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Fucking Casperfic! !Vaglicksuk 4565

Hi y name is Casper and i've recently started writing an awesome fic, my friends say it's a really gud idea, so ar i've only written proloq, but i have idea in head.
Title is plaecholder.

Worst Shit Ever
A Casper fanfic


Rainbow Dash soared through the air dropping rocks upon rocks to the beat of their foul wardrums on the hoards of some real nasty creatures.
Man oh man, was theese creatures nasty, like, not Discord nasty, but still really nasty. The rocks fell down crushing skulls and bones.
She could hear her friends and alot, ALOT of other ponies marching towards the battlefield led by the warscratches of lead turntablist Vinyl Scratch.
The war had been going on for like, a week, wich is like a long ass time, pony time, but the battle had just begun.

ALOT of other ponies Anonymous 4566

File: 1363085911296.png (1.25 MB, 6110x3363, fluttershy_alot_by_asdflove-d5…)

Anonymous 4567

meh, it's been done.


File: 1363116188480.jpg (136.61 KB, 887x901, c7e.jpg)

Made me respond.

!Vaglicksuk 4571

File: 1363116508723.png (624.98 KB, 4000x3750, LE-DVD-FAIC.png)

this is not a game of trolling you

Tactical 4572

In that case, give up on writing until your balls drop.


File: 1363126565041.png (486.81 KB, 712x576, ARnnmUY.png)



Unfortunately, you've really not given anyone a whole lot to work off of.

Even in the realms of writer-made single-story threads (Which, as many will tell you, are supremely frowned upon) this is rather short. And, if the story is meant to be intentionally bad (as I draw from your title), you really should make sure the rest of your OP is written in a much better manner than it currently is. It gives credibility.

That said, what you have doesn’t really seem like a prologue. It seems like the first draft of the first draft of the beginning of a prologue. It just isn’t enough to give you anything really helpful right now.


What they are trying to say is that criticism is going to come, and that you should not be shocked at it. When you give someone so little to work over, don’t be surprised that their answer shows as little apparent effort as the thing they are replying to. This is a give-and-take process. If you want depth, show depth.

This might be a good idea, or maybe it’s been done to death and the resulting corpse further beaten with a rusty pipe. However, until there’s an actual story to look at, we’ll never really know. A few sentences rarely make a complete story on their own.

Try coming back when you have more to this (and kindly put it in the TTG or some other reviewing thread when you do). You’ll find the criticism still biting, maybe even harsh depending on your reviewer and the results of your labors, but it will likely be a lot more helpful in any case. Give us more, so we can give you more.

Tactical 4576


Actually, what I'm saying is that this is beneath even what makes a trollfic funny.

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 4589

Casper, it looks to me like you're testing out the waters with this whole fic-writing thing.

And you're drawn to troll-fic as a safe place to start. Because it's supposed to be bad. It isn't. Argembarger is fucking awesome, and if you can't be even a tenth as funny as he is, you probably shouldn't try.


Don't give up on writing. Go ahead and try non-troll, which is easier than troll-fic by a long shot. You'll have to deal with writing legitimate crap until you figure it out, but everyone does. It's called "paying dues."

Actually, you'll always write crap, it's just that eventually you start fooling people that it's halfway decent.

6 people 4590

File: 1363238872105.png (242.5 KB, 894x894, 1362440934657.png)

6 people do not know how to use "sage" nor the hide button.
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Please don't make assumptions about what I can and cannot do. It offends me. I intended the non-sage above.

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