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Metal Gear Rising Brainstorming Blank! 5298

I'll say here the same thing I said on fimchan:

I want to write a Metal Gear fic, specifically one based on Rising, but the entire series has some great materials. It's just that I don't know how to transition from the show's setting to something that would allow all the high drama and combat spectacle that would allow this story to work.

So far, I've only been able to think of using a Post-Fallout-Equestria setting; we've got robots, firearms and armed conflict are something ponies are familiar with… but it feels a mite too recursive.

As Raiden would say in "The War Still Rages Within", "The only way out of the cycle, is to strike out and pave your own way" (says the guy who writes crossover fanfics…)

I mean, just look at this pic. It is so incredibly cool, it *demands* writing. My fingers are *itching* with the need to tell this tale.


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There's already a thread for story ideas.

Blank! 5310


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