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Single-Breath Fics Tactical DidntBringMyTrip 52

Shiny new booooooard!

I figure this board should prove itself via people breathing life into it, so I guess I'll be the one to do that. In this thread, write stories that are a single paragraph long and no more.

It's a challenge, it's a creativity excercise, it's an easy and fun little game to take your mind off what you SHOULD be doing right now. So put fingers to keys and see what comes out! Maybe a brief moment, maybe a philosophical manifesto, maybe a Pony Clop Haiku (tm). Who cares? Write it!

There aren't any rules, thougqh I guess you should keep content under control? If it were me I'd say go for it with clop but put a lid on well and truly *dark* themes. You know which ones. That's my personal preference, though, far be it for me to censor you.

Eustat, element of cynic 81

1. For sale: shoes, foal's, never worn.

(ripoff, true, but somepony had to do it)

2. The cellar door swings shut with a final boom, another year's harvest come to fruition. In the barn harness and tackle are put up smelling of sweat and lanolin but Applebloom worries. Leave it to Equestria to be needing saving again regardless of her sister's obligations. They manage. They always manage. Little Fiji is big enough now to be a real help, not just a pretend one. His energy reminds Apple Bloom a little bit of herself at his age. When Twilight comes back with Fluttershy alone and there's only the shake of a head and there are no words, Apple Bloom wonders if he can feel the unfillable space his mother leaves and if it is better if he cannot.


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It wouldn't be the same without some Hemingway. My opinion: Needs more Hemingway
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Blah 189

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Heh. Four years ago I'd have been the champ at this, but since then a lot has happened. I've read a lot of books, I've begun to write fan fictions, blah-blah-blah; the details are more or less boring. The point is that I've learned a lot about writing and I can no longer produce an entire story in as consolidated a frame as one paragraph. Unless of course I write a one paragraph long self-insert about itself, kind of like the one you've just finished reading.

I'll try to write a better one later

Tactical AttentionWhorse 190


Funny, I actually made this thread thinking I'd be putting stuff in it myself, but right after I did, I got caught up in a project that still really excites me.

I do have a couple of floating ideas that might be nicer in this format than as a 1000 word short, though. So maybe I'll come back here.

I also want to write more pony clop haikus because those are silly.

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