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Scootaloo's Father's Day #Story LiamNeighson!ju.ggVLh9k 6435


Just looking for some feedback on my story I wrote for the EQD FlashFic #3. I am hoping to get it posted on EQD so any help I can get to polish it up before the pre-readers get to it would be appreciated!


Edit: Oops, my bad!


Synopsis: It's Father's Day in Ponyville and Scootaloo doesn't have a father to give a presentation at school, again. Scootaloo's friends get together to help her enjoy the holiday without feeling left out. And with a bit of divine intervention, she has the best Father's Day yet.

Genre: Slice of Life #Slice of Life

Characters: Everypony #Everypony (Mane 6, CMC, Celestia, OC's, Other)

Sorry about the noobish first post, I submitted it to the GDoc instead and joined the fimfic group. I'm sorry this came around the summer influx but I promise I want to be active in the community. I'm no fancy pants college student with their books and semicolons an' all.
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Good Evening! 6436

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Oh dear.

First, tags go in the "Comment" box, surrounded by two brackets: [ and ], which should look something like [ #Story ] and become something like #Story.

>no synopsis
>no genre tags
>no characters
>new OP asking for review

If you would like your story reviewed, read >>158 and check the Directory at >>159 for a list of open reviewing threads. We'd love to help you with your story, but this is not the way to go.

Now! With that cleared up, welcome to /fic/. Please keep your dexterous appendages within a reasonable radius of your keyboard, and do enjoy the ride.

Have a smashing summer solstice at /fic/. ;D

By the way, your first sentence is a comma splice: “Hurry up Scootaloo, we’re gonna be late!” should be "Hurry up, Scootaloo! We're going to be late!" (or "Hurry up, Scootaloo; we're going to be late!" if you're the kind to put semicolons in dialogue).


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>Not reading/following the sticky
This is what's know as "Poking the hornet's nest".

Rodinga !vL.TDTGrPw 6451

Or playing the "Song of Sturms"

Doom doom doooom, doom doom doooom, doooom do doom doom doom.

Anonymous 6457

Is that like the normal song of Storms, but with more implied buggering?


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