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Questions Thread Anonymous 4270

I would like to know if someone tried to combine Dash, Pinkie and Twilight's traits into one character.

Figments-MetroIE 4271

Many times, OP.

Each time to varying degrees of success

Anonymous 4272

Got any links?



Only unfinished plans

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 4275

File: 1361489784648.jpg (16.77 KB, 290x210, 12937464_gal.jpg)

>"Questions Thread"

>OP does not have an interrogative.

I feel cheated.

That or this is a thread for questions, which I doubt. No matter.


Are you going to try to do this thing which you are liking to know about?

Anonymous 4296

It is a questions thread.
I don't plan on writing, I have no creativity.

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