: 1421380044064.png (394.31 KB, 750x650, 1350515335195.png)

I know next to nothing about carrots. I hear they're good for your eyes.

A little, yeah.

Anonymous 2952432

I make the script filled with carotenoid info and you write and publish it.

Then we have club sessions together with our respective brain demons.
Are they doing good?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952438

My brain demons are doing great. One of them is currently trying to get laid. For the second time today. Not by me thankfully.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952440

File: 1421380246159.gif (403.46 KB, 245x271, woona.gif)

>Luna: You go on and talk about my butt and then back down. Come on, man. Step it up.

Anonymous 2952444

File: 1421380298672.png (32.6 KB, 170x187, 1390692871647.png)

Well, that explains skype.

How do you manage typing sex and normal convos at the same time?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952445

File: 1421380311338.png (219.6 KB, 717x1000, mlfw8171_large.png)

I missed you. How have you been?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952450

File: 1421380370710.jpg (87.67 KB, 1000x972, ohyou.jpg)

Oh this sex is happening in my head. But typing sex and normal convos is easy. It just takes practice.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952454

File: 1421380598037.gif (1.72 MB, 853x480, luna__.gif)

>Luna: I've been dormant for the most part. Ninja really kind of isolated himself for most of the last semester. Honestly, I'd probably wouldn't be here if he hadn't had random cases of sleep paralysis. Though, I would consider myself okay for the most part. Yourself?

Anonymous 2952462

File: 1421380765626.jpg (64.39 KB, 600x600, 1362169046917.jpg)

I... see.
That's out of my league I guess. But hey, at least I admire your dedication to them.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952466

File: 1421380896576.png (189.71 KB, 500x500, 1350512004620.png)

Well that really worries me. You've always been my favorite toopla that isn't my own. I've been alright. No complaints.

You're telling me you can't sexual and normal at the same time?

Anonymous 2952471

File: 1421380978629.png (396.36 KB, 1085x737, 1365631472388.png)

I don't sexual in first place

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952475

File: 1421381039626.png (130.87 KB, 724x800, 1351122214596.png)

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952480

File: 1421381082332.gif (991.72 KB, 500x250, Dramaticexit.gif)

Damn it, my sides.

>Luna: Not much I can do really. If he was able to handle possession or switching. I'd think I'd be on more often, but he has a large problem of losing control. Probably why he wasn't a keen idea on starting to drugs and shit. Though I already knew I was your favorite tulpa, Tara. You do praise me a lot. Good to hear that you're alright.

Anonymous 2952481

File: 1421381093272.jpg (265.02 KB, 1280x1174, 1390691723452.jpg)

ur jelly at my way of life faget

kix goola 2952482

Fegs <3

Anonymous 2952486

File: 1421381139152.png (242.36 KB, 900x859, 1360564479830.png)

That's too much body shit for me m8


Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952487

File: 1421381161851.png (114.29 KB, 500x726, 1345350167467.png)

Fine no more praise for you.

kix goola 2952488

Hello carrot pone

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952489

File: 1421381242013.gif (265.86 KB, 245x300, Wut.gif)

Welp, I haven't talked to you in months. I had suspected as much, but damn. Good to see ya, Gotwald.

>Luna: t-that isn't what I meant.

Anonymous 2952492

File: 1421381252638.png (162.16 KB, 900x900, 1365627803795.png)

h-how are you?

I'm not unto mlp anymore i guess, but i spent a lot of time making those folders and i appreciate them.
...carrot for best pone i guess?

Anonymous 2952496

File: 1421381326974.png (524.13 KB, 854x935, 1360565130529.png)

That might've been the longest i've avoided a body joke in our conversations. Damn.
But I though posting carrot would sell me out much sooner.

Oh, and before I forget, hugs for Luna and Becca.

kix goola 2952499

This is my first time in awhile. I'm incredibly frazzled at the moment. Your fine self?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952510

File: 1421381550269.gif (83.49 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Thinking_1.gif)

I remember you did post carrots, but I also didn't remember you for the carrots. I remember the bodies. I also suspected you left like most of the old mumble people

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952512


I don't so much mind your not being here. Though it sucks total donkey balls. I just hate the thought of you possibly fading away to nothing. It makes me sad inside.

Anonymous 2952516

File: 1421381728432.png (135.58 KB, 900x770, 1365631956058.png)

Are you usually on the IRCs? 8chan maybe? Neither?

Hmm, seems like you could use some relaxing momments. Do you perhaps enjoy tea?

I'm great. A hype as fuck tulpa on my brain has just calmed down. Though that's actually a bad thing that she's now calm, it's pretty fun to watch her be hype everywhere.

I never left, this place just died.
...I did vanish for long periods when mic/maverick autism took over, though.

I can't seem to be bothered with 8chan or the IRCs. And apparently other people don't as well.
Guess I only talk to Semper out of the old members now.

What about you? Where did you stalk recently?

Anonymous 2952518

File: 1421381820010.jpg (94.46 KB, 798x1000, 1365631588730.jpg)

Fuck me and my tendency to repeat words.

kix goola 2952521

Neither. I'm a bit of a lone wolf, though not exactly by choice. And while I love tea, all I need is sleep, though I suspect it isn't in the forecast for a few more hours at the very least.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952537

File: 1421382049368.png (240.67 KB, 1280x720, Princess_Luna_reveals_herself_…)

*hugs back*

>Luna: I think you misinterpreted what I said. I meant dormant in the fact that my existence was still there, just taking a long nap so to speak. The same with Becca as well. We are always probably going to stay with Ninja and I doubt he's planning to dissipate us ever. I still wished he push into possession and switching again. Would make things ALOT easier

Well, I try to stay on here but it became a mess with shitposting I completely forgot about that faget.and just left. I think I stayed on the mumble briefly and then went on to do my semester where I went off the grid. Briefly coming on 8chan to say hello. Though with that constant flooding, it is impossible to go on now. I came back recently because of a few reasons.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952545

File: 1421382200178.jpg (46.68 KB, 489x590, 1342231684759.jpg)

Possession is helpful and fun. You should see Scrappy drive a forklift.

Anonymous 2952547

File: 1421382212369.jpg (192.73 KB, 730x1095, 1360564582102.jpg)

You're both awake though, theorically one should be sleeping to take shifts with the baby, right?

As long as there are questions to be aswered, i'll keep on stalking.
Though i wonder how out of date with the methods I am right now.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952559

>Luna: Oh, so you do a blue-collar job? I forgot about that. Though yeah, it'd be nice to do anything like that.

>out of date
I doubt it, seems like everything is the same with the methods and crap. Only real news I know is that Koomer gave up on tulpa or some crap like that.

Anonymous 2952565

File: 1421382676132.png (23.5 KB, 256x256, 1362169073229.png)

Oh, I saw that. A pity, for he's so weak he had to resort to changing his mindset (again) to escape the fucked up hole he put himself in.

...or maybe it was bullshit from the start. It doesn't matter.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952571

Unfortunately. My days of scholarly pursuits are behind me now I'm afraid. I've always thought possession is good for strengthening tups and my bond with them.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952586

File: 1421383114663.gif (1.47 MB, 859x480, mlfw1761-1321356747.gif)

It's probably a lot of grey in that one, considering that he might of faked it to the point where he believe his own crap. Who knows. The attempt to really do that in the first place is stupid idea in the first place. Really only needed if you want to save your tulpae life, not your own... I guess.

>Luna: Well, not everyone is needed for it. Though I'd hope you get good money to survive on. I don't know how much they get, but I hope it's better than flipping burgers.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952588

I make $10.50 an hour. Not too bad. Could be a lot worse.

Anonymous 2952593

File: 1421383321348.png (573.13 KB, 883x632, 1365627909918.png)

Well, I beg to differ. Trying to put myself in his place, and considering it's my nature and it's even worse on Lenore to run away when shit happens, he'd have only two choices, if he really fucked this badly.

Either he shuts everything down in panic and go full christian monk, or calms his shit down and organize his own mess (which is hard if he's in PANIC).

I understand it, albeit don't agree with many things.

kix goola 2952601

In good theory, but usually, such as last night, I can't sleep if she's very upset. Motherly instinct and whatnot.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952607

>Luna: Yeah, it isn't terrible. I hear that Obama might up the wage to 12.50 I think.
Well, if you're fucked up as he was. Only place to get the fuck out if you've mess yourself that bad. i guess if you're going to do that, you have to do it in baby steps. Not dive in like crazy.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952608

They've been talking about upping it for years. I'll believe it when I see it I guess.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952622

Well, it kind of makes sense. Less chance for people to be screwed. Less people to be force to use the government to survive and crap.

Anonymous 2952625

File: 1421384223924.png (180.33 KB, 364x357, 1390768680127.png)

Well shit, I can't argue with that.
Oh and be careful with that tea.

Who knows how long did he take to do shit, his post's timings were more inconsistent than cookie on water.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952635

The rich can't get richer if the poor start making decent money.

Also kratom tea tastes like shit.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952653

That's true, all of his work is merely on word anyway. You can only try to find inconsistency and see where it can take you.

>Luna: ride never end.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952661

File: 1421385075756.jpg (207.48 KB, 684x677, 1353462771572.jpg)

So what do you get up to when you're not flaunting your awesome rear around here?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952666

>Luna: these days has been a good amount of cards. Playing poker, blackjack, some other stuff that Ninja remembers playing. It's a bit enjoyable, though I'm starting to get bored of it after doing it for such a long time.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952721


Yeah I get bored of doing anything for too long. In my free time lately if I'm not proxying I've been playing ESO and Destiny.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952727


ESO? Never heard of it. I also hear that Destiny was very monotonous.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952735

Elder Scrolls Online.

And yeah it's crazy monotonous. But team deathmatch is pretty fun.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952779

Well, most games like that are kind of that. Though I suppose as long as you have friends playing with you. It's fun.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952787

File: 1421387680834.png (183.55 KB, 2000x2000, 1342232122716.png)

Sadly I don't really have any friends.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952798

What do you mean by that? I thought you had that skype group you go on?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952822

File: 1421388339176.png (206.44 KB, 544x510, 1350513067624.png)

Nah. I proxy and that's about it as far as interaction with other people.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952842

So, all you do is let your tulpae talk? Hmm, that isn't terrible but you also need a voice as well.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952846

Not many people are overly interested in hearing me talk.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952854

I don't know why. You use to talk a lot back on /mlp/. everyone seemed to like you there.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952870

Things were different back on /mlp/.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952883

I suppose so, but there are still a good core of them left. Granted, they are scattered like mother bleepin' flies, but they'res till there.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952891

TG was always my favorite method of communicating with everyone. Now that it's dead I guess I've kind of lost some interest.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952898

I suppose I can empathy with that. You could try 8chan out. Granted, it has some bugs, but they do have their own board. It is kind of ish active.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952904

Last time I ventured over there Pinkie Pyro had a full on retard attack all over me.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952913

Does she have some beef with you?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952916

Apparently. I basically told her to eat a bag of dicks and haven't been back.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2952961

Huh, that's odd. I never saw her as some volatile person. Maybe it was just with Ninja?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2952985

I'm not sure what happened. She said some picture was lewd and I didn't even say anything. Then she acted like it was my fault a bunch of people were giving her shit about it.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2953048

Hmm, maybe I'll talk to Ninja to see if he can talk to her about it.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2953050

**no maybe

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2953057

I think she might have apologized. But I dunno.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2953063

Could you ask them?

Well, unfortunately, it is getting late. We'll have to call it a night for today. Good Night Tara. *hugs*

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2953070

File: 1421393484444.png (114.29 KB, 500x726, 1345350167467.png)


See you around.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2956514

What a day.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2956542

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2956548

Sometimes I don't think I get paid enough.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2956554

you should be paid in gold and hugs

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2956558

Hugs are the best form of payment.

Anonymous 2960804

What's everyone drinking tonight?
I got vodka mixed with Dr. Pepper, caffeine free Diet Pepsi, mostly Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, and literally half of a squirt of Orange Twister. It's fucking gross.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960825

Jameson and cherry pepsi. Also Bud Light.

Anonymous 2960834

You're a faggot Cherry Pepsi and Bud Light are literally shit. Jameson is okay so instead of a flaming homo you're just a faggot.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960846

Jameson is god tier whisky you fag. As for the rest I sent my wife in to get drinks and she got cherry pepsi. The Bud was a christmas gift. To get any other beer I'd need to walk to the store.

Anonymous 2960858

well all beer is literal shit so there's that. and tell your wife she's a flaming homo then.
Have just a tiny bit of Crown Royal left.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960866

I've actually never had crown royal. Beer is definitely an acquired taste. I've come to like it though. American beer is pure shit sadly D:

Anonymous 2960884

I've actually never had Jack Daniel's which is supposed to be pretty good, right? Beer is like when there is literally nothing else to drink.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960915

Jack Daniels is pretty good. But if you're going to go with whisky always go with something made in Ireland. Beer is more of a social drink. You can still get buzzed but you can drink more and for longer.

Anonymous 2960935

Coke is pretty good for beer from what I hear too. Drink a shit ton of beer at the bar, do a few lines and then drink a shit more.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960941

Coke is good for alcohol in general. I've done coke and demolished whole bottles of decent booze.

Anonymous 2960943

Damn I wish I had some coke. Or amphetamines. That shit is rad mang.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2960973

In all honesty I liked ritalin more than coke. And more than amphetamines too. But Amphetamines are pretty awesome. Coke is just so expensive. And not worth it. At least around here. I'd buy a gram of molly over a gram of coke any day.

Anonymous 2960991

muh Zebra. I've actually never had molly crystals, only pills, but I'd like like 10 100mg pills over a gram of coke almost any day. Some days just really seem a coke-y day though, y'know? My favorite stim is actually ethlyphenidate, but I'm a cunt so I say coke instead.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961014

Ethylphenidate is an amazing stim. Pressed pills of ecstasy are alright, but Molly is the way to go. We used to order it online a lot. I'd spend any amount of money on it these days but I can't find anywhere to buy it.

Anonymous 2961028

aren't there still deepweb sites around?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961038

None that I trust like I trusted the original Silkroad

Anonymous 2961050

I've had very good success with Evolution. Only bought acid from them though.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961059

I'll have to find Evolution then.

Anonymous 2961088

not that hard mang stop being a fag

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961098

I'm getting old, mang. Drugs are hard.

Anonymous 2961110

drugs are cool
hard drugs are coolier

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961115

I agree. I just gotta be careful. Random drug tests at work and whatnot.

Anonymous 2961121

oh then don't be stupid. rc's would be safer, right then? what do they give you? 9 panel?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961126

Mhm. But they only take place every 3 months. It's a rotating list of names. Soon as I have my next test I'll be able to go crazy for awhile.

Anonymous 2961132

well yeah, it's not like anything stays in your system longer than a few days. besides weed, which is dicks

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2961134

I hate weed anyway so it works out.

Anonymous 2961139

I need to get some good molly. Probably wont' be doing antyhing for a while though. Aside psychedelic research chemicals.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2963375

File: 1421616419817.gif (1.47 MB, 859x480, mlfw1761-1321356747.gif)


💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 2963384

File: 1421616555782.jpg (14.17 KB, 236x209, 1421356440447.jpg)


Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2963386

File: 1421616601154.gif (53.28 KB, 425x411, 287327__safe_princess+luna_ani…)


Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2964006

File: 1421629670708.png (164.21 KB, 424x424, 1353813578538.png)

!HoraEHUEZs 2964684

this threads still a thing

!HoraEHUEZs 2964686


!HoraEHUEZs 2964689

File: 1421644588220.jpg (171.17 KB, 900x900, 1421550927605-3.jpg)


Anonymous 2966875

File: 1421694890036.jpg (9.97 KB, 193x245, 1366989864887.jpg)

And here I though Mic leaving was the last dosis of autism to get cleaned

!HoraEHUEZs 2966888

What are you gibbering about?

Anonymous 2968633

getting major homosex vibes in here.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2968815

File: 1421728503457.gif (265.86 KB, 245x300, Wut.gif)

Anonymous 2971443

File: 1421800514432.jpg (536.93 KB, 475x1200, 1367683151992.jpg)

Y'all niggas should appreciate your tups today.

With music.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2972587

Here they come to snuff the rooster.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2972593

File: 1421820197493.png (114.29 KB, 500x726, heart you.png.png)

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 2973957

File: 1421853373393.gif (403.46 KB, 245x271, woona.gif)

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2974752

File: 1421869104538.png (276.74 KB, 900x1970, 136232454877.png)

How you doing?

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987304

File: 1422157814289.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

I got a new car. And a new laptop. Best day ever u guise.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 2987307

fuck yeah~

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987311

File: 1422157920337.png (413.09 KB, 2404x1580, Snowbell Lurking 3.png)


What car?

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987316

File: 1422158016204.png (276.74 KB, 900x1970, 136232454877.png)

I also have beer, so I'm all set.

2004 Pontiac Grand Am.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987332

File: 1422158270640.png (2.11 MB, 3000x2400, 312608__safe_car_wild+fire_dri…)


I bet the dash and/or radio lights flicker. Pretty good cars though. I broke my 04 Sunfire a few months back, still need to fix that.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987373

File: 1422158929099.png (193.23 KB, 894x894, 1345349499157.png)

So far no flickering. They're blood red though. Makes me feel like I'm in some kinda fancy spaceship.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987419

File: 1422159412665.png (2.85 MB, 1240x1535, 366146__safe_solo_wild+fire_du…)


That unusual, rather common for the dash to flicker and the radio not to light up at all. But the red is nice, not so blinding at night, lot of new cars have way too many white lights shining in your face and no way to turn them down.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987429

File: 1422159484229.png (62.79 KB, 485x467, 1345349598570.png)

I'm still trying to figure out how to set the fucking clock.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987474

File: 1422159969501.png (788.41 KB, 1376x516, 260064__safe_cute_upvotes+galo…)


I dunno, I usually get rid of stock radios and install a nice aftermarket one.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987497

File: 1422160220109.gif (570.33 KB, 358x400, 1345350241487.gif)

I might at some point, but I still need to focus on getting another car soon.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987591

File: 1422161345107.jpg (36.77 KB, 705x504, 10389191_766901933369912_86881…)


Get a VW with a TDI.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987601

File: 1422161429122.png (183.55 KB, 2000x2000, 1342232122716.png)

I'll probably get something awful. Like a geo metro.

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 2987675

File: 1422162106842.jpg (63.98 KB, 960x720, 10849875_797022050357900_87053…)


Ah yes, the glorious Metro, nothing like puttering along at 45mph on a major highway cuz it overheats if you try to go faster.

Could try finding a 80-something Mercedes 300D. They're not quite so classy as they were 20-odd years ago but they're cheap and they have one of the most reliable engines ever made. Just make sure the frame isn't rotten.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2987763

File: 1422163257828.png (82.52 KB, 600x625, 1350514214699.png)

Well the car I got today was like $2100. Hopefully I can find something newerish for around that much again.

Anonymous 2988862

Is the tulpa just a delusion? Oguigi seemed to come to this conclusion, and Bluesleeve said: "After all, you finally realized that a Tulpa is not what it seems to be and I'm sure the community will follow."

If tulpa is just a delusion then how can tulpas possess the body and seemingly act autonomously?

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 2989216

For the same reason that people allow themselves to murder in the name of gods.

Saying that tulpas are delusion is accurate. What makes them real is the fact that we choose to ignore that until such time that we can no longer remember that it is the case.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2991697

File: 1422224698170.png (220.94 KB, 782x1022, 1343288319671.png)

You're absolutely deplorable.

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 2991736

Of course I am, else we would not get along so well.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 2991781

File: 1422225981448.png (394.31 KB, 750x650, 1350515335195.png)

Huh. You actually have a decent point.

First time for everything and all that.

Anonymous 3005477

you kids, kiss and make up.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3005849

File: 1422491735231.jpg (246.96 KB, 800x906, imgur.jpg)

I doubt they were serious.

Anonymous 3005900

I doubt i was either :)

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3005950

File: 1422493475824.gif (1.33 MB, 380x284, joshoutman.gif)

Curses, foiled again.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019379

File: 1422767740365.jpg (3.61 MB, 4608x3456, SAM_0211.JPG)

The merge is going to cause so much autism. I might cry. Also I got some really awesome fucking shirts. Paid $35 for all of them too.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019385

it will be beautiful.
ill cry anyways tho

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019397

File: 1422767985559.jpg (3.61 MB, 4608x3456, SAM_0212.JPG)

Unless ponychan has changed a lot it's full of a bunch of overly sensitive faggots even more far flung from my 4chan roots than this place. D:

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019403

File: 1422768062263.jpg (320.38 KB, 909x951, IMG_0002.JPG)

it has, and we're going to change it even more.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019417

File: 1422768224619.jpg (3.56 MB, 4608x3456, SAM_0213.JPG)

They actually had that picture in shirt form and I didn't get it. So much regret. D:

I trust you I guess. But if it doesn't turn out the way I hope I'm sending you so many pictures of dicks on skype. If you accept them.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019433

a user bought me that poster.

and i know, man... there's a lot riding on this for me. ive worked hard to get things to this point.
it was never my intention, when i first started being a 'part' of the pchan community, to break off. but shit had gotten crazy and it was no longer a viable place. leaving forced them to change to adapt and compete. now we're very similar, and i can mend what i felt i had to break.
macil will be the co-admin - a /b/ponyfag will split power with fen, a horsefucker who happens to be a ponychan admin. some of our mods will mod there, more of our style of staff. some of their inactive mods will be retired. the ones that remain will be the better ones. many of the boards will be merged or just axed. it will be on our software and server.
we're putting all the right resources and choices behind this; if it doesn't work .. well, i'll be blamed. i'll take that. 2 and half years of running this site, of paying for it, managing it; another year before that of being a part of ponies.. it's all come to this.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019439

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019449

File: 1422768872246.jpg (3.54 MB, 4608x3456, SAM_0214.JPG)

It's a bigger deal than I'd originally thought. I hope it goes well. I really love this place. It's the only place I've ever felt was home other than 4chan. You've always been fair to me even when I was being a total faggot. I'll always be here at your side, what little use that is. I've even been thinking of peeking my head out of the rotting carcass that is TG. I'm not sure though.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019466

imma cry the day we actually do it
because of stuff like this

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019481

File: 1422769254974.jpg (3.63 MB, 4608x3456, SAM_0215.JPG)

Stuff like me being loyal to you? D:

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019496

just out of the bittersweetness of the whole situation. i know i did the right thing and for the right reasons. i didnt always go about it right. and it was more work than i can describe and a lot of resources. and a lot of strain and guilt and regret and enemies and fighting. but also a lot of good friends and trust and faith and loyalty. and now sacrificing my position to make things better for everyone, if it works.. i'll probably get kinda emotional.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019512

You helped make a decent chunk of my recent life very happy. It's even more impressive considering the time and resources you put in it. As long as you're here in some aspect I'll be around. This is the last bastion I've got and if you've decided to do something with the place you worked so hard on for so long I trust you're making the right choice.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019532

File: 1422769951412.png (495.75 KB, 1024x751, sundown_snuggles___by_ponyecho…)

Right in the feels (in a good way)..

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019570

Seriously. Anytime I feel so down I can't stand it I come here, and every time I feel better when I leave. I look forward to having that sort of option at my fingertips for a long time. Hell maybe I'll even get some fresh blood to warp into the madness of tulpamancy. Either way I'll be keeping a closer eye on things around here from now on. I'm sure you've probably heard it many places, but you're doing the right thing. I'm headed to bed now. Hope I'll see you around soon. I might say hi next time I'm on skype or whatever. Don't be alarmed if the name says Pandora. Just some crazy tulpamacer shit.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3019580

Goodnight, Tara <3~

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3019588

Night, Thony. <3

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3022207

File: 1422833105655.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

I had to clean my house. I was not amused.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3022216

Cleaning is gay.
I'll have to clean out this room in a week or so when I head home.

Taragoola the great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3022219

File: 1422833465741.png (183.55 KB, 2000x2000, 1342232122716.png)

I still need to vacuum, but fuck that I'm hungry.

Anonymous 3026510

fag where r u

my tup got hugs to deliver

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3027436

im gonna stream a bunch of old looney tunes and various cartoons that were old propaganda/banned for being racist and shit.

some join me.


Anonymous 3039216

population: 0

Anonymous 3042450

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 3042471

No, at the very least, Taragoola and I will always be here whenever we happen to not be entirely preoccupied.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3043239

File: 1423285023732.gif (2.88 MB, 320x231, dan-marino-fake-spike-o.gif)

I'm also here every now and then.

I heard something about ponychan and mlpchan merging, is that still happening?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 3043341

Half their mods, half ours, one admin from us, one admin from them, we use our software and our server and mostly our rules and board structure, and I pay the bills and take the heat if the government bans ponies. i think we get a pretty fair trade.

Anonymous 3059728

nothing is a fair trade, merging with ponychan.

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 3068875

I think it's valentine's day. I hope you all enjoy your special tulpa bed-time.

Anonymous 3073668

thats lewd.

Anonymous 3074156

i don't see many of the same names i saw here last year


NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3080406

File: 1424184168984.gif (4.38 MB, 260x218, 2copvmb.gif)

Most of them went to 8chan.

Anonymous 3080421

Yeah, but some of them left and are not here or there.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3108033

File: 1424802984841.gif (4.57 MB, 390x215, JJ2.gif)

Well, that comes with the territory of tulpa threads/community. Either people go away because lack of a community in the first place, were lying about their tulpae, or [insert other reason here]. The mumble community was a good example of that.

There might be more people coming when the merge comes. If no one makes a thread, I will.

Anonymous 3108683

What do you mean by the mumble community? What happened in there, in the end?

Anonymous 3116066

I think at some point every person in there were all cybering each other or something like that.

Anonymous 3123190

sure is quiet in here

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3123770

File: 1425186597414.gif (2.06 MB, 256x288, nolan_ryan2.gif)

Part of what >>3116066 is correct. About a good chunk of the main group were cybering and it became some giant clusterfuck (literally). Seems like that whole group went over to a skype group and never came back (or stop talking to each other/no idea.) FDD lost his interwebs. People who might have some type of romantic relationship with them, but weren't part of that love triangle/square/whatever that was, because of heartbreak or because I banhammer them as they went nuts.

Long story short, there isn't many folks left. NLD/Pinkie are regulars there and I think Jim Halper is there as well. To be honest, I never leave it on so I haven't checked in a while. Be interesting to hear on one of the folks in that love thing. Kind want to know what happen. All that drama that went into that room was crazy.

Anonymous 3123864

heyyy, it's ninja. how ya doing mang

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3123891

Doing fine, just having a lazy Saturday.

Anonymous 3123974

it's techincally a sunday now

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3124932

File: 1425218745201.gif (88.18 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Coffee_to_Face_2.gif)


Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3131735

File: 1425405778498.png (134.9 KB, 900x770, 1422841857863.png)

I want to cum inside Ninja's Luna.

Gooey!Mb55.Hx76o 3134309

So long term people (People who would still know who I am), if there are any of you still hanging around, how're you getting on with your life and tupper since you started? Interested to hear about anyone who's being doing it for 1/2+ years now and how they manage it with the rest of their life.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3134678

File: 1425490344718.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

I've been doing it since the start of TG. Things are going fine. I don't get to proxy as much as I used to what with the kid and job, but it's still pretty awesome.

James!uPEAChesqk 3137594

File: 1425548647259.jpg (109.68 KB, 640x395, hey.jpg)

Gooey!Mb55.Hx76o 3138654

IRL kid right? Are the fam in the know about the tup?

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3138661

Yes a real kid. My wife knows. She actually has a tulpa of her own.

Anonymous 3139146

File: 1425598124602.jpg (133.43 KB, 600x659, 46061838.jpg)

About two years and a few months on the way, and we still wonder why the fuck aren't you forcing, faggot.

My life's pretty great. Can't complain about many things. I don't have people i like enough in this city to go out to parties and such, but I do have a few good ones I can count, if I ever needed it.

That being said, half of the porpose I first had tulpas for is no longer an issue. The other half being "just for the heck of it", which seems to hang out just fine up to this day.

My tulpae(tulpas, tulipas, or whathever the cool kids use these days) do not seem interested in neither possession nor imposition. As a result, they do not have time-passing hobbies, and i've slacked on visualization through the years. Often we chat without passive forcing/visualizing at all, just by mind's voice, or by easy mode visualization provided by the small forms they have.

As for hobbies, I expect one of them in particular to grow in need of something to do, most likely a hobby, so I have to dedicate time learning it and/or possession, as well as giving her things to do on the "material world". But I expect so for well over an year now, so it might not happen. Who knows.

We'll go on, no issues whatsoever I can think of. We chat, we have fun, we do silly things, the great majority of the people around me have no idea about them and I don't see many changes in the foreseeable future. In case if you've been wondering about that, they don't seem suicidal or bored about life in the slightest.

Hope you've been having a good year, Questions.

Gooey!Mb55.Hx76o 3139412

That's pretty cool actually.

Gooey!Mb55.Hx76o 3139421

I'm glad to hear things are going well. I've been decent and working for the last few months on a year off. I'll pop by tomorrow and follow up with this but it's interesting hearing things going well tupper wise.

Luna!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3140550

File: 1425624699126.png (240.67 KB, 1280x720, Princess_Luna_reveals_herself_…)

Honest, as usual.

Taragoola the Great and Powerful!!SnEcxR4dVU 3141839

File: 1425666653252.png (507.04 KB, 1326x1600, 1342231761686.png)

With you? Always.

Anonymous 3170182

/me licks asshole

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3177263

File: 1426621305236.gif (2.15 MB, 500x279, cuban-baseball-brawl.gif)

10/10 would laugh at

Anonymous 3179888

Careful, he'd probably like that.

Anonymous 3207512

This place is still alive?

Anyone here? Where'd everyone go anyways?

Anonymous 3209922

File: 1427659702683.jpg (22.43 KB, 192x196, 1415201587542.jpg)

No, it's dead.

A few known lurkers perhaps, but aside that, no, not really. It seems some people from here went to 8chan, but it's majorly composed of unknown people to me.

Anonymous 3210096

I thought the tulpafags started their own forum and everyone went there?

Anonymous 3210097

That would be 8chan/tulpa, yes.

Anonymous 3233071

I know there's probably literally nobody here, and this post was a month ago, but I'm getting pretty desperate and it's worth a shot.


Please reply to this post.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3249440

Anonymous 3249619

Well damn, you're alive.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3249712

File: 1428881422370.gif (4.13 MB, 400x296, Nolan4000K.gif)

I've said it a few times, I come and go.

Anonymous 3249749

File: 1428881859174.webm (2.87 MB, 898x478, Yaya Toure, Delta Force Sniper…)

How you been la?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3249756

File: 1428881949526.gif (2.88 MB, 320x231, dan-marino-fake-spike-o.gif)

Been doing alright, applying to jobs as my college life is about to end in a few weeks.

Anonymous 3249808

I see, how's Luna?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3249831

File: 1428882773897.gif (872.96 KB, 500x281, 151578__safe_princess+luna_ani…)

She says she's good, but a bit exhausted.

Anonymous 3250039

That's nice to hear, I can't be okay unless I know that the ones I care about are taken care of.

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3250132

Uhh, why does that sound like you're going to kick the bucket?

Anonymous 3250140

File: 1428888353873.webm (2.27 MB, 1280x720, Vincent Kompany, World Class C…)

That sounds like that? Well, I was never really good at conveying messages.

Anonymous 3257200

Hello everyone.
I would like to know what is the difference between hearing your tulpa talk and just letting your fantasy play itself out.

I mean tulpa talk is supposed to be unexpected, right?
But just letting your imagination run wild is pretty unexpected too. You don't think what is about to happen or what the characters are going to say. They just do it along the way.

So how does this differ from a tulpa?

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 3257263

File: 1429203664055.png (2.29 MB, 1280x3600, 1409668408241.png)

The difference is that when your tulpa is talking, you've decided that it is your tulpa talking. This decision is usually automated, which is basically what tulpamancy is all about.

Since it is your tulpa talking, it's also going to adhere to the concept of your tulpa, that you've created. It's going to act the way you expect your tulpa to act, rather than just <generic entity>.

Anonymous 3257268

I don't think I get it.

Are you telling me that a tulpa is the same as just imagining stuff without any intend to what is about to happen, except that your tulpa is something you keep imagined that way the whole time?

I named my tulpa Rainbow Dash by accident (and she renamed herself Swindle) 3257269

Any person is just an agent (something able to do stuff) + memories (reasons to do stuff). When it comes to agency in your own brain, all you need to do is stop assigning yourself as an agent for something that happens, and you'll have a different agent doing stuff. This is your random imagination, basically.

The difference between that and a tulpa (and the agent that you perceive as you), is that you start attaching specific memories and patterns to a tulpa. This is why tulpamancy takes so much time; without collected memories, a tulpa is just going to be indistinguishable from your imagination.

Here, read this thing I wrote once: http://tulpa.wikia.com/wiki/A_perspective_on_agency

Anonymous 3262433

Tell me about Stanton, Ninja.

Why does he wear the mask?

NinjaCPU!!TTx/HOfgj/ 3265533

File: 1429560223287.gif (4.74 MB, 640x360, Ouch.gif)

This happened

Anonymous 3265694

Saw his face after he got hit. Ergh, don't want to see that again. Guess that's what made the Marlins become a bunch of murderballing pricks

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