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File: 1360888134168.png (1.46 MB, 638x1047, Untitled.png)

Season Wrap-up Fanfic Contest Anonymous 4136

Welcome to the Season Wrap-up contest for /fic/!
To celebrate the finale of Season 3, pony authors are invited to once again participate in an MLPchan write-off for those great IDW MLP:FiM comics!

Right after the final episode airs, tune in to this thread for the announcement of what you'll need to do for your chance to win! More information and the fics themselves will be posted here and at the Write-off site http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/

The contest:
- Create an original piece of pony fanfiction, between Saturday, February 16th 16:00 UTC and Friday, Februrary 22nd 06:00 UTC
- Theme/prompt: The 'prompt/theme' is "Season 3." Basically - "Any story involving events, situations, characters introduced, ideas presented, headcanons/fanons created by anything that occured in Season 3

The prizes:
- The top two stories will have their authors receive a copy of the fantastic IDW official canon comic (as well as a pony toy to commemorate their victory :D).

Be sure to check out the other Season Wrap-up contests happening around at >>>/pony/, >>>/oat/ and >>>/art/
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File: 1360895408629.jpg (467.22 KB, 1078x707, THIS_SHIT_JUST_GOT_REAL_by_cap…)

Well then, off to the stockyards I go!

Ion-Sturm 4146

File: 1360917599929.png (210.43 KB, 500x519, HIh0GFu.png)

Let us hope that the finale doesn't crush our fanon so hard that we lose the will to write.
With luck and some inspiration, I'll be joining in on this little escapade.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4149

All you have to do is fuck canon in the eye and you'll be fine. :V

This contest sounds intriguing, at least.


Sounds… sensual.

Anonymous 4151

I fear for your girlfriend if eye fucking is actually sensual…


The thing is now up at the site: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/14-Season-3-Wrap-up

I spent most of today working on a few changes to the site that I've been meaning to make lately: a sidebar to make event navigation less painful (Note: it will be hidden if your screen size is less than 1150 pixels, so as to not make the page unnecessarily large on smaller screens), an option to turn off the prompt round, and news that's actually in the database rather than hard-coded.
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Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4155

I dig the heck out of that sidebar. :D

Anonymous 4156

Nice work, Roger.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4177


Filler 4178

Apparently, there is no prompt.

>[08:21:58] <%RogerDodger> there is no prompt

PROMPT Filler 4179

>[8:35:34 AM] Anonthony: The 'prompt/theme' is "Season 3." Basically - "Any story involving events, situations, characters introduced, ideas presented, headcanons/fanons created by anything that occured in Season 3"

Or that.
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Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4180

Oh. o.O Well, we already knew that then.

Axis of Rotation 4182

Bummer…probably going to have to skip out on this one as well.

Liked the episode though. Should've been a two parter, and still not sure what to think about the princess thing (would've been much happier if they just left her as an alicorn) but I really liked it. Very interested in McCarthy's "parts 2 & 3" plans.

Anonymous 4191

Not sure if the freedom of the prompt is a good thing or bad thing.

Anonymous 4192

We'll definitely find out soon enough. And we'll know in the future, at least, whether to be more specific or more general with prompts/themes in the future.


File: 1361057469579.png (182.12 KB, 500x273, sad tom.png)

Me: Alright! Let's stay spoiler-free for this one. Not even going to see what all the fuss is about.



Time to drown in eggnog and flowery prose.


I'm out of nog.



This prompt looks delicious! Don't mind if I do!

alex!magnet9W5w 4201

File: 1361081216182.jpg (24.57 KB, 514x292, trixie.JPG)

Another write-off? Well, I do love entering these things. Maybe this time I won't do so poorly…


File: 1361084263377.png (107.92 KB, 624x624, wooden-spoon[1].png)


I'll take that, thank you.

>Exhibit A: dumbass posts his tripcode in the name field

>Exhibit B: forgets to add the file in his repost
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File: 1361127176828.jpg (161.81 KB, 1000x750, 118809 - artist KP-ShadowSquir…)

Mggh… Bwuh? Write-off? Kay, I do. Zzz.

Grif 4242


I might try to cook up something.

More likely, I'll just hide in my corner of shame.

Anonymous 4248

Two questions regarding the rules:

1- You say authors must remain disassociated from their work until after the contest. Does that mean no outside proofreaders, or should we just contact those people privately rather than posting it for anyone to help with?

2- Deadlines are terrible things and you will never ever finish in time. Is this contest only for short one-shot stories, or is it also open to longer things that undeniably WILL only be partially complete by the deadline?


The rule only says you must remain publicly anonymous. If you feel that your time could be spent getting someone to proof read your work, that's up to you.

You can submit incomplete work as has been done multiple times in the past, but voters generally rate such works poorly.
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Anonymous 4251

Putting my 2 cents in -

1 - when it says 'remain anonymous' it basically means not taking a name while the contest is ongoing, when discussing the stories as they are entered, discussing the contest and so on, so as not to influence voters in any way. People who are new to the board/site obviously wouldn't have that problem anyways, but an established author on the site (or fandom) or reviewer used their name, it may undue influence readers. People generally refer to themselves thus as "Author of (Story Name)" while it's ongoing. This also leads to a nice little surprise reveal when everything is all said and done.

2 - as Roger said, incomplete stories or even first chapters of multi-parters have been submitted before, and getting proofreading is fine.

Generally for contests lasting a few days to a week, people end up with word counts anywhere from 2,000 to 15,000.

Filler 4273

Final stretch! Twelve hours left!

Author of some Adventure Comedy 4276


alex!magnet9W5w 4280

File: 1361510715233.gif (487.03 KB, 349x199, 627.gif)

Wait a second… we were supposed to actually write something!?

Welp, guess I won't be entering this contest after all. Probably for the best. I'm better at heckling than I am at writing anyway.

Anonymous 4281

Rather than spending 15 minutes frantically finalizing a sub-par and half-complete fic, I think I'll just sit this one out and regret it later. Good luck to the folks still in the running!

alex!magnet9W5w 4283

Dang, maybe I should've entered just so there'd be more fics. This is gonna be a pretty sparse contest…

Anonymous 4284

Yeah, seeing just four of them there makes me feel a little bad for not submitting now… ah well, next time I'll drink enough to get over any urges to proofread.


File: 1361517266372.jpg (51.53 KB, 960x540, UjxwQXV.jpg)

>Only four entries
Fuck me, why didn't I write a story?

Author of Fluttershy's House of Villains (formerly of Adventure Comedy) 4288

>tfw there's only four entries and two top prizes

Now I just have to hope it doesn't turn into:
>tfw there's only four entries, two prizes, and you didn't win anything.


Wow, way to blow up my expectations.

Seriously though, the prompt was way too general. That's the main reason I didn't enter.


Well, because there's only four entries, I nuked the prelim round.

Tactical 4293

I feel bad now! I'm sad to see this contest flop like this. ):

Author of Four Horseshoes 4294

Well isn't that a pisser. :(


Well, I'd've entered, but this was a busy week. Only four entries does mean I have time to read 'em all and knock out some reviews in fairly short order.

alex!magnet9W5w 4309

File: 1361585500034.png (489.4 KB, 902x886, mlfw8744-Trixierantsaboutthene…)

I may not have written anything for this write-off, but it did at least give me an excuse to start writing a fic I've been wanting to write for a long time. I didn't want to submit it incomplete, but now I kind of wish I had just so there would've been a little more variety in these fics.

Well, since I had some free time today, I decided to read all the entries and give my unsolicited criticism reviews of them. So, without further adieu, let's go!

Four Horseshoes
So, despite this being the first review, it's actually the one I wrote last. The reason for this is because I knew what I wanted to say about all the other fics, but this one was different. It required a second reading…

…and upon a second reading, I understood some of the subtleties a bit more.

This fic might well be the best fic I've ever read for a write-off, not that I've read all that many write-off fics. The whole time I was reading, I couldn't help but think, “This sounds an awful lot like a fairytale kinda thing”, and then BAM… the ending is what makes this fic so spectacular. If, for some ungodly reason, you're reading this review but you haven't read this particular this fic, then I'm warning you now. I'm going to spoil the ending, and the reveal at the end is the absolute best part.

For the longest time, I couldn't find the connection to season 3 and I was waiting, just waiting, for Sombra to show up randomly, or something stupid like that. But when this line finally hits at the end:
>Who's got my rusty horseshoe?
I literally got chills down my spine. I was pretty sure that's where it was going, but only immediately before this line was given. The reveal is so powerful and so well done that I can't help but feel jealous at the impressive execution displayed here.

But it's not just the reveal, this entire fic is phenomenal. There's so much left unsaid, and yet so much explained. I absolutely love the, heh, love between Valerian (amazing name, btw), and Cast Iron, and I love how wrong it goes.

Anyway, there's just so much to love about this fic and I honestly don't have any complaints, well, besides the fact that beheading seems… forced, I guess. Like, you needed him to become the headless horse, so I get that, but maybe I'm missing something. I feel like I must be because there are a lot of things implied by the two thugs, but I didn't pick up on their reasoning for killing him other than, “because some unnamed boss told them to”.

Welp, since I'm not a part of this contest, I feel perfectly safe in taking guesses at who wrote what, and for this I'm going to say that presentperfect is the author. I'm calling you out, present! Also, I would be pretty goddamn surprised if this doesn't win. It's easily my favorite fic, and, in my opinion, easily the best of the lot.

An Idea for S4E1-2…
Hmm, I've got a lot to say about this one, but I'll start with the easy stuff first.
All right, so right off the bat, that's kind of a terrible title. Now, I realize this is just a write-off so titles aren't that important, but c'mon. You probably could've come up with something a little more creative and less… literal. I don't want to harp on you too much, so I'll move on.

So, next up are ellipses […]. The first thing you should know about ellipses is that they are not used for interruptions in dialogue, that is reserved for em/en dashes. Second, when you abuse the hell out of them like that, it gets really annoying to read and you'll scare readers off faster than a red and black alicorn with social issues and bat wings. But, having said that, ellipses are fine to use, in moderation, which actually brings me to me next point. In a similar fashion to ellipses, you used ALL CAPS DIALOGUE quite often. Now, unlike ellipses, you pretty much never want to use ALL CAPS… ever. It just looks really bad and comes off as very amateurish. It's much more powerful to use some description to portray someone shouting than just using caps as a crutch.

Okay, I'll make a quick note of one consistent grammar issue, then move on to the plot.

“Dialogue should be tagged like this,” he said.
“Yes, not like this.” She replied.

Dialogue that is tagged with 'he/she said', and the like, should end in a comma/?/!, not a period. A period indicates the end of the sentence and creates broken attribution.

To give another example:
> “Go away!” he cried.
This implies that he is shouting 'Go away'. But…
> “Go away!” He cried.
Implies that he shouts 'Go away', then cries.

Also, there's a lot of random tense shifts…

Moving on to the plot…
I like the idea you presented, even if it has been done multiple times. Gathering all the villains for an epic showdown is an idea that gets used quite often, and, if done well, it can be awesome as all hell. However, when you spend 95% of the fic just gathering villains without any confrontation, it feels like we're watching what should be the first five minutes or so of an episode. You have these long exchanges between Sombra and Blueblood, and, while possession by Sombra is an interesting idea, you don't really explore it all that much. It's kind of presented as 'Sombra lives inside Blueblood, but doesn't really do much besides freak Gilda out', who, by the way, acts fairly out of character, as does Trixie. Plus, is she still a villain if she already had her “redeemption”?

Anyway, like I said, interesting idea, glacial pace. If you were to improve this, I would suggest either cutting a lot of the beginning, or find a way to make it more interesting. Right now it just reads like two ethereal voices spouting dialogue back and forth.

Fluttershy's House of Villains
Well, I don't have much to say about this one. Apparently gathering all the villains together was a popular idea this write-off… that only had 4 entries. I can at least say that this is much better than the previous fic, if only because the author goes about gathering the villains in a more creative way.

Now, I liked this well enough, but I still had a good few problems with it. Namely, it's rather telly in a lot of places and the prose is fairly bland, not bad, just bland. Also, the ending felt extremely anti-climactic. You spend the entire fic building up what becomes three separate battles, and it's really cool. Except for Gilda's part. It just rubs me the wrong way. Regardless, having these disparate battles sounds really awesome, and, for the most part, it's at least pretty cool. The pacing suffers a little bit because there's tons of jumping back and forth with very little time spent on each group, but it's a neat idea anyway.

However, as I said before, the ending could not have been more of a letdown. I get what you were going for with a sort of fade to black followed by cutting to a scene of them drinking tea, but it leaves so much to be desired. The way the Elements light up at the end implies that their use was necessary to defeat the villains (which I don't believe for a second that Gilda is so powerful she can only be defeated by the Elements), but somehow Fluttershy still reformed them? Uhh, okay, I guess.

The main reason this is an issue is because the rest of the fic is pretty long. There's tons of scene breaks and loads of exposition, but then it all suddenly ends in literally one sentence.

>At that moment, all six of their Elements of Harmony began to pulse.

Maybe I'm just a stickler for actually resolving conflict without resorting to deus ex machinas, but hey, that's just me. It feels like this whole idea was meant to be in a visual format. All the gags and the silly guards, those would all work better with a visual element. Right now, they just fall flat.

Ready or Not, Here I Come
There's a lot I like about this fic, short though it may be, but also a lot that I dislike.

On the one hand, it's an interesting take on Celestia, Luna, Discord, all the other godly figures, but on the other, there's so much name-dropping that it's really easy to have no idea what's going on. Over and over again you reference places and people that we've never seen, nor met, which would work in a longer fic where you have to time to explain who these people are and what 'Moon River' is. I mean, if you ignore that fact that you're literally just making up names and event with no real explanation as to their significance, it actually is a very interesting world you've created. I absolutely love the idea of Celestia and Luna being part of an 'Order' that acts as a sort of pantheon of gods. That's a damn cool idea, it's too bad that right now it's just a bunch of names and places with no meaning. It brings to mind one of the minifics from awhile back about a bunch of OCs in the desert or something like that.

Despite my misgivings, this is still probably me second favorite fic if only because it sets up what could be a really cool villain. Also because it made me imagine this scenario:

Celestia: “You betrayed the law!”
Dread: “I am the law!”

I wish Sylvester Stallone was in this fic…

Welp, I guess that about wraps up my horribly shitty somewhat decent reviews. Again, I'm sad that hardly anyone entered. Apparently we all had other things to do. *sigh* Maybe next time…
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Author of "Ready or Not, Here I Come" 4317


Nice to see you had some fun. And yes, I've been growing fond of this particular character and the story behind them as of late, and I'm looking forward to their expansion someday.

Funny thing here:

Nexus was created to be the primary villain in a series of fics I've been cooking up.

I seem to be having trouble with my pilot, which helps set up her return and a bit of the initial conflict. But, believe you me, when I can get it running, I hope to I can make them as awesome as I imagine them to be sometimes.

I look at the show and I say: "I could make this really awesome; take it from just good to great. They have laid the foundations upon which I could expand this tale into a grand epic spanning the world over with but a judicious application of basic redirection."

So this is my season teaser: what I'd use to set up what would not only be the next season of MLP, but the last one; the grand finale to end all grand finales, with explosions and drama and heartache and choices that will affect not only our cast, but the whole universe.

Then, of course, I remember I write fanfiction, which can't actually be used for the show. And, even if I was noticed, I doubt they'd try and ask me for my ten cents anyways. So, I make do with trying to entertain in my own fashion by tinkering madly at what shall never be, for I am implacably masochistic it would seem, and I'm apparently addicted irrevocably to both frustration and disappointment.

Oh, well. Se la vie, no?

Author of Fluttershy's House of Villains 4320

To be honest, the reason it felt that way was because that wasn't the real ending.

Basically the entire ending that was there was a desperate sprint to finish the story for the write off. I wrote 7,200 words of it in the last 2 days, and 6,600 words of it in the last 12 hours before the contest ended. (I literally (literally) submitted in the last 2 seconds. I had the clock open as I wrote in bbcode for the italics.) The fight scenes were meant to be more in depth, imagery is something I usually have to go back to rebuff in my writing, and the ending I went with was the best I could do with the very limited time I had left. I must have been writing at 120 wpm for those last 1000 words, and I know it shows.

My original idea, was only going to be 3-5k words long, so I put it off for a couple days, procrastinating. Unfortunately, as I tried to write the idea, it didn't work. And then, it became something else entirely.

I just want to go on record saying that the first 2/3rds of the fic is a good example of my writing, while the last third was written under duress.

On a whole nother note, the first half of the story isn't italicized due to said time constraint, and there was a lot of italicizing that was necessary to make some of the dialogue stand on its own, inflections and emphasis changing the meaning of what's said, and all that.

I was extremely disappointed I didn't get to end it how I wanted to.
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Author of Four Horseshoes 4326

I'll admit, I'm really bummed about the low turnout for this contest. I could say more, but I guess I won't.

An Idea for…: That is not the most inspiring of titles. The "Pish Posh" gag is great. This is a really interesting idea, to be sure; in particular, I like how Sombra talks the way he did in the episode only when he's a 'presence'. But this suffers from execution: a tense shift, fast pacing, talking heads, those tilde-enclosed scene setting tags, the list goes on. There are a lot of really great bits in this (Pinkie's sisters trying to find out who's calling on Trixie is a scene I particularly enjoyed), but it needs a lot more polish to work well.

Fluttershy's House of Villains: You know, I had an idea similar to this once. Glad someone's taken up the torch, so to speak. The narrative tone takes some getting used to, switching as it does between your sort of standard story narrator and classic comedic omniscience, as with the opening and the scene where Pinkie's afraid of the cave. To be honest, the story really doesn't pick up until they get separated, and the 'lineups' you chose to square off against each antagonist are well picked. You hit a comedic high point with the Fluttershy catfight, though the comedy seems lost on the other two fight scenes. I'm disappointed in the denouement, as well; I suspect the ending had to be cut down for time, yes? Along with that, this suffers from a few other issues, notably the slow buildup and some close repetition problems (Sombra's horn glowing green, the word 'fireball'… maybe it's just Sombra). But, I enjoyed this for what it is, though I'll say I'd rather see a story about Scout and Smart than have them shoehorned into this piece.

Ready or Not, Here I Come: "Alicorns. Why did it have to be alicorns?" Sorry, that first line was just kind of funny. So this wraps up a bunch of new world-building season 3 canon into some kind of war of the eternals behind the scenes. There's a lot going on here and I don't feel that I have a really good grasp of any of it. Far too much is being introduced in too short a time, and ultimately the low word count works against this piece. Not to mention Nexus comes off as smarmy and overblown. One thing I'll say to the pacing: towards the end, as Twilight's ascension is brought to light, things move quickly, but it gives a sense of decades passing in the blink of an eye, no doubt how your narrator perceives time.

Thank you! I'm glad everything I was trying to do seems to have gotten through. I agree with your one criticism, and I already have some ideas on how to expand that after the contest is over. I did kind of rush through this story, so that's no surprise that I messed something up.

Author of S4E... etc. 4366

Yeah, I figured my entry would be buried under a lot of other ones… I just wanted to get the idea out. Thank you for reading it, at least!

Anonymous 4370

>Yeah, I figured my entry would be buried under a lot of other ones… I just wanted to get the idea out. Thank you for reading it, at least!

Hey, I personally admire you for even submitting. I felt my idea was still too unpolished by the time the deadline came around, and it caused me to chicken out at the last moment and not submit it. Little did I know, I would have been guaranteed at LEAST fifth place!

Anonymous 4376

>all these people could have entered :I


File: 1361917653227.jpg (13.58 KB, 320x240, _0shr.jpg)

They can still vote. There's four stories and only two votes right now!

Come on, folks: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/14-Season-3-Wrap-up/fic/vote/public

Anonymous 4412

How many do you need to actually go with the results? Will you extend the deadline?


File: 1361933005432.gif (2.63 MB, 340x200, mVftdvq.gif)

Fine, fine, I'll give them a look if I find the time.

Also, a suggestion for the site: having the stories hyperlinked in the voting page would be nice.
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Author of some Fluttershy's House of Villains 4424

Oh, wow! I did not realize the submit box had chopped off the end of my story!

To anyone who read my story, there was an error in the submission box. Here's the last paragraph and a half that got cut off:
“Fruit bats, the size of rinocerosuses. My uncle Shale says he once saw one when he was walking by the entrance of a mine.” The old stallion shook his head. “But I’ll tell you two that one some other time. So, you say you’re looking for work on a rock farm?”

Smart and Scout nodded.

Well that sucks. I didn't realize the last punchline was cut off until after two people already cast their vote.

Also, the reason I noticed is because I'm reading through the entries now, so expect brief reviews shortly.
And by shortly, I mean tomorrow.
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Author of Fluttershy's House of Villains 4439

File: 1362101352967.png (71.94 KB, 500x410, mlfw9193-530953_50926003242677…)

We really need more voters. Can't any of the people who ultimately decided against entering still pitch in?

Four Horseshoes:
This fic was fairly good, though it did seem to fall flat in places. Dialogue didn't quite carry itself, and the tense scenes only felt slightly upsetting. This was possibly due to how weak the sleep herbs were as a plot device. Kidnapping and assault? With thugs? For sleep herbs? You could attribute Valerian not helping him as a character flaw, caring more about her professionalism/practice than his well-being, but it still felt like a weak device. Arguably, this next point isn't really a point against the story, but the main characters were fairly mundane. I couldn't really get wrapped up in their situation because of it.

It was a creative tie-in with the rusty horseshoe campfire story and, despite the lack of tension, the story flowed smoothly. I'm not entirely sure how to rate this one yet. It's good, but not very interesting, if that makes sense.

An idea for S4E1-2…:
Pacing felt rushed, scene transitions hasty, and the story didn't flow from plot point to plot point so much as it hopped. I can't tell if the cliche is intentional satire or unintentional bad villainry. Characters are oddly accepting of things. Sombra's my grandfather? Sure, makes sense. Trixie and Gilda are slightly better in this respect, but even they react in a way that you can tell the author is forcing their actions. Blueblood's kind of a pathetic character—which could be a good thing, if it was played up a bit more, but as it is he's just sort of annoying to read about.

The story had its redeeming moments, but the lack of narrative detail, the dialogue, and the awkward semi-forced plot brought it down quite a bit.

Ready or Not, Here I Come:
Alicorn in an astral imprisonment of some kind (or something) monologues about how Celestia is a fool, while making vague open-ended references to some "Order" and an "Omega" that will end the world. I do like the idea that Twilight's change into an alicorn was some sort of power play in the bigger picture of things. Gives it some nice validity. Still, this story is just a villain monologue-ing for several pages, which isn't inherently bad, but he doesn't stand out too much as a villain. He's just a typical villain (albeit a decent typical villain) ranting about how the bad guys are going to inevitably win. While he sounds like he would make for a good season 4 villain, I'm not so sure listening to him rant makes for a good read.

The narrative voice is good, but the names and ideas (doomsday omega, the order, and the nexus) didn't seem very creative.

I wouldn't advise any of the authors to take these reviews as some comparative standing between the fics, as there are minor faults I can talk a lot about, and major faults that I only really feel the need to say a couple words on.

Results 4442


Congrats to the winners and all who participated.

Anonthony should be contacting the prize winners soon.
This post was edited by its author on .

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4444

Whoo, third most controversial!

Well, I had fun writing that story, at least. I started the week's horse wording with my "Aunt Orange visits Sweet Apple Acres and AJ freaks out trying to get everything looking high class" story. Then about 2/3 of the way in, I realized that not only was I not doing the idea justice, it was really more of a season 1 fic informed by a season 3 episode (I'm using it to explain why the Oranges weren't at the Apple family reunion). I was, at the same time, writing another story about Scootaloo because Sleepless in Ponyville gave me SO MANY IDEAS. That one didn't get very far.

Tuesday of writing week, the entire plot of Four Horseshoes came to me. In the morning. Before work. :| Luckily, it stayed with me, and after I made the decision Wednesday to cancel Orange You Glad?, I sat down after work and wrote the whole damn story in one go, editing it Thursday evening. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with, and I know what needs to be done to fix it up too. I think.

I just… I really hope that writeoffs aren't dying here. :(

Tactical 4455


I was thinking about starting one. How does the week after next sound?

soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 4456

File: 1362215557012.png (359.15 KB, 702x750, vinyl_scratch_badge_by_dmkamik…)

Well, I enjoyed that one. I was pretty disappointed at how rushed and unpolished I had to submit Fluttershy's House of Villains. I plan to go back to retool it, as well as writing the real ending. I'm actually still playing with the idea of making it a 4-5 chapter short chapter fic. The original idea was, after all, to have the villains stay at Fluttershy's and be reformed. Said idea was sidetracked by other ideas that popped into my head, and what happened happened.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 4457

I'd definitely like to see it expanded. :) Like I said, it was an idea I had myself, so I'd love to see more. :D

alex!magnet9W5w 4460

I'd definitely like to see this expanded as well, especially now that I know you're the author. I'm sure with more time and less rushing, you could make the climax far, far more awesome than the unfortunate letdown it was in the writeoff.

I look forward to seeing what the final product is.

Anonthony!1NZ....... 4490

File: 1362599698635.png (326.88 KB, 918x512, 1362596232370.png)

The prizes have been sent out to their respective winners!

Congratulations to you both, and thank you guys for participating.

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