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Anon the space anon adapted from an CYOA nuwritefriend 6228

#fucking insane

You are anon well everyone's anon you were part of a colonization crew from earth you could go home at anytime.You remember your prime directive:"Find a willing native and reproduce." Most of your comrads found a native of already and have families,now it's your turn.
Be Anonymous found a particularly willing native her name Fluttershy
"Wow this equestrian is very willing I might be the fastest to find a family."
"H-h-ey anon I-i w-w-was thinking maybe you like to g-g-go on a d-d-date."
"of course miss Shy now i was thinking of several places; A fancy restrant called Le-pona,A small down to earth maybe apples,And good ole sugarcube corner ." they then go on a date "Hey flutters how bout we go to a little place called Olive garden."
"T-t-hat sounds nice just let me get dressed then."
Later at olive garden after ordeing your food you try to make small talk.So Ms.shy i am low on credits and have no job my pay hasn't come in yet and i'll be ordering the lobster." damn you're an idiot you probably screwed the whole thing up but she must be willing the mate with you or else >kill "T-t-thats ok anon I'll pay,no need to worry." "Thank you ms.Shy." your food finally arrives before you sink into the pit anymore" Your lobster is cooked right and her chef meat free salad looks good too. You both dig in using your excellanctant silverware and her using hooves.You have a good dinner and you fell happy." you drop her off in your Ponedon land speeder. Now since the night is young you have choices to make. you decide to take her to the street races
" Wait ms.shy the night is still young maybe we could go for a ride ? "
"O-oh anon what about ang""you can bring angel if you want but I don't recommend it ." "alright then."
You drive her to the spot here the races take place, both pony and human alike are there then you go up to the registry "Hello sir i would like to enter my speeder into one of your races." alright we have 9 races going then
You decide to take the 25 mile race with rainbow and cloud
You load the specially anon race mix into your speeder
You lock fluttershy up since no hands
"AND 1…2…….3 GO!!" and their off! You have a better chance at winning because of your human made tech cause your not a flying horse,You zoom past them crashing into every rock
And beside you the rainbow one is catching up notgonnahappen.jpg You turn on your autoturrent *Boom Boom*

"Noo rainbow" "ohshi flutters was friends with with that thing."
Nope.gif you decide to tractor beam rainbow along ,flutters' doesn't know the difference and then you crash into a crowd on ponies"sorry,so sorry,I'm sorry,new driver" you say to the crowd trying not to hurt to many of them. You dash to the finish line flutters obviously impressed that you saved her friend even though you shot her down in the first place. And your friends are their the congratulate you on coming in first.

It was in fact a good date

chapther two
You rape fluttershy the police come and bring you in csi pony happens mlpchan is to blame then you make a call to fluttershy
You tell the guards you want to make a call.The human presence here made ponedon technology jump forward 1,000 years And they stay don't have widespread telephones yet,Luckily this place has one "Alright mr.anonymous dial 9 first."
you try to remember if flutters was a phone.You dial the number
"Hello yes,This is fluttershy." "Het fluttershy you better break me out of prison or pay my bail or once i get out am going to rape you again..Nice talking to you fluttershy."
Now you wait the tempered little pone will have to pay or else.
You anonymuos decide to since it's your last day cause a riot
You walk up to the biggest toughest person you could find.it's pony with a earth celebrity cutiemark surprisingly the prisons coed "Hey you my names anonymuos,what's your's?" "My name is..Tracy.Why do you ask?" you then punch her in the face "Nigga you mah bitch now!" you pick her up and throw her at a gurad,before you know it people and ponies are fighting and magic is flying everywhere. out then find the meekest weakest person you could,It's fluttershy "hey,hey anon i came to….Pick you up Eek!!"
You set out with flutters but not before you hear something that will haunt you always
You run off with flutters now your cute partner in crime.
Then at the house
You decide to stay home with shy,help out a bit maybe do your job. One night you've decided you had enough you were going to make this mare yours,you sneak into her room,Welp cotich tits you pop one in your month earning a few moans from fluttershy you must be careful not to wake up that killer rabbit next to her.You finger her gently slipping one then two making mock thrusts shes getting wetter every moment you go.Taking your mouth off her small tit , you kiss her mouth gently you really hate that rabbit . You slide you dick out ready to do your job.posting yourself at her entrench already sopping wet you slide in their with a *pop* then things go down heel
She pops awake she obviously a virgin and you're staring her right in the eyes all the while barely making any sound "mmmm hi." it's to late to stop right now but flutter;s seems to be enjoying it now grinding in rhythm with you it's to much then its starts her vaginal muscles start to milk you moving in a wave rhythm it's just maddening YOU NEED TO CUM….NOW but it keeps going almost like a suction effect it's just crazy you decide to kiss her,the evil death bunny is still asleep and her moans seem to be getting louder
then you grasp a tit in both hands working them,tugging at them and pulling then you cum you let your hand go weak and you both scream in a glorious climax Then he wakes up

Then angel wakes up and eats anon's finger Before you very eyes angel turns into a a ferioussome Ultra Giga Nigga He them lets loose a thunderous roar "OOGA BOOGA WERE ALL THE WHITE FILLIES AT!"
dear god you run as fast as you can angel nigga running after you punching trees out the way "OOGA!!" You must lead him into town Holding flutters you tell her to fly "Flutters you have to take flight." But.."'OOOOOOOGA!!!!!!"
You throw flutters at angel not stopping, you hear an other roar and talking and your being chased again bye angel nigga and flutters hanging by his neck you run into town then angelnigga throws you into the library"OOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGAAAAAA BOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"Theme for this battle:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfrTkDmDX2g

You stay and fight angel already climbing up into the tree house
You dash out into the square the town already waking up and seeing the fighting you draw a blaster,angel charges you smashing you into a nearby wall , next you sleep a blast of magic
two no three unicorns blasting angel with magic he grabs the unicorns killing them,He lets loose another roars "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGAAA BOOOOOOOOOOGGAAAAA!!" you feel as if you time is up and you shoot every eye you see the sun already coming up then you get an idea.You use the force and STOP THE SUN FROM RISING!!!! you feel the princesses coming "Anon stop this." angel looks at the princesses running at them bloodlust he smashese luna and throws her at the moon.You don't know what happened but a dragon flew into town being chased by a star destoyer angel then gets bigger then scp 628 comes and angel eats him.
You managed to grab flutters from him she hanging off your neck you must fight.the whole town starts grabing every weapon they have then changelings burst from the ground angel breathing fire and the star destroyer telling everyone the flee the town then.

nuwritefriend 6229


nuwritefriend 6230


Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6231

This is a CYOA, not a fanfic.

We don't generally do greentext stories in here, buddy. Lurk a little.


File: 1371198698047.gif (1.16 MB, 550x400, f39.gif)

1/10 made me reply.

And nothing wrong with greentext stories. You know, as long as they're good.

nuwritefriend 6235

It was not a greentext here a link to the story

nuwritefriend 6236

Make sure to read it with the music


IonSturm, why you always an unfunny faggot that refuses to quit?

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