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Editor Wanted / Needed - Please inquire within 4939Locked

Alright, so I've been told by no few ponies that I need an editor / proofreader. These two things may be mutually exclusive but I don't know.

Given that I'm still pretty new to this fanfiction business, I don't have the foggiest where else to look for help.

So, on the suggestion of Figments from the #FimFiction chatroom, I've decided to come here and put out my post in the hopes that somepony will come along and help me be a better Fictioneer.

My FimFiction profile can be found here - http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Lapis-Lazuli

I currently have four works that will need Editing asisstance-
My finished fic, "Twilight Struggle" Needs a thorough cleanup job.
My in progress fic, "Codes Apprentice" could use a full time editor to help me keep this monster in line.
I have a one-shot fic, "Musical Relations" That is currently about a quarter of the way done, and I'd like to get edited and reviewed before I post it,
And I have an upcoming multi-part fic, "Twilight Fall" which will also need an editor for the entire series.

For those of you who may be interested in helping with any or all of these. You can either contact me here, at FimFiction or at my E-mail address.

Thanks to anyone who responds, or just has some kind advice to give me on the subject of looking for help or editing.

Peace love and Ponies, y'all.


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A few things:

>Read the sticky

>Please submit your stories to the writer training grounds if you want a review. >>3448

>Please use the #fic IRC channel on Canternet if you want to ask for a review privately. http://derpy.me/WW2YK

>More information about your stories would be useful.


File: 1364609842579.gif (948.56 KB, 450x389, 4fd.gif)

For not reading the sticky, you get no help. Take this Nightmare Fuel-inducing picture as the consolation prize.


I read the sticky, there was nothing there that denoted Editors or where to look for them.

I am not looking for a damn review, I've already posted looking for a review. I'm looking for someone who will help me fix what the reviews point out need fixing.

But clearly, that's not going to happen around here.


Disregard thread. Delete it if you guys want.

## Mod 4950

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/fic/ generally sees editing as grammar-only reviews. The closest thing you'll find here to what you're looking for is probably a grammar-only review in one of the review threads. Given how some reviewers go through stories line by line and pointing out every error they spot, it's pretty much editing.

From the last twelve months, I can count the number of people who got editors by asking for them in threads like this on one hand (it's zero), so while threads like this are not against any rules (Hear that, Sturm?), they are heavily discouraged due to how low your chances of finding an editor are. You doing this is like posting your resume somewhere while looking for a job rather than applying to them.

If you have any questions, Lapis-Lazuli, you can find my email in my name.

Also, to others: No more unsubstantial "read the sticky" posts like >>4941. If you're going to tell someone to read the sticky, copy and paste the part you're referring to into your post. And even then, don't derail the thread. If you can't post without derailing, report it and ignore it. Thread locked.

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