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/fic/ Digest 556

#Publication#Discussion#We're Back, Baby

Welcome, one and all, to my humble abode. Here roam zombies and your humble necromancer, who has taken much delight in their quickening.

I have visited the empty ruins of the middling /fic/, and have found its wonders plentiful. But the temples of the ancients’ wisdom lie hidden under the sands of time, darkened forever to the world. The goal of this thread is to dig into that loamy cemetery—the final resting place these great repositories of knowledge—and produce from the rotting loins of those glorious ancients a palatable summation of issues to facilitate discussion. It is a shame to see many a gem buried when its life has concluded, never to be seen again save maybe by the chance spam bot. I plan to rectify this, and this seems a time good as any to do it.
In order to avoid unnecessary necroing, I ask everyone to keep within this thread when discussing and replying to the threads or topics. Let the Old Ones rest in peace.

Once I have surveyed a thread of suitable content, I shall write a digest of it, and post it here.

I do not promise to be unbiased.

I do not promise to contextualize the topic at hand.

I do not promise to be historically accurate.

I do, however, promise to resurrect to the best of my own ability the spirit of the discussion and to present it to you in an amicable and respecting manner.

Stay safe, Dear Readers, and stray not far from the path.
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File: 1352070062195.jpg (527.19 KB, 1272x1153, Katsuragi.Keima.full.628178.jp…)

Premise of this thread seems interesting. Wait and see …

Ion-Sturm 559

File: 1352072413990.jpeg (323.77 KB, 1920x1200, dark-pokemon[1].jpeg)

So, in essence, this is where we discuss threads that would have otherwise been lost to the ravages of uncaring time? I'm not entirely sure how it works. Might you provide a demonstration?


File: 1352075527013.png (145.1 KB, 278x598, 278px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Red.pn…)

I'll get the ball rolling either sometime tonight or tomorrow. Reading through a thread takes time, though, and writing a report on it takes more. It's a novel idea that could help to remember and preserve a few of the threads from the days of yore. I don't know what the exact format will be, but as time progresses I'll get better at finding and digesting threads.

Ah, and once I get the ball rolling, there's nothing stopping others from also finding and discussing old threads if they wish. It's an experiment; we'll just have to see how things go.


File: 1352078831591.jpg (468.52 KB, 1600x2263, daring_do_photo_by_leadp-d4sew…)

Ahh, okay. I might contribute my own thread, which I do believe is the oldest on /fic/ now.


File: 1352118912308.png (27.16 KB, 140x124, Power.png)

>claims to be necromancer
>starts a thread about reviving old threads from /fic/
>Ponychan's /fic/ is accosted by zombie threads

I assure you, I had nothing to do with this.


I was there when the threads got bumped. It was spambots. As usual.

Azusa!fG2qnvpWXU 572

File: 1352159292000.png (154.2 KB, 852x852, Lyra133907424541.png)

Pilot: Issue #1 741

File: 1352380018152.jpg (34.91 KB, 359x450, 10140205_gal.jpg)

Well, this isn’t the thread I was going to do first, but it’ll suffice.

OP Title: “Some Kind of Publication” by Anonymous
Life: (Jan 14, 2012 to May 22, 2012)
Number of Posts: 51
Gross Word Count (including titles, names, file names, &c.): 7,321
Estimated Word Count (excluding titles, names, file names, &c.): 6,403
Overview: The idea for a regular /fic/ publication is presented and discussed.
Choice Quote (serious): “Of course, something makes me doubt this project will actually get off the ground. The whole thread seems to carry a 'sounds cool, but you do it' vibe.”
Choice Quote (humor): “Blogpony fiat trumps all.”

This is a curious thread, I will admit, and it has much bearing on understanding the politics of /fic/. As a quick summation, the publication was to have several different kinds of content, from simple advice to stories to news. The idea proposed and refined, and Filler even implemented it, but the fervor died away and Filler’s little blog didn’t really do much.

It is unfortunate, though, that no enterprising individual stole this like a hot potato and ran with it. Filler’s attempt was notable, and seems to still update occasionally, but it is sadly lacking. (http://pegasusquill.tumblr.com/) I do like the idea of this particular tumblr blog, but it requires a great deal of work to maintain, so I do not blame anyone for not taking up that task.

Why this project never got off the ground, I believe, is due to two facts:
>No one was willing to do the work.
>The services proposed could already be found elsewhere, or were otherwise unneeded.

One of the incredible things about imageboards, and about /fic/ in particular, is that the more work you put into a project, the better it will do. If the project has enough merit, it may become great. If it isn’t such a swell idea, the thread will limp alongside the herd, painfully keeping pace with the pack. And let’s not forget /fic/ has a strong case of “if you build it, they will come.” I am biased in this regard, but I believe experimentation and innovation are key to keeping the board rosy-cheeked and spry.

Now, the /fic/ publication idea has its weak points, not least of which is the difficulty with getting out regular content. (I am sure to discover this with my own thread.) The other is simply a matter of being beaten to the punch. There are already many resources for everything from finding new fan-fiction to read to generic, but solid, writing advice. The publication would need to do these things better than they are already handled, whether by sheer good content, availability, visibility, or convenience. The first is doable with good writers, while the second and third are more difficult to accomplish on a “back-water board” as it was put in the thread. The last point may work, but requires large swaths of content from an accessible source, which I’m almost certain Equestria Daily has a monopoly on in the ponysphere.

Now, as the choice quote points out, having nifty ideas don’t really mean much. (Case in point, I’ve been sitting on my thread idea for months.) Implementation is the most important factor.

Though, seriously, if anyone wants to try to actually pull this off, feel free. It takes just one person to start soliciting and writing up advice columns, going around collecting underrepresented fics, noting news and events, and so on. Just be prepared for a lot of work and little help.
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File: 1352381546828.jpg (19.41 KB, 480x360, actually.jpg)

And then Seattle went and kickstarted Seattle's Angels. ^_^

Anonymous 744

Which is a sort of water down version with a long series of people that no one but he and his friends knows.

So, basically, it is a group of friends of the admins being christen good judges for no other reason than that. Except Nietzsche, who I know actually did more than one.
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File: 1352433175620.gif (891.54 KB, 400x267, 17310__safe_pinkie-pie_spike_a…)

Anonymous 789

Acting condescending won't change the fact Seattle's Angels is nothing more than circle-jerking amongst friends.


And depicting it as such a negative thing won't make it so.

Circlejerking is a poor excuse for an insult, a euphemism not unlike 'cancer' or 'autism' in that they are not essentially meaningless. There is nothing inherently wrong with it.


I agree, it is an absolute travesty that people who want to review and recommend fanfiction on a website have the ability to do so without already being famous.

Anonymous 799

There is something inherently wrong when they are given more exposure than many groups that came before them doing the exact same thing and the administration given two shits about them.

Or even DVP111, which started doing pretty much the same thing beforehand (and it not really possible Wanderer and crew didn't notice, they comment on it).

But fuck that, Seattle had a bright idea and original idea, selected 5 dudes and up he goes and gets direct access without as much as a question as to why him and his group other than any of the ones that came before him, died due to lack of traffic or exposure, and now people act as though they weren't ready for their time.

I call it a circlejerk because that's exactly how this was born. It was a group of friends, deciding that their friends were more important than anyone else, and running with it.

Indeed, it's just so sad everyone that wants the limelight can just come and requested it and be given to them without any sort of connection, or underhand dealings attached.


Seattle obviously asked, which is something I assumed those other groups didn't do. As we've recently learned in our own community, things sometimes do come to you if you ask for them, or at least they are more likely to than if you say nothing and expect your unspoken desires to be fulfilled by telepathic admins.

Anonymous 801

>Seattle asked
As did other groups, because they ask for exposure and then received a small mention at the end of things with little more than "Hey guys, this people are doing it, let us forget I ever said this".

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 802

File: 1352462027536.jpg (56.5 KB, 461x277, 13912725_gal.jpg)

Suddenly, Anons. Anons everywhere.
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File: 1352477090107.gif (117.85 KB, 500x500, mlfw943_Twilight_Glare[1].gif)

Oy vey, anons. If you want to make a separate thread discussing how Seattle's Angels are a bunch of talentless hacks, you have every right to do so. But at least show some respect to Dolfeus and stop shitting up his thread with this derail.

Dolfeus, my apologies for contributing to said derail. Keep fighting the good fight.


Dolfeus, do you ever sign into your Skype?

Polite sage.


File: 1352611988904.jpg (30.55 KB, 462x462, 12118493_gal.jpg)

Nope, I hate Skype with a passion. I didn't even know anyone had my whatever-it-is.


Oh, ok.
Could you sign into the IRC for a moment?


Hey Dolf, sorry about… shit that happened in your thread. I won't be responding to it—despite a metric fuckton of assumption and outright misinfo—so dinna worry.

This is a really novel thread idea, and I'm hella curious as to which one you're going to dissect next!


Thought you might like this, Dolfeus.


File: 1353474059612.jpg (36.91 KB, 462x301, 11449786_gal.jpg)

I haven't forgotten about this, but boy is it hard to muster up any kind of enthusiasm to produce anything. With that fic I've picked up in the training grounds and the Write-Off coming up, I might have to put this on the back-burner for another week or so.

I am so lazy.


Locked at OPs request. Just let me know when you want to re-open, dolfeus.

ALIVE! 6368

File: 1371510875802.jpg (267.24 KB, 1280x960, abra_papecraft_by_zimberdum-d5…)

By a few weeks I meant seven months.





This is going to be a very special edition of /fic/ Digest, for today we are looking at primordial /fic/ (aka /st/). No fancy-pants stats here, just a good old glance back to see how far we truly have come.

OPs in order of appearance:
>YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE by Anonymous (the Sticky before there was the Sticky) – posted February 17, 2011.
>Campfire Stories (extremely shippy) by Northern Lights – posted February 20, 2011.
>DJ by Scratch – posted February 09, 2011.
>Deadpool & Ponies by blackyousa – posted February 25, 2011.
>Fan fic idea [crossover, story in progress] by Anonymous – posted February 25, 2011.
>Untitled by Anonymous (“unhappy stories thread”) – posted February 12, 2011.
>Untitled by Falcon Doveowl (Derpy story recommendation) – posted February 25, 2011.
>WRITING A FIC. SEMI GRIMDARK (not hardcore) SEMI SHIPPING. By Arc – posted February 23, 2011.
>MLP – A New World by Kitten – posted February 21, 2011.
>The Stare Master by Aponymous (new episode speculation) – posted February 24, 2011.
And that’s just page zero. There are no serials. There are no review threads. No—*gasp*—Training Grounds. We have come a long, long way.

Keep being awesome, everyone

I mean it. What you all, what we all, have turned this board into is amazing.
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