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Bronycon Meetup Thread 6873

Seeing as Bronycon's in a week, I figured that anyone who's going might as well post here so that we can get a meetup of sorts going. I think it'd be pretty cool to meet you guys IRL.

There'll be an event called "Quills & Sofas," which is basically just an ongoing writers' event which lasts for the con. I suggest picking a date and time for all /fic/cers to meet up there, if only to say hi and hang out for twenty-thirty minutes.

Anyone interested?


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A rendezvous between illustrious mlpchan ponyfic authors? I'm entirely game, assuming our meet time isn't cockblocked by the perpetual panel schedule. Think people could swing an afterhours meetup? Or pick a block during the wub-wubs of Bronypalooza? As if sleep will be a thing at BronyCon. I shall be doing my best batpony impression.

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