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Anonymous 7377

The sexy antics of the students and staff of Canterlot High are explored here in the Equestria Girls Fingerbang thread. Whether you're interested in the brash captain of the soccer team, the awkward egghead or the busty voluptuous principal, we've got stories, poems, art and other creative works just for you.

New readers, writers, and artists are always welcome.



>Thread archive and our 15 recommended stories:


>Verified tripcodes:


Fingerbang IRC Chat
Channel: #eqgfb

>Got an idea or a request for a story? Post it here:

>They will then be added to: http://pastebin.com/j3VKarkC

>Q: Why is the thread called "fingerbang" when many stories contain no trace of fingerbanging or even smut?

A: While smut plays a central element in many of our stories, the inclusion of fingerbanging or smut is not mandatory. Writers are able to write about anything, as long as elements of the high school setting and/or the inclusion of human characters remains in place.

>Q: How did the fingerbang threads start?

In late July 2013, a based anon created a topic with a picture of Rarara with the caption of "I want to fingerbang Rarity under the gym bleachers". The rest is history.

Anonymous 7381

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Have you tried starting these threads on /anon/? I'd bet that'd sell like hotcakes.

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