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What is a writer? 3097

I recently had a chat with a few of my friends about the nature of the arts and the different people involved with them. Being musicians, we kind of came to a conclusion that a lot of musicians are crazy people.

Then we talked about artists. We came to the conclusion that there's a lot of crazy artists, too.

So what about writers? Are we crazy, normal, or something else entirely?

What are your thoughts?

Tactical 3099

In b4 "miserable pile of synonyms for 'vagina'"

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 3125

File: 1357458103153.png (107.2 KB, 814x966, 132651280969.png)

Crazy applies here too.

To create, it helps to be skewed, because having difficulty accepting reality, makes explaining it much easier.

Also there are different degrees in involved, where as most writers are not ear cutting offedly crazy, but the really great ones are usually psychotic hermits in some way or another.


File: 1357461743936.gif (1.99 MB, 354x232, gentleman_broncos.gif)

Just a different kind of crazy, I think.


We're academic crazies.
And that makes us far more dangerous.


Writers here like to make fanfictions about ponies doing stuff.

So, yes. Crazy.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 4056

File: 1360648866909.png (78.37 KB, 500x557, 134966554171.png)

I'm crazy. I've always been crazy, and I'm proud of that fact.

As long as I'm not insane.


File: 1360654233115.jpg (5.45 KB, 250x324, acd.jpg)

Historically speaking, Tolstoy became a hermit, seeking refuge from his fame and fortune. Conan Doyle, of all people, became an ardent spiritualist; writing no less than two books upon the subject of the Cottingly Fairies and one extolling the fact that Houdini, a close friend, had supernatural powers. Even Homer describes the sea in his Oddessy and Illiad as being burgundy colored.

If we aren't nibbling the crayons of our finite intelligence yet, we will be.
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File: 1360691185218.jpg (25.39 KB, 460x276, oliver-twist-007.jpg)

>nibbling the crayons of our finite intelligence
May I misappropriate that for my own nefarious deeds, good sir?

Compendium of Steve 4098

File: 1360728003769.png (610.21 KB, 625x875, TouhouPonyOrin.png)

The one true medium is video games. Everything in human history has led to the invention of video games, and everything that followed was further enhanced by the presence of video games.

The sun is brighter, the air fresher, food tastes better, and yes, stories are more entertaining.

Ergo, everything is a game, and the greatest game of all is Touhou.

Also, >>3097 ,

"A miserable little pile of madness. But enough talk; have at you!"


File: 1360743703855.jpg (91.73 KB, 473x355, pic 3.jpg)

Why, old boy, of course you may!

It should only cost one single payment of your entire estate, after all.

Casca!blANCA/Sq2 4107

File: 1360743922778.jpg (52.83 KB, 613x613, yes.jpg)

Azusa!fG2qnvpWXU 4108

File: 1360746194431.png (113.95 KB, 401x391, 230881__UNOPT__safe_raindrops.…)

You say this, yet you get angry when I post Extra Credits videos…


File: 1360787102618.png (405.22 KB, 575x759, GhbgIKx.png)

That's because Extra Credits videos have that ridiculously annoying sound filter for the voices.


File: 1360792956333.jpg (451.06 KB, 1500x1000, virtuoso_cumberbatch.jpg)

Gladly! As my estate is severely in the red, that will help immensely.
How generous of you to step in.


File: 1360819157035.jpg (54.44 KB, 612x612, 9fb8b2de6e6411e28efa22000a1fbd…)



Compendium of Steve 4145

File: 1360906721244.gif (50.07 KB, 650x450, Last Straw.gif)

No; I get angry because you post the same episode. Like, all the time.

Use some new material already!

Figments-MetroIE 4152


Homestuck is not a viable source of rage
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File: 1360964214576.jpg (44.37 KB, 567x337, 133541132732.jpg)


File: 1360984414060.jpg (41.71 KB, 462x462, 9842239_gal.jpg)

I can sometimes be a little mad. Though I suppose that isn't much to go off of, seeing as I'm not much of a writer as much as I am a dabbler in wordsmithery or rhapsodomancy or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Hm… In general, I can't say I'm truly to the point of a completely devastated psyche, but instead I try to maintain a youthful romanticism when approaching my work.

That probably didn't make the least bit of sense. Anyway, well, I guess there's your answer. You have to be crazy to do the things we do, but no crazy person would admit that they're crazy in the first place.

Alexstrazsa!!2GgTwJwF1D 4169

That's not rage, that's beauty.

Compendium of Steve 4172

File: 1360996978365.png (915.84 KB, 1000x1070, Scootastrider.png)

Truly, Andrew Hussie is the voice of our Internet generation.

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