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The Training Grounds: HNNNNG Edition Anonymous 3448[View All]

#Reviewer #Training Grounds

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post.
Writers: Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
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Maintainers: The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
Live communication: The IRC channel
Some Notes:
  • Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome!
  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right, ask about it! Whether it be about a review you've received, a fanfic submitted, or something about the queue spreadsheet, the best way to solve it is through communication.
  • If you think you've been missed: please remind us with a link to your original post.
  • Feel free to ask questions about fanfics and writing them!
  • If you respond to a post: please link to the post you are responding to.
  • Reviewers: the writers want their work to shine. Highlight faults with gusto. Don't fear compliments either: if something makes you smile, a few kind words won't ruin your review.
  • Writers: the reviewers love to read, but will often lean towards being critical. Don't allow it to discourage you; use their criticism to improve your writing! See "Receiving Critique: Gallant" in The Editor's Omnibus and the Submission Etiquette Guide.

Helpful Documentation
How to request to be a queue maintainer:
Note: you don't have to be a maintainer to help out reviewing in this thread. What maintainers do is update and maintain the queue spreadsheet. If you review in The Training Grounds on a regular basis, and would like to help out maintaining the queue:
  1. Read / bookmark this document
  2. Email Demetrius (deconstrained at gmail.com) and say something random in that email. Post the same thing (verbatim) in this thread, preferably identifying yourself with a tripcode.
  3. When you've been given editing permissions, you may delete your random post.
You can do it!
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Seeking some help 7064

Title: Hitmane: Agent 3.14

Author: Sayer (FIMFiction account:http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Sayer)

Tags: [Comedy][Crossover][Random]


Parody of the Hitman videogames saga.

Hitmane is the most famous prankster of Ponville - a legend. Somepony capable of pulling off the most contrived and impressive pranks in the blink of an eye and always two steps ahead of the police thanks to her bizarre disguises, deemed too weird and crazy to be considered true.

Under all these achievements, fame and reign of terror over everypony is Pinkie Pie - or as the International Prank Agency calls her, Agent 3.14 - ready to fullfill any contracts as long as the payment is good and consists of a supply of candies.

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/124720/hitmane-agent-314


I'm not an English born speaker, so even though my grasp of grammar is politically correct, I'm not good enough as to meet EQD standards (This is the main reason I have an editor). I'd like to find someone willing to point me out all mistakes so I can fix them and maybe learn in the process so I can avoid them in the future. I can upload the story to Google Docs if you want, as to make it easier.

I sent this story to EQD and was rejected without a strike. They told me to fix this:

Hyphen vs em dash
> Ponville – a legend
> Pie - or

Nested quotes should be single quotes
> known as “Hitmane”

Semicolon misuse
> victims; lives

If there's anything else that needs/should be fixed and/or improved, I would be thankful.

P.S: I sent a request to a proofreader from the FIMFiction group (This one: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/27/the-proofreader-group), but I don't think s/he will reply because so far I asked another three proofreades for another of my stories.

I sent two requests to the first two without success and the third one replied, but he's too busy drawing commissions to prooofread anything, so I don't think this group will be able to help me given their track record.

Azu reviews (almost) everything! 7093

File: 1377281979979.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, 20130414045345684.gif)

All right, I'm just gonna go through and review a page of everything that's been sitting more than a month. Let me know if you want a more detailed review. Hee we go!

>The Race of Dreams

Needs a better opening paragraph. Maybe something with more conflict than the wind brushing her mane. Maybe something that's more concrete about her being at a racetrack, starting with the name of our viewpoint character.

Mareaco is a bad pun.

>Rainbow Dash had never been to Prance. She'd never been to Bitaly, or Manehattan, or Fillydelphia. Ponyville was all she knew, and Canterlot was all she dreamed of.

The fastest flier in Equestria never leaves Ponyville? I'm not buying it.

The pacing of this could really be tighter. Start as close to the end as possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMvhKaPf8A4

>Doctor Whooves: Remembrance

Please double space your paragraphs for better readability.

Your opening could be more concrete. I'm having trouble picturing what everything looks like.

>“The islands?” she questioned,


>He rotated on his heels and stopped for a moment to reply, bouncing his finger in her general direction as he did.

This really needs to be more concrete.


Don't use SFX in prose.
>The Tardis’ Cloister bell Chimed,
makes it redundant.

>Clara demanded again, watching him work around the console.

Man, does every line of dialog end with a character doing something in the present tense?

>He assured calmly.


>, singeing Clara and causing her to jump back in shock and pain.

So she's dead?

The dialog in this is really meh. You got multiple actions crammed into each sentence. And the Doctor really feels like a cartoon of himself.

>Scootaloo's Father's Day

The passive voice is usually not a good way to open a story. Also, Apple Bloom's line should be in the same paragraph as her actions.

Bad use of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome all over the place.

>she held onto the shoulders of her friend in the wagon.

Could be more concrete.


Huh? What happened here?

Wall of Pinkie!

>The trio of fillies watched with blank stares as the pink on pink mare in front of them

Should they be doing that in front of children? :P

Your prose is really bland. Don't be afraid of purple-ing it up a little.

>Top Wings

>The Cloudsdale bulletin board, a place where pegasus can post any items of importance.
Comma splice


Not the best pun.

>; however, the board only received cursory glances throughout the day.

This doesn't really need a semicolon.

Unless this entire story is in the bulletin board's PoV, it would probably be better if you opened with Rainbow Dash exiting the weather factory instead.

>She pushed herself to the front when she saw a large advertisement with bold letters of the top,

When she saw the bold letters of the large advertisement, she pushed herself to the front.
Or something like that.

>Even without any indications of a big award for winning,

This is unnecessary. Cut

>she licked her chops at competing against the crème of the crop, the best fliers in the world.

Replace the comma with an em dash.

I can barely see the line you used for a scene break,

>Twilight had a poster besides her,


Huh, I'm actually interested to see where this is going. My only big complaint is that you seem to have written this in the Omniscient Point of View, but you're not really doing anything interesting with it. Haruki Murakami's After Dark is a great example of how to do omniscient PoV well, though I suppose it's not the only way.

>The Sea Singer

Hmm, I kinda want to know how this drinking contest started.

>I was sitting at a two pony table in the middle of an old west style bar, sitting across from me was

Comma splice and word repetition.

>Today's little adventure involved me striking a bet with one of the distillery owners, if I beat him

Comma splice


Bad pun

Wow, so far so good. You even managed to have a compelling male OC, which is very much a rarity in this fandom. I'm actually interested to see where this goes. Will post a full, longer review soon.

>Hearts and Mail Day

Meh opening.

Oh, don't rub your eyes; that's really bad for them!

>He made his way upstairs in the darkened house and found a note against her bedroom door.

Wait, why would she put it there if she wanted him to see—Oh…

Shouldn't she break up with him to his face?


Is that what they call it in Equestria?

>and shed a tear. The tear dripped off his cheek and fell through the cloud to the ground below.


>Something hit his window. He got a bit of a spook from it, but when he regained his composure,

This is all Tell.

>and Derpy made a less-than-perfect landing, falling onto the floor.

and Derpy fell to the floor.

Does she really have enough time to wait for him to bake her some muffins?

>Making sure to preheat the oven first, he turned it up to four hundred degrees.


Okay, my main problem with this is that it doesn't really have a first act. We don't get to see any of Roseluck and FeatherFoot's relationship. I'm not saying that you have to show us their entire history together, but a nice scene of them having a special moment together would make us care way more when the break up happens.
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Requesting Review: Post Mortem p0n00b!/4gd.A55H. 7094

Alright, I'll be short and sweet.

I already have two strikes. I do not want to make it a third.

TITLE: Post Mortem


It was supposed to be a perfect night: her first appearance at the Gala as Princess Twilight Sparkle. Instead, she, her friends, and the Royal Couple lay as corpses at the scene of a ghastly “accident”.

Now alone in a shadowy afterlife, the victims pursue their killer, desperate to know the who and the why behind their assassination. But the more they learn, the more clear it becomes that their deaths are only the opening moves in a deadly game of intrigue.

Evil forces are on the move once more, and the eight may find that the fate of Equestria still rests in their hooves…

Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCaPTCDX241qqGFgkjhifu9dwZGzelbSA7jSbDOb4QA/edit
Chapter 2:

Go at a pace comfortable to you. You don't have to do both chapters if you don't want to.

There. Short and sweet, like I promised.


File: 1377454767175.jpg (32.14 KB, 550x350, puhleeze_luna.jpg)

Note that reviewers are less apt to take on a story by an author who hath not acknowledged prior reviews.

Sayer 7096

>>7095 Does that mean that if a reviewer picked one of my stories before it will be easier to get picked again so it can be reviewed? (I'm not a native English speaker, so I don't understand very well what you mean. Sorry).

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7097

It just means that if someone gets a review and leaves without thanking the reviewer or even noting that he saw the review, then he can't expect reviewers to be enthusiastic about picking any more of his stories. We like to know we're not wasting our time.
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Writer's Block!hS9ZjLM/uE 7098

File: 1377464628744.jpg (1.58 KB, 80x81, images (1).jpg)


The review Luna here is referring to is one made over at Ponychan for p0n00b, which, given a cursory glance, does not yet seem to have been acknowledged yet. (As in, p0n00b has not yet made a post saying that he actually got the review.)

Hence, why Luna is likely a little miffed. While reviewers certainly want to help authors, they also appreciate some indication that the author heard them and that they have not simply wasted their time by chatting to a brick wall.

This is why it is both a good and helpful practice to acknowledge reviews in some way. Even a post saying “I saw your review. Thank you for the info.” will suffice (Though many of us are disappointed when an author does not take this golden opportunity to talk more with us about their story. We do so love to get chatty at times, especially when it comes to how someone could try and make their story better.)

As a side-note, Sayer: if you like a particular reviewer and want to hear their specific opinion again on either a reworked story or a new story, you can always request them by name in the “comments” section of your post.

That doesn't guarantee a faster pick-up time, as a reviewer may just not have a preference for your style, or may be busy with other projects, but it can help cut the waiting time down a little bit if the two of you have been building up a good relationship. It's a little harder for reviewers to say no when someone bothers to learn their name and tries to make them feel valuable by purposefully seeking them out. Makes them feel all toasty inside.

Another way to help cut down on your wait time is by reviewing other stories in the queue, which does several things to your benefit:

1. Reduces competition.

Simply put, the less stories there are in the queue, the better chance your own story has for a claim.

2. Builds up your reputation in the community.

Make a name for yourself by doing some legwork. Get to know some folks in here, make some friends, and you’ll find a host of talented reviewers who will gladly take time out of their schedules so they can help you out.

Reviewers respect authors who actually try to give back to the community far more than authors who just dump a story and never do anything else while they’re here. Show you care by making it a habit to drop a story and pick up another one while you wait. It passes the time, and gives you an excuse to sit at the reviewing table with us.

3. Helps improve your own writing.

When you start looking at someone else’s story, and then try to explain to them why you did/didn’t like it, you’ll find yourself developing a much deeper understanding of how to improve your own work. You’ll find the problems in your own stories by yourself, and find reviewers catching you less and less on basic mistakes, and who will instead be more general in their advice as they start actually wanting to read your masterpieces to their epic conclusions.
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p0n00b!/4gd.A55H. 7099


I made another review? When did I do that?



Oh. That one.

Okay, so I now know what my charges are.

However, I want to say that I'm not completely in the wrong. I sent my request for my last story on 6/21. The weeks rolled by, and I simply didn't have the time to check every day for a reply. I saw that you replied 8/5, six or so weeks after I made my request.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know that you've got a busy lifestyle too. I am not going to say anything to tarnish your good name. However, I just want to give you advice to help avoid these sort of conflicts in the future.

I did post an email to contact me at in case I happened to drop off the radar, like I did in this case. I haven't gotten any notifications saying that you picked up my story to look at or reviewed it. Despite my pressing schedule, I make sure I respond to emails worth responding to.

So, to sum up: Mea culpa. Moreso since I realized that the story I put up now has no email address tagged with it. However, I did put an email with the missed story, and I would have responded had something popped up in my inbox. That's all I'm expressing my grievances about. Frankly, slow and steady wins the race. I just want to know that slow has crossed the finish line when he does.

Are we cool? Can we bury the hatchet, let bygones be bygones, shake hands on this, ad nauseam?

Have a good day :)


On 9 August, We did send a message to the email provided in your submission form ([email protected]).
This post was edited by its author on .



So you did. Apparently, Gmail thought it to be spam, and filed it accordingly.

You are not in the wrong. Am I forgiven?

Claims 7103

File: 1377586345272.jpg (14.86 KB, 118x232, Ikaruga_Icon.jpg)

To any author or authors who have been waiting an undue amount of time for a review from this system, I apologize on behalf of the mlpchan/fic/ community. You, a prospective artist, deserve better than this thread. Since it appears that intuitive organization has packed away this community's competence and eloped with the general concept of timeliness, I'm claiming the following stories from the Training Grounds queue, but I will review them in my own thread, located here:

Nicknack's Review Thread 2.0

Please watch this thread for reviews of the following stories:

>>6789Through Rain, and Sun, and Snow
>>7094Post Mortem
>>4988An inkling of interest (claimed for four months without a review)
>>7045We Met the Team (claimed for two weeks without a review)

In the interest of timeliness, I will note that >>1463Unmarked appears to have received some sort of feedback from its reviewer. I will consider that story "reviewed" and assume that its presence in the "In Progress" queue is a clerical error.

I encourage any other prospective authors to visit my thread if they wish for a review. Again, the link is:


File: 1377620310368.gif (1 MB, 849x720, 358881.gif)

You better be planning on posting copies of the reviews here if you expect me to consider your claim valid.




Nicknack decides to be a hero, and that's your response.


Just for you, I will post links to my reviews when I am done with those four.


Okay, your claim has been added to the queue.

Zaku Pony 7121


And here I was going to just continue the search elsewhere. Thanks! (Although the new canon comic released by Valve today about TF2 is forcing me to rewrite my work already.)

Reviews 7124

File: 1377723978168.jpg (14.86 KB, 118x232, Ikaruga_Icon.jpg)

My claimed story reviews can be found here:

Story: Through Rain, and Sun, and Snow (queue: >>6789)
Review: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/128162.html#128201

Story: Post Mortem (queue: >>7094)
Review: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/128162.html#128192

Story: An inkling of interest (queue: >>4988)
Review: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/128162.html#128187

Story: We Met the Team (queue: >>7045)
Review: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/128162.html#128199

I'll again mention that anyone looking for a review of their story is encouraged to either email me at [email protected], or to visit my thread, located here:



Once again, thank you so kindly for the prompt review. It was exactly what I was looking for.

You just so happened to focus on the areas I needed the most help in. The opening scene was something that I felt was kinda forced in there. Fortunately, I found a way to get rid of it without causing too much of a problem.

I was very intrigued by the "heat transfer" idea that you brought up with the ghost physics. Truth be told, I hadn't considered that idea before, but it actually solves a plot hole that I've been trying to fill in for quite some time now.

Once again, thank you! I now know where to go for future requests. :)

!SumPony41s 7141

File: 1378359904501.png (24.51 KB, 295x374, SumGoggles.png)

I think it would be simpler for TTG to move away from being imageboard-based and make it doc-based as much as possible. This would eliminate cross-board and cross-community confusion and, through emphasis on one unified place to find and view info on reviews, make it easier for authors to find what they need.

- The how-to-submit guide is now one page and three short steps long.
- Claim posts are optional. Claiming is still mandatory and can be done in the spreadsheet by simply putting an "x" in the "claim" box.
- Likewise, request-a-review posts are also optional, but submitting the form to request a review is still mandatory.
- Reviews can be posted pretty much anywhere, regardless of where/how the claim was made. The link to the review still must be put into the spreadsheet*.
- Only reviewers granted edit access to the spreadsheet can review in The Training Grounds.

New rules, let's see where this goes. All hail the spreadsheet.

* If the review was a dialogue with the author, it helps (if both parties consent) to have a link to a copy of the transcript, for archival and reference purposes.

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7143

I thought one of the strengths of TTG was that anyone could do it, everyone was encouraged to, and you could supposedly get your story expedited by jumping in to claim another. This kind of throws all those out the window. Will you give spreadsheet edit access to anyone who asks? Or do they have to review at least 5 stories first, as in the old rules (which sets up a nice catch-22)? This system would also seem to transfer the onus from maintainers to reviewers to do the maintenance, since there wouldn't necessarily be any way for the maintainer to know a review had been completed or acknowledged. Essentially, every reviewer has to be a maintainer now, and someone will have to give them the nickel tour of how to use the spreadsheet. Seems to be moving toward a more exclusive system, which doesn't distinguish us from any number of groups on FiMFiction. And far more people are aware of the thread than the spreadsheet. They turn up in IRC from time to time and have no idea there even was a spreadsheet. They even post in old threads because someone passed them an old link. They're not going to notice the change.

I just had an epiphany and a great idea. Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 7147

File: 1378451456895.jpg (29.34 KB, 403x403, 533038_10152604578595374_54066…)

I realized that some if not most of my ideas have become obsolete, being artifacts of the time when fanfiction came tumbling in way faster and there were more reviewers around to manage it, and organization was necessary. Now it's just a thin trickle, and my role in the project amounts to arranging chairs in an empty reception hall.

I think it would be simpler and easier for everyone to just come up with a new way of managing it, and for me to step away from managing the affairs of TTG. Why not just do it entirely on the imageboard?

You don't need my help, and I no longer want to give it.
This post was edited by its author on .

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7148

I'm sorry if I upset you by asking about how the logistics of this would work, but I don't see how taking your toys home with you helps. We definitely found the spreadsheet useful in keeping things organized, and I was the one doing most of the maintenance on it, anyway. If you wanted to divest yourself of it entirely, you could have asked if anyone else wanted to take over ownership.

So, does anyone want to step up? Golden Vision, Azusa, you two have been pretty active. What do you think? Come up with something new? Manage things from the FiMFic group? Close up shop? I can help some, but EqD and private reviewing keep me too busy to head things up.

Who's still willing to do reviews? I can do the occasional one, Writer's Block and FMP have done some recently, and Bipolar Luna, too. Crushric and Amacita asked to be added as regulars/maintainers, then never did any more. Any others?


File: 1378497044959.jpeg (779.42 KB, 2400x2373, 354599.jpeg)

There are a few things I've thought of that we could do. The first would be to pick one board and stick with it. That way it would be easier to see how many review threads that there are, so the board wouldn't look as dead and people would be more willing to post. The second would be to use the IRC for TTG-esque review requests instead of TTG itself. If we're completely honest with ourselves, asking in the IRC is the fastest way of getting a review around here. It'd also help people to stick around a lot longer. A few of the current #fic regulars are people who joined because I told them they could contact me there.

Roger!DodgeR9Q6o 7150

>pick one board and stick with it
I think I know where that discussion leads.

The only way it can work is if one of the /fic/s deletes itself.

Motives Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 7151

More about my motivation behind this

> I'm sorry if I upset you by asking about how the logistics of this would work, but I don't see how taking your toys home with you helps. We definitely found the spreadsheet useful in keeping things organized, and I was the one doing most of the maintenance on it, anyway. If you wanted to divest yourself of it entirely, you could have asked if anyone else wanted to take over ownership.
I tried that already. The collab moderation permissions have been wide open for over a year (meaning, any existing editor could add a new editor). I thought it wouldn't be much a problem for new reviewers to get on board (seeing as everyone has ways of telling if someone genuinely wants to help review and can write decent reviews) but I digress.

Azu and two others including Writer's Block thought it prudent to pull me back in to get my input because things are getting slow and dead. However, after your response, I realized something else.

Even if you did find the spreadsheet useful, know that you have been in a tiny minority of this fandom that knows how to use it and still does, as a tradition, much like scientists who still use Fortran to run numerical simulations. Such is the essence of my motivation: getting you all to come up with something new that works for you (you all surely must know what you need and want?) instead of depending on me, or a relic edifice of the old /fic/.

I've been away too long to know exactly what you as end users need from any solution, and I think that relying on the old system would hamper or constrain your imagination.

So that's it. I challenge this community to come up with something new and better. I think it would do a lot of good.
This post was edited by its author on .


I reiterate my suggestion to start using the IRC for review requests.

Lotsa Lotsa Replies 7153

File: 1378500727912.gif (1014.77 KB, 500x194, tumblr_m4va88UVk11rx1dfqo1_500…)

Guh. Looks like I need to reply to everyone.

>Come up with something new?
Such as?

>Manage things from the FiMFic group?

Nope. I tried that. If you'll recall, pretty much nobody moved there except for Tactical, and only then after I poked him for a week or two. I told Wanderer D to wait until our infrastructure got set up before advertising. Nobody here wanted to help me, so that project died.

>Close up shop?

Quite possibly. Let's be perfectly honest: Samurai's /fic/ is dead, and it isn't coming back. I don't think it's entirely because of the move; it's quite possibly due to something else that is completely different. (namely, FimFic emerging as a superior publishing name to EqD, the construction of a useable FimFic group infrastructure, etc…)

>Who's still willing to do reviews?

I still do private reviews. I also work for WRITE on FimFic (which I'll bring up later)

>pick one board and stick with it.
That's a start. The problem is, I think, to do with the 'chans themselves. When I got here, the whole front page of /fic/ was covered with review and discussion threads. I remember going into the TG and Umbra's threads before cautiously making my own. Now, there's nobody willing to make a thread, and those that do are standard 'channers. I don't want to work from an environment where "Discussion of Characterization and Motivation" is right above a thread titled "fave past sins fics," "Applerape" (or any greentext chan shit, really), or any number of untitled Anon posts (and I wonder why Roger hasn't deleted them yet).

>The second would be to use the IRC for TTG-esque review requests



Let's go with nope. The IRC is so informal—so cluttered, chaotic, or dead—that there'd by no point. It's not even like Skype, where you can get a backlog of messages or PMs from earlier (PinkiePieBot is too clunky to count; sorry Kinsley). It's literally just, "drop in and start screaming for someone to read your self-insert." Queues are good. Organization is good. Imageboards and forums are great because they allow for a formalized, time-independent method of reviewing and discussion. Using the IRC for that purpose would be like using the Six Flags Water Park to host Congressional hearings.


Here's where we get into my proposal.

Let's be perfectly honest: /fic/ is dead, and it's not coming back. Vimbert put up his thread, and it died almost instantly. Tactical hasn't gotten more than two fics in the past three weeks, and the only recently-used thread is the TG, which is currently clogged by angsty discussion about the /fic/ board (ahem) and an angry horde of unclaimed 100k-word fanfics that have been here since late 2011.

We can make review threads, but we don't have the people to staff them. We can bring people in to review, but we won't have stories to review. We can invite authors in, but they won't have any idea how to use an imageboard, or if they do, they'll probably be posters who would prefer to make a foalconxAnon greentext than actually work at improving their writing.

As I mentioned earlier, I've recently joined a new group called WRITE (the Writers' and Reviewers' Institute of Technical Excellence). I'm currently reviewing my second fic for them, and I've discovered a few things about their organization that I like.

1.) Everything is professional. There are two to three admins who receive and administer reviews. That's right. No queues, but you will be assigned fics to read. They'll be based on your interests—you won't be assigned Flash Sentry x Hoity Toity clop if that's not your cup of tea—but you will be required to be a regular contributor if you want to call yourself part of the group. Oh, and by the way? There is a due date. You have limited time to finish a review, once it's been assigned.

2.) They have standards. One of the problems with /fic/—especially TTG—was that literally anyone could waltz in and start reviewing. Occasionally, that could even produce harmful results, rather than beneficial ones. Hell, they've got an application! Furthermore, authors who clearly don't want to work with their reviewer—or who clearly can't write—can be rejected without much of a fuss (and by "can't write," I mean really can't write). You're judged on the quality of your work.

3.) They're easy to work with. The mods are pretty cool guys—I met all of them at Bronycon, and I'm in two Skype chats with 'em—and it's always easy enough to make an adjustment to your reviewing preferences, or to, say, pass off a review to someone else if you don't think you'll have time for it. It's as much of a member-friendly group as it is a user-friendly group, and that's been great for me so far.

Maybe this sounded like a tract for WRITE. Maybe it was. But what's important is that we need someplace to go, and I want to suggest that anyone who still wants to review ponefic heads over there to apply, join up, and start editing again. The board may be dead, but that's no reason for its people to die off as well.

Just my two cents (or, considering the length of this post, my two dollars).

[EDIT] And for any of you people who want a link, have at thee: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/197153/writers-and-reviewers-institute-for-technical-excellence
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>It's literally just, "drop in and start screaming for someone to read your self-insert."
Or you could ask politely. As I've said before, that is the fastest way of getting a review. If the story's unreadable garbage stop reading after the first page. If we get someone who raises a huge fuss then kick 'em out. I know that it'll work because that's how it works now, except that it isn't public knowledge.

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7155

Don't necessarily make WRITE out to be something it's not. Is it a good place to get reviews? Sure, it can be. I'd put their quality a little below what TTG has produced on average, as they tend toward seeing things through rose-colored glasses unless it's just too bad to even start that pretense. I've seen them declare stories as wonderful that have huge problems.

(Full disclosure: I'm a member too, and have done a few reviews over there.)


File: 1378506289698.gif (63.9 KB, 398x330, FANMADE_Applejack_eating_hat.g…)

I'll admit that I've not seen much of the other members' activity—though what I've seen Plum and a few others come out with does impress me—but I will admit that you may be correct. I wouldn't label the other reviewers as something to consider, though (especially considering there are so few places for us to go, anyway). Maybe an influx of /fic/cers can raise the quality, eh?

>that is the fastest way of getting a review
But it's anything but organized. And we're looking for a concrete, professional community (like /fic/ used to be), not an informal chatroom where people ask their friends to look over what they just wrote. There's a time and place for each, but unless I'm gravely mistaken, we're not currently discussing the latter.

Oh, and the "drop in and start screaming" bit was hyperbole on my part. I apologize if it came off as serious.

soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 7157

File: 1378532603989.png (653.06 KB, 1003x697, 389619__safe_nightmare%252Bmoo…)

>Maybe this sounded like a tract for WRITE. Maybe it was.
It was.
By all means, /fic/ and EqD are dwindling. People from here aren't likely to all want to transition into the brave new world of fimfic groups the same. The people who /fic/ would have gotten behind to run a /fic/ group on fimfiction didn't want to make one, and so here we are.

EqD will probably dwindle a bit more before reaching some asymptotic equilibrium. We'll probably all scatter to different writing groups. Hell, I was never just a part of /fic/ this whole time, so I'm not very worried at all. It was a decent run, but the community has changed, focuses shifted, and people joined other groups.

Roger!DodgeR9Q6o 7158

> I don't want to work from an environment where "Discussion of Characterization and Motivation" is right above a thread titled "fave past sins fics," "Applerape" (or any greentext chan shit, really), or any number of untitled Anon posts (and I wonder why Roger hasn't deleted them yet).

I haven't deleted them because they don't break any rules. If you don't want to see them, it's really as easy as unchecking the "Show mature" checkbox (which is opt-in, mind you, meaning that new users won't even see these threads).

> Vimbert put up his thread, and it died almost instantly.

Did you even read his copy? He does private reviews, which means that if he gets any review requests from that particular outlet, you won't see them anyway.

> Tactical hasn't gotten more than two fics in the past three weeks

As I said in that other thread, why is this a problem? That just means he's got more free time to write his own stuff.

> [T]he only recently-used thread is the TG, which is currently clogged by angsty discussion about the /fic/ board (ahem) and an angry horde of unclaimed 100k-word fanfics that have been here since late 2011.

Had you even looked at the queue recently, or are you just making shit up to exaggerate? The unclaimed stories were mostly less than 1 month old, with very few making it to 2 months.

I agree that the TG is broken, doubly so now that Demetrius has locked up the spreadsheet, but your argument is just a complete falsehood.

> Everything is professional

For certain values of "professional". Who appointed these guys such a privileged position? If office politics and hierarchies are your idea of professionalism, then by all means it is. I happen to have slightly different views in that department. This place isn't my job and I'm not getting paid, so forgive me if I'm not terribly enamoured by the idea of having middle managers.

> No queues

I like queues.

> One of the problems with /fic/—especially TTG—was that literally anyone could waltz in and start reviewing.

By that you mean, "One of the problems with TTG".

As I said in that other WRITE thread, WRITE is a possible substitute for TTG. It is not a possible substitute for /fic/. You don't seem to realise that /fic/ is about more than just review threads. WRITE explicitly forbids posting anything on their forum that isn't reviewer related.
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File: 1378565948863.gif (76.95 KB, 450x450, 258926__safe_derpy%252Bhooves_…)

I'm not going to get into a discussion of specifics (though I will agree that my "point" on the TG's queue was based on information from a few months ago), but I do just want to say this:

If you believe that my post is about the TG and not /fic/, then I guess you're right. Truth be told, there aren't enough interested parties to maintain /fic/ as a board anymore. The reviewers are mostly gone, the writers-wanting-reviews are mostly gone, and there's some kind of awkward duality where you've got not enough people on the /fic/ side to make anything happen and not enough greentexting anons on the other side to make the board into something like /oat/.

/fic/ was what it was because of the reviews—they created a community of similarly invested people. Now, I'm sure that you could put up a Writeoff thread and get a fair few participants (which I do wonder why you haven't done in ages; I need mah anon horseword fix), but for any of the other threads—community synopsis review, character discussion, or The Writer's Cafe—there won't be any activity because the reviews were what kept people active in the first place.

Over on /pony/, PAD threads are so full of life because everyone on that board is involved in several different ongoing threads, and vice versa. There's a personal investiture there. /fic/ has lost so many people that that's just not possible. The #fic chatroom is usually active between no more than four to six people at any one time (and only at very specific timeslots), and we lost any semblance of new traffic several months back.

I don't know if it's because of the MLPChan split—though the Ponychan board is dead as well; I have no idea how to quantify all this—but /fic/ is effectively dead in the way, no matter what you do. I don't know how the other boards are coping (I'm pretty sure that the /rp/ front page changes completely once every six hours or so, so they're probably fine), but unless /fic/ comes up with some major, major advertising and content formalization, this board is dead in the water.


File: 1378576183140.jpg (15.17 KB, 413x314, Twilight 29.jpg)

Golden, look at yourself. You're acting just like that guy. The one who always pops up whenever someone suggests something and says 'that won't work.'


File: 1378588339118.jpg (1.71 MB, 1481x2049, Ghost Town.jpg)

And you're willfully ignoring the fact that this board is a pic related.


File: 1378602834981.jpg (54.63 KB, 1200x666, gregory-peck-sad.jpg)

Look at you guys.

Abe wasn’t kidding when he said such about the house divided. Though I suppose that was Jesus. They were both words of wisdom, in any time or language

But at least there’s discussion happening—and the proper kind. Here we have a moment to think on what we want to say before presenting it.

I’ve been with you for little more than a year, yet still I cannot comprehend the political structure of this land. It has beguiled me to no end. To see such a system tearing apart the common bonds that have held us together for much of this time has grieved me much the same.

We are so concerned with what /fic/ is, and what we want it to be. If it is a constant battle against hostile tides, I see no reason to either accept the direction of that current or to find calmer waters. We cannot count on some magic influx of users to be our salvation. What we see now is what we have to work with. You either nurture it compassionately, or watch it wither from constant pruning.

I hope more of your discussion finds its way onto this board. I hope that that discussion won’t be plagued by vain bickering. And I hope that today I can count all of you among my friends.

Thank you.
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soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 7164

File: 1378603673529.png (409.51 KB, 1024x768, berry_punch_on_bed_by_themight…)

I think minty was right in a way when he said people in here just need to lighten up and let themselves be a bit silly more often. The board tends to be most active when we're talking about something, even if it is 'what's wrong with us?'

It's weird in a way: the general, light discussions I've tried to do have seen more traffic than when I try to do a thread discussing writing, it usually sees much less (coming to that conclusion made me scrap the idea for a weekly writing discussion thread. I still think there should be something like it, I just haven't figured out what.)

Look at how much this thread has got us talking now.


I vainly thought that taking away the spreadsheet would spark some innovation and get people to start doing more constructive things to revamp the community, and rethink how to best serve authors and the fan fiction community. Lo and behold.


One thing I'd kinda like to see is a discussion on what certain popular stories did right, and what we can learn from them—instead of just asking 'how would I do this differently.' Much of what I've learned about storytelling came from asking myself why stories like Game of Thrones or Firefly are so well loved. Though I will admit that that hasn't stopped me from asking how I could make GoT better.

Edit: I feel that I should mention that my opinion of both of those stories is that they are flawed in ways that keep me from enjoying them as much as everyone else seems to. So take this as like asking why (Story you hate) is popular.
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Broken Links Ganymede!GgIDlu3VYM 7167

File: 1378676419353.png (246.49 KB, 1600x1212, derpy_hooves_is_confused.png)

Submission guide: Permission Denied

TL/DR of the submission guide: Works

List of TTG regulars: Works

Submission form: Error: "The form is no longer accepting responses. Try contacting the owner…"

List of recently-finished reviews: Permission Denied

Reviews in progress: Permission Denied

I'm doing this through a valid google email address: [email protected]

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7168

Yes, Demetrius cut off access to the documents he owned.


And in case no one's noticed, we're on autosage.

Pascoite!uxy6g7ov9I 7170

Yep, I saw. But I guess the jury's still out on whether to create a new thread?


Let's at least wait until this one drops off the front page.

Anonymous 7174


I see you're having trouble with Dem's spreadsheet/form

I happened to have a back-up from a while ago so if you want you can include those. I'll try to add people to it for editing rights (if they aren't there already don't know how copying works)

Form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/gform?key=0AiYwe31YlQJOdHRhazFmcS1LdkJCS3FsdVNSZkZxQ1E&gridId=0#edit

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiYwe31YlQJOdHRhazFmcS1LdkJCS3FsdVNSZkZxQ1E#gid=0

You can use that one as long as Dem's sheet is unavailable.

Derp Infinitive 7175

Herp only now I've scrolled back up.

Do you need the back-up or should I take it down?

Filler 7176

At current traffic, that won't be happening for a while.

Queue information 7269

Anyone who posted a story for review here but has not received one, please reply to this post and include your info again (title, tags, word count, link, synopsis) so we know what we have.

Review Request for My Little Poem, by MrAlbum321 7379

Hello, dear /fic community!

My name is Mr. Album, and bear with me as I post this (hopefully) in the training grounds. This is my first time posting on mlpchan, and I am doing my best to follow the submission guidelines as shown in that thread.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let me show you what I am requesting a review for:

Title: My Little Poem.

Tags: Incomplete, Dark, Adventure, Teen, Sex (implied, never described in detail)
Extra tags: Poetry, Writing, First-person perspective, Tragic backstory, Twilicorn, Celestia, Unconventional family, Child, Rape (only in backstory, nothing dirty is ever written out), OC

I could go on with more tags, but I'll leave it at that… if I did the tags right. If someone could tell me how to do them correctly, that would be fantastic.


(from FimFiction)

A writer is drafted by Princess Celestia to record the latest adventure of Twilight Sparkle. However, he's an emotional wreck, with so many personal problems that he may fail before ever setting foot on the path's first step.

(extra description)

Pantrostic is the name of the main character, and he is an OC. The story is told from his perspective. He is also the character who has suffered the most, but others around him have also suffered. Expect some volatile angst; emphasis on "volatile," i.e. poke Pantrostic too much, and he pops, sometimes with a BOOM… emotionally speaking. YMMV.

Link: FimFiction.


The story is incomplete, and I write at a turtle's pace due to college. While I am busy, I usually try to respond within a day or so to most every question or comment.

I am considering submitting this to EqD, or really any other appropriate review sites and whatnot, so be especially harsh with the grammar and the direction you think the story is going, and where you think the story should go. I am not changing the perspective or the general tone of the story, but I am open to suggestions and discussions. I may not agree, but I will listen and respond as politely as I can.

While this is my first time putting a fic on this site, I have asked other folks at FimFiction to take a look at the story. You can see their responses in the FimFiction comments, if you are curious.

As always, let me know if there are any technical snafus with this post. You can reach me at [email protected], if it is especially urgent.

I eagerly await responses!


Mr. Album

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