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Contest: Through the Looking Glass 6537

What with summer coming on, I figured it was about time that our tired old site actually did something for once…hence, Bronystate is holding a fanfiction contest!

The short form of the rules: you're to write a one-shot story, minimum 2000 words, about how you think Equestria Girls will play out - or, if you've seen it already, how you think it /should/ have played out. Top three entries will have a choice of three prizes: one Steam game under $20, a free commission courtesy of the talented Chobibi, or getting any line they please red in the voice of their favourite pony (fan VAs, details negotiable with one Scoot-Scootaloo). All entries should be mailed to [email protected] as an attachment compatible with Word 2010 or under. You are also allowed to include a link to your Fimfic, Fanfic, or whatever page if you please. Please also note in your e-mail whether you use British, Canadian, or American spellings.

Contest runs until midnight July 6th, 2013. For the long version of the contest description, please visit the following page:


#contest #fanfiction #prizes #bronystate


I love how that propt leaves out everyone who actually liked Equestria Girls.

Anonymous 6540

Me too! And non-sarcastically!

Anonymous 6543

And good riddance for that.


Yes, cause clearly someone who hated the movie is going to have the drive to write an amazing fanfic about it.

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