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Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell - discussion 4508

This may be slightly off topic, but the book is technically fanfiction. Plus I'm kinda curious what other writers think of it.

Read it here if for some reason you can't purchase a physical copy: http://derpy.me/Bnl1r


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>but the book is technically fanfiction
In that it's not considered canon?

>Twilight had received her very own set of wings. Real Pegasus wings!

First of all, that's worded the way I might say "A set of antlers mounted on the wall. Real moose antlers!" I can't help but imagine Twilight ripping the wings off a hapless pegasus and absorbing them into her body.

Also, the pony species would appear to need their names capitalized, although I wouldn't expect a young child's story to be particularly observant of the finer mechanical details. Something to consider, perhaps.
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Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4510

I'm rather excited to read it, myself. Of course, I'd rather support the efforts of there being official fanfic, though I have no idea where I'd buy one.

Ion-Sturm 4517

File: 1362850896190.jpg (48.59 KB, 423x750, 1362755091724.jpg)

From what I've read, it sucks in both the mechanical and stylistic sense. Even with regards to it being a young child's story, its writing is simple to an insulting degree, filled with poor sentence structure and word choice. The author was also obviously only privy to very limited portions of Season Three and many developments contradict the events of the story, a case of the left hand not only having an inkling of what the right hand is doing (most likely waxing off into a big bag of money). The story has several puns and references, which are about as limp as a hundred year-old man's dick and did nothing to dispel the pall of utter soullessness that hangs over the story like a guillotine's blade.

The only good part of this story was the thread discussing it, wherein I found this gem of a picture.

Anonymous 4519

Having not read it, and not wanting to find those kind of pictures to scare off whatever enthusiasm I have left, what are the inconsistencies with the show?


File: 1362873951156.png (337.09 KB, 754x801, eb4.png)

The story takes place after Trixie's redemption (since Twilight is a princess), but in it Trixie is nothing more than a two-bit (hurr hurr) saturday morning cartoon villain who's teamed up with Gilda to play antagonist.

It also establishes a lot of elements that may or may not be canon, such as Cadance being an orphaned pegasus that grew up in an earth pony village before Celestia found her. The comics are canon (at least until the show contradicts them, since it takes precedence), but I'm not sure where these stories stand in regards to EU.

There are other bits, but I barely skimmed the story and those two are the most worthy of mentioning.

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