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Dating for Eggheads Overmare 3762


Twilight Sparkle begins to feel a bit lonley, and asks her friends for some advice on how to fix that.

Characters: Twilight Sparkle
mane 6

Type: Mature

Link: SNIP
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Anonymous 3765

Cool post, bro. But you forgot to tick "Mature Content" so I'm asking the mods to do that.

If you want critical feedback, you should also check the sticky and post in a review thread. (Red Fic District and Applejinx take clop in thread. Eustatian and Tactical by e-mail - see the RFD thread.)

If you just want attention, well this is a pretty low-traffic board. Attention tends to be intense and critical, just a heads up.
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Ugh, another fanfic about her.

!!Spike ## Mod 3774

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Unfortunately, there's no way so far to add a #Mature tag after a thread's been made. If you derp a Mature post, all you can do is remake the thread.

Link removed. Please remake the thread with the mature tag if you want to showcase your story; just add "#Mature" inside []s somewhere in the thread's original post.

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