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No writing skillz Anonymous 7311

I don't know why, but browsing this board just made me want to write, I have no idea how to write, I don't have ideas for stories, either, and I don't read much, either, I'm basically some complete fuck up who just got a little bit inspired to stop doing nothing in it's daily life.

I was wondering if any of you could possibly knew, where should I start about it, if you ask me, I'd want to write adventure/epic themed stories.
The story itself, I don't have one.

As in drawing you usually start "drawing circles, copying, structure" and pretty much whatever, so what would be the "drawing circles" for writing?


Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 7312

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There are many places to start, but you've made a step in the right direction. If you really want to write well though, reading is a must. For writing, though, there really is no "drawing circles". I suppose you could start with the building blocks of a story, i.e. an idea, some characters to inhabit it, and a world for them to exist in, but you really just have to dive in, and your skill will improve as you go.

But the most important thing is to be able to take critique. It's kind of like being filed and carved into a masterpiece. It's very painful, but necessary if you want to improve. Try joining my writing group ( >>6735) and every week I'll go over what you wrote and give you feedback. You can start with just 1k words a week if 3k is too big.

Anonymous 7313

I've been on /ic/, for some time already, I know the importance and wonders of criticism, it's what you need, in order to improve, to be humble, realize that you're not perfect, you're far from it, also realize that you will never be perfect.

I understand that part, what I still don't know, is… "how to start writing"?

Casca 7314

File: 1383060641653.jpg (80.8 KB, 500x353, banzai.jpg)

Take an idea in your head. Write it out. If you lack ideas to write, join http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/ for writeoff prompts which will help. Really, the only way to truly start is to throw words into a page. You could make a parody of Harry Potter. Rewrite it, except Harry's gay(?) - and you'd be surprised how drastically different the direction of the story would be when the direction of that awkward teenage sexual tension shifts.

If you lack ideas, it's all about firing your brain into making them. "What if" scenarios are a good place to start - take something accepted as canon, twist it into something else - "What if Derpy was actually a scientist in the Discordian Era who made the alicorns?" - and run with it.

If you have some kind of conflict within yourself, that works too. I started writing my first serious ponyfic because I was irritated at the stupid!Derpy stuff everyone was writing at the time. That led to the above question, and, well, 50k words later I'm still plodding along. But, if you're not invested enough in the fandom or the show to have this, the first idea might work for you.
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Anonymous 7316

>What if scenarios.
Wonderful, this is the fuel that I needed, Thank you so much.

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