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Attention all reviewers and Judges!! SarfTheMagnifico !wggeWu9bgQ 444

As co-host of MLPchan's /fic/ write -off, I am hereby officially announcing that we are hiring new judges!

Our last event had a bit of a rocky slope, and I didn't have the luxury of screening the already unstaffed group we had.

However, I am taking the time now to rectify that. If you would be interested in being a part of the reviewing process, or would like to chip in to the whole process, I will be taking applications via email at [email protected]

Applicants will be screened. I will be asking a few questions and providing them with a piece of literature to review.

I am looking forward to hearing from those interested!

Happy Reviewing!

- Sarf


I suggest simply using a public poll.

Past events have shown that the judges rarely have much of an impact on the final results, and certainly not enough to justify the extra wait and hassle that comes with organising judges.
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Tactical 446

'sides, with such a small group, most "good" judges would rather compete.

Do try to whore out the contest for more visibility next time.

And while it's tempting to discredit the opinion of the uneducated masses (look at fimfiction for god's sake), how much people, you know, enjoy your work does matter.

SarfTheMagnifico !wggeWu9bgQ 454

File: 1347747861571.gif (1023.9 KB, 400x410, Piano.gif)

There are a few issues with that, though. For example, if someone submitted a really long fic, not everyone will have the time to read it, so it won't get upvoted, even if it is really good.

I like that idea, but having a staff is important. A mixture of both would work well, I suppose.

>whore out for more visibility
That I can do. Especially now that I know what works and what doesn't with the whole process.


File: 1347838221332.gif (328.36 KB, 267x229, 2NBlo.gif)

>If someone submitted a really long fic, not everyone will have the time to read it
On the contrary, take a look the correlation between word count and story views in each of the Ponychan events:

– Sweet Music: 0.455
– Cutting Ties: 0.531
– Setting the Rules: 0.067
– Double-edged Sword: -0.066
– One-way Ticket: 0.249

I can only say from these stats that such a claim is entirely unreasonable, and, if anything, longer stories will get the lion's share of attention.

>Having a staff is important

Is it worth it, though?
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