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File: 1368073176279.png (996.59 KB, 800x694, mane_six_portraits_by_famosity…)

Why do you write? soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5398

Simple question. How you got into writing, what you hope to achieve doing it, what aspect of it you like most… What drives you, /fic/?


File: 1368074690212.jpg (11.71 KB, 200x189, blue1t.jpg)

Why ponies, or why in general?

I enjoy the world, built heavily upon its potential. Versatility makes for an intriguing source material, and here it may be found in plentiful bounds: Equestria can be at once late Victorian and High Fantasy, a mechanized powerhouse or a squabbling principality. It means any story, from cross eyed lovers to wasted catastrophes, can seem natural and compelling, if given the right burst of inspirational writing from the author. While such arguments could be made for any such existent source, it feels to me like it just naturally to Equestria. In that sense, I'm drawn to the potential of Equestria; the sheer potential to foster any sense of relationship between characters, the potential for any vision to become a reality in it's pastel environment.

I write, in general, because it is something I can be good at. It is not something I see myself doing as a career, nor is it a talent I would flaunt before my friends. It is something I can sit down, in private, on a rainy day or otherwise, and do without the distraction of the outside world. It's something I think everyone needs in their lives: an escape route. My Father sails, my friends geo-cache, I write. In that sense, I make it sound like a hobby. But it's a little more important than that. It's something I can relate to and talk about, something I can feel proud about being a part of.

I suppose writing arose as the most viable of options because of its low-level entry requirements. To write, you need not see yourself spending countless dollars on micro-transactions or oscillators. It is not something that takes a conscious and costly effort to begin, like learning an instrument or a sport. It is something that can just happen, given the right stimulus. Sure, that doesn't mean anyone who has ever been even remotely inspired will seek the fold of Dostoyvesk and Nabokov, but it is a more open invitation.


File: 1368123679446.gif (194.85 KB, 420x450, 255062__UNOPT__safe_twilight-s…)

I like writing because I love reading. There are too many stories out there that need to be put on paper, and I want to step up to help catalogue them all.

Oh, and I also like being a snooty author who sneers down at the masses and sniffs whenever he gets his nth comment and/or like. But that's clearly not important wait no it is.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 5414

I simply cannot help it.

If I wasn't writing ponies, I'd be writing something else, probably Pokemon.

It's just what I do.

depravedHydroxide 5415

If I had to say anything, it'd be that I write because writing is the one thing I'm particularly good at–even though I suck major ass. I can't really see myself doing anything but.

I've always had this fascination about building my own world, and that sole aspect has lured me into the writing game. What drives me is knowing that one day I can create a world in which people want to experience for themselves, rather than just reading about it.

A farfetched ideal, I know, but I still treasure it.

Snarkle(at)Office 5416

File: 1368193794608.png (344.86 KB, 945x945, too_much_pony.png)

I write because I would otherwise be devoured by the countless multitude of plot-bunnies that reside, lurking, in my skull. They watch me. They are only appeased by the addition of words to page, screen, or device. They each await their time in the sun.
But if I do not write… they become angry.

Anonymous 5417

Just got dem story ideas and decided, "Hey I should write these down!"

My stories suck, but I just keep writing because there's nothing else to do with these ideas.


File: 1368203547181.jpg (107.49 KB, 1008x566, Killer-Bunny--monty-python-and…)

Oh god.

The plot bunnies.

They're everywherrrrre


File: 1368224285619.jpg (79.23 KB, 900x677, Writer_Sketched.jpg)

This isn’t such a simple question for me to answer. I really can’t explain concisely and without resorting to cheap autobiographical melodrama.

I like to think that I am an artistic person, at least in the sense that I’ve always possessed the desire to express myself. I can’t draw due to crap visualization and motor skills, and my musical ear and taste are non-existent. That mostly leaves writing as a possible artistic out. Add to that a natural affinity for language (I’ve been fluent since junior high and knew English grammar better than Russian by the time I graduated) and an off-and-on love for reading, and that makes the choice obvious.

I’ve had “writing streaks” since childhood, just embarking on projects whenever inspiration struck and abandoning them after a few beginning pages. But I always came back to the keyboard and kept a notion somewhere at the back of my mind that I was a writer. A silly notion, considering what I wrote back then, but the desire was there.

When I got into pony, somewhere around early season two, I became extremely interested in fanfiction. I devoured everything, with little care for neither quality nor popularity. Naturally, I also wanted to write my own fanfics, which turned into another one of those fruitless streaks (and that’s a good thing, too). I collected a couple ideas, wrote a few pages, and then blissfully abandoned everything.

However, I have a natural predisposition for planning and thinking ahead, so I lurked around the fanfic scene. Learned that EqD has standards, read the editor’s omnibus and Ezn’s guide. Found out about the usual mistakes beginners make. Got into FimFiction, checked out who the “big names” are, got some semblance of taste. By the time I got to /fic/, back when we all hanged out on Ponychan, my outlook on writing changed considerably. As it turned out, there’s a lot more to this writing shindig than I thought.

So I read some stuff about writing, got a plan, and wrote up the first chapter of my first fic. After bouncing it around a couple of reviewers, it became apparent that what I could give wasn’t enough. Now, I believe that if you truly want to do something, you should do it right. And as I dug deeper on the net, searching for the ways to do it right, an entirely new world opened to me. I’ve found so much about fiction writing and literature in general, so many things I never noticed or considered important before. Everything, from the construction of a plot to the art of crafting sentences. It all seemed so big, and I wanted to know it all. My interest in language and writing was renewed with a passion I never knew I had, and that’s probably enough of a reward in itself.

In time, it became apparent that learning to write with skill would take a lot of work. Doubt crept in. I’ve got a degree to study for and other skills to learn. And of course, there is an undeniable emotional strain involved. Then the write-off rolled around, the Thanksgiving one. I’ve never before written anything that was meant for publication, I had barely any skill, even with grammar, and no training and methodology. Also, I had nothing to lose. So I told myself that I’ll stick to it until the write-off, and then let the results inform me of my prospects.

Suffice to say, winning was an absolute shocker for me. Nothing can quite compare to setting a goal, making a plan, sticking to it and reaping success in the end. I was ecstatic. It felt as satisfying as getting a 100% on the math test that guaranteed my entrance into the University I wanted to study in since fifth grade. I got the approval of my new friends, a sense of confidence and a vinyl Rainbow Dash! It’s the only piece of MLP merch I own, and it’s probably the most beloved trinket I have. Writing turned from a question of “if” into a question of “how.” And that’s where I am today.

I’m taking this endeavor seriously. I write every day. I pour a not-insignificant amount of time, effort and, yes, money, in the form of books (thanks for the free University education, Russia!), into writing. I strive to improve and write the best stories that, hopefully, will be read and liked. I won’t deny: I love attention. So far, I’ve only received positive feedback on the stories I’ve submitted to the write-offs, but it was absolutely intoxicating. It helps that I tend to take both criticism and praise close to heart, so even a single person liking my story makes the pursuit feel justified, even if the story itself ended up ranking somewhere in the last third. And there’s a lot of joy to be had in perfecting your skill, in learning something new about the craft, in finding something worthy of stealing in someone else’s story. Sometimes, writing brings me anxiety and feels like wading through a muck of self-punishment, but I’ve got enough proof to know that writing is, in the end, awesome.

What do I hope to achieve in writing? Well, there’s the skill and self-improvement, of course. I may someday graduate to original fiction. I want to write the stories that I want to write, but more than that, I want to write them well. There’s also the prospect of popularity, but I see that more as a proof of ability (har har) than anything else. But if I had to choose one thing, I’d pick making friends. Seriously. I’ve never been a part of a fandom or anything like /fic/ before, and the people I’ve already met are awesome. I love doing things like contests and collaborations with you, or simply chatting and hanging out. I enjoy being around talented people whose interests I share, and I‘d love to meet the great authors and readers this fandom has to offer. For all our bickering and drama, I firmly believe that ponyfans are a bloody lovable bunch.

Sorry for the tl;dr and the general sappiness. Got into the mood. It also doesn’t hurt to have a written account of this little journey. I hope reading it didn’t feel like a waste of your time.


Because I think it's fun and, like everyone else who uses the internet as their creative outlet, I crave the approval of faceless strangers to validate my hobby :P

soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5442

File: 1368365445994.png (451.28 KB, 857x933, scratch_vinyl_by_spittfireart-…)

Well, after reading all of the posts so far, I figure I may as well give my own.

At first I wrote for the one story; the one that I felt was missing that I wanted to write. After that took off, I wrote to keep updating that frequently with new chapters because when I read fics, I always loved when an author manage to get updates out quickly. After a few more chapters, I picked up editors and they began to show me how much more I could improve my writing. From there, I wrote to improve my writing because I felt my readers deserved a well written story. To this day I still try to write stories that should be, but have not been, written. I write to improve. And I write as much as I can for my readers.

I came into the fandom on an epic adventure fic called Growing Pains and it lead me to read both more adventure and shipping. The following stories, however, lead me to just read more shipping. Once I found Romance Reports, and once I finished reading it, other shipping fics just seemed to suck. They didn’t have enough conflict or drama. None of the relationships were real, full of hurt, or full of passion.

Growing Pains got me to like the TwiDash pairing. At the time there were next to no good shipping fics written with that pairing. I began thinking up this story; the only thing I had in mind was that when Rainbow Dash came out to Twilight with her feelings, instead of confessing to harbouring the same feelings, Twilight would reject her. Hard. That Idea saw to the first four chapters, but after that I wanted a resolution to the situation that wasn’t entirely happy, but cautious and restrained. I wanted their relationship to have problems—to not work out. I wanted to write about a problem couple.

So I did. The story is at 27 chapters and 93,000 words now, and the entire thing is one train wreck of a constantly fighting couple. I plan to end it soon and have them burn out badly on their path of destruction.

So long as I write, I’ll be looking for stories that should exist but don’t. The reason I’m interested in game development, actually, is because I could come up with hundreds of games that should exist but don’t. The nature of the medium opens up more possibilities for creativity than anything before it. I know I’ll keep writing for years, but what I really want to do is create a game that tells an amazing story. And I don’t mean something like Mass Effect, I mean something like Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, or Bastion.

Anonymous 5450

I've always done so. It's more of a habit now than anything else. It's kind of like drinking but with fewer hangovers. If it's not a story it's a journal. If I wasn't writing my thoughts down, I would be speaking them out loud.


File: 1368505869143.jpg (116.64 KB, 569x600, 292804__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-da…)

Because all of you are blind to the fact that the next big trend in literature will be lesbian fiction! I alone must be the one to get the snowball rolling that will turn into an avalanche.

Rodinga !vL.TDTGrPw 5452

I've always said: "If you show me a man who says he 'hates lesbians', I will show you a liar."

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 5528

File: 1369077332998.gif (796.15 KB, 350x330, 132650902897.gif)

>Simple question.
Of course it's not simple.

>How you got into writing,

Fics, I would have to say it's just part of human nature. The Odyssey is a fanfic. Humans like things to have reason, and we love telling stories. Put them together and we just love telling stories about things.

>what you hope to achieve doing it,

Nothing. I write for myself. I'm my audience, and greatest critic. Everything past that is just bonus.

>what aspect of it you like most…

Reading. Some people travel, some people eat gourmet cuisine, some people couch surf. I read 'amateur fiction'.
It's like getting to visit other people's brains for a few hours a day.

>What drives you, /fic/?

People will say creativity.
An artist looks at a blank canvas and sees what could be.
A sculptor looks at a rock and sees what could be.
A fic writer looks at canon and sees what could be.

They're not quite the same, but they start in the same place.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5548

File: 1369202723426.png (29.7 KB, 480x348, riter.png)

>How you got into writing

As a joke, I wrote clop between two people's RP characters. I liked everything about the experience. It was fun to write, the people in the RP thought it was a hoot, and I was pleased with the result.

I don't know if that was before or after I read Romance Reports. I do know that it was both reading clop, and writing clop, that made me want to write ponyfic… and, amusingly, writing ponyfic started me on my writerly ambitions.

Yes. The entire fact that I want to be a Writer(tm) started with clop.

I have never been in a fandom before, so R34 material wasn't a "well yeah, obviously" thing to me. Romance Reports blew me away, because I thought it was a really unique idea. A mature drama with My Little Pony characters–I thought that was super interesting.

Maybe the rest of you think that the concept of "R-rated My Little Pony soap opera" is incredibly obvious and not strange at all. If that's the case, then you need to put some clothes on and go for a nice walk around your neighborhood. When you get back, go ahead and read what's inside those quotation marks again now that you've been outside for a little while.

Romance Reports is not humorous/ironic juxtaposition i.e. it's not a big joke about characters from a show for little girls having hot sex. Romance Reports is also not a simple drama story with ponies in name only. No, Romance Reports is truly a story about Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Specifically, it is about Twilight Sparkle having sex with her friends. She acts like Twilight Sparkle, the setting is Ponyville, and the opening conflict (training to become Luna's lover) makes use of pony-canon.


I wanted to write some of that.

It started with phasing out the pony roleplaying thing I was doing and writing it as a fanfic instead–that's where The Sixth Age came from. Then I got myself to write about canon characters, and what I got was Fluttershy showing Gilda some "special kindness."

Turning away from roleplaying in favor of writing straight-up prose has been an amazingly positive experience. Let no roleplayer tell you that what they do is basically just like writing a story. They're wrong.

The main reason I'm here instead of somewhere else is that support structure for ponyfic is unreal. Nowhere else will a loser like me get an audience of thousands. Nowhere else will a loser like me have peers to give me the help that this community has. Ponyfic is a better learning environment for writing than anyone could ever ask for.

>what you hope to achieve doing it

I want to become a better writer. I want to become a "real" writer. And there's the fact that poni words has become a hobby for me. It's probably the only reason I'm still in the fandom–I still love ponies because now I have a pony-based hobby.

>what aspect of it you like most…

The process of creation. The presence of peers. The fact that I'm doing something sort of unique.

>What drives you, /fic/?

The feeling of developing a creative skill, and the opportunity to do it in a space where people can see it and give me that affirmation.
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File: 1369245135702.jpeg (77.58 KB, 500x499, 262660__safe_humanized_derpy-h…)

Dang, I didn't get into my writing subject of choice until I reviewed AppleShy Series for TTG. I feel kinda stupid now.

Anonymous 5556


>didnt get into my subject until

Stop right there, criminal scum.

Clop is not "my subject." Neither is anything else. Someone who's stil learning shouldn't have a "main" subject if they really want to grow and develop.

Why yes, that statement *was* aimed at you, very perceptive of you.


I meant that it's strange that most of the stories that got me into fanfiction much like the ones I write. Memories in a Bottle is the one exception, but that story isn't really shipping per say.

Baron!VRg7BW/4XQ 5651

I write for much the same reason that a shark swims. If I ever stop writing, I can no longer write. This is the primary reason my board visits are so few and far between. 99% of what I write I never publish though, so… Still, one of these days my hooves will deliver a fic so juicy and shareable that I will rejoice and be glad. And that's why I write.

HomoNovus 6258

I actually want to write my own shit, ideally to a semi professional level, but well that aint going to happen cuz I'm shit and I tend to delete nearly everything I write out of sheer cringe.

Anonymous 6290

I'd say "Challenge Accepted" but.. I have my own small beef with Lesbians, so it isn't the culture in general that pisses me off, I just meet the extreme man-haters.

…and this is me not even trying to converse with them in an attempt at courtship, I just seem to have all the bad luck. That's my two cents.

Tactical 6305


I know a lipstick lesbian or two, a couple of really cute androgynous butch types, and some unattractive nerd chicks who are also wild-ass left wing college progressives.

Those are who I've met face to face. Where are you finding man-haters?

Anonymous 6327

Mostly Texas, Don't know why. I think it's just my luck, is all. I've talked to a few online who were cool, but face to face, I get all the shit luck.


To add a little context to this: Homosexuality was illegal in Texas until 2003.

Anonymous 6330

You ever notice how some things were "Illegal" within the past 100 years?

…give me back 1920 through 1932, You alcoholics can go back to the underground and pick up organized crime again, I don't mind.


File: 1371340295304.jpg (22.65 KB, 339x425, 3251334_gal.jpg)

I believe you mean sodomy.

I was out-of-country for Lawrence v. Texas, so I can't recall it very well.

Anonymous 6602

The reason I write is because I'm trying to do that for a living because it's what I love, the fan-fics are just practice for me I like working with a pre-existing character with their personally and traits already given to them.

Anonymous 7318

>What got you into it
I don´t know man… I think it was when that youtube friend got me into rp with her. Pretty autistically we kept sending pragraph after paragraph back and forth and that kinda made me want to write better and more stuff.

>What you hope to achieve doing

Replicate apprpriate human behavior and reactions. Really roping people into my stuff and making them enjoy the world I create for them and me. And depending by the fic make them cum real hard or make them shed tears out of laughter.

>favorite aspect

Social interactions. How they talk and what they say. Conveying messages subtly with words without whipping out the sledgehammer

>what drives your fic

Hopefully an unique idea but too often just boredom and nonsense tryingng to pass some time

Anonymous 7331

File: 1384634793282.jpg (280.36 KB, 1280x1179, rapeeee.jpg)

>How you got into writing
Read a lot of books

>what you hope to achieve doing it

Absolutely nothing

>what aspect of it you like most… What drives you

I like the noticing the anons give me when i write interspecies sex and underage horse molestation for them.

Anonymous 7350

I write because the show inspires me to do so and the ideas I have gotten from it sometimes even cloud my head and the only way really to clear it is to write about it.

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 7351

File: 1385843682735.jpg (14.78 KB, 317x400, 12148526_gal.jpg)

Wow, did I never actually reply to this thread? That needs to be rectified posthaste.

>How you got into writing

Five years ago I wrote some Pokemon fanfiction. Because I was a riter. And that's what riters do.

>what you hope to achieve doing it

I hope to write things.

>what aspect of it you like most

Being able to express myself semi-clearly in at least one medium. That is a true joy.

>What drives you, /fic/?

It's because I'm a writer, and that's what writers do. A writer who didn't write things wouldn't be much of a writer at all.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 7353

File: 1386267662314.jpg (18.87 KB, 370x404, 631.jpg)

ive always loved writing, hopefully one day i can write a book, not necessarily to get published, writing really relaxes the mind.

im just lurking around, i usually avoid fanfiction

Ghosties 7383

*shrugs* I dunno, I got into poetry when I was a kid in middle school and from there an interest grew in the written word.

Johnny 7389

I didn't, but here's how: Get a smooth writing style and rich vocabulary, you need a good order/structure and your writing to have transition words and adjectives. Then write rich, but clear descriptions and watch your pacing when it comes to writing action. When writing description you should think as if you were writing a script and had to tell the storyboarder exactly how the scene goes and how much time passes, that sort of stuff.

The achievements of writing… the results are pretty weak if you aren't talented enough to execute ideas properly and it's hard to do that with no visuals and audio. But the actual achievement is that if you find a publisher you will write a comic, cartoon, movie, sitcom in a much refreshing, clever and content-filled way than others. I found spiderman comics to have much more content and good takes than the 90s show. Who knows maybe you'll be the next dumbass to get cash, like Michael Bay, except this time you won't produce a pile of shit.

The aspect and drive… it's like writing your own living breathing world with it's traditions&landmarks, and charming characters with their ambitions and perks. It's the ability of modifying existing content or producing new content by ideas translated into words.
Though the drive and the end result would be much, much more rewarding if you could just imagine,save and edit the visuals&voice acting in a second on your hard drive or movie reel. Most jokes, character emotions and action require visual cues and timing to work effectively, which text doesn't have. Text doesn't have the smoothness of a running visual.

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