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CoolStoryBrony's Emporium of Erroneous Equine Epics 4222

Greetings, denizens of the Ponynet. I come bearing knowledge of important things about stuff.

I've never been one for message boards, but this seems like the easiest way to provide an exposé of my poniponi crud while limiting embarrassment to myself and shame to my family. As such, this is my first thread creation, or post for that matter. On that note, I have called only the most dedicated of my FiMFiction audience here for a reason; I've been slamming my head into my undead keyboard for a while now, mostly in the process of conjuring a literary mid-air albatross tragedy known to hopefully none as Forever, Endeavor. It has yet to see the blinding light of peer review, and I'm fairly certain it could stand to be ripped apart fiber by fiber by a few of you more observant goobers out there.

While I won't post often in this thread and when I do I'll wish I hadn't, my ever-conscious eyes will be scanning the landscape in search of anything and everything relating to my crapbaskets of words. So if you write something to me, and I don't respond, chances are I've read it but chose to hide under the bridge of Internet anonymity like the misanthropic l'il bridge hobbit that I am. Now then, on to shenanigans.

What this thread is for:
— My exhibition of unedited gibberish to be picked apart like a corpse before the ravenous honesty of editors.
— Clear-cut discussion of what is and isn't tolerable in my stories, as well as any and all comparisons to Autore mi Innamorato to make me chortle like a bearded Latina schoolgirl.
— Abstinence, a good workout, and a wholesome recital of electric violin.

What this thread is NOT for:
— Beseeching for work on certain projects and/or baseless veneration.
— Self-aggrandizement or otherwise shameless plugging of oneself or others. That's my job.
— Sex and drugs and Rock n' Roll.

As I pump out more garbage with the enthusiasm of a wet sloth, this will likely be the first place it's posted for a tuneup. While some of the more faint-hearted would call this spoilers, I call it an opportunity to make me make my shiz-nits less nitz-shitty. I thank you in advance, though we are all in agreement that the Color was far superior in selection.

So, what's currently on the table for autopsy?

Make a Wish
Synopsis: Scootaloo has always been a positive pony, despite the odds never being in her favor. She's always been proud that she could handle life on her own. She has a permanent shelter, enough apples to last a lifetime, and the two best friends she's ever known. But life as an orphan could never be that easy… When Scootaloo finds herself in a seemingly hopeless battle against time, how will her situation impact the most important pony in her life? Join Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo as they struggle against all odds to make Scootaloo's wish come true.
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19908/make-a-wish
Notes: Ewwwww… This was a great idea that I've executed horribly. I'm tempted to go back and rewrite the whole thing, and you may see a bit of that here.

Synopsis: You can't trust anyone… Especially if they've been verbed.
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/69648/verbed
Notes: Think of Verbed as a poniponi version of Seinfeld. Dry humor about nothing.
As I recall, the original hallucinogenic idea behind Verbed was something like this. It was a story interpretation of my random thoughts and ideas, with very little continuity. In fact, the only continuity was Twilight showing up and announcing her trust or distrust for whichever ponies had names that could be used as verbs. When she got to a name like "Pinkie Pie", somepony could explain to her that verbs were arbitrary, i.e. "pie" is a noun that you can use as a verb. This would only further her mental deterioration, to the point where everypony's name would be woven into a verb somehow. Hence, "Verbed".
Each conversation prior to Twilight's unwarranted expose of the ambiguities of the gooey grammatical placenta that is English would involve something totally and completely random, most likely something from one of the "Important Things about Stuff" I occassionally throw up on FiMFiction and Tumblr. The story can go on for as long as I can keep being ridiculous, which is to say as long as FiMFiction stays clinging to consciousness.
All in all, it's a stupid and silly and just plain absurd way for me to prove to the world that I can do more than philo-feels. If you wanna jump on the flat-tired bandwagon of idiocy that is situational comedy about nothing, feel free to throw out an idea for something in the story. I just may use it and maybe forget to credit you.

As well as whatever chapters of Forever, Endeavor I post.

So that's about it. Fire away, and try to hit as many vital organs as you think these stories may have.

Here's to craptastic Schwarzenegger flicks.
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Grif 4241

First off, welcome. This is likely the warmest you'd get from us. (jk, we're mostly respectful, but don't expect hugboxes.)

Second, although threads like these are permitted, they tend to be overlooked by the reviewer population at large, since most of us congregate in either our own threads or the Training Grounds. I suggest you post the stories you wish to be critiqued there if you wish a speedier response.

Best of luck in your writings.
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