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File: 1370403640706.png (444.07 KB, 1063x358, Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.3…)

HoRI 2: Electric Boogaloo 5845

Inflammatory title aside, this is less about referencing the original HoRI and more about doing an homage to the /fic/ community. As more than some of you might be aware, there was recently a discussion in the #fic IRC about who each of the members of this community are, what they're like, and how they're perceived. So, I guess that I got bitten by the plot bunny, so here I am to make a probably silly post about a silly idea.

The basic idea of this is to write a story in which the full community of /fic/ is portrayed according to each "character's" popular perception. It'll be fairly innocent (though, especially with Tactical and Split involved, there'll likely be more than one dirty joke somewhere), and I hope that it'll be a fun little story that people can read to say, "Oh, yeah! That's X/Y/Z/me!"

The structure will be similar to your average Slice-of-Life fic, with a short number of chapters and a basic plot. It will be MLP-based (Grif can be a seapony, for example), though requests for other developments will likely be happily accepted for the purposes of general silliness.

If you'd like to have your character used in this (or just to okay their use), feel free to comment below. If you think this is a terrible idea, feel free to do the same. If you've already got an OC (with a defined personality), I'll be happy to use them, though be warned that they might be given a part in the "family" (the structure we'll be using) that isn't quite what you had planned. If that last bit upsets you, then feel free to set a strict limit on how your OC may be used, and I'll do my best to accommodate. Note that none of this is intended to criticize, insult, or belittle, and if you do feel insulted or misrepresented by your character's portrayal, I'll apologize and remove the offending parts with no questions asked.

Otherwise, I'm looking for any other people who want to help out with this, either through co-writing, prereading, outlining, or just yelling at me for being a moron. So, yeah.

Let the House of /fic/ begin!


File: 1370404021008.jpg (95.81 KB, 894x894, Raindrops good_morning_raindro…)

I will agree to taking part in this on one condition: that you write me as the twenty-one year old adult that I am.


For the record, we've got this nifty little doc with a bunch of good info on ponysonas and personalities from the original one-and-a-half HoRI's, found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/151SiiFjDYsL8BqDEBW7qCWF5QWWeYsDzoLF-U2KFJR4/edit#heading=h.ddrd2rm44diw.

Thanks go to Dublio for digging it up!

Compendium of Steve 5848

File: 1370405031527.bmp (613.99 KB, 501x418, Conly the Pony2.bmp)

If you're gonna go through with this, then sure, sign me up for participation. OC is to the left, and goes by "Conly" if CoS is too odd. He digs random dumb memes, thinks himself intelligent (keyword, "thinks"), gets hyper regularly, enjoys the subtle art of trolling, and at times views life as a video game. Feel free to use whatever you've observed of me on chat as well. Oh, and despite being mid-20's, he acts like he's out of high school.

Casca 5849

File: 1370405221799.jpg (8.25 KB, 226x223, cirno_man.jpg)

This could be fun. Sure, count me in, but keep my sections clean. ^^||


File: 1370405442081.jpeg (3.24 KB, 148x148, Doctor_Whooves_Shrug.jpeg)

>keep my sections clean. ^^||
>It'll be fairly innocent

I don't think we'll have a problem.


File: 1370406070921.png (110.12 KB, 500x500, Trixie132700215026.png)

*Gasps* You're alive!

We haven't seen you in the IRC in ages!

Casca 5853

File: 1370406579094.jpg (2.21 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_1923.JPG)

Hey! Yeah, pic attached is kinda the reason why. Engineering is a fine subject as long as yo're willing to spend 80% of your waking moments on it come crunch time =s


File: 1370408299786.gif (2 MB, 395x350, mWibfFy.gif)

I'm game.


File: 1370431091800.gif (837.67 KB, 300x168, 3306355+_a309dd066a03f1afba0fb…)

>tfw you can't decide on a main character

And Then This Happened 5871

File: 1370433181129.png (60 KB, 270x335, Cezar.PNG)


Well. Alrighty then.

I don't really have a ponysona, and neither Peck nor Alakazam really scream "pony" to me. So, ya, I want to be a part of this, but you'll just have to make up a 'sona for me.

Or just use Cezar…

Ya, that'd be okay with me.

I'd help with writing if you don't mind an inane child ruining your wonderful work. But this time, I'm going to say no-o-o-o-ope to any of the stuff that would turn a prude's milk to curd.


File: 1370434655831.gif (1.33 MB, 498x280, UV2pkToi9UuMcemKEztxQA2.gif)

You're certainly welcome to help with the writing (email me and I'll share the doc), and an Alakazam would make things better, not worse. Accurate representation and all (like I said, they don't need to be pony).


File: 1370436136166.gif (2.9 MB, 600x360, mlfw2609-13280876689059.gif)

Oh, by the way, if you're able to, feel free to post a description of what your OC's personality (whether pony or no) is like, as well as who they do/don't get along with.

Figments 5876


You already know me.

Compendium of Steve 5883


In that case, here's an update. My guy digs musicals and reading, and gets along with Dublio and Pascoite and TiredFoal, regularly antagonizes Figments and GV, and is generally friendly/neutral toward everyone else.


File: 1370474608209.gif (999.59 KB, 250x249, tumblr_mcpvpyWD8P1rrzlrq.gif)

Here's a link to what I've got so far. If you violently object to your portrayal, feel free to let me know: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BoJ_7iRMO6J87jEic2wl_gpk1nMNLEgXCnj2JQPfLV8/edit

Figments 5911




Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5912

Don't forget me.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5913


Oh wait you didn't.

Also, my name being fucking Ardor has some troubling implications.
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File: 1370517465306.jpg (32.28 KB, 786x436, 984108_599462836739523_1425675…)

Didn't you want to be a ghost?

Nah, it can be Tactical (unless you want something different). Ardor just had fewer letters, and I was feeling lazy.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 5916



File: 1370524839119.png (65.55 KB, 600x600, mlfw2240-because_ponies.png)


File: 1370534480179.jpg (49.07 KB, 400x580, tumblr_mm132mqGHy1s93xl7o1_400…)

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 5958

Somebody else taking up the torch, eh? Guess the first sequel attempt is pretty well dead by now.

DemPonies 5960

Wasn't around for the original. Before my time. Still, this sounds like a lot of fun. You have permissin to use my persona, even though I suspect my reputation around here is the reputations' equivelent of vanilla.

Writer's Block 5975


Seconded on my front, if that means anything.

JKinsley 5986

I'm game, as long as I can be the slutty one trying to seduce everything that moves.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 6186

File: 1371176613397.gif (8.79 KB, 106x96, 132654912350.gif)

I still have a standing open use policy as long as you inform me about it.

Call me silly, but I like seeing these kinds of things happen.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6256


You may use Ardor if the character is female.

You may also use Ardor if you're going to run with the implications of the name, either as a gag or as actual character traits.



I'll go with Tactical. Works much better, anyway. If that's alright.


File: 1371245469315.gif (194.85 KB, 420x450, 255062__UNOPT__safe_twilight-s…)

Here's a link to the GDoc holding the first chapter. I think Doseux wanted to guestwrite with me; if you're interested, request editing privileges through email. If you've just got ideas or suggestions for characters/plot/shenanigans, just post it in the comments below.

El Linko: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GC-JDzIKkskKeMMsiI8pvF1--DemsnjNjX-zKbZ-ido/edit


File: 1371251673375.jpg (64.63 KB, 500x500, for sitting.jpg)

Ah, if only fimfic didn't have their policy against "round table discussions," as we would have said back in the old country.

Anyway, keep up the good work, chap. I might have wanted to be involved at some point, but currently I care more about my own projects. However, if I do have any plot bunnies fit enough to donate, I'll be sure to do so.


File: 1371263031716.gif (845.7 KB, 252x236, Rainbow Dash1cb4.gif)

>Tactical and Kinsley's first appearance.
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Tactical 6293

I'm a pegasus!

Also, I wondered if that would happen when Kinsley said she wanted to be a seductress.

I feel like she might be upset about this.

Nice writing and nice sense for comedy. Also I love the involvement of PinkiePieBot. And nice handling of my character having a flip-out moment.

Ether's character i dunno, but he sure is funny.

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6299

File: 1371266929372.jpg (33.57 KB, 670x1191, big_macspectations_by_docwario…)

It seems kind of silly that you'd have a bazillion characters to work with and you decide to go with a single main character to follow around. The obvious choice would be to have something of a group scene in the beginning, and focus on the story of everyone rather than of one person.

"Pinkie for short" is a bad for short. That's what everyone calls Pinkie Pie herself, and it's what people will think of. "Piebot for short" would have made a lot more sense.

0/10, disowning you, you've brought shame the family.
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Well, he could always do PoV shifts.

Oh, GV, Query me in the IRC later so I can talk to you about what I want for my character.


File: 1371271448353.gif (506.3 KB, 444x250, i.chzbgr-1.gif)

Glad you guys like it!

I can roll with Piebot. And I'm gonna do a GRR Martin thing w.r.t PoVs. Don't worry. Almost everyone will have their chance to shine.

>PoV Shifts
Yup. And yeah; I'll catch up with you tomorrow, I guess.

Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 6339

File: 1371370890491.jpg (49.97 KB, 500x349, 1362204331638.jpg)

Well GV, I just hope you don't end up like Terry Gilliam in his attempts to make a film adaptation of Don Quixote. No one likes the feeling of disappointment.

Compendium of Steve 6341


Wait, Terry did what? When?

Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 6344

File: 1371408962475.jpg (211.04 KB, 576x481, lolhoers.jpg)

There was actually a documentary about the making (and falling apart) of this film. If you've never gotten a good look at just how challenging and resource-hungry the production of a movie can really be, it's totally fascinating.

Anonymous 6378

File: 1371567166695.png (29.76 KB, 438x416, uma_sees_you.png)

Forgotten, perhaps, but not gone, a certain somepony would like entry into your den of depravity.

Do what you will, characterize as you or others recall, just begrudge me one request: Amuse me, hehehehehehehhehehehehehehheheheheheheh.

You have my, (filename), permission.


File: 1371567541557.gif (225.12 KB, 500x638, tumblr_m8h4hqTV1t1rat7t5o1_500…)

>dafuq are you
>look at image text
Ohai Uma.


File: 1371568824551.png (22.36 KB, 200x201, uma_sees_you_eye.png)

Hello GV. I see you've already produced the first chapter.

Good on you, hehehehehehehehe.

I hope it's not too late to join the madness.
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File: 1371594621022.gif (1.16 MB, 550x400, 344829__safe_oc_solo_animated_…)

Welp, here's the (mostly) finished Chapter Two. Check back tomorrow night for the full copy (as well as the twist that will reveal the plot's first major villain): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WDjhUgpcoS4aM8ydqt0CI-On1lx5v2Bkt3lxtNZrDio/edit


File: 1371617980366.jpg (122.5 KB, 900x900, soon_by_osakaoji-d558ve9.jpg)

>as well as the twist that will reveal the plot's first major villain
If it's not me, I will be very disappointed.


File: 1371622839371.jpg (36.73 KB, 400x318, pic_blog_nick_cage.jpg)

Baron!VRg7BW/4XQ 6554

File: 1372535491594.png (17.28 KB, 360x360, Baron Insignia.png)

Well here we go again. Maybe it'll actually get written this time. I should be at least a supporting character, if not the protagonist! GV is preferable to Ardor as the autoher, to be honest…


File: 1372539516801.png (62.94 KB, 561x376, 236722__safe_lightning-dust_cr…)

Annnnnd….Chapter Two done (re: updated with final scene). Enjoy the first taste of your overly-cheesy villain.


Anonymous 6562


Yes, but the way you talked about it in the chat made it seem like I'd just be portrayed as a 12-year-old wearing white sheets all the time, which I refuse to accept.

Anonymous 6563

I demand this be the case, because that way I can imagine this is how he looks:


Welp, I'll be starting on Ch. 3 now. Here's the first hundred words or so: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18VMiEluhWlhdbna73fNIHozw1Y31ltZTnVBE6hdr6fU/edit


File: 1373497617309.png (73.83 KB, 945x945, shrugpony Bleeding Rain.png)

Sure, count Bleeding Raindrops sometimes Minjask in.

>Need to get a new shrugpony vector with a better manestyle


File: 1373498277509.jpg (342.63 KB, 2150x1649, thecrazywun.jpg)

Forgot a personality. Let's see. Rainstream has her own background which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11hql6OHuUvLsM3GHVWr7AksbTUrMg_UDRP-pw1YjTWk/edit
It's very slapped together because I've been adding to it as it comes to me. But if you want a little more "me" you could just write what you think of me. I'm a shapeshifting mare who normally goes by Bleeding Raindrops, but I occasionally turn into an orange filly with a purple mane, and call myself Minjask. I'm considerably less bright in this form, though, and have a much bigger ego.
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