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/fic/ - Fanfiction

The board for fanfiction review, brainstorming, critique, creation and discussion.
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Rules and Etiquette

Welcome to /fic/, the board for pony fanfiction and all things related to it! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to drop by the #fic IRC.


  1. Threads and posts should pertain to written fiction.
  2. Threads should not be redundant.
    • For example, don’t make a new thread for requesting a review (which could be posted in a review thread, see >>6827) or recommending/requesting a story (which could be posted in the Recommendation/Request General, >>0079).
  3. If you request a review of the same story from multiple people, let each of them know you have done so.

Note: All site-wide rules still apply.


  • Be polite. “You’re an idiot. Twilight Sparkle would never hurt Spike,” can be revised to, “Twilight Sparkle would never hurt Spike.”
  • Before posting, think about whether or not what you’re about to say really adds anything to the conversation.
  • Stories are customarily accompanied by a title, a description, tags, and a link to the story in question (where applicable).
  • If someone thinks your story isn’t great, they might let you know. That might hurt your feelings, but that’s a risk you take when you open your work to feedback. Part of learning to write well is learning to take criticism.


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Writing guides

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