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Anonymous 4382Locked

This is so perfect!


File: 1361849902913.jpg (90.57 KB, 640x360, 1.jpg)

Not as a thread, it isn't. This isn't /pony/.


File: 1361850665835.jpg (57.76 KB, 600x558, my brain is full of pony.jpg)

Goddamnit now I have that song in my head it's gonna get stuck now it's stuck aaaargh…


File: 1361853955379.png (22.39 KB, 295x374, Sum_Pony_saw_what_you_did_ther…)

That doesn't seem very fair to /pony/, which is mostly threads whose OPs are more than one sentence and an image.

Anonymous 4390

File: 1361897043622.gif (1006.22 KB, 400x360, 135016212721.gif)

Wow. you really are blind. It's obvious OP was using this as a point on comma usage, which I would argue is very relevant to /fic/

contributing !SumPony41s 4391

File: 1361898149653.png (24.23 KB, 295x374, Sum_Pony_is_commutative.png)

Ah, what the hell.

I'm mulling this over and it seems actually a bit challenging to find example sentences where the difference of one comma (presence vs. absence specifically) changes its meaning, but doesn't make the sentence grammatically invalid, and that doesn't contain a proper noun, i.e.

His dog Brain.
His dog, Brain.
(Couldn't even on my own…Had to plagiarize Stick Stickley.)

A kite veteran advises a young person to winch his kite up to beyond the treeline:
You'll have your wind, up there, kid.
A boxing coach explains the opportune time for longer punches.
You'll have your wind up there, kid.


Anyone else give it a shot?
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/fic/ tends to be a bit more… substantial than this poor excuse. And OP did nothing of the sort, he just posted a picture that did the arguing for him (and for that matter, it doesn't really argue the point at all, but rather only makes a statement).

Eh, if people want to do it, I can make that the new topic when I change the game thread.

Anonymous 4395

File: 1361904951876.jpg (262.07 KB, 1843x1192, 135183526559.jpg)

Have you considered the possibility that maybe they just thought it was a good example and wanted to share it? This is a writing board, for all intensive purposes. You've even got a thread dedicated to different writing games. Ezn wrote a writing guide, which we often link to, SLP runs a writing tips thread, and Golden Vision runs the Weekly Writer's Workshop! Not everyone is looking for an argument, Ion, though you often seem to be.

And for that matter, not everyone is out to impress someone either. Some of us are just having fun sharing knowledge.
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File: 1361905397613.gif (1.22 MB, 260x173, f4e.gif)

>This is a writing board
And any of the writers here would know that rule. It's like showing 2+2=4 to a math teacher; so obvious it hurts.

If it was in a thread, even off-topic, I wouldn't really care, but this is a stupid thread with nothing of substance at all made simply so the OP could say "Check out this old-as-dirt internet joke that's been ponified!"

Also, stop frigging bumping.

Anonymous 4398

File: 1361906210685.png (294.98 KB, 960x960, 600058_363791057019694_1692359…)

>bumps the thread again
Why? Does it bug you?

Besides. I've done that. I've gone to my math teacher before and said, "hey look, these numbers make sense!" I was refering to the way triangles' angles all add up to 180 and I was in 7th grade. You know what my teacher said? "Yep, pretty cool, isn't it?"

Funny gif, btw.

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