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#Editing Help #Pre-readers welcome #Story in Progress

First time posting here. Bear with me.

So I've written the story Apples and Wheat and it's gotten surprisingly good reception. However, I've been told it needs a bit lore polish by the EqD pre-readers. I'm not exactly bent on getting my story on EqD, but it would nice.

Anyways, the main reason I'm putting this up for critiquing is improve my writing plus I'm bored out of mind.

Image not related. Ever.

Tags: Comedy Crossover Slice of Life

The Apple Family decides to plant wheat this year and end up with a surprise house guest.

How will the Apple clan handle having a wolf in their home? Let alone, a Wise Wolf that's obsessed with sweet succulent juicy apples?


In a nut shell it's a crossover of Spice and Wolf with MLP. The main focus is how the Apples handle have Holo in their home. How Holo handles being with the Apples and in Ponyville. Plus I explain/explore the relationship that Holo and Granny Smith have in chapter 3.

FIMFiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/67672/apples-and-wheat
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Welcome to /fic/. While reviewing is the main output of our board, it's not the only one. Stories looking for reviews should go in review threads. You'll find a list of them in the directory at >>159. While you're at it, please look at the sticky post at >>158. It more or less details how we do things around here. Threads for stories are for showcasing, not for seeking help, so thread bumplocked.

Also, you need []s around your #Tags, or they won't tag properly. I've taken the liberty of fixing that for you.

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