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File: 1367892839242.jpg (91.32 KB, 960x768, civ4main1280x1024.jpg)

Worldsingers, a Collaborative Project 5350Locked

Welcome to WorldCorp, your one-stop shopping destination for realms, planets, and planes. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep you limbs within a reasonable radius of your keyboard at all times.

Worldsingers is a collaborative effort to create a world licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 3.0), which you can find here: (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), with attributions made to “Worldsingers.” While it is the intention to make a world which has a Friendship is Magic feel, there’s no guarantee of the finished product sharing much of anything with FiM.

While this thread is on the /fic/ board, that doesn’t mean that members of other boards can’t participate, with the intention of eventually moving over to other boards like /art/ and /rp/. Ultimately, the goals here are 1) to host an event to facilitate camaraderie among MLPchan-goers of the various boards and 2) to have an expansive, interesting, and inspiring world open to the public for anything from role-playing to art to writing to music or to whatever the heart's desire, given they follow the license.

Now on to everyone’s favorite part:

The Rules:
1. Sign up below if you want join.

2. Each participant will be in charge of a certain part of the world, chiefly:

a. Geography and History
i. Cartography (if desired)
ii. Major Historical Events and Figures
iii. Climate, Fauna, Foliage, and the Like.

b. People and (Their) Places
i. Politics, Economies, and Nations
ii. Religion and Mythologies (Objective and Subjective [Note])
iii. Cultures

c. Magic and Technology
i. Major Systems of Magic, Their Rules and Bases
ii. The Advancement of the Civilizations
iii. The Impact of the Above

3. These parts can be revised or divided into further sub-divisions depending on 1) the number of participants and/or 2) the personal decisions of the individual(s) entrusted with the cluster(s).

4. The sign-up period will be from now to Monday, May 13, midnight UTC. (The project will still be open to latecomers should they want to join, but they’ll have to assist a current participant or come up with their own valid, but unused, Creation Category.)

5. If you sign up, you agree that all the work you create for Worldsingers is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

6. After the deadline, I’ll present a properly balanced questionnaire divided into a group or cluster for each participant.

7. The participants will chose the cluster they want in the order they signed up, with myself going last.

[Note]: Objective Mythology is the reality; Subjective Mythology is how the peoples view it.

List of Participants: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fDBzX2KuL-bC7cnHcbQ152OT8zxtFljELA7I8Zd9OgY/edit?usp=sharing


File: 1367893072910.gif (142 KB, 413x470, 25325 - animated artist%3Apier…)

GVeezy signing in. I want Systems of Magic, as well as at least some Nations/Politics (if it's possible to double up; if not, I'll take the first one).

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5352

File: 1367893435712.png (225.74 KB, 638x448, IR_SMRT_PWNY.png)

I wanted magic. Ah, well. Beaten to the punch. I can totally archive the abilities of different races.

depravedHydroxide!ThisIsntFigments 5353

dH here, promising I'll take this one seriously. If it's not impossible to grab two, I'll take Major Historical Events and Figures and Religion and Mythologies


File: 1367893766251.png (11.99 KB, 474x209, Fic.png)

Everyone keep in mind that while you guys are going to get to decide what to choose, I'm going to decide how to divide up the categories.

Just a thought.
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5355


I have already done an original setting regarding Systems of Magic. I would love to blather about it in hopes that you guys like the ideas.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5356

File: 1367893849751.png (114.4 KB, 307x477, Don't look at me, I just call …)

I have a feeling we ALL have a system in our heads for how magic works, considering there wasn't one provided in canon.


Hmm, sure I'm up for that. I've got a few ideas, mostly inspired by ponies and Gall Force.

That's four!

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5358


Who said it's pony-related?

The system in my head for how magic works is that nobody knows how magic works, and everywhere are pockets of culture that do magic differently. Over here are wizards who draw from leylines, over here are wizards who have no idea wtf a leyline is and perform magic by dancing like Yuna, and over here are wizards whose idea of magic is creating great temples with magic properties.

depravedHydroxide!ThisIsntFigments 5359


Not really. It's actually two, if you pay attention to the categories.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5360

Ooh, little bell chime when I'm replied to. nice. You make a good point.


Then my conceptualization is completely different. Assuming gods are involved (or even if not), magic is a fundamental force of the universe tied to the expression of consciousness or sentience in living organisms. Think of Diane Duane's books (if you've read them). Manipulating this force through conscious thought allows one to affect the other forces (or their expressions) in various ways.


Then again, this isn't necessarily mutually exclusive with your idea of it; if anything, it fits even better ("Your Mind Makes It Real")

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5363

Diane Duane totally has a place in my magic cosmology! They see that fundamental force of the universe as something to be expressed via all that cool stuff like the magic of flattery and the way Nita and Kit "talk" to the things they manipulate.

Yes! You have magic dancing, magic architecture, magic gardening… and over here are the guys who perform magic via asking the universe very nicely, and sometimes persuading or bribing it.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5364

File: 1367894252976.png (117.96 KB, 945x945, Aie dung nuh mang.png)

Mine is entirely based on manipulating energy and energy transfer. Leylines are total bs, imo.


File: 1367894311884.gif (358.2 KB, 512x288, headdesk.gif)

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5366

File: 1367894460144.jpg (11.83 KB, 344x327, 131097087621-pinkamena.jpg)

I'm confused. What's your point? I know how to use magic in fiction like that, and yeah, tvtropes is a great website for teaching it, but why the headbanging?

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 5367

>that gif
You only ever use that gif when you're trying to act superior by invoking what you see as a higher authority and/or a Rule What Ought To Be Followed, which half the time isn't worth looking to as an authority and/or is totally irrelevant, and in this case it's both.

And even if it is relevant, you are doing nobody any favors, including yourself, by passive-aggressively explaining nothing.
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No, I'm telling you to keep it simple! Arrg!


File: 1367894720102.jpg (15.2 KB, 203x285, 3076710_gal.jpg)

No bickering now. The fun hasn't even started. I don't want to have to arbitrate any of you guys' arguments.

depravedHydroxide!ThisIsntFigments 5370


Yeah! Quit starting pointless and stupid fights! That's my job!

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 5371

File: 1367894791005.png (115.75 KB, 800x600, 132631991036.png)

I think you're confused. We were simply giving a brief summary of how we had come up with magic working. no one said anything about complicating things, or getting too elaborate.

um, assuming there's even a problem, don't you think you're just adding to it?
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File: 1367896932500.jpeg (55.31 KB, 365x450, otto_von_bismarck.jpeg)

So, seeing as the rest of the board is arguing about magic (which, hey, I mean, fair enough), I'll just slip in the back here and stick my hand up for Politics, Economics and Nations. If, well, if no one minds at all.

!!1nl+s1l6dQ 5373

File: 1367898288842.png (237.47 KB, 529x505, spike90.png)

Not to rain on the parade, Dolfeus, but…

Is there an explicit connection between Worldsingers and MLP? If there isn't, I'm afraid I'll have to move it to /rp/ or /ooc/. You said that the connection between some fics and MLP is tenuous at best, sure, but as long as they call themselves pony and mainly have ponies, it still has that. This, not so much.


File: 1367898682062.png (2.4 MB, 3200x1600, cassie_by_equestria_prevails-d…)

This is /fic/, not /ponyfic/.
>The board for fanfiction review, brainstorming, critique, creation and discussion.
I don't see "pony" anywhere on there. Do you?

I might pick of Cultures.


File: 1367899277457.png (111.88 KB, 448x377, spike72.png)

You can't seriously be using the same argument as that Tarra Byte guy from months ago.


File: 1367900206555.jpg (517.56 KB, 2512x1606, 22092_spice_and_wolf.jpg)

How about we agree that the most intelligent race of beings in this world has to be part pony? Similar to the girl in the picture.
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Signing in.

I'd like to write in the category of "Magic and Technology" (any subcategory will be fine). Failing that, I pick "People and (Their) Places".


File: 1367906402873.gif (283.55 KB, 250x160, tumblr_lv6df84O2q1r0qtyz.gif)

Name doesn't ring a bell. And I fail to see how moving this to /rp/ or /ooc/ would change anything in the realm of "Not MLP-related".

I assumed ponies would be one of, if not the, dominant race.



"I assumed ponies would be one of, if not the, dominant race."

I assume this is all something we can decide upon later. As of now, there's nothing saying that it's definitely not pony-related.

## Mod 5380

File: 1367910565388.png (196.5 KB, 488x498)

He made two threads here trying to get readers for his Green Lantern fic called Edgeville. The threads have since been deleted, but he was the reason the word "pony" got added to the first line of the sticky. You should remember–you were there, doing then more or less what I'm doing now. Or at least I'm pretty sure you were, because you've posted in pretty much every one of those types of threads.

As for why moving, it's because /rp/ and /ooc/ don't have pony restrictions. I'll hold off on moving the thread for now, but if this is as related to MLP as Edgeville, it should be treated the same way. If anyone wishes to discuss this further, we can do so outside of this thread, be it through email (spike at mlpchan.net) or IRC.
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If I might pop in and appeal this, the reason this is in /fic/—whether pony-related or not—is because it's primarily aimed at the /fic/ community. I'm sure they're quite nice, but honestly, this isn't (at the moment) for /rp/ or /ooc/ (unless I'm gravely mistaken). This was made as a /fic/ collaboration project; I don't think myself, Ion, or DemPonies regularly trawl the /rp/ board.


File: 1367925185611.jpg (6.94 KB, 201x251, 11.jpg)

Sorry for the absence, sleep wanted her eye-crust back.

>I'll hold off on moving the thread for now, but if this is as related to MLP as Edgeville, it should be treated the same way.

Just one more clarification in-thread for everyone:
In order for a Creative Commons license to work, the makers have to hold the copyright. If the world is a "derivative" of MLP:FiM, then Hasbro technically holds the copyright, and we have no right to apply the license. Therefore, Worldsingers is not derivative, but rather inspired by MLP.

I can talk about specifics elsewhere, if that is necessary.

Anonymous ## Mod 5383

Moved to >>>/ooc/12632.

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