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/fic/ Guestbook and Roll of Regulars - Nov '12 - Great Migration Edition Welcome Everypony !Wings60m9. 699Locked

Newcomers, welcome to /fic/. Old hands, do you like the new digs? In this thread, introduce yourself. At the beginning of every odd-numbered month, we'll lock and re-make it. That way, it'll be a directory of current /fic/ folks, their threads, works, and a bit about each. Newcomers, guests, and people just passing through are welcome to make posts of their own, too.

So, usually we're a pretty serious, all business folk - present tomfoolery notwithstanding. In the interest of keeping this thread neat and tidy, one post per person, please, and discussion in other threads. Think of it as your "profile" if this were a BBoard or Facebook or yellow pages.

If you don't know yet, MLPchan allows you to edit posts.
See that "password" box when you post? Type something in there that you'll remember. Then you can check-mark your post later, click "edit" at the bottom, and hey-presto there you go. If you don't pick your own password, MLPchan will generate one for your computer, which you might not be able to remember later. Then again you won't have to unless you switch computers.

- Pen names / presence on other sites
- Writing bio and interests
- Works
- Threads you're involved with
- Anything else short and interesting about you.


[email protected]

So, what can I say? I like love stories, anywhere from the warm and nostalgic to the hot and heavy - and mindscrewy troll-fics, too! I joined up with the Traing Grounds a little over a year ago and was fairly active through the winter, taking on some seriously long works that nopony else would touch.

I like one-on-one dialog, beautiful descriptions, clean prose, and little moments of poetic intensity. Look for me in:

>COMING SOON< Tone, Text, Tuning - Got a story to tell? Know a little grammar? Bring a scene or short chapter and let's talk shop about using the one to effect the other. Learn to line edit, polish your style, dissect metaphor, and distill description. This thread is to prose what pencil studies and still life are to the visual arts.

>>525 The Training Groungs - whenever I'm itching for something to read.
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File: 1352318209643.jpg (69.48 KB, 661x658, Drill Pony.jpg)

What the hell, why not?

Jake The Army Guy
[email protected]

Well, I've been writing for almost a year now. This fandom is actually what inspired me to try my hand at fiction. Obviously, I'm in the Army, currently serving as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, GA. By trade, I'm MOS 46R, Broadcast Journalist. I make Radio and TV news for the Army, as well as deal with public affairs, media relations and the like.

Other sites: I do fan fiction reviews for FOB Equestria, Home of the Military Brony, under the name Tweak. Check me out, tell me what you think:


Works: I only have one story to my name at the moment, Under A Luminous Sky. It's a murder mystery/thriller set in Equestria. It's gone through many permutations from its start as a HiE fic. Currently we're on the second to last chapter, so please check it out and let me know if you like it:


Past that, not much, really. /fic/ on Ponychan helped me to be the author I am today, so I remain loyal to the people who helped, which is why I'm here. I'm thinking of taking a story from the Training Grounds, try my hand at reviewing. In any case, I'm glad to be a part of this little corner of the fandom. You keep being awesome, /fic/!


I am Roger, and I like ponies and perl.

Anonymous 704

Ah, this was a good idea. Thanks.


File: 1352319975860.png (181.94 KB, 598x356, twgok0101.png)


Fuck yo perl

Name's Figments.

>[email protected]

And my stories are meaningless, so I won't list them.


File: 1352322826888.jpg (8.92 KB, 256x256, SageAvatar.jpg)

Hello, I work under the name of Sagebrush, and everything I've ever written has begun life as a reaction to something that has irritated me.

I dabble in both art and writing, and I use two well-known sites to do so: Deviant Art and FiMFiction. This has led to a number of folks expressing surprise upon learning that these two pages are maintained by the same person. For those interested, they can be found below:

Art: http://sagebrushpony.deviantart.com

Writing: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Sagebrush

Currently I am working on a story about guardsponies, at least when I have the time to put down the words. To my pleasant surprise, a few folks have found it humorous. However, as has been said by Gaiman and perhaps others before him, the best way to describe a story is to tell it, so I'll leave my scant description as it is, and perhaps someone will check out my work at their leisure.

I review, but usually only if I've been asked by someone to do so. I do browse the TTG, however, and I've tried being active in it as of late.

Since we’ve been asked to say something interesting about ourselves, I’ll note that I once had to fight back a group of Thai prostitutes that tried to drag me off of the street. Cheers.


File: 1352323116822.png (1.61 MB, 1438x1084, ....png)

Name is Garnot, pronounced Girr-Naat. I've been around since well before anything came about this fandom, joining the writing scene once season one was about four episodes in.

Currently, I'm a displaced student working towards his literature and creative writing degree. I write mostly alternate universes and Noirs, along with the occasional dark and horror story, but I've also been known to try out different genres, including lighthearted fare and sad. I don't do comedy well, unless its black humor, and romance is something I don't often pull of well either, so don't ask me about that.

I read everything I can get my mits on, and I do reviews for all who are interested.

[email protected]

My Fimfic: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/E.D.%20Garnot%20C]-[H

Current works:
Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel (Currently undergoing final preparations for posting)

Summer Days, Evening Flames (Currently in the drafting stage, taking notes from Nicknack, as well as Samurai)

Equestria Noir (Four chapters of the old draft are currently out. It is being reworked as we speak. Old version can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/158/Equestria-Noir---A-Neo-Noir-Tale)

Salty Shores (Also undergoing changes. The one story that has gotten the most rewritten so far. Original draft for those interested: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/3024/Salty-Shores)

Closer to Heaven (First story ever written. Was unique at its time, but now stands as a simple relic of days long gone. Will update one day. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/602/Equestria-Noir-Chronicles)

Future projects include two random stories that shall not be listed at this time.

Threads currently involved in: Review thread in collaboration with SLP: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/110925.html

I Will be opening up shop in this site soon. Look for that.

As for anything interesting about me. Well, just know that despite being a minor outer entity, I am quite amicable and will only attempt to give you slight madness ^^
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I_Post_Ponies!7ZxXoTz/pI 708

File: 1352324061884.png (234.19 KB, 945x945, Surpris1_shrug.png)

I use the I_Post_Ponies alias (almost) everywhere I post fanfiction.

is where all of my SFW work resides.

About 8 months ago, I decided I wanted to write. Never taken any classes on the subject outside of your basic English class. I'm mostly self-taught, which comes with its own bag of fun. I tend to gravitate toward Slice-of-Life and Sad stories.

For many months I ran reviews on livestream, over the course of which I gave feedback on around 50 fics. Every now and then I return to TTG to pester more writers with my opinions on their work.

I currently have three fics on EqD, and three quite unimpressive finishes in past write-offs at 4th, 5th, and 5th place.

I also post Surprise. A lot.


File: 1352326390378.png (98.86 KB, 500x509, 1351728981715.png)

Well, how about I introduce myself as well?

My name is Anthony. Or Anonthony, as it were. Or just 'Thony. You can also see me around as !!Applejack. I'm an administrator here, but don't hold it against me!

I've written a few fics, but only two of any note, Painless and Worth Fighting For (in progress…)

I got into ponies from way back on 4chan many moons ago. One day when feeling down, I decided I'd give words to how I was feeling, and an idea for a story came up. It was incredibly cathartic. Writing let me work through what I was thinking, feeling and wanting to say. Usually I'd only ever written very short works; poetry, especially. I find them very visceral and very much a release, but writing that first story let me do more. And so here we are, in a 3rd season of pony!

I'm not involved with any threads directly but you'll see me around if I'm ever needed. You can reach me at any time if you ever have any questions or need help - [email protected], or if faster communication is your thing, my Steam and Skype usernames are both AnonthonyE. There's a list of the site's features and functions, as well as new things in the works or planned, here at >>>/site/616 . Any ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

Cheers, and welcome!


I’m Writer's Block.

I've worked in the fandom for about a year/year-and-a-half, wherein I've been the occasional TTG reviewer and writer.

I currently have one story kicking around the internet, by the name of "Just Wait Until the End" under my pen name of WB on Fimfiction. There’s another story being picked at by a reviewer from TTG at this time, titled “The Final Season: Episode 1, Knightfall”. It was planned to be my interpretation of something that could be a good finale to the show, my way of letting the phenomenon end with a real memorable bang.

Interesting stuff, eh? Well, okay. Um, how about the fact that that 80k is not my first foray into fanfiction? Okay, that’s probably not shocking. Well how about it also isn’t my first foray into extremely long fanfiction?

No, that honor belongs to a story I made titled “Almadeo”, which took about a year or so to make. It was a 50k fanfic made for, and attempting to emulate the style of, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. I really liked those books when I was growing up. They’re very basic, yes, but still pretty fun to read when the mood strikes and I’m feeling nostalgic. Plus, the abridged version of the cartoon that the books spawned is hilarious.


File: 1352328162718.jpeg (36.05 KB, 447x384, 26b.jpeg)

Welp, I'm Golden Vision, also known as GV, GVeezy, or That Dude With A Strange Obsession With the Whooves.

This, of course, came from my first-ever ponyfic, Another Day For the Whooves, which was a nice little Slice-of-Life story which set out to explain just how the Whooves family went about their daily lives. I've since written a few more stories, which can be found at: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=category&user=14292, and I'm currently working on a multiarc epic story.

I used to write Naruto fanfiction ("Naruto Reads Naruto") under the pen name Sage of Seals but…let's just say things went poorly.

Anyway, I'm also a pretty prolific reviewer; I just put up a review thread here: http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/652.html#652. I've been around the /fic/ boards since March of 2012, and I hope to stay here until we've all ponied ourselves to death.

See you all around the board! Should be a great time for all!

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 713

File: 1352329089863.png (219.32 KB, 1694x1498, JKinsley2.png)

I'm JKinsley, though I often go by just Kinsley. I was a regular of Ponychan's /fic/ for a while, and I've done my fair share of reviewing. I'm on FimFiction at http://www.fimfiction.net/user/JKinsley and I've been featured on Equestria Daily for Canterlot's Guests.

I'm a notorious shipper. All of my published works, including two minific entries, are shipping of some sort. I tend to read mostly romance stories for pleasure.

Published so far (11/7/12):
Canterlot's Guests - a shipping story between Twilight and Rarity. Slow and steady, following them during a weekend in Canterlot. In Progress
A Different Kind of Research - a quick little TwiDash story that's more writing practice than serious storytelling. I am well aware of the problems with it, I just don't want to bother fixing them because that would require a complete rewrite. I have other plans for a TwiDash in the future. Completed
What A Mare Wants - a second-person fic starring Fleur-de-Lis as the "you" character, trying to seduce Rarity. On Hiatus pending other stories
Plus two minifics in the minific contest (posted under a different alias)
Unpublished/In progress:
The Outside Looking In - A Twilight X Derpy story
Twilight Sparkle's Harem - a loose canon of shipping stories centered around Twilight Sparkle.

I've had my own review threads in the past, but look for me in the to-be-started NSFW group review thread, The Red Fic District.

For reasons I don't quite understand, I'm known for my knowledge of some of the more perverse aspects of the fandom and perversions in general.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 715

File: 1352336631568.png (564.12 KB, 1962x1854, Present Perfect badge by Anjil…)

I'm Present Perfect. If my name is familiar around /fic/, it's because of my weakness for writing contests. I have missed two writeoffs, total. :B

But I also do other stuff sometimes, which I tend to post here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/presentperfect

My best-known works would probably be Dance 'Til We're High and The Elements of Awesomery.

My best work is yet to come!

Casca!blANCA/Sq2 718

File: 1352345765560.jpg (52.83 KB, 613x613, yes.jpg)


I'm Casca. Most of you would know me as a reviewer of the Training Grounds, and more recently, I've become a member of Seattle's Angels. I've written a reasonable amount of ponyfic; eventually, I'll get to transferring my long stories from FF.net, but for now, they can found there or on EqD. I also have a nice diary-format Skyrim fic, written over 2 months; it's the first multi-chapter thing that I've ever completed, and so it gets special mention.

Patchouli Knowledge is the bestest, though other Touhou characters are fine too.


I'm Demetrius. I used to have more time and energy to devote to reviewing fanfiction and organizing /fic/, and that I did. If I ever come back for more, this will be the place I would do it.

I'm a lightweight in terms of authorship; I haven't written much at all.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 727

File: 1352351584182.png (816.19 KB, 1000x846, speclow.png)

[email protected]

Maybe you know me or maybe you don't. If you don't, maybe you will eventually. I think of myself as a member of the /fic/ community even if in practice my writing and my presence register on the upper end of "oh, right, him."

I'm an Applejinx fanpony, I have a perverse sexual attraction to the unexpected and deviant, and I'm a medically certified Asian-American.


File: 1352354287499.png (346.78 KB, 781x684, Rarity_'I've_always_dreamed_of…)

Hello there, I'm Scheherazade. My email address is [email protected] Most of the time when I post I will post a Rarity, because Rarity is best pony. My fimfiction account is here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Scheherazade

I haven't posted any of my stories or art before because I'm not entirely certain my writing (involving OC ponies in not-Equestria) or my art (I call them "satyrponies") would go over well. Someday I will be courageous and post things.

I enjoy reviewing, particularly of stories containing worldbuilding or OCs. I'm good at proofreading and grammar, so if your pre-readers/reviewers are complaining of grammar problems, drop me a line—I would be happy to help.
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Kurbz 732

Name: Kurbz
Bio: I play pyro. I'm steel level but play iron in UGC Highlander. I'm kind of a big deal. Trixie is best pony.
Works: Nothing decent.
Threads: old Training Grounds, my own for a bit, none now
Anything else: I mostly edit privately, and piss people off who ask me too. Been kicked off several real fiction works because I called the plot "teenage angst bottled, made into ink, and then thrown haphazardly at paper." Probably should have been nicer, but the author was a prick.


Hey, I'm DemPonies!

I'm a relative newcomer, both to /fic/ and pony writing in general.

You can find me at: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/DemPonies

My only work thus far is Twilight's Odyssey (available on FimFic), an adventure/alternate universe fic. It wouldn't nearly have been the same quality if not for the people here at /fic/. I hope to be able to return the favor some day.
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Applejinx !tDashiepow 737

File: 1352366328421.png (429.83 KB, 665x559, Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 1.44…)

I'm Applejinx, and I'm a novelist. (hiii Applejinx!) I don't show ponies my first four and a half novels, but a fair number seem to like my two and a half cloppy pony novels- Trixie's Magic Bit, Rarity's Worst Day Ever, and Dashie's Foaling.
I've written way over half a million words but only three hundred thousand or so are here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Applejinx
I got on Equestria Daily with the first pony fic I ever wrote, The Old Castle, with an invitation to post it unaltered, as submitted the first time. I've helped quite a few other ponies get on EqD, or otherwise pursue their writing dreams.
I run IC review threads where my 'mental pony mane cast' directly respond to writers about their fics in character: note that this is neither canonically from the show writers or from 'Trixieverse', but a sort of generalization.
I promise to go off to the rodeo and win all them blue ribbons. (I hide in shame when it becomes obvious I haven't, but I feel better when shown love)
I'm still writin'.


File: 1352412082348.jpg (757.52 KB, 1024x768, Jellyfish.jpg)

I'm Split, and while not actually adding anything to the board, fimfic or anything. I'm just here, Annoying people on the IRC.

Need me? (keep dreaming, Split) find me on the IRC, or send me a memo at [email protected]


File: 1352421727898.jpg (10.58 KB, 200x290, 6393566_gal.jpg)

#Writer#Part-Time Reviewer

Hey, I’m Dolfeus Doseux (IPA: [dɒlfʊs doʊzu]), but you can call me Doseux or just Dos (or even dolfeus), if that’s your fancy. I review around here occasionally, but my main project currently is the /fic/ Digest >>556.
(Abridged and amended from my original introduction.)
Back somewhere around October of last year, I started frequenting Equestria Daily’s ponychats, particularly #EquestrianStudy where I did a little reviewing every now and again. /Fic/ didn’t appeal to me for the longest time, and I’d only heard about it second hand. At some point, however, I found my way into #fic, and sometime after that I found myself entering Tactical’s minific competition and getting rocketed into this foreign beast called /fic/. I haven’t looked back sense.

I’ve been writing off-and-on, and I hope to get something serious done for NaNoWriMo. I don’t know if that’ll pan out, though. If anyone wants to see my drivel, they can find it here:

I’m still planning on fleshing out my Write Off entries (The Sound of Raindrops on Slate and Rainfall in Providence), but those are on the back burners for now.

Contact info:
If you ever need to get in touch, or just want to chat, my email is [email protected]
You can send me a PM on my FIMFic account, but I'll be slower to respond to it. As you might have guessed, I also frequent the #fic chat on Canternet.
Fun Facts
I save most of my posts.
I hardly read fan-fiction for fun.
I live in the Bible-Belt of the USA.
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DuncanR DuncanR!S7UtV5RVbs 775

Writing Bio: Always been a storyteller, but switched from video-game programming to fiction writing. Why? Certainly not for the money. FanFiction is just a fun way to improve my writing skills and have some fun.
Interests: Just about anything, as long as it's done with dry wit and good character development/interaction. When writing, my favorite thing is to take a really dumb or overused premise and turn it into an entertaining, interesting, not-actually-crappy story. I've been told I "do cliche well."
Works: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/DuncanR
A few little things on FimFiction, but the bulk of my works are unreleased. I have several +100k novellas waiting in the wings because I suck at editing.
Threads I'm involved with: Not much, lately. I was involved with The Training Grounds and would love to get back into it. I've also entered the Fic/Art collaborative competition twice and had loads of fun. I lack internet access at the moment, but hope to be more active on the board sometime soon.

Other short, miscelaneous things I'm known for:
Constantly mixing up "its" and "it's" for no apparent reason
Owning a laptop with a very unreliable "f" key
Eating crunchy-cheezies with a spoon while gaming
Assaulting superior officers (unsuccessfully)
Being strongly allergic to the two greatest things in the world: cats and bananas
Contrary to popular belief, did not invent corrugated cardboard
Finds it extremely distrubing that "addictive gameplay" is considered a virtue for video games
Addendum: Is really liking the edit feature.

Pav Feira!ToolDoTeR. 780

File: 1352431573306.png (226.31 KB, 482x482, twilight_sparkle icon large ar…)

So, it has come to this. (http://xkcd.com/1022/)

Name: Pav Fiera. "Pav" as in "pavilion" or "Pavlov". Feira is spelled F-i-e-r-a. Please do the needful.
Element of: Snarky little one-liners and terrible puns
Best poni: Twilight Sparkle x Celestia OTP
Where you might've seen me: I've lurked Ponychan for a little while now. I'm a big fan of the write-offs and contests, both as a reader and reviewer. Occasionally I pop into TTG but as of late most of my reviews are private. Every other week, I post words here: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/1734/Seattle%27s-Angels/threads And every other month, I post words here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Pav%20Feira (Please double check that URL. I before E, remember.)
Mood about the move: Mild trepidation at best, but I'm here, so whatev.
First use of edit feature: To append this post to point out that anons are rubbish.
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Grif 781

File: 1352432608554.png (149.27 KB, 600x700, Lyra-tired.png)

So, apparently I wandered into here out of boredom. (Okay, not really.)

Name: Grif

Hello, and some of you may know me from ponychan /fic/. Some may even know me from the Training Grounds of yore. Let's leave it at that. I been in /fic/ since May 2011 and been lurking ever since. On occasion, I may review stories in the TG.

On other sites, you will also find me active on the Giant in the Playground forums.

Works: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Grif

Of the stories there, three has made it to EqD, though admittedly, standards were lax back then. (Last submission was in October 2011.) You'd find me writing mostly crossovers, comedy and adventure. (though I have tried and failed to dabble in other fields) I have since run through an extremely unproductive patch of which I am only now starting to recover from.

PS: I also have an unhealthy obsession with Lyra. Curse Phoe.

Okay, enough about me. Nothing to see here, citizen.

Ezn!RAopYJNHZ6 783

File: 1352435704890.png (738.09 KB, 1475x1560, 24217 - Adventure_Time Finn ar…)


Hey, I'm Ezn (don't try to pronounce that). I… I really do a lot of things, on and off. I'm like an overexcited child and I drink too much coffee.

I wrote http://derpy.me/EznGuide a writing guide meant to help beginners get their bearings around grammar and the basics of story-telling. I have a few articles and reader-orientated reviews of fics over at http://eznwords.tumblr.com and I'm meaning to do more.

I read a lot of ponyfic, so I'm usually a good guy to ask if you need a recommendation. I like my prose either lean and clean or witty and interesting enough to get away with waffling. I don't do shipping even at all and prefer my dark fics well justified.

Writing-wise, I've put out some stuff I'm proud of, but I still have a lot to learn, and I'm having fun slowly putting out my first million words.

- You can check out all the fics I've written over at >>564, my new author thread.
- I occasionally review in the Training Grounds >>525. Check out my reviewer statement http://derpy.me/uQgc1 for an archive of the reviews I've done.

Azusa!fG2qnvpWXU 785

File: 1352436586861.jpg (189.7 KB, 752x800, Raindrops artist KabukiHomewoo…)

Name: Azusa (previously AzuNyan)

Writing bio and interests: I started writing in August 2011 after being astounded by A Day for Spike and Twilight, Bubbles, and Memories in a Bottle. Since then I have gained a strong interest in stories about the relationships between female characters and I hope to some day write a lesbian romance novel that will help popularize the genre.

Works: I'll edit this with a link to my FimFic after I get Chasing Clouds on EqD.

Threads you're involved with: I've been reviewing for The Training Grounds since last April and maintaining for about a month or two now.

Anything else short and interesting about you: Lately I've been playing Tetris more than is probably healthy.
I have poor time-management skills.
Besides MLP, my favorite TV shows are Hidamari Sketch and Macross.
I still read fanfiction for enjoyment.
I have a mad crush on Rainbow Dash.
And Ritsu is actually my favorite K-on! character.
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Glad to see you, Azu.
We can make this a success.

About me 788

File: 1352443794465.jpg (6.02 KB, 227x222, all saddy waddy.jpg)

Hi I'm Khakispony or Khakis for short also known as a general waste of space who has somehow managed to find a place on the board through the virtue of simply never leaving. I review things. Not well mind you but I do review. I may have a thread up soon or I may rest at the training grounds. I also write. Again not well mind you but my awful abominations of literature can be found here http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Khakispony

Pop music is my only distinguishing trait on this board so feel free to open pandora's box by talking about any charting artist. Or don't. Whatever works for you.

Current projects: Struggling in vain to write anything that isn't so wooden that it is in need of a forest fire. Rewriting Pop Culture to be exact.


File: 1352476982992.png (148.98 KB, 851x938, Twilight-Sparkle-smiling-my-li…)

Hello friends!

Name: You know where to look, and you should remember it to. After all, it is an overt reference to the show.

Biography: I was born and have ever since have been involved in dying, which I plan to do some years for now. In the meantime, I enjoy writing and reviewing other people's stories. I did a lot of reviewing under the "Anonymous" name on the old /fic/ board. My non-pony-related editing endeavors involve editing my school newspaper (Editor-in-Chief, woohoo!)and doing editing jobs for friends.

As far as actually writing stories, though, my work is total garbage (and I'm being optimistic with that assessment). I come here to MLPchan not as a reviewer, but as a writer hoping to improve myself. If I do review anything, it will be on the Training Grounds, which currently has so little in it that I guess you could call it my own personal review thread.

Interests (besides Writing): I like to play trombone and pretend that I am funny; I am more successful at the former.

Works: Here is the only thing I thought was remotely presentable. It's about power in relationships, abuses of power, and common logical fallacies that bother me. Go ahead and rip it to shreds:


By the way, it has nothing to do with ponies.

Threads with which I'll be Involved: I'll be on the business end of every review thread here.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning: I smell decent. I think that's worth something. Oh, and Twilight Sparkle is best pony, just saying.

PS: Despite the impression this post had given you, I really am a fun-loving person. My writing just doesn't show it.

alex!magnet9W5w 811

File: 1352487036272.gif (233.23 KB, 400x375, 788523641_990333.gif)

Am I really a regular if I've only been around for a few months? Eh, whatever…

[email protected]

They call me 'Tater Sal—hold on… no, that's not right. I go by alexmagnet around these parts, and others as well. All lowercase because capital letters are so passé.

My writing bio is laughable, so I won't mention it, and my interests don't matter (movies and video games). Though, I do have an intense love for Dracula and any Lovecraftian horror. Hell, I'll read just about any story with a [Dark] tag.

I've written a few things here and there, most of them either cringe-inducingly bad, or right around mediocre. However, there are two things that I'm relatively happy with.
The Box Needs some major reworkin' though
and like two of the minifics I wrote for RogerDodger's contests.
Pancakes and Apples

The only threads I'm really involved with are TTG, where I review fics semi-regularly, and the occasional contest thread, where I write fics semi-regularly.

Oh, and apparently I'm a part of the FiMfic reviewer consortium: Seattle's Angels.

Trixie is best pone!


File: 1352500032080.png (89.97 KB, 465x347, Potato.png)

I am Ion-Sturm. I like to post pictures of Anton Ego. I may or may not have a fetish for potatoes. I'm honestly not sure at this point. I generally only take reviews on special request, unless I feel an author has done such a poor job on their story (or the presentation thereof) that they deserve my wretched wrath. I can generally be found helping with smaller pieces of the big puzzle in the Synopsis thread, Story Forge, and my own Make a Scene thread.

My notable works include the following:

My Kingdom for a Horse
The first story I wrote in the fandom, as a counter-point to the brain-dead original Conversion Bureau. It never got anywhere, as most of my multi-chapter stories tend to do.

On an Earth torn apart by super-storms, salvation lies only a few steps through a portal away. The only thing it will ask for in return are your memories, your life, your humanity.

Another subversion of the Conversion Bureau, it was specifically made to exist in an area of grey morality where no side is truly in the right or wrong. This is the work I am most proud of so far.

A short story set in a dystopian future where Earth’s governments have been discretely selling off young talent to a certain equine country, Maverick is the tale of one young teen who finds himself “On the wrong side of the fence.” ‘Tinker’ is your typical street urchin, complete with worn clothes and a jaded view of the world. However, after a fateful encounter, he soon finds himself embroiled in a secretive exchange of assets, with his mind and body on the bargaining table.

Ony Origins and the Orb of Omnipotence
My first original (as far as fanfiction goes) work in the fandom, this was an experiment of sorts and probably stands as my most popular work as of yet, not to mention most edited.

I humbly present Onyx Origins and the Orb of Omnipotence! Beyond the following link, you will find a second-person narrative story staring our titular hero, Onyx Origins, as he gallivants across Equestria in the eternal pursuit of cold, hard bits and hot, beautiful mares. Will you be able to guide our hero past such obstacles as blood-thirsty bunnies, irate rosebushes and a narrator who hates (and wants to eviscerate) your guts? Fueled by an obtuse hybrid of Terry Pratchet-like narration and a style of gameplay reminiscent of the classic arcade game Dragon's Lair, it's up to you to read between the lines and guide Onyx to safety! But choose wisely, lest your adventures come to an untimely (and unseemly) end…

Story with Occasional Editor
A parallel story to Squeak's Gun With Occasional Pony that never really left the ground. Meta as fuck, with a heaping serving of purple prose and a side of self-insert (x2). It's so old that, when it was made, the Shipping thread was the fastest thing on the board (as is noted in the story itself).

Light is a semi-successful editor for the fanfic writers of the OC but, after months of taming rampaging run-on sentences, cleaning formatting with a figurative toothbrush, fixing the most basic of mistakes and failing to make his own mark in the fan-fiction world, he has become bitter and jaded. However, when he finds himself editing the very-real recounting of Squeak’s investigation, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he, quite literally, rights the wrongs of the OC.

The winning entry in one of the /fic/ mini-fic writeoffs.

Luna desires power. What she doesn't know is that power desires her.

Just Sign Here…
Third place in a different /fic/ mini-fic writeoff.

Scootaloo has a dream and she's willing to do—or lose—just about anything to get it.

Gossip Guards
One of the winning entries in Pony In A Box Productions' script contest.

The Solar Guard and Lunar Knights may have their differences but, if there's one thing they do have in common, it's just how strange their respective bosses are. This will be updated with a link to the radio play version once it has been completed.

Reviewing the Potato
The review that put the tuber-related mark on me. People think it's a good read so, maybe, you will, too.

Enjoy the potato. Know the potato. Be the potato.


Hello! I've been a TG reviewer for about a year now. I've reviewed over 50 fics and gotten about a dozen of them on EqD. I'm an absolute grammar stickler and prefer Sad, Comedy and Light Shipping. Due to the number of private reviews I do these days, I'm not that active in TTG anymore, but will pick up the occasional story that interests me. I do very long line-by-line reviews and will never give you less than my honest opinion, blunt though it may be. If you'd like to request me, just say so in your post, and I'll reply to let you know what my schedule looks like. You may have to poke me by email to make sure I notice.

As a writer, I'm 6/6 at getting fics on EqD and have one Star-6 out of the three that were posted before the star system went away. I enjoy entering write-offs and have participated in 9 so far, including all of RogerDodger's since Write-Off #3.

I'm also an OP in the #ttg and #fic IRC channels.
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Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 875

File: 1352576993400.png (234.81 KB, 1024x1250, dj_pon_3_devious_smile_by_rand…)


Well, I'm coming over here from ponychan, where I ran a review thread along with Garnot. I've written a few popular stories, mostly shipping, but I'm looking to write a more canonical fics and adventure fics now. (Maybe even some more comedy.) I'm not going to plug any fics now, because I'm most likely going to copy over my author thread from Pchan soon.

For the mean time I don't have a reviewing thread. I do still review in private for quite a few people, but at least until the end of NaNoWriMo I don't think I'll be starting anything.

When I'm not writing, I'm probably on a DotA2 stint, where I mostly play intelligence semicarries.

I like posting with vinyl scratch pictures. It's not that I like her character (she has none) I just really like her mane.

You can find me quite easily on the #fic irc channel on canternet.


File: 1352625223220.jpg (5.27 KB, 100x156, redh08.jpg)

I have yet to publish much of anything, but I have been penning down small fractions of tall tales since about the beginning of the year, when I wrote a 12000 word shocker of a HiE. I became a brony pretty much the day the season 2 premier graced our screens.

The pseudonym comes from a brand of pen that goes by the name 'Paper Mate'. I whacked a pony on the end there, and so you have it.

My current project is a Sherlock Holmes crossover, and I'm close to publishing that first chapter.

I'm rather fond of ye olde Sydney Paget sketches of the aforementioned detective, and so I post with them, without fault.


He secretly murders authors who he helped on display in his cellar.


One or two people know me. I'm super under the radar.

Grif 905

What filthy lies.


File: 1352647242918.jpeg (20.88 KB, 300x300, tumblr_lxg5auuYdW1r9jisso1_400…)


File: 1352654414659.png (320.21 KB, 640x358, I seem upset.png)

Potato review? *Clicks Link* Yep that's the one. Glances back at Pop Culture. Still Potato-y. MFW

You're Not Partying Properly! !Wings60m9. 913

Y'all have each other's contact info. I didn't mean for this to be /fic/ chat general…

(Okay, maybe every /fic/ thread needs its Cage, but seriously folks.)

FullmetalPony 926

File: 1352691787569.png (83.58 KB, 400x346, pinkiepielufe.png)

Fullmetal Pony


MLP was what really got me into the Fanfic writing. I did a few One Piece stories before, but those weren't even over 5000 words. Story wise I l like most stuff except shipping unless it's done very well. I always want to improve my work and hope to get onto EqD someday.

Current Works:

Ponyfall: Onward Valiant Crusaders- We had our bumpy beginnings, but ponyfall is coming together nicely now. It's also very interesting to work on a collab, especially when it comes to writing dialogue. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20289/Ponyfall%3A-Onward-Valiant-Crusaders

My Little Pirates- One Piece and Ponies. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19208/My-Little-Pirates%3A-Luffy%27s-Adventures-in-Equestria

Heavy Crown (Currently undergoing revisions, but it's getting there)


File: 1352842846088.jpg (49.03 KB, 640x480, Conch Shell, Human.JPG)

Nice to meet you, kid. Back in the day, they called me Conchshellthegeek7. But since I started my own thread (>>/fic/957), I've decided to go by Conch Shell VII, instead. They still call me Conchshellthegeek7 over on FiMFiction, though: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Conchshellthegeek7

I'm not nearly as into My Little Pony as you might imagine I'd be. I don't watch the show that much, though I do enjoy it. I'm more a crossover/alternate universe kinda guy. I've got three fics in progress right now:

* The RED Cataclysm, one of many TF2 crossovers out there. It may not be an original concept, but it is the evolution of Friendship is Mercenaries, a Fanfiction.net exclusive that introduced me to the fanfic community and allowed me to decide to pursue writing as a career.
* The Five Horses of the Apocalypse, which is to my knowledge the first crossover of My Little Pony and The Binding of Isaac.
* My Little Pony Express, an alternate-universe Western version of the Season 1 Premiere.
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File: 1353378421057.png (94.86 KB, 291x223, lucy2.png)

I'm Heavy Mole. I'm mostly a silent presence here on the /fic/ boards, but occasionally participate in discussion topics and peer reviews on TTG.

I'm a comedy writer with a penchant for farce. Works include:

Hotel Mario: Revisited - Probably the only Hotel Mario fic in existence. Didn't finish it, but it was nearly the size of a novel at its longest redaction (hey, you try writing a book around those cut scenes)!

One Night - A Little Bear (yes, that Little Bear) one-shot I wrote for a class in college. Little Bear's mother finds a baby raccoon in the stove one morning, and decides to adopt it; understated hilarity ensues.

Checkered in Places - My current, FIM fic. Rainbow Dash becomes obsessed with chess and enters a children's tournament at the elementary school to help the CMC in their hour of need.

Hopefully something to actually show, soon. Excelsior!

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