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Cherry Berrys google glass adventure Darkedge42 5981


this is a story of Cherry Berry, when she gets a parcel delivered she opens it to find a google glass, but this google glass lets her see invisible creatures and gives her powers depending on how she uses the device

for those of you who dont know who Cherry Berry is, she is a random background pony i chose out of the few shown on the mlp wiki

i originally worte this fic as a short comedy but as i fleshed it out in my mind i have some key plot points in mind and am loving what ideas i have i hope you all do too, there will be light gore in future chapters

also if you didn't notice the scouter has the google logo on the visor xP

i hope to have this written and finished before the end of june

but enough talk, have at you!

enjoy :3


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Please look at the sticky'd post at the top of the page. That will explain to you what you should do if you want this to be reviewed.


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>Doesn't capitalize "i"s

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