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File: 1352153174111.png (294.74 KB, 976x1200, it_begins[1].png)

Hearts of Red Ink: The Sequeling 569[Last 50 Posts]

#Planning #Oh God Not This Again

With the divorcing of /fic/ from Ponychan, I thought it time to consummate the community's new-found relationship with a sequel to the seminal reviewer meta-fic Hearts of Red Ink.

What is Hearts of Red Ink (or HoRI, as it is commonly abbreviated to), you ask? Well, it was story that starred several key figures of /fic/'s populace at the time. In it, a mysterious and malicious (for most, if not all…) force began to gender-bend the denizens of /fic/ and filled them with the insatiable urge to commit acts of an unspeakable nature. Of course, it was merely unspeakable and the story's author had no trouble putting it to print. Amazingly, despite the rather obvious allusions and questionable content, it was not removed by the moderators and proceeded to a rather messy climax that, nonetheless, resulted in the crisis passing and leaving (most of) the afflicted with only bad memories and sore unmentionables. At the end, the author was so distraught by the abomination his accursed hands had wrought that he made every effort to purge its putrid filth from existence. Alas, this being the internet, a few copies still linger, much like recordings of the Star Wars Christmas Special or the smell of last week's tuna casserole.

This thread is merely the foreplay, though. Considering the nature of the story, seeing as it uses other peoples' personas, it requires willing participants and, as such, is entirely opt-in. The story itself is all in good jest but be forewarned; there will be subject matter that may not agree with you. Alas, all I can offer is this vague warning since most of the fun comes from not knowing what unfortunate fate your avatar (or others') will suffer in the story's proceedings. As a general rule, if it was featured in a thread on old /fic/, it will make its way here.

For those of you that wish to partake in this sordid spectacle, I will require the following:
Your express permission, as posted on this thread.
A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).
A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.
If you have any particular limitations in regards to your character you must state them here (IE no sexual intercourse of any kind). In a similar vein, if you want a particular event to occur it may be requested, but know that there is no guarantee of it being executed to your exact specifications.

The story itself, when made, will be posted in a NSFW thread. This will require any viewers to enable NSFW thread viewing, obviously.

I eagerly await your consensual agreement.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 570

Are we to submit characters or self-inserts?

Is there a threshold below which one would fall into the category of "nopony cares about you, why are you volunteering here?"

What's the point of this if we're allowed to declare "but under no circumstances am 'I' to do xxx in the story"?


If I'm to understand correctly, this is still pony-related in that the character's are OC's, but simply of the individual members who are a part of the board?

So they're ponies, but basically are ponies of the community?

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 573


> characters / SIs

Last one was a self-insert roleplay thing with really cheezy clop.

IIRC, Kim and Jordan ended up in simultaneous possession of a filly-fied Vimbert and something called the Super Colt Driller XL 3000 or somesuch. It was both hilarious and very bannable. I will be participating once I write up a suitable introduction scene for my SI - hopefully this week

> nopony cares

The author of Homestuck ran a Kickstarter recently. One perk was inclusion of one's OC in canon. The next perk up was inclusion without being killed off in the next panel. I don't think this will be a problem.

Just, everypony should be aware that flankhurt is par for the course.

(( I think we should do another one later, once we're integrated with mlpchan natives. ))

> if we're allowed to declare…

c.f. "negotiation, BDSM"
I'm sure the author(s) will have plenty of fun even with limits.



I'm okay with this. But I'm not gonna help with it. I like surprises.


File: 1352162336203.png (734.67 KB, 1024x1024, Greeny Squeaksies.png)

This again? Hah, I remember reading through the old thread of this one time. Wish I'd been there. Count me in; you have my express permission.
Pic is my ponysona, and if you'd like a background I am prepared to procure one.


Most agreeable! I was hoping you'd join in because you're one of my "ironic fate" scenarios. The majority of the participants will be at the mercy of a dice vs. a sheet of exotic fetishes but you'll be one of the lucky(?) few that are getting… preferential treatment. Enjoy your stewing as you ponder what's in store!

I don't need a background, just an overview of the character. Personality, likes/dislikes, that sort of thing.

So you're fine with being included in the story? I'm afraid your answer is a little ambiguous in that regard.

Clop? Please. My mind is far too deranged for something as simple-minded as straight clop. Borrinnnggg. The original was ham-fisted (and involved fisting of the ham). I intend to play with people's minds a little more this time around.

>c.f. "negotiation, BDSM"

Apologies, are these requests or limits? Also, what does "c.f." stand for? For that matter, "negotiation"? Do you fear being locked in a room with a bunch of politicians discussing the finer points of the lunch schedule and how the vegans must be catered for, lest there be mass protests with lots of vegetables being flung at riot officers?


If you're active in the /fic/ community, you're in. Being "active" begins whenever you first post.

>What's the point of this if we're allowed to declare "but under no circumstances am 'I' to do xxx in the story"?

I do not want to alienate anyone unduly. I'm hoping people's spirit of adventure and lust of the unknown overcomes any hesitation they might have. Besides, I have many options to choose from. Eliminating all of them would take some work on the person's part and, if they do actually bother to do so, I'll find some sort of loophole to take advantage of.

Yes, unless your character isn't a pony. Filler was a bear, for example, and Kurbz (I think) was a sea pony. He got pushed around in a ball filled with water and engaged in underwater intercourse.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 578

I would like to offer my explicit permission. I hope I don't fall into the "nopony cares, you last for one panel" category. I probably don't, I guess.

You could equally use Ardor or Tactical as a name.

S/he is a complete libertine and has no understanding of the concept of social inhibitions. S/he is articulate and outspoken, and has a bit of an aggressive edge.

The character is… I don't have an appearance for him/her. In my mind, being all wild like this implies pegasus. I'll figure out colors eventually.

Not only do I have no limits, I want the character to be involved in as much depraved bullshit as possible, especially the sexual kind, hopefully several times. Even if it's just in the context of making a point of it being perfectly acceptable and something that everypony should be okay with.


File: 1352165858003.png (65.25 KB, 222x255, nuuu.png)

I guess this is fine by me …

But no clop scenes with me. Goddamn things freak me out.

YESYESYESYES MalevolentSpoon 580

I give 100% free-range permission to you. Clop is absolutely okay. Ship me PLEASE. :D

My name is the one above.


JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 581

File: 1352166777522.png (158.81 KB, 1694x1498, tVpzx.png)

As the subject matter expert, you're thinking of Grif. Grif was the seapony. Kurbz was drunkenly assaulted by Minty who thought he was another Anon. Ion had his horn/megaphone Nicole. Kim ran around with several of the reviewers after getting gender-bent. I played a Pepe-le-Pew character going after Vimbert and we did very unspeakable things. Fun fact: I was the only pony who got gender-bent "off screen". Sadly, I don't have a copy of the original for a complete reference.

ANYWAY! The juicy bits! Count me in. If you have read the original HoRI, I'm pretty much like that.


File: 1352167235719.gif (403.77 KB, 200x150, Youre-not-the-father[1].gif)

There's still time before writing actually begins. Feel free to use the OC maker in the meantime.

Depraved, often. Got it.

Can do. Think you could give me some more info on how you want to make your appearance?

I'll see what I can do. This cactus on my desk has been looking rather lonely…
Any specifics you wish to supply on your character?

Ahh, many thanks.
Didn't Minty also get some with Ion after he got R63'd and there was a child or something? I remember it being a running joke that he's not the father.

I have read the original but most of the details have escaped me during the interim.

Speaking of the original, does anyone have the Emails of the old crew? Might try inviting a few of them to the party if they still stalk the internets.


It is on FiMFiction, posted before the "no circle jerking" rule.

Uhm… I'm in. I just need to find my ponysona picture…
Background? Esoteric, speaking in weird mannerisms all the time, ramping up this behavior as others point it out (especially in derision). Prone to lying (just like the real me!).

Space-suit rewire/hacking leading into awkward bondage.

MalevolentSpoon!Rocket 585

Another thing, you'll need this:


My cutie mark is as follows:

A red heart with a pair of cyan pony heads (No definig facial features except a pair of closed eyes. I. E. no nostrils and such)over it, the ponies' muzzles just shy of kissing.


Possibly. I don't really recall the other story lines too well. (I was too giddy reading how I abused vimbert)

Emails? Not off the top of my head. I can tell you now that Kim won't want in. Some of them hang around in the IRC channel. Might be a good place to start.

No, it's not. vimbert deleted the story ages ago.


File: 1352167941114.jpg (39.92 KB, 500x700, image.jpg)

'Liquid' metal suit. :/
Why does he have a fedora? Something about being 'bald' doesn't look right.
[?]His cutie mark, underneath the weird insignia, is actually just a cane. Like, that of a shepherd's. Pink coat, black mane (helmet hair, assuming we'd be getting under the suit at any point). Basso profoundo in the suit, gruff but somewhat high out.[?]

MalevolentSpoon!Rocket 590

And darn me I forgot my personality.

Well, I don't like to talk about myself much. If you want the best picture, talk to JKinsley or some of the others here that know me well enough.


File: 1352168463266.jpg (527.19 KB, 1272x1153, Katsuragi.Keima.full.628178.jp…)


My apparence? Well, just consider me a specimen of imagination, I guess. A ghost of creativity, and … wow, I'm being a bit alluding.

All right, just a "ghostly" sort of form, I suppose.


>Kim won't want in
… ? I may not have spoken with Kim quite as much as you or a number of other #fic regulars… but I know the last major discussion I had with Kim was essentially "I like da ponysona dickings."

!SumPony41s 593

File: 1352169091976.png (22.39 KB, 295x374, Sum_Pony_saw_what_you_did_ther…)

Hello, I'm just some pony. During the last time that this…event…happened, I was doing a lot of work behind the scenes in the /fic/ metropolis. Amazingly, by laying low and continuing in business as usual, I went unnoticed and was spared from the worst of that lascivious outbreak — though sadly, its aftermath caused some trouble and difficulty for my work. Nevertheless, I've gained some notoriety since then, and thus I believe it's only fitting that I chime in and express where I stand.

> Your express permission, as posted on this thread.

Okay, you have it, but don't call me by the name of that guy who used to use pictures of me when he posted. I am Sum Pony. Anyone who has spent enough time in The Training Grounds will know who I am.

> A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).

I'm obsessive-compulsive in regard to organization and preservation of data (an information packrat, if you will). I'm interested in a lot of boring things (like math and algorithms) that not very many other ponies are interested in. Think White & Nerdy. I imagine I'd be sort of like Glenn from The Walking Dead if I were casually offered sex, only worse. I'd botch every attempt at being romantic, say all the wrong words, and generally make an awkward mess of everything.

> A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.

Well, here I am.

> If you have any particular limitations in regards to your character you must state them here (IE no sexual intercourse of any kind). In a similar vein, if you want a particular event to occur it may be requested, but know that there is no guarantee of it being executed to your exact specifications.

I really wish I didn't have to answer this question. No acts of any sort that involve the anus(es) of any ponies.

> Kurbz (I think) was a sea pony.
That was Grif.
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>So you're fine with being included in the story?


My, that's quite a specific one there. I think I'll be able to do something with that, though.


I was wondering about him. I thought he might join in for the sheer lunacy but if he's so against /fic/ then so be it.

I'm sure a few people have it and a Google cache search might produce results.

So you want a space suit or liquid metal?
Total encasement is the theme I'm detecting.

I'll see what I can come up with.

Duly noted.
Hmm, from your personality description, I'd say you're… anal-retentive.
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Okey dokey.


File: 1352170048485.png (448.07 KB, 800x674, rainbowFUUUUU.png)

I just realized something terrifying.

The mysterious biped with the sword won't be around this time. The lack of his presence will mean certain doom for us all; we will all be without any authorial inhibitions afforded by his presence.

> pic unrelated


File: 1352171926747.jpg (240.94 KB, 1280x1024, wallpaper_be_afraid-1[1].jpg)

count me in 599

File: 1352172655295.png (645.3 KB, 1008x822, http%3A%2F%2F25.media.tumblr.c…)

Id like to be in this, I'm already loosing my mind. Won't be too hard to writing having delusion of having wincest with kinsley ~.^

Lulz Baron!VRg7BW/4XQ 600

File: 1352172991384.jpg (89.3 KB, 750x600, Lulz Gravestone.jpg)

^^^ Do it for them. I wanna be included! No limits for me, except foalcon. No foalcon, please. Other than that, have fun! And remember I am found far more often lollygagging around the chat than actually writing/reviewing/posting/anything useful.


Anonymous 601

Now, I just want to ask something: Who's writing this? Do you trust this person as an author to write a meta-troll-clop fic starring YOU? Does Vimbert know? Is he okay with this?

Just a little food for thought before you guys join in on this.

MalevolentSpoon 602


Vimbert hated HoRI. A lot of ponies do. Ironically, they're the ones who chose not to be in it…

MalevolentSpoon 603


Another thing, you forget.

No one knew Vimbert wrote it until it was finished.

Anonymous 604

File: 1352173678969.gif (184.71 KB, 300x200, Inigo.gif)


> Ironically

Irony is when something happens that just doesn't quite fit with the given circumstances.

I.E. Wearing galoshes when it's sunny and dry out.

I just see a lot of people jumping on the boat, and it makes me wonder if they truly remember the original HoRI, or do they just remember the sex and genderbending?


I remember the icky lulz, which I fully intend to one-up with my own brand of style.

I'd like to post this to FimFiction in the end, maybe even turn this thread into one of those "Pony Simulator Thread" videos on youtube, but I won't do so unless the other participants are okay with it.

If you really need to know whether you can trust me, get the admin to look at my IP so that he knows who it is. He'll vouch for my trustworthiness.

Except the Samurai and perhaps his editors.

I only really remember Nick really not liking it and he's gone now. Vimbert's reaction was a classic "What have I wrought?", so not entirely unprecedented. For all I know I'll end up the same way when I take a step back and look at the unholy monstrosity I will have birthed from the loins of my profane imagination.

Anonymous 606


Please excuse me if I'm skeptical of anyone saying "lol, I want to write an HoRI 2."

Given the content material, I'm sure you can understand.


If the author asks, I'm sure he would oblige.


Total encasement is the idea, yes, with the prospect of it all sliding off all fluid, sedulous, and sexy-li-
I'm getting ahead of myself.
Uhm. You may want to consider having some restrictions regarding your… err… [i]craft
… and its resulting products… especially with their (singular) presence in the reference picture.
I have a terrible mind, I'm sorry.
If you don't understand, I immediately thought of a scene from… 'Boku'—one oft referenced anime—after seeing the little figurine in the corner.


File: 1352176008474.png (225.97 KB, 1861x3026, heartpony Bleeding Rain.png)

> Personality, likes/dislikes, that sort of thing.
Shy to new ponies, but becomes playful and energetic towards long time friends, or when by herself. Rash, spontaneous, naive.
*Rain. She finds great beauty in the rain, and will make every excuse to create it.
*Flying. She is quite athletic, and when she's not collecting rainclouds, she's enjoying midair acrobatics. Strangely enough, though, she is not competitive or ambitious about it like Rainbow Dash; she simply enjoys the feeling of freedom it provides, and has an appreciation for beauty.
*Dishonesty and/or betrayal. There is no faster way to make her your enemy
*Unicorns. Most unicorns she's met are too rich-and-snooty. She doesn't trust them either.

Oh, and I give you free range to do whatever you like with her; anything goes.
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File: 1352176207905.png (89.49 KB, 641x682, Sum_Pony_singularity_Stu.png)

I am 94% certain that it is Ion-Sturm.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 611

Was ready to just back off and let this thread cook when I saw this post.

Trust? Where does trust come into it? Are we not knowingly asking someone to write the most horrible thing possible, made intentionally more horrible by the involvement of characters who represent community members?

Other stuff while I'm here. In case you don't know me (I assume you're putting on a pseudonym, unless I'm well and truly *clueless*) the IRC folks can be a reference.

Oh crap, no, I know what specific request I have apart from (still important) "have the character gleefully participate in horrifying stuff and be convinced the whole time that it's perfectly okay and anypony who's shocked by it is just a damn prude." There must be a futa scene, as an homage to my favorite fic and author.
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Anonymous 612


> Trust? Where does trust come into it?

I'm sorry, but trust is a big factor. I've often found that when one tries to make something intentionally horrible, it often backfires. It turns from Horrible: I signed up for this and got some chuckles from it to Horrible: Oh god… what went wrong?

Making a comedy out of horribleness is tricky business and it's your name in the story.

I want to have something solid to trust rather than someone's word that "they can do this."


I'm skeptical of myself, too. Not sure if that helps any.

I've considered it, yes.

Friction-less, too, then.

Very well. I intend to abuse that to the greatest extent possible.

That still leaves a 6% room for error.

You're sick.

Consider it done.

Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?


Then don't participate.

I much prefer the author being (relatively) anonymous.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 615

This isn't a LOLOL IMMA WRITE AN IRONIC ALICORN MARY SUE WON'T THIS BE FUNNY. This is inherently horrible subject matter and yes we are signing up for it.

The worst that could happen is that it'll suck and we'll be disappointed about it.

Also I trust the author by virtue of him/her knowing the game and therefore being not-some-newpony-just-wanting-to-get-in-on-the-fun.

Anonymous 616


I wasn't intending to. But given what HoRI is, the lack of questions regarding the writer is rather disturbing. All I see is people asking the things about how the particulars are going to work.

Again, I'm rather skeptical of a thread that just pops up saying "Hey, I'm writing HoRI 2. Who wants in?"


Again… delicate subject matter. I can see this going up in flames really fast.

> Also I trust the author by virtue of him/her knowing the game

So? That's only a small part of the battle. I can know the playing field, but that doesn't mean I'm a good writer.


File: 1352177712837.jpg (173.94 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

I'd like to take moment to muse on this.
Truly, the only way a circle jerk of this measure could be ruined is if it were handled by a middlebrow. No offense to you middlebrows out there, but honestly, as cool and collected as you may be, you don't produce anything of high enough quality to warrant a gawk or anything low enough to mock.
Mister /Carb/Leader, please consider your status in the brow-archy before continuing this endeavor.

>this post

>is actually just an example of the shit I say on a regular basis
>intended for characterization
>pic related

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 618

File: 1352179351294.jpg (11.29 KB, 176x132, Ready to Attack.jpg)

Oi, what’s this nonsense scuffing up our shiny board?
Hm, Hearts of Red Ink? What is this blasphemy from the Old World?

Am I? No… Maybe… let’s just dive in and see.

>Your express permission, as posted on this thread.

You have it.

>A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).

>A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.

Alakazam, obviously. Spoons… For appearance, see picture. For little bits of information that might prove useful, see: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Alakazam_(Pok%C3%A9mon) . For bits about me, see:
(If you know anything about EquestrianStudy v. fic politics, be sure to include it.)

My Reviews (from TTG):

If you wish to be extremely thorough in your characterization, I also took part in the move discussion (http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/123620.html) and spearheaded the syndication movement (http://mlpchan.net/site/res/4129.html and http://www.ponychan.net/chan/meta/res/131361.html).

>If you have any particular limitations in regards to your character you must state them here.

Have at thee. Let the die be cruel or kind.

No, I’m not taking this too seriously. <_<; >_>

Ah, and one last thing: use "Dolfeus" for my name, 'kay?


>spearheaded syndication movement

Master of multiamorous fulfillment?

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 620


I love you, man, but this is the kind of thing where I'm not sure Jinx would approve, so without his go-ahead let's not have a story about introducing Mark III's to the /fic/ folks as entertaining as it would be.

Today is your lucky day, you aspiring author, you, because you've brought a couple stories to the Training Grounds before and they've all failed pretty badly, but this one is going to be different. Not that you know that yet; you're sweating in your horseshoes, particularly when you see who your reviewer is this time.

It's that pony again, that blue dickhead buck with the petite figure and long, shiny, flowing, can-it-get-any-more-gay mane and tail. You'd take him for a mare if his butt weren't so scrawny. Since you're a proud fic-writer and such things matter to you, you'd describe his coat as the deep, deep blue of the zenith of a cloudless sky. His mane is buff blond, white except where it is thick and shades itself; there it takes on an orangy-yellow cast. His eyes are deep chocolate brown, nearly black - except if you were to take out an ophthalmologist's slit-lamp, you'd see that they're actually a rich honeyed amber. You're not his ophthalmologist, however, or anypony to him except the author whose genius he refuses to appreciate.

Speaking of ophthalmology, he has a pair of glasses, square, narrow half-frames currently perched between his horn - which, for once, is proportioned for a stallion. He's reading your manuscript and finishes making notations on the last page with a flourish. His cutie mark is a blank scroll emblazoned with a quill - except that the vane of the quill is not pigmented keratin but a cold blue tongue of flame. Likewise, the magic with which he holds his physical quill has a peculiar flickering quality, much like fire.

The first story you brought here, your life's pride, the story that earned you so many followers on FiMFiction, languished in the queue for over a week before this guy, Eustatian Wings, picked it up. He took only half a day to read it and offered this comment:

So I read 20k words, decided I was bored and read another 20k before I became bored enough to write this. I cannot speak for the remaining 15k words, but since you've lost the part of your audience that has a pulse and critical taste long before that point, I think I can give a fair assessment.

Story is what happens when somepony I care about faces problems that are difficult to solve. This could be something as simple as needing a drink of water, if you make it big and dramatic enough. But at this point, I can't figure out who I'm supposed to care about. It's just one fuzzy-happy saccharine thing after another, filled out with world-building infodumps that *really* bore me.

Maybe you could try a short story instead?

Well, buck him. You went and did that, just to prove you can, and now the bastard went and claimed that, too. It's almost enough to make you scream.

He finally notices you, smiles wickedly, and says, "Holy shit, man! Who are you and when did you learn to write?"

Eustatian Wings

unicorn stallion, 25-ish in human terms of maturity

ultramarine blue coat, buff-blond mane, brown eyes
parchment with feather quill, the vane is a blue flame

Born in Cloudsdale. Rather good at the cloud-walk spell by necessity. No fear of heights.

Suffers from "tribe disphoria" - wishes he were a pegasus, and has a bit of a *complicated thing* for them.

Employed at an airship building-ways in Hoofington. He likes his blue-collar job more than one would expect - his thick skin and ribald sense of humor go a long way there, but often make him direct and unsympathetic.

Special talent appears to be mediating written communication of a technical nature - that's what he puts on his resume. Truth is, he got his cutie mark ghost-writing other ponies' school papers, then dropped out.

Personality type: INFP, but nerdy and technically inclined enough to pass as INTP. In pony terms: Luna, but more of a drama queen a la Rarity. Enjoys manipulating others like a twisted version of Hearts and Hooves Sweetie, particularly when he believes it's for ponies own good. Likely to take both sides of an argument for the hell of it.

Quirks: Paces. A lot. Even more so when engaged in intellectual activity. Sleeps long hours and gets cranky when that sleep is interrupted.

Sexuality: Rather reserved, low libido, self-identifies as demisexual with a preference for mares. Tender and utterly incapable of degrading others as sexual play - and hates being degraded - but will at least consider anything else and do a good portion of it. Likes cuddles, wing-play, and light bondage.

Yeah, that should about do it.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 622

Not my call so whatever.

Any futa thing would satisfy me as a shout-out.
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Hot diggety damn, son. Well, I do believe that's enough to go off of. Makes this short reply seem rather weak, especially since it cuts off wi

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 624

File: 1352185473659.png (816.19 KB, 1000x846, speclow.png)

Oh yes: I can use this OC as the appearance.

S/he has cybernetic implants that could theoretically give him/her the edge in a fight or whatever, but in practice s/he uses them to parkour around doing the pegasus equivalent of joyriding. Also, cybereyes with wi-fi connection for Flankbooking on the go. Dark, lustrous coat as pictured, yellowish beetle-shell stripe in the mane.

Here's hoping everything ends up as horrible as expected.

Kurbz 625

This is bad and you should feel bad. I wouldn't mind, though I can't remember my OC for the life of me.


Oh, believe me, I feel downright terrible.
So, you game?

PseudoEcho 627

What he said (first sentence).

Kurbz 629


dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 630

File: 1352203231664.png (66.42 KB, 500x463, mlfw4819-13367674014927.png)


Oh… look what I found…

So… good luck that have fun with that.

I can already feel the horrendous fates worse than death baring down upon me, if my character lasts longer than a sentence or two.
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Eustatian!Wings60m9. 632

I'm not comfortable re-posting the whole thing, per the Madman's wishes, but I do have a copy or two (on each drive) so here's Kurbz's story:

// snipped per request below

Or in short: blue unicorn, yellow eyes, supports M/M ship, never genderbent but is stricken inexplicably gay, cutie mark is Ukai - though it's not clear if the mods rolled that back or not.
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"Quick question: [?]What the fuck is an Ukai[/i]?"
Pretty sure no-one remembers that particular incident.


File: 1352213286250.gif (472.32 KB, 251x236, a4e.gif)

>Reads thread
>Everyone knows this and keeps getting added.
>Finds out Samurai was part of a clop story
>Written by vimbert
>Samurai as a character in the story
>Written by vimbert
>Samurai as a character


File: 1352220380361.gif (883.53 KB, 216x288, tumblr_mcny45SRgd1rjgt8co1_250…)

Hey guys what's going on in this—

Well, fuck. I suppose I'm obligated to join in, though. On the subject of limitations, I don't particularly enjoy clop, so maybe avoid erotic scenes or something? Kinda flies in the face of this entire project, I know.

Samurai helps where he's needed. I think one story that sticks out for him was a pregnant EVE fic. Vimbert, well… have you seen his stuff? Mind-fucking is, like, a calling card of his.

>Didn't Minty also get some with Ion after he got R63'd and there was a child or something? I remember it being a running joke that he's not the father.
Because s/he's not. I care so little about the child that isn't mine that I can't even remember their name or gender.

Anonymous 639

Well, what would make you trust the author? Apart from revealing his name, that is.

I didn't know Samurai dealt with clop.

Curiosity, mostly.
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>Samurai clop
Jesus Christ how intriguing.

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 643

Do you honestly think any of the original HoRI volunteers trusted the Madman? Fun fact: The Madman was originally my name for the author before he went by DieGoths.

Half of the fun is not knowing, and given the number of ponies lining up to be a part of this, I think that the fact that we don't know who the author is says a lot about how fun the mystery is.

I don't know if he does privately or not, but that wasn't important to HoRI. What ponies seem to forget is that despite the fact that it was heavily, heavily alluded to, there was no actual graphic sex in the story. It all happened off screen.


Yeah, anyone saying HoRI is clop obviously didn't read it.


The feeling of being vulnerable plays a prominent role in many a fetish.

I have several scenarios plotted out. Now my problem is linking them together in a cohesive way and deciding who suffers what…

Anonymous 646

I am pretty sure that didn't happen. Samurai working with clop would be weird enough; now a Samurai self-insert having sex with…

Well, I didn't read it, so I guess?


The Samurai didn't participate like that. He was the straight-shooter of the story, immune to the effects that "The Author" had, and was essentially the one that fixed things.


The problem is, it was a circle jerk story
About genderbending
And 'love'
So, even the people who read it back in the day are finding themselves confused regarding the sexual content of the story.
Also, in general, people fill in the blanks…


>inb4 fill in the blankflanks


I demand the admin reveal your identity so you get the worse in this thing for that terrible joke.


File: 1352237940300.png (182.41 KB, 830x650, ponyWithBackground.png)

Oh, I'm so in. I'm not technically an "official" part of this board yet, but I should have my new thread's OP up by tonight.

Anyways, I threw together a lousy picture of my OC on the Pony Creator. Hope that works for a visual.

>Your express permission, as posted on this thread.

Do eet.

>A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).

Disposition: Mild-natured; enjoys sarcasm and humor instead of outright aggression

Attitude: Generally easygoing and friendly, though he won't usually be the first to speak in a general crowd. Put him in a leadership position, though, and watch him fly.

Quirks: Addicted to books, the poor little bugger. Also talks reallykindafast when he's excited.

>A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.

>pic related

>Other shit

He's a scientist, a writer, and a student at the Canterlot Arcane University (no, not the Unseen one. His application was rejected, sadly; something about not having a nice enough hat.)

>Other weird shit

Bisexual, and don't really give no fucks. I'll tolerate clop—just don't ship me with Kurbz >:C



Anonymous 653

Unresolved sexual tension, eh? eh?

Zay-el 654

File: 1352238621684.png (63.75 KB, 830x650, myPony.png)

You know me. Anything goes. Satisfaction not guaranteed.


File: 1352238792487.png (109.02 KB, 900x518, pissed_off_doctor_whooves_by_b…)



Oh, you are just too easy… Hey, author, work this into the story.

Count me in! Split Infinitive!LleFCH5gGk 657

File: 1352239490880.png (66.92 KB, 414x588, just_smile_by_onej6-d49jhgs.pn…)

>Your express permission, as posted on this thread.

WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT. If you can't write yourself. Make someone else write you!

>A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).

Here description of others:
[22:47] <Golden_Vision> >crazy mofo
[22:48] <SageLab> Incorrigible roue
{22:49] <Ardor> people remember you for those times when you posted porn for no visible reason

My description
Likes a laugh
seriousness? only when needed.
Very uncertain about his grammar and stuff
9gag user

>A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.

Cutiemark: parchment with a broken quill
color and stuff see pic

Anonymous 658


Nothing is going to make me trust the author.


Just going to point out that in this case that you know more. There's a difference between not knowing anything and having reference material.

And I'd bet it's easier to trust someone when they say, "Hey, I'm writing a fun fic. Do you want to be part of this?" compared to, "Hey, I'm writing a sequel to a notoriously bad fic, do you want to be part of it."

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 659

>crazy mofo
I'm gonna say more like trying-too-hard-lol-randumb.


I'll see what I can do.

It was more of a fun fic than a bad fic. It was notoriously borderline, yes, and it certainly never attempted to be cerebral, but it wasn't some god-awful chunks of yesterday's dinner spewed onto paper.
Well, except for the Master RoXXor sidestory, but that was grade A troll fic material.
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<Figs> […] aggravant.


>>Didn't Minty also get some with Ion after he got R63'd and there was a child or something? I remember it being a running joke that he's not the father.
>Because s/he's not. I care so little about the child that isn't mine that I can't even remember their name or gender.
Bubbly Mist. I have logs of you confessing if you want them.


>Ion is an absentee parent
This seems appropriate.


File: 1352249080209.jpg (172.48 KB, 1024x1412, 55740c0ead2193cccb924d191fd20a…)

Oh look, this is a thing.


Have your fun if you wish; my wishes aren't really relevant to this. I'd appreciate it if y'all wouldn't post any fragments of the story and if the author would make this more a spiritual sequel (as in, not directly tie it to my story), but all I'm doing as asking.

Author, if you would email me, I'd be interested in speaking to you. My email's in my trip.


She should have a rat for a cutie mark.
(But, she's not in this story… right?)


Perhaps she's grown up and seeks vengeance on her father.


File: 1352259382757.png (35.45 KB, 1197x174, 21f.png)

Yeah, I could use a refresher on that.

Absentee? Boy, I'm a total deadbeat dad. I'm the dad that doesn't show up for the big game and it isn't because of some crazy, slapstick-comedy shenanigans like on TV but because I just don't care.

A rat?

MalevolentSpoon 686


And just like that, there goes all the fun.


Sent you an Email.

It'll mostly stand on its own, although some call-backs are necessary for a few planned scenes. They should be vague enough for random viewers to not know it's a sequel, though.

Don't worry, there's still plenty of fun to be had…


You were Ego back then…

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 689


For what it's worth (which probably ain't much) I think you're a whole bunch more ashamed of the story than you should be. It was ribald as all fuck, danced back and forth across the line of good taste, both satirizing terrible fic and being terrible itself - the best way to sum up what it was would be to compare it to a brilliant stand-up comedian's 18+ show.

I greatly enjoyed it, and while I took nothing at face value it was a fantastic introduction to the culture of /fic/.

But if you hate it this much, I guess there goes my dream of a full-cast dramatic reading. Was just a fantasy, but such a shame to see the last of it burn.

Incidentally, /B/read and folks, if there will be a dramatic reading of this thing I will willingly voice myself saying anything short of really vicious hate speech. It may help to know that I'm a baritone, speak towards the top of my vocal range, and hail from the Northeast, somewhat like Ira Glass but neither as famous nor as confident.


That's the spirit.
Sort a christening of the new digs.


If I posted as Linguine it might make sense. As for Anton, well, I'm not sure how one would represent the metaphysical concept of crushed dreams.


Fork covered in tears?


File: 1352305223505.png (21.62 KB, 200x240, Sum_Pony_is_thinking.png)

Bullhorn, more like.

Nicole was his only true love, if I'm not mistaken.


Ion x Nicole



Eustation pls.
Pls Eustation.
- You're making this too hot.


True, I mean, just imagine those blowjobs Ion must have given her.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 736

File: 1352364348445.png (144.41 KB, 381x676, why.png)

Reference material provided. Blessings given. Have fun, y'all.

>mfw this story could actually be clop and not violate the rules of the site /fic/'s on

Applejinx !tDashiepow 738

File: 1352367341596.png (136.49 KB, 332x299, Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 5.25…)

Y'all have my official permission to do your worst with me ;) that may be 'in character' or some ridiculous mockery- anything goes. Consider me to be just like the Applejack that appears in the 'Trixie's Magic Bit' series (terrifyingly, that's kind of true!)- unless it's more fun to violate that in some way. Such as making Applejinx 'I'm a filly and what is this', and a fretful virgin :D
I don't often offer line editing, but I think I can fit in the time for a little assistance of that nature to help th' cause. So those who dare to venture into this fic MIGHT get themselves personally subjected to a good hard Applejinxing (albeit not the way they'd think, I bet- let's place that off the table entirely- no servicing of volunteers by the Trixie AJ- I'm warming to the 'I'm a filly and what is this' version)
If fic-doctorin' isn't a thing here, then just run with it. Here's an idea- Applejinx is much sought after for the futa thing and pursued for that mary-sue, sexy Applejack hose-slingin' mojo.
Except it all goes horribly wrong because she is a recluse who just writes clop endlessly, and is a tiny filly who cannot fit a stallion.
And is an alicorn.
And black.
Because she is Nyx XD
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File: 1352380548176.jpg (22.49 KB, 288x377, 6491575_gal.jpg)

If any NSFW content leaks out onto threads not tagged "#Mature" (which includes this one), it'll be removed posthaste.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 748

File: 1352389769594.jpeg (53.16 KB, 392x277, no--really?.jpeg)


> mfw somepony assumes that sex => sexy, explicit => effectively so, or that HoRI was anything but (admittedly timid, watered-down, and unsexy by design) clop-humor.

To be fair, I too would be disappointed by porn-sans-plot. But, no, (and this is strictly my opinion) ribald humor doesn't get to ride the moral high horse. Cloppiness and cloppability are two very different axes.


> Consider me to be just like the Applejack that appears in the 'Trixie's Magic Bit' series

Difficult for our intrepid author without reading at least the first one. Trixie!AJ is quite the character.

>I'm warming to the 'I'm a filly and what is this' version

Which, if played by somepony without your level of discretion, could quite easily violate site rules, tagged or no. Just saying.

>Because she is Nyx

Ah. Me gusta.

Though if I were writing this, 'Jinx would end up a multi-pony shape-shifter. Hard working, hospitable, kind to noobs, keeps above the fray. As Fluttershy. Watching. With an adorable blush and well-placed hoof.

And then Dashie happens. Or Pinkie. Or Trixie. Or - oh hell… Twilight, or Rarity, or Luna, and then we are all well and truly doomed.
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>mfw the word "sexy" is wordfiltered on some Ponychan boards


Jinx mentioned Nyx, and I'd like to get this straight…
No [i]implied[/I] Foalcon… right, guys?

Anonymous 755

Then Roan was babies all along.
In tight latex suits. Very tight latex suits.

I mean, to hold all those babies into pony shape.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 757

The only appropriate way I could see it working would be something like this:

>le heard of horny poni
>le reveal of awkward lil' filly
>Author used bonerkill! It's super effective!
>Nyxy: Why does everypony hate me?

Because, yeah, foalcon is worst conpurekusu and banned for good reason.


Uh, I kinda of wrote the first one, so I know this already. I was just saying the possibility existed.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 761

I'm sorry. I need to stop sniping, figure out what's really bothering me and have an honest heart-to-heart.

I guess I'm confused why you changed opinions on HoRI and why you're so concerned about the tag-and-hide regime here. (Or at least I think you're opposed.) After all, EQD links to FiMFiction all the time, no?

Maybe this isn't my business anyway. If you just want to live-let-live, I should stop bothering you.

>mfw Grif 787

Shoot. Vimbert blessed this project.

Fine. Do your worst with me.

Applejinx !tDashiepow 792

File: 1352450112903.png (366.34 KB, 568x542, Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 3.42…)

Um, even Nyx would have to grow up. For values of 'grow up' that equal 'reclusive clopfiction maven and 28 year old virgin' ;)
No foalcon needed or expected, it's funnier without…
This post was edited by its author on .

MalevolentSpoon 817


Oh, Tactical's going to love this…

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 819

I am quivering with excitement don't even worry about it

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 825

File: 1352504420679.png (231.72 KB, 853x937, b__but_wubs__by_austiniousi-d5…)

This is me giving my hesitant and slightly scared agreement.


I'm pretty sure you need to add a describtion. Unless you want your ponysona to be turn into Fleur with gigantic breasts. Pony breasts.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 831

File: 1352505836008.jpg (70.55 KB, 447x429, fe-littlepip-googly eyes.jpg)

Not involved, but this looks like a hilariously amusing concept.

Reminds me of the joke levels that are often made in the Doom modding community lambasting everyone involved in the community.

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 833

File: 1352513143433.png (23.6 KB, 544x490, SLP OC.png)

I lost track of time editing the cutie mark pixel by pixel and wound up spending over an hour on it. Crippling OCD strikes again.
Sound Volley (Sounds for short)
Cocky and boastful. Overconfident and dismissive of concerns. Highly competitive and argumentative. Acts like a jack-off most of the time, but is empathetic and caring when things count. Is sexy and he knows it.
*Loud Rock/Club/Pop music
*Cracking jokes
*Shy ponies
*Griffons (is secretly scared of them)
*Ponies who are stuffy or have no sense of humour
*Ponies making fun of his color. (He's pretty insecure about it.)


File: 1352513361676.gif (86.63 KB, 360x360, 131767766930.gif)

Additionally, feel free to rule 63 my character depending on what you want in the story.


File: 1352513523017.png (307.94 KB, 918x1002, 1352 - tail_biting transparent…)

Do what you will.


File: 1352531806866.png (31.52 KB, 500x500)


I have come to the conclusion that Gak shall, in one form or another, be incorporated into the story's proceedings.

Stay tuned for more updates.


JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 868

Then I amend my permissions to forbid Gak to be anywhere near me.


Awww, you're no fun.


You can have me tie ponies up, make them my little bitches, you can tie ME up, make me someone's little bitch, give me an arsenal of sex toys to use on literally every other pony in the fic. I'm asking for ONE little consideration. Er, two. I'm not to be genderbent.
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!SumPony41s 871

File: 1352575669407.png (35.72 KB, 255x380, Sum_Pony_there_was_so_much_blo…)


That stuff quickly becomes unsanitary. It collects dirt particles, hairs, dead skin cells, pathogens and Epona knows what else in it. Make sure hooves are washed before and after touching it.

Also, vaccinate your foals. This has been a public service announcement from Citizens For a Safer Equestria.


File: 1352576611004.gif (643.4 KB, 290x150, indykatamari[1].gif)

Genderbent via Gak transformation, got it.
No Gak, genderbending. Just having fun.

>It collects dirt particles, hairs, dead skin cells, pathogens and Epona knows what else in it
And it eventually gets large enough to roll up bigger objects until it's able to collect even people, right?

RelicOfThePast 874

Genderbending the only female so that we're a complete sausage fest does sound rather funny. :3

Anonymous 877

I say turn her into a robot called MArk.1.
Asexual beings that look like Big Mac with 'attachments' can totally still be female.


File: 1352577627385.jpg (150.56 KB, 945x945, 130674229367.jpg)

Even better would be if that selection were inverted. I'm sure most of the male characters will be bent. If Kinsley is excluded from bending, it would be a taco fiesta.
This post was edited by its author on .


You have no idea how much I'm behind this idea. NO IDEA.

Roger!DodgeR9Q6o 881

File: 1352578434079.jpg (10.39 KB, 202x143, gak-in-the-dark.jpg)

5 days. Still no Chapter 1.

OP better deliver soon. Otherwise someone's gonna get gak'd.


File: 1352579168494.jpg (29.63 KB, 462x462, 9842613_gal.jpg)

Ah, yes, all promise and no delivery'll make for a roused crowd of very irate ponies.

Just a quick reminder for everyone: Try to keep it clean. This is still a non-mature thread.

Now carry on.


This is a big thing, and I'm working on something else for the moment, but I'll be getting started by the end of the week. With all these characters it's going to be hell to figure out who goes where, goes through what and how it'll all come together.

TheDamnedScribe 885

Are alicorn OCs permitted?

Blame a mix of Isphone's suggestion and my indecision about being a unicorn or a pegasus for my ponysona being an alicorn.


File: 1352588505688.jpg (13.06 KB, 180x239, 273526_1292647088_311086348_n.…)


Ur OCEE cant compar 2 my OCEE hes blak n red an haz amasim frendsip wit da sistres


No match for Masterroxxor.

Sparky !DarksNkK0Q 891

File: 1352599812326.jpg (311.92 KB, 643x960, 1352578809168.jpg)

Apparently I should be a Fluttershy-coloured metrosexual hipster who owns every Apple product and listens to patrician music. I hate plebs, plebsters, plebeians and shit music.


Whoa! you're so undergrounds it hurts… and wasn't it a purple pony?

Sparky !DarksNkK0Q 908

File: 1352652893600.jpg (1.17 MB, 1067x1470, 1348956628746.jpg)

For the sake of continuity, let's keep my body the same.

>implying continuity matters in this

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 909

Nope. Fluttershy-colors, earth pony, double "A" CM. Gets genderbent with Snarkle and a very genre-savvy make-out ensues.

Grif 910

File: 1352653780855.png (150.4 KB, 500x659, Sea_pony Lyra.png)

You rang?


File: 1352812711720.jpg (75.94 KB, 500x380, VQDy0.jpg)

>7 days
>nen chepter un
OP will surely deliver

Anonymous 975

File: 1352823513739.jpg (44.23 KB, 594x554, waiting for op.jpg)


It's strange
As if you believe that the original HoRI, with fewer characters and a solid idea down weeks in advance (from my understanding) was written in a matter of days.
This is going to take a while. I would be suspicious if we already had some content being churned out.


File: 1352909511826.gif (1.49 MB, 297x198, ENbuR.gif)

This. I already said I had to finish up a current project and that I was still working on every plot line (of which there are a fuckton of unless I decide to make 3/4 of the cast background gangbangers).

You may pick two of the three:
It's good
It's fast
It's cheap
It can be fast and good, but it won't be cheap.
It can be good and cheap, but it won't be fast.
It can be fast and cheap, but it won't be good.
Cheap is built in (for the low price of free) and I try my best to make things good. Take that as you will.

Applejinx !tDashiepow 1015

File: 1352914460223.png (136.49 KB, 332x299, Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 5.25…)

Don't you fret!
If it's cheap, we-all are liable to break it, and them splinters and things, OWIES is all I kin say.
If it's fast, we'll get all sore!
Go for gooooooood… a poor humble country mare earnestly requests it…

MalevolentSpoon 1096


As long as I get shipped, I don't care how long it takes. Though, I'd like to see /something/ by the end of January.

Incidentally, Mr. /B/read Leader, do you ever pop by #fic? That's the chatroom where you'll find most of us, just hanging around and talking, being ourselves. Sure, a lot of us can be caught in threads around /fic/, but there are a couple ponies on the list that you'd do better with seeing chat in real-time.


I think I can manage something by January.

If I did, my IP would be recognized. Perhaps a Gdocs with open editing would suffice for chatter about the story? Besides, the IRC is SFW, and there's no telling what could get tossed around when it comes to this sort of stuff…

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 1100

File: 1353130260209.png (753.9 KB, 1480x1050, sleepy_vinyl_by_sierraex-d4uv2…)

>come into #fic irc channel
>start discussion about HoRI2
>take discussion to #ttg-nsfw
>pwny sex

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 1101

I actually no longer allow roleplays in the channel. There are other places for it. Not that I would opposed to pony sex, but #ttg-nsfw isn't the place for it.

But I do feel /B/read Leader's pain. If he (or she) has set foot in #fic recently, I probably have a record of it. And when I try, I'm usally pretty good at sniffing out imposters.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 1103


Gdocs will reveal the name associated with the related google account. (on the drive homepage, recent documents) So be careful.


Last I checked the IRC has never been conducive of writing. Rather than waste time trying fix anonymous chatting, I'd suggest actually writing the story.


File: 1353140551640.gif (2.48 KB, 100x100, Sonic-waiting[1].gif)

You missed the actual problem. I know full well about that and would have made a channel for it if the IRC was an option.

> And when I try, I'm usally pretty good at sniffing out imposters.
A pony that thinks she's a bloodhound! How delightful.
You know, I've heard dogs just love marshmallows. Perhaps I'll have to cater to that.

In case the Email doesn't give it away, I have a separate Gmail account for just this reason.

My my, so impatient. I think I just found a volunteer for one of my more … deviant sub-plots.
You brought this on yourself~


Well, I know who you are and you know who you are so it's pretty easy for you to understand why I'm sceptical that you're actually going to deliver.


File: 1353209554410.png (329.65 KB, 945x945, 1329774696299.png)

As an aside,
>If I did, my IP would be recognized.
is an incorrect statement.

There is an easy way around it - Canternet provides a virtual host service. If you have a registered nick with NickServ, then you can request a virtual host which will appear instead of your IP address.

(try /msg HostServ help)

So there is an easy way around IP-based identification. The more you know.


This still requires a network operator to approve it, which can take time. Not to mention that you must be identified to NickServ before joining a channel in order for the vHost to be visible. If you join before NickServ identification is complete, you won't have your vHost visible in the join message.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 1133


What, is it someone who's bad?


File: 1353216773329.gif (11.29 KB, 443x328, _proxy.gif)


File: 1353369095353.png (182.27 KB, 351x301, a quick note.png)

Don't listen to GV. He may be the Ship Captain, but not even his power can stand between me and Eustatian and Applejinx at the same time even if GV declared those two OTP with his temporary powers.

And assigned me a "kismesis" OTP.


File: 1353927374149.png (176.6 KB, 957x1462, Seattle Lite.png)

I've been persuaded/brow-beaten/harassed into allowing the author(s) to utilize my dubious personage.


File: 1353984800454.jpg (44.23 KB, 594x554, 1353740162678.jpg)


File: 1353984937689.gif (548.57 KB, 500x374, a9b.gif)


File: 1353995072479.png (100.09 KB, 247x260, rdyay.png)

I hope it won't take as much effort to get the origin of that pic from you.

Because I am curious.

Grif 1567

You make it sound like it's bad…

Oh wait, it totally is.


Agreed. Anyone who thinks that color scheme and scarf are a good idea ought to be taken out back and beaten with an iron spike.

Seattle 1569

File: 1354010011515.png (377.05 KB, 762x713, 1335752259077.png)

I'm afraid it'll be worse than pulling teeth.

Die in a fire Graf.

Suck a phantasmagorical sequence of increasingly profound dicks, my dear, old friend.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 1574

File: 1354033157609.png (Spoiler Image,176.5 KB, 957x1462, Seattle's-new-scarf.png)

Once again your presence is an electrifying delight. Welcome back

I'm afraid I can only agree with half of your sentiment, however. True, that scarf looks like prison issue for a Diamond Dog guilty of a particularly heinous crime.

But I cannot find fault with his natural colors.

Those stripes are bold, darling, and the colors quite austere. I do not think it is your look, not unless you want to go entirely mod. If so, make your black jet-black and add sunglasses.

But if you're leaning more towards something more traditional, perhaps warm earth tones with less contrast…

Mm-hmm! There.


File: 1354510054645.jpg (112.94 KB, 538x626, image.jpg)

Seriously. Goddamns.
It's gonna be a while.



I think he even said outright that it would be.



… I believe the post that I was trying to link to got removed. It was another "waiting for OP to deliver" macro or some such.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 1874

File: 1354580111141.png (344.75 KB, 757x960, Huh.png)

It's still there, as far as I can tell. Kinda wish somepony knew how to contact /b/read leader, though; waiting around in the dark like this grows tiresome.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 1875

File: 1354581256771.jpg (79.15 KB, 500x500, tumblr_lrxdswAyFs1qzkrfxo1_500…)

I'll poke at them for a situation report.

/b/read leader 1876

>Has provided email in almost every post


File: 1354588938625.jpg (283.94 KB, 846x999, 132632355707.jpg)

I'll be sending you an email. I thought somepony had asked about a time and date, but I guess it must have disappeared, or something.
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File: 1354699058998.gif (277.1 KB, 496x400, 143340957.gif)

As per /b/read leader's request, I have spent the last three hours compiling this document that contains the profiles of everypony involved. If you feel that you were somehow missed, or would like to submit updated profile information, leave a comment in the doc, and I'll be sure to change it as requested.
This post was edited by its author on .

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 1947


Ooh, you missed something from me! I requested futa. :D

Grif 1948

I find it amusing I have no information listed.

Good luck guessing who I am. :D

(Or maybe you can just read the previous HORI. But that'll spoil the surprise.)


I said it was on my to-do list, but your assistance in this regard is most definitely appreciated and it's saved me a fair chunk of time, so thank you.

Now, to start putting the actual story ideas on paper…

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 1963

File: 1354739999022.png (207.54 KB, 647x678, Oh.png)

Well, I uh… that's interesting. I guess I misinterpreted what you meant. Still, I think this kinda emphasizes my "You need only ask" policy.

MalevolentSpoon 2216


Seems you'll need my personality. Okay, let's see if I can do this…

I'm relatively shy and socially awkward. I have a tendency to word things the wrong way, and thus prefer to stay silent when in the presence of others. When I do choose to speak, I talk fast, stutter, and either speak almost too quietly to hear or loud enough the whole room notices. Also, I talk to myself almost as if there's two of me. Literally all the time when I'm by myself.

I often attempt one-line situational jokes, however most of them seem to garner nothing more than a chuckle or a smile from a couple ponies. Much to my frustration.

Should I do something that makes someone unhappy with me, I will either try and remedy the problem or compensate for it, not always being successful, or in most cases, I will grow completely silent and let them have at me, and once they go on their way I slip off to feel sorry about myself.

As far as romance and relationships, as well as sex, I try my best to do whatever I can to make my partner happy, and I can be very affectionate. Or, more so, make it so they'll have at least one reason to like me, and bother to stay with me. Speaking of that, I often grow depressed and irritable when the subject of my appearance comes up, as past experiences leave me believing I'm hideous or mentally inept. This is the primary factor contributing to many of my previously listed behaviours. That and having lived a relatively sheltered life.

That should do you well enough. Any other questions, you can go ahead and ask, I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go wonder why I just put all this up here…


File: 1356106939855.jpg (74.91 KB, 559x789, image.jpg)

Oui we have not forgotten.

Picture unrelated.

MalevolentSpoon 2731

File: 1356312869649.png (106.46 KB, 300x200, OhRussia....png)


I blame that wall-o-text above for the thread's descent into silence.

Allow me to remedy with this:


I'll get these plans off of my head and onto paper one of these days.

Baron!VRg7BW/4XQ 2790

File: 1356571981670.png (3.04 MB, 3320x2300, Super Retouched Scootaloo.png)

Hey, just because I don't have a personality doesn't mean you can not write me in! I can be like the meta guy. The guy that all the things have. And if you, /b/readleader, ever hang in the IRC, you would know about me. I mean really. This post can be blamed on me not having anything better to do lately.

(o || p)

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 2941

File: 1356891633866.png (67.67 KB, 561x377, lightningdustcpstill_zpsec1a27…)



You're not offering to take over, are you?

Because I would be okay with that.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 2949

File: 1356919017760.jpg (114.33 KB, 678x475, and_then_they_had_gay_sex_pony…)


Done. That was way easy.

… Huh, maybe I should read this thread.

Anonymous 2952

But that pretty much sums it up.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 2972

File: 1357027810583.jpg (56.6 KB, 681x425, 129999166198.jpg)

So is there a writer on this, or is this just another sequel that never was?
Because I know a guy, that knows a guy, who would be totally in to this.

I forgot to check, is my open 'use of likeness' statement still in effect? Cause it is. I like seeing how people see me.


It's almost 2 months since this thread was made, and I suspect there is barely a plan large enough to fill a napkin yet.

In other words, OP is a pony.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 2976

Good lord, no. One from me was enough.


MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 2984

File: 1357095141588.jpg (48.93 KB, 400x350, 130498007245.jpg)

> The original was ham-fisted
You did get to the part where that was the joke, right? In that the author was being hamfisted, and rushing through the story to get to the parts he liked? Meta commentary with the intent to be pointed out.

It does end with mods locking the thread.

>Ship me PLEASE.
Spoon! Don't so eager. It's unbecoming.

>Please excuse me if I'm skeptical of anyone saying "lol, I want to write an HoRI 2."
I'd be embarrassed for the community if this wasn't approached with trepidation and a ten foot pole.

>Also I trust the author by virtue of him/her knowing the game and therefore being not-some-newpony-just-wanting-to-get-in-on-the-fun.

Yeah, I've got to agree. Seeing as most of HoRI has been removed from the internets, the pool of people who might do it post-exodus is much smaller.

>But given what HoRI is, the lack of questions regarding the writer is rather disturbing.
You remember how the first one was written anonymously as well, right? Right?

>Perhaps she's grown up and seeks vengeance on her father.
Bubbly Mist? Well, Kurbs was working on a story with Bubbly Mist and Burst… Bubbly's way too clinically depressed to take action, and Burst is being raised as a sociopath… Well http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/69377.html#69540 still exists apparently. So many flashbacks…

>I'll be getting started by the end of the week.
Ahh, such rich and detailed promises.

>I've been persuaded/brow-beaten/harassed into allowing the author(s) to utilize my dubious personage.
Never gonna happen.

>I think I can manage something by January.
Ahh, that's the post I was looking for. Okay, no reason not to just sit back and wait for information to change at this juncture.


it's a new year where da fic booty


File: 1357171154408.png (135.57 KB, 331x269, Team_ACT_Alakazam_Psychic_GRT.…)

One-hundred bits on this not happening at all. Double or nothing.

Fifty bits on it happening but failing miserably.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3027

File: 1357330744761.png (73.26 KB, 979x816, forget_it_by_ponykillerx-d5luu…)

At this point, seconded.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3043

File: 1357351585894.png (191.34 KB, 900x540, 6675f839240774a006995964a6a7af…)

Oh, don't be negative. If it doesn't happen, that just means someone has to make it happen.

I mean, I read the entire thread looking for an outline or a synopsis, or something, and it's just not in this batch of information.

I mean, sure, everyone is in different places now than they were before, but that just makes for a smidge more color when applied correctly.


It seems we are in need of a new author, so I think I'll seize the opportunity.

Here is the roll call: http://pastebin.com/tcWCxy02

24 hours from posting this message, I will begin writing, unless "/b/read leader" emails me with a request not to (alongside proof that there is in fact progress being made). Similarly, if you wish to opt-in or opt-out, that's your time frame.

The first chapter will be done by next Sunday. I can't guarantee that every character will have made an appearance by then, though. (There are 23 of them.)

One last thing: since there's little chance of this being posted to FiMFiction (there are rules against circle-jerk stories, fuck me right?), is there any reason for the story to feature /fic/ personalities as ponies? I'm more comfortable writing with humans, is all. There's more to work with. Also, remember that I can still keep certain characters as sentient ponies (or bears) if desired, e.g., SumPony; it's a crackfic, after all.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3051

File: 1357358890453.png (999.32 KB, 1280x1400, Moozua.png)

Um, some of us have wings, or horns. If you can find a way to appropriately write those in, I don't see why you can't make them human. But you have no permission from me if this turns into an anthro story. I hate anthros.

Tactical 3052


have ONE character be an anthro, to troll him.

Have the character sleep with his OC.

Anonymous 3053

File: 1357361708316.png (449.74 KB, 1743x1518, Azure Spark.png)

"I dislike you with great intensity." Four internets if you get the reference.

Dublio 3054


I'd like to opt-in as well. It might be fun. :3

Anonymous 3056

I just got bored and I'm drunk as duuck. After I finish revising, I will post what I have. Not bread leader, don't know you people, but I couldn't give less of a fuck.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 3059

Just so we're all clear on this, it ain't me this time.

I swear.

Applejinx !tDashiepow 3062

File: 1357375860988.png (45.96 KB, 175x159, Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 2.43…)

Th' hell? Human? Since when have I been a human?

Well, I knew this was madness when I started, but I swear I honestly did not see THIS comin'.

Rather be Nyx, to be honest. If ya write a damn human story, I insist that my character is LITERALLY secretly Stephanie Meyer. So there ;)


File: 1357381865837.jpg (15.2 KB, 203x285, 3076710_gal.jpg)


I have no idea what the buck is going on. I'm still in, though. I signed up to be thrown in the fire, so whatever happens, happens!

I'm still holding that wager, though.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3067

Anthro => ewww.

Write me pony, and everything I've agreed to stands.

Write me human; that's fine but no sex. tada no ero ni wa kyoumi ga nai. Author doesn't dare exercise his imagination enough to wrap his head around pony parts? Sounds awfully gutless or lazy to me! Need help? I'm more than willing to provide reference material / check biology / whatevers.

Anthro? only for the lulz I hate anthro.


It may just be me, but making everyone human seems like an exercise in missing the point. It's just not very /fic/ to write about humans. And also that would be boring and take away the inherent humor of ponies doing weird sex stuff (bite me, cloppers).

And if we could use "feeling more comfortable writing about humans" as an excuse for anything, none of us would be here. That stinks of a lack of imagination to me. It's a given that this won't be a very good fic—'twould be best to avoid making it a dull one as well.

I'm not involved in this project so do as you will, but a pox on anthro bullshit.


Using the likeness of real people without their permission is illegal, sorry.

Is it worth pointing out that making the story feature primarily humans is the very opposite of anthropomorphic? It would be anthro if it were featuring ponies, so I guess this hatred for anthro is a go ahead to *not* use them?

>Author doesn't dare exercise his imagination enough to wrap his head around pony parts?

Call it that if you want, but borrowing from the FiM universe to tell a story unrelated to it stinks more of laziness to me.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3072

File: 1357418051592.png (330.06 KB, 960x786, 70's pinkamena.png)

No, not exactly.

*Anthro* means ponies with human-like physical characteristics, such as hands, feet, and mammary sacs on the upper chest.
*Pony* — in this case — refers to the figures being entirely equine according to the physical traits seen in the show.
*Human should be self explanatory.

I dislike anthropomorhic ponies, but I greatly enjoy the actual ponies.

If this story becomes human, I would agree that the point has been lost. I have submitted what I call a ponysona, and I give it that pet name for a very good reason: it's the personality of an original pony character that I created. I do not wish my ponysona to be humanized, unless of course you've managed to find a way to literally and physically inflict it upon me. I especially revoke my permissions if this will become anthro, as I have already expressed my extreme distaste for them. I only wish for this story to actually be pony, since that was the point in the first place.


If any humans are at all involved, I immediately withdraw my support to use my character. I agreed to have my ponysona used in the story because I assumed it would be just ponies. Or griffons or bears or dragons. But no humans.

More to the point, The Madman was my name for the OP and author of the original HoRI. So unless you're still secretly Vimbert…
Yes, I am pissing your cornflakes. dealwithit.gif

Come to think of it, unless /b/read leader delivers, my support is withdrawn anyway.
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Yeah. I've got a ponysona; use him, or don't use me at all :(

Tactical 3075


This is dumb. I still volunteer as cast, but it " doesnt count" if it's anthro or it's shit. Why aee we talking about forbidding someone from writong this, exactly?


The original Hearts of Red Ink was a little like an introduction into /fic/'s culture for me. It was the first time I really got a grip of who /fic/ is, rather than just what. Even if through the lens of only one of its members, you still got to see how everyone behaved, because such things bring out the character in people. How did they react to someone else writing about them?

What struck me the most is that people here can afford to laugh at themselves. People can take a joke. It's good old British self-depricative humour (only you're all Americans). There's nothing I can't stand more than people who take themselves too seriously, which this place can easily give as an initial impression.

The main trouble with recreating this I think is shown above. You're all taking this too seriously. I get some concern behind what's going on (I dunno if I want to be written as a human either), but the magic of it all is the spontaneity. If you go ahead and set rules on that, then you're possibly stepping in the way of something great. Say you're in or you're out, and that's it. Creativity works best, as John Cleese says, without boundaries.

I also see the argument behind making it human. To quote from Ezn's guide:

>If you’re making your own characters and telling their story in, let’s say, far-distant future Equestria where everything’s war-torn and unrecognizable, and the princesses are dead, then you really need to think deeply about whether your story would actually benefit from being tied to the canon of a little girl’s show about ponies.

What about this idea has anything to do with Equestria? (By the way, nice "-ize" there, Ezn, you filthy mudblood.)

However, there is some myopia behind that argument, because it's painfully obvious everyone was expecting it to be pony. I mean, all the personas posted (I counted 5) are ponies, not humans. And this is a pony fanfiction board. That's reason enough to just make it pony if you ask me.

Still, I remain unconditionally vouched in to this. Chances are "The Madman" won't deliver anyway.


I'm going to have to debate semantics here because your stipulation depends on it. Anthropomorphism is applying human characteristics (not just physical) to animals. The featured characters in My Little Pony are anthropomorphic. Demanding that I don't do anthro while also requesting that I do pony is contradictory.

If your issue is with giving humans pony-like *physical* characteristics, or vice versa, then say that. I have no intention of either and don't know where I ever said I did.

More to the point, despite your impression that "[it being pony] was the point in the first place", the original post of this thread makes no such implication. Aside from the location, there is no language that indicates nor necessitates such a stipulation. It even uses words like "people" and "personas", rather than their pony alternatives.

Frankly I find it a little humorous that this thought never crossed your mind. Someone please explain why a story featuring /fic/ (all of whom are in fact humans) should be made pony, or why it was even assumed to be such? The only explanation I can think of is that it allows you to distance yourself from your character, making whatever occurs more tolerable.

Again, stressing the point here that this is not anthro. Writing it pony would be anthro.

Alright, then. Knocking the cast down wouldn't hurt too much anyway. 23 characters is a lot.
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Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3078

File: 1357425351844.jpg (262.07 KB, 1843x1192, 135183526559.jpg)

Well, those are excellent points, and I did not realize the technicalities of anthropology so, thank you for that. Yes, I utterly despise physical anthropomorphic modifications. The application of nonphysical human characteristics, is a given for most cartoons, a notable example being Spongebob. I enjoy that type of anthropology.

As to why it was assumed to be pony, it's quite simple, really: The original was pony, a number of our persona's are written as pony, and this is a pony writing community. Giving freedom to the human vs. pony would seem sensible, but I still prefer the latter for reasons I can't quite put my hoof on. In any case, I've written stories about members of this fandom as being human, so I suppose I would be able to tolerate it, and perhaps even enjoy it, provided the exposition compensates for the lack of desired pony.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3079

File: 1357425737491.png (358.7 KB, 1024x1024, berry_punch_by_tails_doll_love…)

>It's just not very /fic/ to write about humans.
I have to agree with this guy here

>Demanding that I don't do anthro while also requesting that I do pony is contradictory.
That's like having an argument that 'The Brave Little Toaster' either is, or is not Furry.
It's semantics, and you both think you're right.

This does not change what was said in >>3050
> is there any reason for the story to feature /fic/ personalities as ponies? I'm more comfortable writing with humans, is all.

The apparent answer is, that because /fic/ is so attached to the ponies at it's roots, there's actually a very good reason to do /fic/ personas as ponies.

>rather than their pony alternatives.

Because stuffing "pony-speak" equivalents everywhere is fucking stupid and annoying.

> The only explanation I can think of is that it allows you to distance yourself from your character, making whatever occurs more tolerable.

Well duh.
In addition, I assure you you can not get people, as humans, in any accurate way. However our personas interact virtually, regularly. Anything that happens to those place markers is fun.

Anything that happens to people as a person, that borders on the creepy.

Anthro, by this fandoms definition, would be pic attached I'd believe. Note the addition of hands and human… sexual characteristics on an otherwise pony like body.


>It's semantics.
Well, obviously. Semantics are important when everyone is panicking like a bunch of headless morons about "anthro". How am I supposed to know what every single person's special-snowflake definition of that is? I'll stick to the widely agreed upon definition (as determined by dictionaries and historical usage) of terms I use, and I'd hope that everyone else does the same. Otherwise we may as well be speaking Latin.

The point here is that instead of using a term that does not mean what you want it to mean, how about using a different word. You can't possibly have a problem with the entire spectrum of anthropomorphism if you like Friendship is Magic. If people have a specific problem with something (e.g., hands on ponies), then say that.

That said, I seem to be in an overwhelming minority on this position, so I'll write the story as pony. That means the story is going to be anthro, unless you want your characters to act like real ponies who can't talk and just shit and eat grass all day.
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split infinitive 3083

Is this thing still alive? If it is Im pulling myself out off the story if there still is nothing by the end of February. I'm the town idiot but i am not dumb. Waiting for a bus that never comes ua not something I like.

And not like ill get a major role anyway. Nobody cares about a fucking moron anyways. Am i right tactical? TACTICAL IS A DICK

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3084

>What about this idea has anything to do with Equestria?
I'm a pony.

>because it's painfully obvious everyone was expecting it to be pony.

We're ponies.

>all the personas posted (I counted 5) are ponies, not humans.

Because we're ponies.

>And this is a pony fanfiction board.

That's why we're ponies.

>Say you're in or you're out, and that's it. Creativity works best, as John Cleese says, without boundaries.

Yes indeed. And so I reiterate: >>3075

The idea was for it to be ponies, but why not fucking write the humans? No wait, write anthros. Who cares? Faust knows none of the rest of us have mustered the motivation.


File: 1357428117520.jpg (32.17 KB, 300x335, Internet_dog.jpg)

>I'm a pony

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3086

File: 1357429951524.png (113.72 KB, 1023x577, tumblr_mcxhviqhr51rzg30po8_128…)

>How am I supposed to know what every single person's special-snowflake definition of that is?
Well, no.

But seeing as you're writing a My Little Pony fic about a branch of the fandom of my little pony. I kind of expect you to have some knowledge about the group in question Ms Goodall.

… *sigh* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Goodall

It's like calling some one Eisenstein, but for anthropology?

Explaining a joke isn't funny. The explanation of a joke can be funny, the joke falling flat can be funny, but…

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3087

>If people have a specific problem with something (e.g., hands on ponies), then say that.
Alright, I'll say it. Please please, oh pretty please, possibly with whipped cream and a cherry on top, do not deviate from the physical characteristics of the canon ponies of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Was that clear enough for you?


File: 1357430940246.jpg (35.24 KB, 462x462, 9842001_gal.jpg)

>I mean, all the personas posted (I counted 5) are ponies, not humans.
>all the personas

I don't count?

Behold: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism


That's far too restricting. Canon ponies don't even have genitals. Also, plenty of stuff in the original HoRI would have broken this stipulation.

My point, exactly. If you say you "hate anthros", you're saying you hate everything in that article (and more). If you can show me someone who can say that with a straight face, I'll show you someone very good at lying.

>I don't count?

Evidently I can't please everyone here. I'm of mind just to not include people who are apparently too scared to let anything interesting happen. Like I said, the cast is already very large. What were you expecting when you signed up for this? It's a crackfic. The only thing you should expect is the unexpected.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3090

I'm not going to pull support yet, but I'm awfully close. Not because I dislike you, Madman2, but because I think your heart is in the wrong place to properly write me.

Let me clarify "anthro" for you:

- canon ponies are physiologiacally horse-like
- canon ponies are psychologically human-like

I hope this does not come as a surprise.

If you turn them into Petting Zoo People, you will offend a lot of people, myself included. This is fine for lulz (as I see it), but do not portray us as liking it. Do not do it just because it makes things easier for you.

I do read clopfic, and when an author insists on more human-like physiology that's fine for their story, but I have to admit I'm disappointed. This isn't because human parts aren't attractive to me (quite the opposite), but because I like bending my imagination in new and interesting ways. Dude, who wouldn't want to be a stallion? Your squishy-bits don't jiggle around and smack in to things and invite comments and so on. You can wander around nude and be perfectly comfortable that way. That's pretty cool, don't you think?

Put it this way: if I write a story about owls who get involved in human-like interpersonal conflicts (Guardians of Ga'Hoole) part of the fun is that the characters can fly silently and see in the dark and do owly things like that. If you were to say, "Hey, they have anthro emotions, so let's write owl sex, except they should totally have humanoid dicks," I have to say you're ruining the fun. You've broken the game of pretend, just as badly as if you were to re-write Dungeons and Dragons into Papers and Paychecks.

I don't want you writing my avatar-character unless you understand this point from the depth of your soul. It means you'll need to do biological factchecking yourself, or ask for help. [email protected]

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3091

> Canon ponies don't even have genitals

That's part of the art style, silly. Don't make me trot out Word of Faust here.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3093

File: 1357433250824.jpg (53.32 KB, 344x360, 9658 - macro pinkamena_diane_p…)

I can't tell if you're being difficult as an attempt at trolling, or if you're legitimately that thick-headed. In any case, I'm sufficiently irritated, and probably shouldn't have made this post. I'm off.


File: 1357433336536.jpg (3.14 KB, 114x171, 10.jpg)

That spoilered part was for Roger, dear. Anyway, I already said I'm just about fine with anything, but I also had a very distinct persona >>618.

If you do cast us as humans, you know the one that I am. Or, you should at least. Should be painfully obvious, really.



File: 1357433543772.gif (856.02 KB, 1228x991, 1.gif)

Nobody will deliver. Nobody ever does.


>Petting Zoo People
What do you mean by this?

- /fic/ reviewers are physiologically human-like
- /fic/ reviewers are psychologically human-like

My intention was to write about humans doing human things in a human environment (save for any fictional elements I invent) because everyone in /fic/ is human. I really don't get why everyone is insinuating that *I'm* the one pushing for anthro when I'm in fact pushing *against* it. I'm not writing humans with horsecocks, nor am I writing ponies with mancocks, because that's dumb. I agree with all of your points, but none of them really clarify the point of why there is such an insistence to use ponies at all.

Grif was a seapony. Midnightshadow was a transforming unicorn-pegasus. The Samurai was human. None of these are canon show characteristics.

I'll note in your file, "reacts emotionally when unable to form a decent response."

Sorry, I misread. You want to literally be Alakazam? That's sort of at odds with the stipulation in >>3087.

Anonymous 3098

Edit: That all said and done… I believe the main and most interesting aspect of the whole thing was that it was organic, like a giant whale carcass in a beach just waiting to explode its entrails on the onlookers stupid enough to be making picnics around it. Very much like every single other "all of /fic/ " project as of late, /b/read leader's main mistake was trying to bring too much direction into a trainwreck, which was essentially what HoRI was and remains being: a deliciously ridiculous story which only gods knows how it didn't turn into something that… wait, it is hated, so what do I know.

And Filler was a bear, don't forget, but I think you missed the point as to why they were those:

Grif: Joke and alcohol.

Midnightshadow: a pony character with a personal quirk that happened in his self-insert story (go read it, it isn't half bad).

The Samurai: I don't think he even has a ponysona, or would want one, and he was known as that one guy who used Samurai Jack pics, so anything else would have been weird.

Filler: Joke as well. I seem to remember he choose to be a bear after Grif chose to be a seapony (a female looking one, apparently), but I can't remember.

So, basically, anyone out of it was played for laughs, or because he was some sort of holy cow which any other representation would have been weird.
This post was edited by its author on .

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3103

You clearly have not read HoRI, which is all about people, yes, projecting themselves as ponies because lulz. Or if you have read it, you neither understand it nor seem to want to.

You do not have my permission to write me for those reasons.

Yes, it was a stupid circle-jerk. That was kinda the idea.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3104

File: 1357447113336.png (137.19 KB, 618x389, 132653362977.png)

At last: a worthy point, and not one with the appearance of trying to be difficult. Still with an insult, but I think that was warranted by my "thick-headed" remark. Touche, Mr. Madman, though I believe you knew what I meant all along.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3106


Madman. Write your fucking humans. If it sucks, and if people are mad at you for it, then it'll still be at least in the spirit of this whole thing, and you can just stay anonymous.

As for your continued insistence that there is no reason to write ponies: Part of the joke is that being pony fans makes us ponies. Also we like ponies. I don't understand why you would want to go against those wishes when the whole idea is that it's about our online personas.

Actually I don't know why you would be inclined to go against our wishes.

That says bad things about your character, frankly.

There is very little that you could do to make me withdraw my permission for you to use me. Continuing this stupid bullshit is one of them.
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Are you really insinuating that I'm unable to understand a joke? Do you really have the audacity after being completely unable to read what I'm saying to say that "You didn't understand [HoRI]?"

My point was that to ensure no character "deviate from the physical characteristics of the canon ponies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," I am incapable of doing anything like that (e.g. Filler being a bear), including Dolfeus's request to be Alakazam. There's a clear contradiction in the requests because Bleeding Rain's is too restrictive. You're over-reading a purely semantic point for what I can only imagine is some misguided fear of my intentions. I'm sorry that my "heart's not in it" enough for your satisfaction.

I already said that I would write it pony just because everybody else wants it that way, but you've missed that too.

Can't please everyone, I guess.

My time to start this is already overdue, and I've already wasted enough words here. I'll see you all next Sunday.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3111

>I already said that I would write it pony just because everybody else wants it that way, but you've missed that too.

>Can't please everyone, I guess.

See? Everything works out when you stop making mountains out of nothing.


File: 1357459951621.png (47.76 KB, 256x256, SumPony-Salute.png)

> I've already wasted enough words here
Yes, that's the spirit! Thank you. Finally. It's not that I don't respect your opinion/words, it's just that I'd rather see someone making this happen than more fruitless chatter in this thread.
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Applejinx !tDashiepow 3131

File: 1357462098254.png (174.14 KB, 394x358, Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 2.22…)

Oh, for heaven's sake…
>Madman. Write your fucking humans. If it sucks, and if people are mad at you for it, then it'll still be at least in the spirit of this whole thing, and you can just stay anonymous.

This, so much this! *stands with Tactical*

Look, do something, or don't. Do a silly story embarassing a bunch of writerponies, or piss them off by humanizing them against their will. Do WHATEVER or don't do anything but for heaven's sake, this is getting ridiculous. There was already a lot of
>my character went to school with Starswirl the bearded and has a cape on which Orion has three stars on his belt, not four
…which doesn't speak to what you'd be doing with the character anyway- but descending into a fight about how to do this travesty PROPERLY is beyond ridiculous.
Silly ponies ;)

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3134

>but descending into a fight about how to do this travesty PROPERLY is beyond ridiculous.

Something tells me that's half the fun?
I mean, it's going to be a travesty. We all agree on that point.
Travesty + Ponies, but we don't have nearly enough inflammatory conversations about crotchboob.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3135


Logic and reading comprehension have nothing to do with it. I fear "your heart is in the wrong place." That you need to "understand this point from the depth of your soul."

Not once in this exchange - with myself and others - have you accepted responsibility, to my satisfaction, for the impact your proposals have had on the feelings of other human beings. You have defended your logical rightness, which in my case brings up bad memories from an abusive relationship. You have used the word "sorry" twice

> Using the likeness of real people without their permission is illegal, sorry.

> I'm sorry that my "heart's not in it" enough for your satisfaction.

and while the second one vaguely approaches an apology, it is in the context of dismissing my feelings.

You did not know. I haven't told anyone about this particular part of my past: but that sort of logic-armored non-apology is exactly what the person who abused me said to myself and to others.

You could not know. So, rationally, I don't want to hold you accountable for making me feel this way. It still hurts.

And to head off any possible confusion: I am not so deeply offended you want to take liberties with the physical description of anyone's avatar-character. That's cool. But you did hurt feelings. That's cool, too. Happens all the time when people care.

I am still withdrawing my support and consent to use my likeness. What really matters to me is my gut perception of whether you care enough about the people you're playing rough with.

This is not a fair standard, but it is the standard my scarred heart needs.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 3141

And this thread is why I'm glad I just went with "K IMA SHIP Y'ALL POST CHARACTERS IF YA WANT IN" for the original.


File: 1357498524493.png (292.04 KB, 982x868, Sum_Pony_screenhoofs.png)

No kidding. Sacre bleu. We're all taking this way too seriously. Does this require a collective legal contract between the author and the people whose character representations will be in it? Someone is going to write something. It is going to suck. And it will be hilaribad in a very meta sense (if the writer is skilled enough). End of story. If the writer writes something that no one likes, the only harm done barring hurt feelings will be that person's time being wasted, unless anyone here actually hasn't had the gumption to do useful things while waiting for something to come of this, and has in fact squandered time posting in this thread in anticipation (or whatever).

To be fair though…
> I'll note in your file, "reacts emotionally when unable to form a decent response."
Um… Look at BR's post ( >>3093 ) again. I think said person made it clear that s/he wanted out. Even the author of the original HoRI had the courtesy to not include anyone without permission. If you don't pay attention to important things like this, you're going to have a bad time.

> Not once in this exchange - with myself and others - have you accepted responsibility, to my satisfaction, for the impact your proposals have had on the feelings of other human beings.
I've got six words for you: What the fuck is an Ukai?

No one should expect to have any dignity or intact feelings by the end of it; I for one certainly do not.

Edit: after wasting time reading through the angry posts in this thread I think I understand where you're coming from, Eustatian. Vimbert was a cool guy, and people trusted him enough (even writing under a different pseudonym) to make something that wouldn't be intentionally offensive to everyone who was portrayed in it. People trusted him because he didn't seem to exhibit any sense of disrespect for /fic/ regulars in the thread or in his writing. Thus, I understand your concern; it would be preferable to not have an asshole be the one writing this story.
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JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 3148


All of that is why I'm withdrawing my support for this. Based on your posts and the way you talk to the people who would be your characters and your readers, you either a) don't care, which makes you completely unfit for the job or b) think we owe you something, when that is not the case. Volunteering to write HoRI2 is not special. It does not make you a celebrity or a guru or the Master of All Things /fic/.

Vimbert wrote HoRI to be fun and funny and to poke fun at everything. Your approach, the way you address the people in this thread, the way you treat "anthro versus human versus pony" is so completely and utterly out of whack that I honestly don't believe any good can come from this.

I would offer my help on the difference between "pony" and "anthro" in this fandom, but it's fairly evident that you don't listen. I'm done wasting my time.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 3149

>inb4 it turns out OP is just watching from the sidelines to see how people argue in order to get good ideas of everyone's characters

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 3150

… That's actually an incredibly poor way to get an idea of my complete character. I'm very, very different when I'm being antagonized or argued with than when I'm hanging out with friends and discussing the various topics that come up between us.

Anonymous 3151

That's what happened in the original.

Now, I'm an asshole who doesn't have much respect for you guys and only began writing this cause I wanted to make fun of /fic/ and how seriously it takes itself. I wasn't planning in excluding that made sense in the story, and I still don't.

So… I can post what I have and you can expect butthurt at some point or another, or I can keep it to myself. Going to go out with friends (best way to recover from a bender? drink more, of course), so I leave up to you if you don't mind shitty writing and someone that just doesn't give a fuck about your feelings.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3152


Personally, I hope you're just selling yourself short and that you'll be able to write something legitimately venomous and, more importantly, that actually makes use of character traits.

I'm torn between whether the inevitable butthurt (no wait, it already happened) is/would be satisfying in a trollish way, or just obnoxious.


File: 1357507276402.jpg (29.66 KB, 551x549, conspiracy-keanu.jpg)

I never thought of it that way, but when someone argues on the internet you can only expect them to show a very small portion of their actual personality.

Seconded. After actually wasting time paying attention to the would-be author's 'tude (vis-à-vis >>3096
for instance) I'm convinced s/he may not actually be doing all this in good faith (if s/he's willing to include someone who wants out, that crosses a line of common decency that Vimbert wasn't willing to cross).

I gave the OP permission to characterize this screen name/persona in a meta crackfic, and that I won't withdraw. However, my agreement with the arbitrary change of authorship ends here.
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vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 3154

Just to be fair, my original "proof of concept" before the HoRI tread became a reality shipped two /fic/ members without their consent.

Just to keep the facts straight.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3155

File: 1357507594358.png (196 KB, 388x357, 132656866892.png)

>cause I wanted to make fun of /fic/ and how seriously it takes itself.

So I take it you've never been on the IRC then?
Because I've never seen more Space Jam youtube links…

Is it bad that I just call you Diane Fossey Anon in my head? Because /fic/ only seems to be dangerous levels of serious. Try it for a while, you'll start to see what happens. Eventually you'll start to see the inanity that underlies the external expression. Just because we have the text based equivalent of suits on doesn't mean what we're saying should be taken seriously.

This is my most recent completed thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/104134.html

I'm no expert, but when you put your heart and soul into crafting a work, it's completely different than just shitposting what ever comes to mind.
You do it for a while, start to develop some tastes. Likes and dislikes.
You start having to explain concepts to people. Concepts that now seem basic to you, yet most of these people have never considered things in that fashion.

You have to learn, and change, and find niches… Next thing you know, you're writing 500 word responses to 'NO U' posts. The fact it looks serious belies the fact it's you mostly insulting their parentage, education, and background.

It really just looks serious.

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 3156

Come to think of it, with regards to giving the OP permission, has anyone actually given the "Madman" permission to use them? (S)He is operating under the assumption that this thread exists for the purpose of anyone being allowed to use our characters to write a metafic, and I don't think that's what was agreed to.

Something to think about when/if this Anon posts, because I don't recall permission being given to them specifically, and I definitely recall permissions being revoked.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3157


I like your post but mostly I'm just giggling at how cute scrunchy Berry is.


File: 1357509346666.png (48.93 KB, 400x430, Sum_Pony_tires_of_this.png)

The main difference: you weren't unrepentant or unpleasant. NickNack wanted out, so you included no trace of him. I didn't explicitly ask, and so was not included. Lots of other big players in the Training Grounds like Cassius, Dromer, CartoonGeld, Onej6 et al were not included because they either paid it no mind or were against it.

Nowhere in the original thread did someone say "this is disgusting" and the author/editors say "this person will be the squeamish prude in the story, making it more fun to violate them." I know where to find an archive of that thread, so I can always double-check this. Yet here in this thread, we have a comment that is not only of that ilk but rude as well.

Dammit Minty, why do you always have to be right?
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Seattle 3159

File: 1357511144178.jpg (510.15 KB, 731x1131, 46121 - rainbow_dash.jpg)

Only replying because I can't seem to post without doing so. Da fuq?

Anyhow, OP, write the fucking story before I track you down, bust out my custom ballgag with hollowed out viking horn attachment, and proceed to 'share' my entire, voluminous collection of scotch with you. Every last drop.

As for 'research' into your character mate, this is easy if a tad time-consuming. There are hundreds of threads where all of your characters reveal their quirks and personalities (see the above, neh?). I'd be surprised if you hadn't already done this, but if you've no time for it, bring in someone who already knows everyone long-term as consultant, and get writing.

>also, hey guys



I *really* didn't want to have make this post…

First, just to clear things up, I've only posted under this name in here. The Anonymous author is another person.

I have a lot of respect for /fic/. Well, I have enough respect that you guys have all successfully made me feel like an asshole.

Eustatian, I'm sorry if my manner brought up any old skeletons. Earnestly.

I have no intention of writing people if they don't want me to. If I ever gave the impression that I would disregard such a simple request, I'm sorry again.

I shouldn't have even mentioned the humans thing. That was just dumb. In hindsight after doing some preliminary planning, a pony story would make more sense anyway.

I'm going to redo the roll call. I've gathered a list of people who remained opted in even after I posted. There's enough variety there to get me started. Everyone else can choose to opt in again if they want to be in the story.

Here's the list again: http://pastebin.com/tcWCxy02

I've done some brief outlining of the characters as well. I figure they'll help you in deciding whether or not I have any idea about or respect for the subject matter: http://pastebin.com/ffw16PyD

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3161

File: 1357516348146.png (96.6 KB, 490x283, 134095605117.png)

Well, this is all interesting. I was afraid this was going to turn into a big argument (one I'll admit I allowed myself to get pulled into) and was pretty close to ragequitting and pulling myself from this whole fiasco on account of yet another /fic/ kerfuffle. I don't like arguments, mostly because they get under my skin more than anything else. (I shouldn't be on the internet then, right?) In any case, I'm glad that this returned to a calm state while I wasn't here to screw it up further, and I look forward to the final product.

After looking at that outline, this looks interesting. I'm both excited and afraid to see how I'll be used.
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Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 3167

File: 1357520939091.png (176.37 KB, 1280x720, whoa_by_thatsgrotesque-d4uzikb…)

Glad to see this got picked up while I was busy studying. I was going to pick it up in another couple days, since original op was never going to deliver, but I'd really rather not.

Also, I'm not in it until op convinces me he's not an asshat. (And until I know for sure there isn't any anthro.)
This post was edited by its author on .

Tactical 3170

The fact that you called me an ultra-liberal and commented on GV's booping tells me that you so indeed know us to some extent, which really has my curiosity piqued.

Designating me the official troublemaker is both unflattering and flattering. I guess i asked for it with how i described myself in this thread.

Overall: Hm.


Well. I guess I'm back in. Sorry if we were all a bit vitrolic before 9.6

Anyways, looks like you're organized, intelligent, and have a spai in our ranks! Hm…

Best of luck :D


MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3173

File: 1357534932706.png (31.21 KB, 500x500, 132650872607.png)

You can sort of delete the post reference I believe.
But that said, Yay! You're alive!

I'm not on either list. It makes sense, I haven't said I was in. I simply said I was in regardless of the story. So if it exists, I'm opted in for it.
This is an open ended, non-closing opt initude. Applicable on all fronts of fic and pony related materials.

>yet another /fic/ kerfuffle.
On the bright side, /meta/ was not involved.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3176

File: 1357535262624.jpg (17.34 KB, 353x268, 598743_335075273235191_2156482…)

Don't remind me

In any case, I'm not sure whether or not Madman has seen this, but I think (s)he may or may not find it useful. Plus, it took me three hours to put together so, not gonna waste that if I can help it.

Anonymous 3177

Well, we proven enough times we don't need /meta/ to practice sounding all our prides, so that only means we aren't fighting someone from the outside. Instead, we are just fighting each other, which is kind of ok, if you think about it.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3180


>sounding all our prides

I get "prides," but where does "sounding" come from?

Anonymous 3183


1.) Go to furaffinity.

2.) Look up Sounding.

3.) Enjoy.

Grif 3184

Interesting. Very intetesting.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3185


The horrible thing is that I actually don't have to.

But "sticking things into our prides" is rather a different meaning from "waving our prides around," isn't it?

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3186

File: 1357542952707.png (41.51 KB, 464x472, gettin all durped up in hurr.p…)

I give up. What am I supposed to be looking for? It's turned up everything from guitars to blades of grass.

I leave for a week... MalevolentSpoon 3187

And you guys accidentally the whole damn thread.

Srsly guise, wtf?

I don't know where /b/read leader went, and he/she's the one I gave my permission to. But the fact is, I don't care if this is the greatest thing ever or something Cassius will never let us hear the end of,




Also, since no one else has really said it (yet), this "Anonymous," who has no right or reason to stick his dick into our business, can shove whatever pile he draws up where the sun don't shine.


Yes, I've made use of this. Thanks for your help with that.

All of my supporting documents are on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/TheMadman

Please check them for any discrepancies or what have you. I'll still be watching this thread, but this will be my last post until I have something to present. Defer to the supporting documents to see where I'm at regarding you (or anyone else). Please email me if you have any questions that require a direct response.

Also, just to make sure there's no misunderstandings, I won't be adding anyone to the roll call unless they explicitly and unambiguously say they're okay with it.

Split Infinitive 3190

Hey madman you have my permission yo! I wasn't on the list so just sayan

>big players

Dem you high?


Now that I caught up with this properly, yes, you have my permission to use my (apparent) likeness.

Like Minty, I like to see how people at large view me.

I believe you can find my previous ponysona in the first HoRI.



I don't know why my name deserved any mention.

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3198

File: 1357575786203.png (332.06 KB, 1000x977, 0020-132649935290.png)

> I don't know why my name deserved any mention.

Because you're the current physical embodiment of disapproval? It's not as bad as it sounds though, but if people are looking for gruff and negative authority figure, your name tends to come up.


File: 1357577087267.png (38.94 KB, 200x200, Sum_Pony_shrug.png)

Oh yeah, you weren't against it, so that makes you an exception. I know you didn't opt in though, but watched from the sidelines. If you did, then you didn't do it through a post in the thread (rather, in the doc chat). One way or another I don't recall seeing your name in the story.

My point is this: look in http://tinyurl.com/TGRegulars and tell me if you see anyone apart from Kurbz, Snarkle, Filler and Grif who were in the original.

> Because you're the current physical embodiment of disapproval?
That title belongs to Grumpy Cat.
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Uma!hEhE.7jq9. 3207

File: 1357593334429.png (3.52 KB, 100x100, eye-cutiemark.png)

It seems I can't not dip into this, if only because this thread is too hilarious to ignore.

This thread has become, in its own special way, a comedy in three acts.

I mean, come on. Part of the hilarity of the original was that the crazed mystery author didn't ask anyone's permission. All they could do was look on in horrified fascination as the story continued, regardless of their wishes. Sure, there might have been some bruised egos, but people understood that it was a joke. The story was basically self-contained in /fic/, and so self-deprecating that you'd have to be crazier than the author to actually be upset.

Have we, as a group, really become so attached to our image that we have to make requests and demands? That there are certain things that shouldn't be done in your name, lest they offend your morals?

I feel like that's missing the point, somehow.

Oh well.

This post was edited by its author on .

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3208


>Have we, as a group, really become so attached to our image that we have to make requests and demands? That there are certain things that shouldn't be done in your name, lest they offend your morals? I feel like that's missing the point, somehow.

That's what I said from the beginning!

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 3209

I think that the whole point behind the original HoRI was that Ponychan's rules restricted what could be done within the story. Certainly, there were plenty of instances of possibly offensive material, but the "most offensive" material was done to the author by "me" who more-or-less consented to being the crazy kinky one.

And yes, given the fact that MLPchan is far less restrictive in terms of content, I believe that the group can ask for some considerations about what their characters are going to go through.

I really don't think anyone has asked for any considerations that are that restrictive. If anything, the requests serve to reduce the choices available to either author and will give them some measure of what to do (or not do).


File: 1357595891950.jpg (4.33 KB, 244x200, 1347109499943984.jpg)

Mm. A fair point. I'm not saying they shouldn't so much as they should be wary when doing so. Too many cooks spoil the broth, as it were.


This thread isn't marked as mature though. If someone posts mature stuff then it'd need to be in another thread.

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 3214

When the time comes, I'm sure whoever winds up being the author will make a new thread marked appropriately, and then link the thread in this one.

I'm waiting on an email response from the Madman, but I may let him use my character.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 3215

File: 1357605101394.png (872.26 KB, 680x399, 70212 - Guards royal_guards.pn…)

Uma, I got everyone's permission before I started writing them into HoRI.


And I stand corrected. Oh well.
I humbly withdraw my point. As you were.

Anonymous 3217

Well, except Ion, who was happy to go about the test drive with the original version of the story, where there was the bender.

Come to think of it, it was less asking and more people throwing themselves at the story to see what happens, so I don't think the comparison is even valid as you didn't do anything but try to juggle everyone, and… failed? It was kind of the point, so I don't know.
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One Who Waits 3440

File: 1358359612865.gif (101.59 KB, 1280x720, 214392__UNOPT__twilight-sparkl…)



I might be late, but I do deliver.

Here is the first chapter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Kb1WCxSeLEu51SBZgZGGoDZnUsIaJNe4-GRvrhZuMA/edit

Few "acts" have yet to happen, but the necessary plot device is now in place. Make of that what you will. Suggestions for what is to come are more than welcome.

>I'm waiting on an email response from the Madman, but I may let him use my character.
I believe I sent a response almost a week ago. Your participation/blessing would be appreciated (as would anyone else's).

As a reminder, here are the people I've currently got confirmed: http://pastebin.com/tcWCxy02

If your name isn't there and you'd like it to be, just say.

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 3464

File: 1358472321761.png (105.41 KB, 439x500, 065_Alakazam_Sharenators_Very_…)


Holy crap.


Grif 3465

File: 1358474533087.jpg (39.74 KB, 751x771, Fluttershy_grin.jpg)

>The Amazing Dolfeus
>The Amazing Dolfeus
>The Amazing Dolfeus

I like you already.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3466

> a controlled exhale

Since when did this word become a noun? Maaaaan, this is subtly bad in ways that beg a hardass reviewer sitting down with a big red pen and a suggestive look in his eyes - but on second thought: perfect.

Mood: cautiously optimistic. I don't think it would be fair of me to beg inclusion now, but I am looking forward to you making me regret my decision.


File: 1358476664627.jpg (177.12 KB, 686x976, YHtLm.jpg)

Why not? Might as well add me.


File: 1358477290563.png (160.15 KB, 1000x1171, Figments.png)


Me as well, and you can remove me from that innocent list of yours. Feel free to do as you please

With an updated design, no less

>pic of super sexy me

Anonymous 3474

File: 1358486241878.png (227.58 KB, 863x769, WhiteTheFox.png)

You seem to have mistaken my irritation for withdrawal, or were you not serious when you made that "reacts emotionally when unable to form a decent response." comment? Either way, I did wish to take part in this, I'm very interested to see how somepony else would portray my character. I've resolved to accept that it's crap for crap's sake, and the results are meant to be more hilarious than coherent.

Yes, I am aware that I am anon posting. You all know who I am.
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File: 1358529119658.png (33.17 KB, 174x169, AweSumPony.png)

Gee, just when I had pretty much given up all hope of this ever happening.

Looks like hell froze over, pigs can fly, and hopefully soon afterward we'll finally see my changes to Tinyboard get implemented around here.

Gonna read this evening when I get home from work.
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literally reading this with a bowl of popcorn…

shift button on touch screen… ain't nobody got time for that

if i had the energy i would have made sum pony expressing the yao ming face

> story

not sure if actively being bad in the meta sense. if not i couldn't really see it coming through unless there are distinct marks of a badfic that i have not noticed. reviewer instincts got the better of me nonetheless and i decided i'd post a few comments.

> don't try this at home

is it even possible, if dolpheus has exceptional power?

the post gender change examination seemed not wacky enough in its diction and tone to have me believe it has a droll wit, but at the same time is not hamfisted enough to seem parodically meta-bad

why is ad-hoc italicized? what's next, "et cetera" and "ergo" get slanted?

there is just enough /fic/ metropolis imagery for this to work. barely. the one reference to equestria by name is very jarring; symbolic representation of an internet location/community and actual place in show coexisting? dunno if i want to be reminded of that in a meta fic.

> there's never a dull moment…gender-bender

i think you meant past tense here since split is expressing frustration with the present (and nostalgia.)

all in all it's not bad but it's not like i'm holding my breath to see more.
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Sounds like you need a better tablet.


Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3500

>I'm the first antagonist
While I can't really tell what's being drawn on from my behavior, I now realize that I basically requested this. Also I'm amused by the fact that my name is the one given to the troublemaking jerk.

There is one big "bitchy reviewer" thing that sticks out to me, and that's the fact that my character is introduced with a big fat omni-narrator infodump. What?

And I really did appreciate the visualization of /fic/ as a city. Cute idea, do it more.

Other than that >what sumpony said


File: 1358625331299.png (32.66 KB, 200x182, Sum_Pony_NO-screenhoof.png)

> Microsoft tablet
Do not want.

In actuality, it was mainly that I was using FF mobile, in which autocorrect was for some reason not enabled as it is in other apps. Maybe it's a configurable option.

Good to hear I'm not the only one who thinks those things about the story.

Oh yeah, and in >>3492 where I said "if not" I meant "if so." Bottom line: it doesn't look intentionally bad anywhere for comedic purposes, so I ended up reading it like a normal story.
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All's fair in love and war (though I'd much rather you ask than beg, unless that's your thing). You're one of the few people that actually gave a substantive description of your character, which is a whole lot more helpful than you might realize.

I don't really have any intention of making it "hamfisted." I was rather going for that "droll wit" thing. Despite the subject matter, I don't see any reason why I can't put effort into making this as well-written as I can make it.

Contrarily, though, I don't have any plans to edit this. I'm pretty sure handing it over to anyone for a red-pen treatment would make the rate of delivery slow down to a snail's pace. My writing's not perfect, but I'd rather not let perfect be the enemy of good.

Also, you aren't on the roll call, you know. Hint hint
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Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3533

File: 1358744875073.png (365.67 KB, 640x480, image5.png)

No, begging isn't my thing. At all.

But I've thought it over and I'll offer myself if I'm useful to your story.

The fun part is that that character sketch I gave is, except for the obvious pony-parts 100% as true as I could.

Pic because stout porter and why-not-what-the-hell.

Have fun.


File: 1358755896265.png (39.83 KB, 255x300, SumMing.png)

> I don't have any plans to edit this.
Fine by me. The act of criticism was for its own sake, not because I want in on some sort of privileged editing dogpile like what happened in the original HoRI. This:
> you aren't on the roll call
is irrelevant.

For the record, you can use my character if you want, seeing as you've made amends and proven you can deliver. One way or another I'm glad something is being written.

Just because I happen to be interested in the story, however, doesn't mean I won't toss criticism at it if/when I feel inclined. This goes without saying: don't let it discourage you.
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File: 1358795053804.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.38 KB, 400x300, 24573758.jpg)


I'm not sure if I should be honored to be in the first chapter…

and it is giving me mixed feelings :/


File: 1361164785960.jpg (69.96 KB, 800x600, 11-faggot21.jpg)

Bump because needs status update.



"It'll be ready when ready."


Can't even say that with a straight face.


Is the opt-in list exhaustive?
… I'm not on it, is what I'm saying.

Update One-Up Baron!VRg7BW/4XQ 5011

Whoa! I didn't even realize this actually had something! SO AWESOME! I hope moar chapters are forthcoming. And why am I not on the list? I totally wanted to be in this! Didn't you see my last post? Anyway, good reads and good times.

Figments-MetroIE 5013


>Update post

>expecting OP to deliver

That's cute

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