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Anonymous 6876

What are the most underrated and overrated fanfics you've read?

>hard mode: no FoE/Past Sins/MLD

Tactical 6877

Overrated: It's Always Sunny In Fillydelphia. It was good, but people shouldn't praise it so highly when it's nothing but a very nicely executed shipfic.

Also, every single clopfic that ever hits the featured box, ever.

Underrated: I don't really go exploring for unknown stuff.

As such, my answer is "my fics, because every single one of them deserves the featured box more, although that is saying nothing.."
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Anonymous 6878

Definitely "Twilight's Dollhouse" or "Puppet to Her Fame", both by Kaidan of FIMFiction. They're overrated.

As for underrated? I really can't say.
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vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 6885

Overrated: Tie between any Winningverse and Sweetie Belle Chronicles: Fragments by Wanderer D.

Underrated: An Imaginative Performance by Bob From Bottles

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6888

For overrated I'm going to have to go with winning verse as well. Sunny Skies All Day Long was good, but only good, not really great. The Moonstone Cup had some pretty uninspired dialogue and narrative in what I read. It couldn't really hold my attention.

Anonymous 6889

I don't know if it's exactly underrated, as it got a fair amount of attention when it was new, but "The Old Stories" by Thanqol hardly ever gets talked about anymore. I really enjoyed the tone of it, and the whole folklore vibe.

Overrated… "Best Night Ever" left me cold. What I've read of the sequel, "This Platinum Crown," left a bad taste in my mouth, not to mention its grotesque length.


File: 1374943951605.jpg (49.78 KB, 500x635, 1hBA355B66.jpg)

It's crap like this that makes me question why I still come here.

Ion-Sturm 6891

File: 1374950142996.jpg (101.25 KB, 600x1166, the_rise_of_the_moon_by_savebl…)

Underrated: Tales by George P. Pollock and Administration is Magic by Sir Politic Am-Be

Overrated: Anitpodes, White Box, some Pinkie Pie story that used to get necro-bumped on the old /fic/ all the time by impatient fans who didn't know how to read time stamps.

Sunny Skies was something I read and promptly forgot, so yeah, agreed.

Best Night was fine, and I'm rather enjoying Platinum. I won't disagree that it has a tendency to ramble, though, and I often find myself semi-skimming the purplish prose. Also, half-way through it became something I can best describe as Rarity Pilgrim Vs. the Evil Ex-Girlfriends.

Anonymous 6892

Then leave?


File: 1374958798455.png (83.73 KB, 387x466, hipster_rainbow_dash_by_blackf…)

Know what? I've got something to say, and I'm gonna say it.

Some questions to ask yourself about this thread:

>Will contributing to this thread help me improve my own writing?

Not really. The only people who have mentioned any actual problems are being too vague to actual be of help, even to the authors of the stories that they're criticizing

>Will contributing to this thread promote quality fanfics?

Well… It reminded me that I haven't read Winningverse yet. So in your eyes, no, probably not. It helps that you aren't providing any links to these stories.

For that matter, if someone who actually likes one of the "overrated" stories that you mentioned stumbles upon this thread, they might possibly get mad at you and decide to never read any of your own stories.

Thinking critically doesn't mean being a jerk.

>Is contributing to this thread a worthwhile usage of your time?

Well, you could be writing your own stories… or reading something that's not terribly overrated… or arguing over the literary merits of Atlas Shrugged while drinking imported coffees and wearing a fedora.

Though hopefully this post will help to make the community a better environment and won't end up being a waste of my time as well.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6895

File: 1374962233115.png (103.92 KB, 205x243, invented.png)

>if someone who actually likes one of the "overrated" stories that you mentioned stumbles upon this thread, they might possibly get mad at you and decide to never read any of your own stories.

Okay, I have a date to keep, so I'm just gonna put clothes on and go while I'm still laughing instead of thinking up something mean to say.


File: 1374964175019.jpeg (116.23 KB, 502x504, 355335.jpeg)

>It is almost never a good idea to call a specific story or author bad in any public place, or make ad hominem attacks against anyone. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, just don’t do it. Individuals are not their ships, authors improve all the time, and one never knows who might be the person who was thinking about following one, or is friends with someone one admires.

Tactical 6899


>guide to shipping ettiquette

Too easy. Peace, I'm out.


File: 1374969056907.jpg (89.45 KB, 488x516, No_Fun_Allowed.jpg)

Who's attacking authors here?

While your concern that this thread doesn't help you become a better author is correct, I think you need to chill out a bit. Yes, it's pretty much a waste of time on par with shooting the shit at the pub, but it never purported to be more than that anyway.


This is clearly a symptom of a much larger problem. The fact that I am being attacked over this proves my point.


File: 1374982098558.jpg (48.48 KB, 462x462, 9842316_gal.jpg)


This "attack" being one Anon asking you to leave and Tactical being flippant? Really?

Neither seemed vindictive. Just hide the thread and move on. It's no big deal.

Anonymous 6905

Woah… what the hell just happened? I was just suggesting leaving the thread would be better for you, I don't know where the hell you got all this from two words…


File: 1374992230930.png (202.87 KB, 666x666, Trixie132700244786.png)

Sorry… This is something that's been bottling up for some time now.


We've all had those days.
Oh, and if shipping + drama are your thing, go read some of the Winningverse stories. (and I'm not just saying that because I'm writing one of them)

Opinions being diverse and all that…
Overrated: The Immortal Game
Underrated: Far too many to name

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6913

File: 1375101373244.jpg (36.19 KB, 234x308, lassie1.jpg)

Not gonna lie, I pretty much don't read fanfiction. Only when there's something really notable to be seen (and at that only when it's short)

So when someone says "shipping + drama" my mind immediately goes to the only long fanfic series I've ever been loyal to.

Like, I dunno. I have an odd relationship to this fic. I've come to recognize its flaws, and for some people those flaws are going to kill it, but the fic also does some really crazy things right in ways that few fics do.

Anonymous 6981

>Only when there's something really notable to be seen (and at that only when it's short)

That would make you one of the people who snowball crappy one shot fics into the top spots.

>"shipping + drama"

When I hear this, my mind doesn't drift to "the" fic, although I'm not sure what that is.
It drifts to every single crappy overrated shipping fic that floods this fandom.

honestly, the amount of good fics in this fandom can be counted on one hand, once you get through the drudge of shipping and crappy comedy fics, you don't have much left.
Even less when you take away all the one-shots.

Tactical 6982


Well no, the whole thing of not reading anything unless it's "notable" is that I don't even read short stuff from the featured box sight unseen.

As for the fic that I call "the" fic, that's personal to me, there isn't a fic that anyone else would recognize by that name.

and I see more shitty saccharine shipping than shitty actual drama.

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