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Of Opening Scenes and Men Ion-Sturm 539

#Story Help #Discussion #Just for Fun

Every writer knows this feeling: You have a real whopper of a story idea, something that's burning a hole in your very soul as it demands to be unleashed upon hapless paper by cruel pen (or pencil for those of us with sausage fingers). Everything is laid out, from beginning to end. The climax is as stupendous as it is moving, the subtle nuances of character development that makes them seem almost like old friends you've known for your entire life, vivid and captivating descriptions that make the world pop out of the page…

Now if only you could make the first damn sentence!

It's like trying to roll a fifty-ton stone; once it's going nothing will stop you, but reaching that point is a story in and of itself, and not a particularly interesting one at that. Every time you jot down that opening you scrap it, disgusted by the vile mash of letters and broken dreams that stares back. Maybe you'll manage to create something that doesn't make your stomach roil, only to hit the same problem upon finishing the paragraph, the page, the chapter! A never-ending cycle of self-doubt as you question your very existence, or at least the reason why the abomination of prose that stands before you hasn't been removed from it.

But lo! that is the purpose of this thread, to help you power through such trials and tribulations. How, you ask? Why, it's quite simple.

See that backspace button?

Rip it out by its roots! Crush it with a hammer! Incinerate it with a lighter and hairspray bottle! It matters not how you remove its insidious temptations, only that you do not use it once in this entire exercise. Your purpose is singular; to write, to put your words to work, to create. Furthermore, you will not move backwards to add additional words or make use of the Insert function to overwrite your mistakes. There is only one direction to go and that is forward. Set a time limit for yourself, it matters not whether it is mere minute or an hour or a day, nor should it concern you if you go past this into the tail end of the morning. Your only objective will be to add to the muse, to build a foundation and see what wonders you are capable of creating without such ugly sirens like as “flow”, “grammar” and “punctuation” demanding attention undivided. There will be time to appease them later. For now though, you write for yourself!

For those that do not enjoy such florid prose, the rules are simple:

This thread is designed to help you power through the opening scene of your story, as well as potentially helping you spot common errors in your typing (for example, I often spell “since” as “sicne”).

You may not, under any circumstance until your self-imposed time limit is done, make any edits or revisions to what you write. Nothing. You will write, and that is all.
Once the time limit is up you may, of course, rework it in any way you wish.

The time limit is absolute; you must continue writing until it is spent. Whether you continue past this point is your own decision, but quitting before is up is a mark of shame. Shammeeeeee.

While you are encouraged to post your work on the thread, you are not obligated to (not that anyone could force you to, anyways). Additionally, reviewing your fellow user's work is encouraged.

And remember, have fun!
Good luck!

Anonymous 7320

I can't even believe no one ever replied to you, I'm most dissapointed.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 7323

just for the hell of it I'm going to try this but I warn you my mistakes get ugly once thay stary happening. okay, cool I thought I was going to get through that whole first sentence withou a single mistake. huh. I mist have improved some since that last time i did this. it was hardly reabable. this is a very interesing excetcise, because it helps show me my common fingering habits while timypng. things I can learnto fix and/oravoid in the future. huh, kinda fun actually. it's initially frustrating that I can't fix what are obvious errors, but since I'm going to learn something from them it's nice n the long run. okay typing done. let's sww what it looks lie.

Smokeydapon3!L9hT7oDU1E 7328

I love to write but I cant write without topic because im too self-conscious

Anonymous 7329

What does being too self-conscious entails?

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