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File: 1370385822304.png (73.58 KB, 800x540, MBFBu.png)

FimFiction /fic/ Group 5834

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve recently set up a group for /fic/ on FimFiction.net (link: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198766/fic). The idea originally came up in the IRC as part of a discussion on declining activity on /fic/ (on both MLPChan and Ponychan), especially in terms of “new blood” and its introduction into the community. It’s true that /fic/ is a very insular community, and that we tend to be quite…intimidating to newcomers. It’s also true that even the “EqD rejects” tend to either avoid /fic/ due to reputation, or else out of simple laziness or lack of comprehension of the formatting of a ‘chan board. So, I made the group on FimFiction with the intention of making us more accessible to the fanfiction “public” (or, as Ion would say, the potato-less masses).

This thread is to foster ideas, planning, and general discussion as to the purpose, structure, and activity of a /fic/ group on FimFiction. If you like the idea, then welcome. If you don’t, then you’re welcome too—just make sure to tell us why you think it’s a crap concept. To begin, I’ll list a few facts and questions to start discussion off in here.

1.) The /fic/ community is quite small, isolated, and possibly shrinking.
Again, we can be quite intimidating, and most EqD rejections don’t even come here, let alone stick around after they’ve gotten their TG review. We also tend to lose quite a few reviewers to burnout, hiatus, or simple ascension (EqD).

2.) /fic/ (as a chan board) doesn’t have the best reputation or presence on the Internet.
The logic behind this new group, therefore, is to both increase people’s knowledge of /fic/ as a resource, as well as to raise awareness of our competency. This, hopefully, will also improve our reputations, as well as to attract writers who would otherwise be driven away by MLPChan and Ponychan’s infamy (and difficulty of use, which is evidently a major issue).

3.) The boards are quite, quite dead.
That’s not to say that nothing is happening, but business is much slower than it was before the move, and even before that, it wasn’t really much of anything compared to some other boards. The number of reviewers is dwindling, but so is the number of submitting writers.

1.) Is this a good idea? Are you supportive, apathetic, or openly hostile to the idea of throwing wide the doors of /fic/ to the FimFiction masses?

2.) Do you think this will work? If so, then what do you hope that it will accomplish?

3.) Would you prefer to have FimFic as an advertising board that hotlinks back to 'chan threads, or for there to be full-blown reviewing threads and communities on the FimFic group?

4.) Do you want your bio/thread to be posted and/or linked there? (If so, email me a bio and a link)

5.) Should we commission an artwork for the group header? Who should do it? What should it be of? Who should be included?

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Present!PeRFeCt9JM 5842

>mfw I reply to the thread on ponychan and not mlpchan


File: 1370396677700.png (376.97 KB, 660x1600, f55.png)

>mfw you don't post a mfw

> (or, as Ion would say, the potato-less masses)
You sure are milking my potatoes for all they're worth.

I'll try to remember to reply to this properly later.

Casca 5855

File: 1370406729379.jpg (192.61 KB, 640x480, alice_cycling.jpg)

I say this is a great idea, and thank you good sir for heading it.

I suggest that if possible, we deliver the reviews on Fimfic. The School for New Writers is a whopping 750+ member group with review requests going in daily (not sure how the review turnout is though). Fimfic seems, by and large, the preffered platform for Fimficers - basically what our target audience is.

That would mean drying up the chan boards, yes, which is why I'm hesitant to push this all the way through. But, like someone said a long time ago, /fic/ is the community, not the site.

Alternatively, we could conduct claim/request transactions on the group, post reviews here, and give them the link to it after. That sets up some complication for tracking, though.

The key, I guess, is to make things easier for the authors to receive help. That means meeting them halfway - even if we have to ditch the chan to ditch its negative connotations, or whatever.

Either way, I'll make a tactical promotion of the group on Seattle's Angels, for what it's worth, right after we get a round done (because that's when people check the forums).

Tactical 5861

That we are so feared quite frankly says more about the community than it does about us. People who don't want to be grammar nazied and/or told that they suck should probably stay away. We won't miss them.

The fact that so few people make use of the resource that is us is fucking criminal. I keep saying it because it doesn't stop being true–the support structure for ponyfic is unheard of. We are the talent that ponydom needs, though perhaps not the talent that ponydom deserves right now.

It won't work, not unless we aggressively try to bring people in. This is because Fimfiction's groups function sucks, more than anything else.

Plugging isn't good enough; even if someone with a lot of followers brings people in, word of mouth does not spread on Fimfiction. Unsolicited reviews in combination with very extensive plugging will be a good way to garner attention.

Offering reviews by listing our names is a good idea, good one there. I will give you an appropriately awesome description for myself.

Definitely reviews on Fimfiction. The less barriers, the better.


File: 1370415989143.jpg (199.21 KB, 594x900, 258001__UNOPT__safe_comic_trix…)

The way I see it, the problem is more that most of the truly good reviewers left or just greatly reduced their output leaving behind a bunch of people who don't have anywhere near as much experience, myself included. Don't tell me I'm wrong unless you've been reviewing prose fiction since before Pony fic was a thing.

One thing you could try would be to write "reader reviews" think One Man's Pony Ramblings and post them on your FiMfic blog, maybe of popular stories on FiMfic that aren't posted on EqD. And then always leave a link to your MLPchan review thread at the end of each post.

I think this is partly why I still review fanfic. I feel that I have a sort of obligation to get as good at reviewing as those who were here before.

Edit: IDK, I'd love to be proven wrong about what I said in paragraph one. So please do so if you feel you can.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5866


The unreal support structure I'm talking about includes access to jerkwads like you and me who aren't really anyone to look up to, but who are experienced and who know at least some stuff.

Also, even if we've lost some, are you denying that we have quality reviewers still around?

Aside from that, I can tell you with complete confidence that a solid chunk of Fimfiction has every reason to look up to me. Which, of course, has more to do with my scorn for Fimfiction's user base than my arrogance regarding my own work, but the statement stands.

Talking to us gives access to negative feedback from Ion and me and whoever else feels like being a dick. It gives access to write-off events. It gives access to the "Ask a PR Anything" thread. It gives access to much better perspectives on things like LUS and SDT and THS. And, of course, it gives access to a group of writers who will support you and hopefully feed into and reinforce your desire to write. These things matter. These things are not easy to find.


File: 1370429855565.gif (869.67 KB, 500x281, OlJej5W6Sk-ONmd5kZIURQ2.gif)

>I suggest that if possible, we deliver the reviews on Fimfic.
Seems like this is the preferred idea so far. I wonder if there's anyone who violently disagrees with it (there's got to be someone)…?

> /fic/ is the community, not the site.


>That sets up some complication for tracking, though.

It'd be easy enough to keep track of using a GDoc queue (formatted and managed by the reviewer in question), but it would be more work for both reviewer and writer.

>even if we have to ditch the chan to ditch its negative connotations, or whatever.

Unfortunately, this fact is a pretty big reason for why I"m doing this (or at least it is now, now that I've learned more about people's distaste for chans)

>I say this is a great idea, and thank you good sir for heading it.


>That we are so feared quite frankly says more about the community than it does about us. People who don't want to be grammar nazied and/or told that they suck should probably stay away. We won't miss them.
The thing is, I'm not quite sure that "fear of grammar nazis" is the reason why. People see /fic/ as a loudmouthed, bloodstained writer full of hate who's eager to tear into your fic and label you a moron, asshole, or both. Even people who would happily receive reviews are kept away, much as people are scared off by EqD's three strikes rule (whether it would apply to them or not). Regardless of the truth of that fact, our isolation on the chan boards hasn't exactly helped us out of that situation.

>It won't work, not unless we aggressively try to bring people in

Doesn't EqD still link people to /fic/? From what I've heard, most of them turn up their nose the second they see a chan format, but if we make a user-friendly FimFic group, we might keep a larger amount of said writers (who will, in turn, spread the news).

>One thing you could try would be to write "reader reviews" (think One Man's Pony Ramblings) and post them on your FiMfic blog
This could be a good idea

>It gives access to write-off events
To be honest, given the enormous wordcount from the latest writeoff—even with a "dead" board!—I'm more than slightly terrified of what we might get with a larger userbase.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5877


>reader reviews

you mean actual REVIEWS and not the painful abuse of the term that we currently do?


File: 1370448284880.jpg (124.21 KB, 900x900, Flitter good_morning_flitter_b…)

The only problem I see is that you don't have to register to post here, whereas you have to join the FiMfic group. That is unless we all just started doing private reviews, which would kinda defeat the purpose of having a group in the first place.


File: 1370450248810.gif (1.74 MB, 469x317, hS5v-DucQkSoVo0u_4cJTw2.gif)

I was under the impression that "reader reviews" on your own blog would basically be, "Hey, I read this well-known fic that was Featured/famous/EqD; if you'd like this overly-large noggin to criticize your story as well, find me here!"

In other words, separate from the editing runs that we call "reviews".
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DemPonies 5881

Since I'm not a reviewer, my opinion may be moot, but I think this is a good idea. Whether or not it works is for time to tell, but I definitely like the initiative and think it deserves a try!

Tactical 5886


Nowhere near as bad as people not wanting to use the chan format. Much as I think the groups feature is shit, it's a logical and convenient venue.


File: 1370517635054.jpg (28.17 KB, 500x467, 7097_598721763480297_209199909…)

Okay, so it seems that getting the whole infrastructure to move (if not at least be duplicated) over to FimFic is the more popular (or at least pragmatic) idea. If there are any reviewers who'd like to set up review threads there, feel free to make a thread about it on the group (and shoot me a bio if you like, so I can post about it on the description).


File: 1370541778870.jpeg (229.45 KB, 1005x1111, 259741__safe_trixie_5131761b7f…)

I don't really see the point of remaking my dead review thread. So whatever you wanna do is fine.


Well, do you still want to have a review thread?

Tactical 5963

I've been doing some pondering and some investigating, and I've come to a couple of realizations…

First, we need to re-brand. Mlpchan is the worst ever, as we've amply seen, and /fic/ is a little better but not a whole lot. We need a cool name Train Wreck Explorers is a cool name. We're the Pony Potatofic Guild or something. PPG for short, see?

Second, there is no mechanism on Fimfiction for discovering new groups. None. There is the little name in the "groups this fic is in" bar, and there is a shitty search function. No categories. No greater discussion board to plug on. We are invisible unless we advertise very aggressively.

I recommend reviewing featured box fics once in a while. Once every few days or whatever, hold your nose and choke down a featured box fic so that you can unleash a megapost telling the author how much they suck. Then leave a plug.

Give no shits about our image or about the author's permission. You don't need permission to say what you think. In fact most of them literally beg for it.

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5965

I've been doing some pondering and some investigating, and I've determined we should do none of these things, as most of them are terrible.
/fic/ is fine as a name. What we need is organization and direction.

A.) We should get into contact with Wanderer D about being on group posts, and use group posts as a means to advertise the site, and then advertise the write-offs we host.

B.) We need to figure out how to manage the story folders. Namely we should get rid of the subjective travesty that is the 'hidden gems' folder. We could create folders based on genres, and we could try having folders for stories seeking critiques. No 'writing gold', no 'under appreciated' B.S.

C.) Establish some posting guidelines for the forum. Namely, posts should evoke thoughtful discussion. /fic/ is a community for learning, writing, and socializing.

Roger 5966

Your entire plan of action is based on the assumption that we need to re-brand, and that it needs to be our top priority. Why?

/fic/ has a reputation of being harsh but fair. It keeps people who can't handle criticism away. It also results in people spreading around vaguely formed nth-hand negative opinions about the place because one guy can't take criticism well. This won't change unless /fic/ changes.

/fic/ is about helping people write better stories. It's not about running over to Fimfiction and stroking our own egos.

Re-branding would be deceptive. Our reputation is what it is. Better to focus on improving our writing and critique than "fixing" our reputation. As the Samurai showed when he made the first review thread: if you build it, they will come.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5968


I don't like the name at all. We sound like a subreddit or a 4chan board, which to be fair isn't THAT far from the truth, but I liked the idea of a fun or interesting name instead of a vaguely-not-really descriptive one.


A) Yeah, my method was based on the premise that we had no friends and had to take things into our own hooves. I forgot that we can actually tap the fimfic staff.

B) Oh god I haven't looked at the folders but that sounds horrendous. Yes, keep the folders extremely simple and please don't make any of them into value judgments.

C) We just need some basic rules, right…?

Roger 5969

If you give it a more descriptive name you'll end up pigeonholing the place into one mode of operation. While the de facto law says that all we do is reviewing, anything related to mlp fanfiction is allowed here. /fic/ is good because of how vague and non-descriptive it is.

Also, even if we wanted to name change, there's no way that we could reach a consensus on what to change our name to. You think "Train Wreck Explorers" is a good name, and I think it's awful and has terrible connotations. Introduce everyone's opinion into the mix, and you could debate it till the cows come home.

Gordon's initiative to spread /fic/ to Fimfiction is great. Re-branding is unnecessary.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5970

File: 1370680301208.png (728.98 KB, 900x1139, b14dec50a6583a3ae355a12054e5df…)


Again, I was basing my premise on the misguided notion that we had no allies and that the only way for us to get the word out would be to get out there and personally plug hard.

Looks like focusing on actually making the group better is a perfectly reasonable plan. Sorry.


File: 1370698674920.gif (255.54 KB, 650x365, 266883__safe_oc_animated_hug_n…)

> We should get into contact with Wanderer D about being on group posts
I'm friends with WD on Skype, and we're pretty friendly from livestream/panel planning/etc. I can poke him and ask for a post (though he's said before that he might not have the most power in that respect; it's worth a try, though).

>we should get rid of the subjective travesty that is the 'hidden gems' folder.

Yes, please. Keep objective folders only, i.e. "Here's what we've helped authors achieve in the past."

>Establish some posting guidelines for the forum

Sure. I can put that it in the "sticky" (the group description).


Also, I really love the fact that so many people are joining the group. It's awesome, and I had no idea how successful this idea would actually be when I started it. Unfortunately, until we convert those /fic/ members back into /fic/ reviewers—the whole point of this board's transition—we'll be able to do nothing with this group. Right now, I'm the only reviewer who has a thread. And that's a problem.

We need to have our infrastructure in place before we start soliciting reviews and advertising. Otherwise, it'll have all been for naught.
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File: 1370714531237.jpg (24.1 KB, 500x500, mlfw2396-tumblr_loasc5CA5r1qid…)

>, and we could try having folders for stories seeking critiques.
Just look at the old entries tab in The Training Grounds queue and count how many stories are there that have never been acknowledged by the original author. I grantee you that it would get worse if all the author had to do to submit a story was add it to the group.

And if we're not going to have general folders promoting stories that actually deserve more attention, then we need to think of a better alternative.

Anonymous 5978

> And if we're not going to have general folders promoting stories that actually deserve more attention, then we need to think of a better alternative.

How about a critic thread in the forum? You said "stories that actually deserve more attention", but as SLP said, that'd be a terribly subjective mess. With a critic thread, you'd be getting a lot more than a "This is good" claim, which is worth about as much as a thumbs up if anyone can add stories to folders. (For instance, I went through the AU fic Population: One that got added, and, well…
> “King Sombra!? But I thought he disappeared!” Twilight said, her voice alarmed.
That's not to say that the story is bad, but I wouldn't add it to a folder named "Quality Literature".)
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Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5979

File: 1370724592674.gif (817.61 KB, 330x321, OlP2l6q.gif)

Not our own post, you dingus. Read what I said. Group posts. You know, the ones they do once a month. Adding ourselves to those roundups will probably have a few people trickle in out of curiosity of either the site or the writing competitions.

The idea wouldn't be that people seeking a critique would post their fic there, it's more than people open to critique would post their fic there, along with in any genre folders relevant to their story. Authors would want to throw their fic in there because it's one more their story's in, and readers would be able to tell which authors are more open to thoughts on their story.

back to >>5973,
Don't make the mistake of trying to turn this group into a reviewing hub. Those exist already with far more members, far more reviewers, and far more activity. Make the group into something that reflects the multiple aspects of /fic/. Focus on writeoffs, story feedback, and socializing, since those are the primary facets of fic. Yes, socializing. It is an image board, after all, and our IRC is active.

Put information about recent or upcoming write offs in the monthly group post roundup on fimfiction. Have events, reviewers, and in general aspire the group to be more about a sense of events and community, than 'we are reviewers, use us and toss us away' as /fic/ has been in the past.

Hell, only reason I wound up becoming a member of this community was because it took more than a month for my reviewer to review my damn work, so I had to keep coming back for that long. Honestly, that's a shitty reason to wind up joining some online user base.
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File: 1370725051095.gif (55.41 KB, 500x364, tumblr_mdm3fueHNw1rjmg5no1_500…)

>Group posts


>Don't make the mistake of trying to turn this group into a reviewing hub.

Okay, the thing is, /fic/ is a community of reviewers and authors. I want to be able to make this into a a reviewing hub that is also a fic-writing community. Story feedback (i.e. reviews) needs to be one of the primary features.

I'm thinking a standard forum page might look like:

>Sticky: "Forum Rules & Regulations"

>"Story Forge"
>"The Training Ground"
>"Writeoff: FimFic Inaugural Edition"
>"Golden Vision Reviews"
>"Fanfic Recommendation Thread"
>"/fic/ Movie Night — June 8th: Night of the Living Cage"
>"SLP's Writing Advice Thread"
>"Greetings & Introductions Thread"

Casca 5989

File: 1370798058569.png (49.25 KB, 500x348, mukyu_2.png)

>I want to be able to make this into a a reviewing hub that is also a fic-writing community. Story feedback (i.e. reviews) needs to be one of the primary features.
I second this. While SLP raises a fair point on competition and possibly saturated markets, I suffer from hubris - I do think that we provide the best writing advice.

Not sure how we could work this in, but /fic/'s foremost draw was that passing stories through it was a pathway to EqD-ship. Perhaps that angle can be worked in; I'm pretty sure that EqD hate isn't as widespread as the few loudmouthers claim it to be.

>Focus on writeoffs, story feedback, and socializing
What's the difference between reviews and story feedback, though? The writeoffs are a good idea and easily our strongest outreach platform, and it wouldn't be too hard for it to gain traction if we promote it smart enough. Socializing, though… it's a pretty weak flame that dies out quick if your community is either too small or too intolerant of the vapidity that makes up most socializing. I'm a pessimist when it comes to chat threads and its ilk; imo, they flare up and die, and/because they have little relative worth. =s or I'm just bad at keeping them alive. I dunno.


Do you think we'd get more traffic if we switched to using the Fimfiction group exclusively?

Anonymous 6506

It would help if the operations worked there and mirrored it. Don't know if abandoning this place would make a difference.

Then again, /fic/ is no single place, so it might not matter if you move.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6511

I PROMISE I'll send in a blurb for me as a reviewer, and I"ll make an OP for my thread, and all that kinda stuff


It would help if I didn't have this weird glitch keeping me from typing in the password field.

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