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/fic/ Guestbook and Roll of Regulars - Jan '13 - Yes, We're Doing This Again Edition Welcome Everypony 3023

Old thread: >>699

In this thread, introduce yourself. At the beginning of every odd-numbered month, we'll lock and re-make it. That way, it'll be a directory of current /fic/ folks, their threads, works, and a bit about each. Newcomers, guests, and people just passing through are welcome to make posts of their own, too.

So, usually we're a pretty serious, all business folk - present tomfoolery notwithstanding. In the interest of keeping this thread neat and tidy, one post per person, please, and discussion in other threads. Think of it as your "profile" if this were a BBoard or Facebook or yellow pages.

If you don't know yet, MLPchan allows you to edit posts.
See that "password" box when you post? Type something in there that you'll remember. Then you can check-mark your post later, click "edit" at the bottom, and hey-presto there you go. If you don't pick your own password, MLPchan will generate one for your computer, which you might not be able to remember later. Then again you won't have to unless you switch computers.

- Pen names / presence on other sites
- Writing bio and interests
- Works
- Threads you're involved with
- Anything else short and interesting about you.
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File: 1357330428151.gif (1.17 MB, 235x123, NuX3x.gif)

Linking to the old thread would be a good idea, methinks.

DemPonies 3026

Alright, I'll give this a shot.

Pen name(s): DemPonies (not to be confused with Demetrius. I am my own person damnit!)

Bio: Well, I've been a fan since early season two, lurked for a while, and been hanging around both here and FimFic since some months back.

Work(s): Twilight's Odyssey. It can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/24518/twilights-odyssey

You should read it. It is that one element you've felt been missing these last few years, and reading it will instantly cause you to feel better and more fullfilled. Take advantage of this one time opportunity!
WARNING! Results may vary and are not guaranteed. The author will not be held responsible for any adverse effects of reading Twilight's Odyssey™. By reading this message you are freeing DemPoCo of any related liabilities.

Short, fun fact: Twilight is best pony.
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Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3028

File: 1357331131081.jpg (43.28 KB, 403x403, 530873_372611859494406_6089664…)

Hi there. Name's Rain, or Raindrops, or whatever the heck you feel like calling me.
there's actually an ongoing list: http://pastebin.com/CBF8x0Gk

Anyway, I exist on here and on Pchan, as well as Fimfiction.net under the name BleedingRaindrops. I used to go by Minjask, and still use that name for reviews, but if you’re looking for me, I exist in the canternet IRC channels as BleedingRaindrops.

I don’t think of myself as a very skilled writer, although my stories do tend to get more upvotes than down but that’s not saying much. I have two very not so lofty goals in this fandom, and one ongoing on. The first two are to have a story in the feature box on fimfiction.net and another on Equestria Daily. Not for the purpose of fame, of course, but rather to become great enough at two different types of writing that I become —at the very least — recognized for it. It’s more of a personal think really. My ongoing goal, however, is to provide exciting and entertaining fan fiction for my readers to peruse, come they by the tens or the thousands —although I would greatly prefer the latter. I prefer to write sad or dark stories, but I’ve been dipping my hoof into comedy as of late.

I have produced a few stories, which can all be found on my Fimfiction page, sans one that has become a sort of taboo around here. http://www.fimfiction.net/user/BleedingRaindrops

I mostly frequent the Training Grounds, and maintain it when it needs doing and I am not otherwise occupied. I do some reviews there as well when my own review thread dries up, as it has for the past month.

As for the rest of me. I like Pinkamena, particularly her flat mane, and I also greatly enjoy rain. Chat with me in the IRC if you’re additionally interested.
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Hi! I'm Golden Vision, also known as GV, G-Veezy, or G-Vizzle (I blame Jake for that last one). I'm well known as That Guy Who Writes Whooves Fanfic (it was ONE FIC; come on!), but I'm also a former reviewer on these here boards, having since moved on to be the host of the Weekly Writer's Workshop (W^3).

Twilight is best pone, and you can find me either in the IRC (sometimes), or with email ([email protected]).

Stories: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=category&user=14292
W^3 Episodes: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIiZFrVgKRYaHZmF3_bclrtzpHrIWuTko&feature=view_all


File: 1357336726547.png (165.13 KB, 852x852, 133531808347.png)

Pen names / presence on other sites: Azusa. If I ever get a book published, then it'll be under the name Azusa Lakefield.

Writing bio and interests: I've been writing since August of 2011, four months after I started watching the show. Memories in a Bottle* is the story that got me into writing and reading Fem-slash. And I want to write a F/F novel that will start a trend in publishing of similar books, though I'm sure everypony here I sick of hearing about that.

Works: I still haven't gotten Chasing Clouds on EqD yet…

Threads you're involved with: I'm a reviewer/maintainer at the training grounds.

Anything else short and interesting about you: I've beaten Level 9, Height 5 in Mode B in Tetris. Yeah, writing doesn't leave me that much time to play video games, so I mostly play arcade style Nintendo games.


File: 1357340813075.jpg (10.58 KB, 200x290, 6393566_gal.jpg)

#Writer #Part-Time Reviewer

Hey, I’m Dolfeus Doseux (that would be Dolfuss Dozu, but Dolfee-uss is fine too), but you can call me Doseux or just Dos (or even dolfeus), if that’s your fancy. I review around here occasionally, but my main project right now is probably >>2330, which I'm kinda failing miserably at.

(Abridged and amended from my original introduction.)
Back somewhere around October of 2011, I started frequenting Equestria Daily’s ponychats, particularly #EquestrianStudy where I did a little reviewing every now and again. /Fic/ didn’t appeal to me for the longest time, and I’d only heard about it second hand. At some point, however, I found my way into #fic, and sometime after that I found myself entering Tactical’s minific competition and getting rocketed into this foreign beast called /fic/. I haven’t looked back sense.

I’ve been writing off-and-on, and most of my projects lie unfinished. I don’t even know if any of my plans will pan out. If anyone wants to see my drivel, they can find it here:

I’m still planning on fleshing out my Write Off entries (The Sound of Raindrops on Slate and Rainfall in Providence and possibly the one from the last Write Off), but those are on the back burners for now.

Contact info:
If you ever need to get in touch, or just want to chat, my email is [email protected]
You can send me a PM on my FIMFic account, but I'll be slower to respond to it. As you might have guessed, I also frequent the #fic chat on Canternet.
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- Pen names: Baron Von Clop pretty much everywhere! Most notably on FiMFiction, but I comment on EqAD and other stuff quite a bit so you may see my name around.

- Writing bio and interests: First exposed to pony fanfiction through My Little Dashie and Cupcakes in Feb. 2012, started writing ponies days after. I, along with a partner, Stonershy, run the group My Not-So-Little Pony on FiMFiction, and most of my stories follow that formula.

- Works: All of my works can be found on FiMFiction (http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Baron%20Von%20Clop - NSFW), but my most notable piece is Soft Spot.

- Threads you're involved with: None, here. Did three or four reviews many months ago on the Ponychan Training Grounds. Would like to get back involved with that, and will be claiming fics.

- Anything else short and interesting about you: I'm a fairly serious WoW PvPer. I also have written the most comprehensive Banned from Equestria (Daily) guide that I see getting passed around a lot. Not sure what else to say here.
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File: 1357357035222.png (33.17 KB, 174x169, AweSumPony.png)

Here I am. Demetrius here, Demetrius on FiMFiction.
- I'm interested mostly in science fiction that doesn't involve humans and world-building stories that make mountains out of molehills.
- I have not completed any really significant or noteworthy stories, but I'm working on that.
- I'm a Training Grounds person. I'm also trying to come up with more elegant ways of organizing communal exchange of reviewing, even though TTG seems to be doing well.

Edit: a bit of useful info, if you need to grab the password that mlpchan auto-assigned to you, open up a javascript console (in Google Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-J, in Firefox, install Firebug and then I dunno but it's possible if you look in the right menus, in Internet Explorer/Opera/Safari I have no clue). Then this expression should give you the password in plaintext:
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> FIMFiction, FimFiction or Fimfiction?
> knighty says it's 'Fimfiction'

Get it right, plebs.

Also, Perl master race signing in.


File: 1357375516814.jpg (20.77 KB, 256x256, 5679_256.jpg)


Pen Name: Jake The Army Guy on Fimfiction( http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Jake%20The%20Army%20Guy )
Also known as Tweak at FOB Equestria, where I do snarky reviews of poni fiction( http://www.fobequestria.com/)

Bio: Well, by trade I'm MOS 46R, Broadcast Journalist/Public Affairs, so my background is in writing copy for TV and radio news. I started writing about ponies poning poni about a year ago. I've spent that entire time working on my silly little story magnum opus.

Works: Under A Luminous Sky( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/40634/Under-A-Luminous-Sky)

No threads, but I've been thinking of diving into TTG at some point, but I'm afraid I'd just embarrass myself.

Other than that, I'm a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, GA, I love heavy metal, and I give the best nicknames (you're welcome, G-Vizzle). :P Wanna chat? email is right up ^der, also on Skype by that email. Hit me up, always looking for new friends. =D


File: 1357426213538.png (91.42 KB, 1150x840, Skylight.png)


>Also, Perl master race signing in.

Roger likes to think he's cool, eh? I thought he was just some kind of hamburger.

In any case, here we go:

Name's Figments. I'm a writer of four years and a fanfic writer for about 9 months. I think. I can't remember, really.

I don't really /like/ much of anything besides gigantic complex storylines, something which I haven't seen fanfiction do (yet. I'm always happy to be proven wrong).

Like Demetrius, I haven't written anything that someone would call noteworthy or something like that.

I currently run my own review thread, and occasionally stop by the TG when I'm not particularly busy.

I'm a potato.

Silly Gamer 3102

File: 1357445056936.jpg (613.07 KB, 800x1113, lyradovich.jpg)

I can attest that this man got SF Debris to review an episode of Dr. Who.

Because of that, he is no man for he is all men and thus, is a god.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 3122

File: 1357456012276.png (816.19 KB, 1000x846, speclow.png)

Hi! I'm TacticalRainboom. I like ponies, writing, and writing about ponies. I'd never thought much of fanfiction in general, until I read Romance Reports. Then I read I'd Like to Be a Tree. Then it was Trixie's Magic Bit. After I started reading that last one, I made my first post in a /fic/ thread.

I'm a little bit strange.


I haven't written anything notable, but I've written a bunch of things, and together they span a broad range of genres. Check off your "view mature" box to see extra goodies on my Fimfiction profile. Or don't, and read my other things.

Lately, one of my stories was picked up by Seattle's Angels, which is cool. I also have one short-fic on EQD. My greatest accomplishment, however, was having a quote from one of my fics posted on http://wtfponyfanfiction.tumblr.com.

You can find me on IRC, if you ever want to for some bizzare reason. I review sometimes, so you can request me for a TTG review. You can also just ask me very nicely via IRC or my Fimfiction account. If it's #mature, leave it for me in the Red Fic District, found here: >>1229 —You'll have to go to Settings in the top right corner and check the "view mature" box, first.

Clop on, bronies, and glory to the Empress of Ponykind!
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RazgrizS57 !Cinderm9Hs 3127

File: 1357458226643.png (136.87 KB, 900x833, amethyst_star_shopping_by_fors…)

Well what's the worse that could happen?

>Pen name


>Writing bio and interests

I came into the fandom early in 2012, sometime amidst the early portions of Season 2. After admittedly reading MLD, I came into the realm of ponyfiction and the genres of [Dark] and [Sad] and all that entails. I started writing ponyfiction since March of 2012 I think, and before that I have one or two Dr.Who fics under my belt.


If you really want to read my stuff, which I highly recommend you do not do since it's atrocious (and I'm not just saying that), you can find me on fimfiction.net. I haven't published much of anything as of late, and for good reason. I got two or three things I'm currently working on now that will hopefully shine like crown jewels in comparison to the rubbish I had previously published. I call them my "experiments" because they were some of the first things I've ever written and therefore I was finding a style that suits me, which has since evolved for the better.

>Threads you're involved with

On MLPchan? Nothing. This is my first post, actually. I honestly don't know where to go or what to do. I usually just lurk and look out for interesting things, and maybe give out advice if it's within my realm. On Ponychan I usually lurked the shenanigans of the EqD-Prereader threads as well as some authors, so I guess I'm waiting for them to come here. I more or less frequent both boards until then.

>Anything else short and interesting about you

I have the unsettling ability to come up with any pony-related pun in about five minutes if asked to. I've been told by some friends I have developed an immaculate talent for dialogue, but I remain skeptical. Unlike my stories (the ones I'm working on), I don't preread/edit my posts whether they be in blogs or threads. I've learned to never be afraid to ask questions. As I've discovered, I have a knack for and enjoyment in prereading/editing. Although I'm sometimes wrong when pointing things out, I point out a lot of things and like to make suggestions. I like GDocs for that purpose. I also like to draw, and if you want you can find me on DeviantArt as well.

Oh wait, this was supposed to be short… Uh, Amethyst Star is best pony.
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File: 1357462633877.jpg (67.64 KB, 595x649, Derpy258.jpg)

Hi, welcome to /fic/! Read the sti— I mean… here's a link to the IRC: http://derpy.me/jVlML Feel free to come visit!

Casca!blANCA/Sq2 3182

File: 1357536405068.jpg (19.85 KB, 403x403, goody.jpg)

Pen name: I go by Casca, mostly, and can be found as such on Fimfiction. I also have a FF.net account, which is linked in the Fimfic one.

Writing bio and interests: I've been writing since I was 12, or something like that. I joined the fandom middle of 2011, and found /fic/ after my first successful submission to EqD. Since then, it's been an amazing trip in learning 2 werds. Interests aside of engineering and writing include playing the piano and Touhou, and occasionally even - gasp - reading.

Works: Most of my works are actually sitting in my Google Drive, with the original stuff confined to the folder on my Desktop, but EqD's a good place to look for my more solid works. I've done up a list here, actually: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/110244/2012-a-review-in-writing#comment/685761

Threads you're involved with: I review when I can at the Training Grounds, and usually don't poke elsewhere much.

Anything else short and interesting about you: I'm, uh, Asian. Surprise!


File: 1357549764760.png (495.16 KB, 900x860, 0b1f03a2694ba17f565cc757b25382…)

>Name/Presence on other sites
I'm Ezn. You may know me as the author of http://derpy.me/EznGuide

Fimfic profile is here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Ezn
EqD author tag is here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Author%3A%20Ezn

I'm the admin of "All-OC Stories" on Fimfic, a fairly popular group.


I got into this pony thing a few weeks after season one ended, but only became active in the community when I got the first chapter of my first fic onto EqD (late September '11) and subsequently popped into /fic/ to promote it. What I found was much more than just the few readers I'd been hoping for.

I've been writing in some form or another since I learnt how to write. I wrote a fair bit of flashfiction as a teenager, won Nanowrimo in 2008 and experimented with multiple web serial fiction projects in various communities. Most of that stuff's not great, but I learnt a lot from writing it. MLP has been my first and so far only foray into fanfiction, and it's really been a fun, educational experience so far, mostly thanks to this board.

I also read a lot – novels (I'm big on classic science fiction), short stories (nothing better than an anthology for whiling away a plane ride), pony fanfiction (the left-hand side of my Fimf profile is dedicated to recommendations), creepypasta (Kris Straub and Josef K in particular), a few comics and webcomics, pretty much anything that catches my interest.


My best works, which you can find on EqD, are the OC adventure-travel novel Long Distance and the trippy Inception-esque, in-progress episodic thing I Dream of Daisies. I'm also fairly proud of Nothing, a story about a changeling in love (?) and It's Tricksy, a brief flash-fiction piece about Trixie having a rap battle against a zebra. There's other stuff too if you care poke around my profile a bit, including Brief Glimpses, my minific anthology.

I try to write a lot of different things for the sake of experience, experimentation and so I don't get bored. So far the only tag I don't have a published story for is #Sad. I've got a few things in the pipeline, most notably my attempt at an episode-style children's story, Stage Fright!


Author thread is here: >>564

Sometimes I do reviews in TTG, but I haven't for a good while.
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Eustatian!Wings60m9. 3197

I'm Eustatian Wings. It's vaguely pan-European, pronounced as
"Eŭstacian" in Esperanto
"o-STAHT-see-ahn" in RP
"yo-STOT-see-uhn in General American
エウスターツィアン in Japanese or
葉須辰・ようすたつ when I'm rockin' the Kanji.
Something like "Ewstetsian" in Welsh,
"Østetsyan" in Norwegian,
and if you dare attempt French, you are on your own.

But you can just call me Eustachian, 'cos everybody else seems to.

I have collected the trifecta of rejections: Equestria Daily, Equestria After Dark, and Fimfiction. My completed stories (such as they are) are at http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Eustatian+Wings . I write cuddly-snuggly stories with stark grammar and entirely too much description. I am a flaming demisexual who can cop a hot clop when the occasion should pop - but more often I like the pretty little things in life.

Recommended works:
"Benediction" - Everypony shipped with everything.
"Watching Paint Dry" - CMC slice-of-life, only a touch autistic.
Fear of Falling - Yuri / gentle psychodrama / queer-fic deconstruction. My loving send-up of the shipping genre, neither mean enough to be funny, nor sincere enough to play its tropes straight. Entirely too much author-service. Ongoing.

I think ponies pony ponies nicely and people should be nice too.

Croswynd 3206

File: 1357591606745.jpg (103.9 KB, 960x768, image.jpg)

I suppose, since I've bandied about my story here enough to at least annoy a few of you, I should give you an introduction to the writer behind it as well.

My pen name is Croswynd, one I picked up a few years and have used ever since. You can find me on FiMFiction here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Croswynd

If you'd like to contact me, whether to say hi or anonymously arrange clandestine love affairs, my email is always open at [email protected]

I've written a collection of three works thus far submitted to the public, with quite a few non-submitted ones I may or may not release in the future. The three submitted ones can all be found, luckily enough for me, both on my FiMfiction page and on EqD here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Author%3A%20Croswynd?m=0

Where There's a Quill was both my first pony fic and successful EqD submission, garnering a Star-4 back when stories were ranked by such. I've since been lucky enough to skate past the Pre-readers for my other two, Unmarked (Star-5) and A Missing Note (unrated, since it was submitted after the stars disappeared).

Fortunately for me, my previous experience writing for the past ten years seems to have been a boon. I have a few non-pony writing sites I frequent, as well, the longest running of which is six and a half years old. It still is fairly active, with competitions to hone one's skill delivered monthly. Should you be interested in strutting your stuff in other areas of fiction, shoot me an email for further information on that. It's a lovely community.

Alongside my writing, I'm a fledgling artist as well, my most successful (and the only one to ever make EqD) of which is displayed quite proudly beside this wall of text. Lynk. I'm a fan of puns, you see.

As of this writing, I am not involved in any threads beyond having my story reviewed, though I do hope to eventually start a review thread should I have permission. I do love working with other authors, more talented than I or not, and helping them with their own works. I've run a small writing competition for a year in the past, serving as a judge in every month save one and I seem to have helped them. Along with that, I was chosen to review a collection of stories by the community in an effort to bring attention to the fan fiction section of the Epic Games' Forums. I have also been involved on both sides of competitions for the last seven years on the writing site I mentioned earlier.

As for anything interesting, I'm afraid I've listed everything that could vaguely fit the description. Thus does my introduction close, though you're free to ask me any questions you please (or those love affairs. I ain't picky)


File: 1357598205473.jpg (581.84 KB, 1420x2026, .. (5).jpg)

Already made a post some time ago about this, but I might as well re-introduce myself, new year and all that jaz.

Name is Garnot, pronounced Girr-Naat. I've been around since well before anything came about this fandom, joining the writing scene once season one was about four episodes in.

Currently, I'm a displaced student working towards his literature and creative writing degrees.

I write mostly alternate universes and Noirs, along with the occasional dark and horror story, but I've also been known to try out different genres, including lighthearted fare and sad. I don't do comedy well, unless its black humor, and romance is something I don't often pull of well either, so don't ask me about that.

I read everything I can get my mits on, and I do reviews for all who are interested.

[email protected]

My Fimfic: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Garnot

Current works:
Equestria Noir (Four chapters of the old draft are currently out. It is being reworked as we speak. Old version can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/158/Equestria-Noir---A-Neo-Noir-Tale)

Salty Shores (Also undergoing changes. The one story that has gotten the most rewritten so far. Original draft for those interested: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/3024/Salty-Shores)

Closer to Heaven (First story ever written. Was unique at its time, but now stands as a simple relic of days long gone. Will update one day. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/602/Equestria-Noir-Chronicles)

Future projects include:
-The World of Tomorrow
-G's Tale
-The Regulators
-For Its Kind

Threads (former and active):
Review thread in collaboration with SLP: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/110925.html

Review Thread (currently closed)
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File: 1358396419088.png (112.24 KB, 500x393, triptych.png)

Hi. I'm Twilight Snarkle / Sordid Euphemism. I've been away a bit, but have internet again and hope to keep it. But enough about that…

I've been writing semi-professionally (as in, published columns without pay) since I was in junior high, and professionally (same as above with either flat pay or royalties) off-and-on since high school. Editing brings in a little money these days, but I don't think I could do it full-time again without committing multiple homicides.

I have stories and poems published on EQD and deviantArt. The EQD stories are listed below, as well as a link to my dA gallery which contains stories, poems, and random silliness. When I remember how to format on a *chan I'll edit this and fix the links.

As I've just had my internet access restored, I am not currently participating in any threads. This may change in the future. First, though, I need to download my half-finished stuff and review it to begin writing again.

According to my bronies.wikia profile's amusing back-and-forth edits, I am, in turns, a 'bitch ass nigga' or of average height.

And that's all I have to say about that.

EQD Stories:

dA Gallery Link:
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An Introduction SecretsandLies 3445

File: 1358397413894.jpeg (89.84 KB, 820x770, p69.jpeg)

Hi, I'm new to this site but not new to writing. On Fimfic my username is Secrets and Lies and have been writing an HiE for a while but want to start on a new fic. I was planning to write a clean shipping adventure fic about my two favorite ponies and was wondering if you all had any tips for me. If you want, you can look me up on FimFiction and if you desire, will review you story.

#Author,#Editor and #Reviewer


#Reviewer #Author
Hello! I've been a TG reviewer for about a year now. I've reviewed over 50 fics and helped get about a dozen of them on EqD. I'm an absolute grammar stickler and prefer Sad, Comedy and Light Shipping. Due to the number of private reviews I do these days, I'm not that active in TTG anymore, but will pick up the occasional story that interests me. I do very long line-by-line reviews and will never give you less than my honest opinion, blunt though it may be. If you'd like to request me, just say so in your post, and I'll reply to let you know what my schedule looks like. You may have to poke me by email to make sure I notice.

As a writer, I'm 7/7 at getting fics on EqD and have one Star-6 out of the three that were posted before the star system went away. I enjoy entering the /fic/ write-offs ever since the third one. http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Pascoite

I'm also an OP in the #ttg and #fic IRC channels.

Ion-Sturm 3450

File: 1358404079228.gif (497.76 KB, 500x197, tumblr_lq7g69uVMm1qm6oc3o1_500…)


Anonymous 3455


>I'm new to this site but not new to writing.



Let me the first person to ask you what the snitchel are talking about.


I'm Writer's Block here and (someday) on EQD. On Fimfiction, I’m WB.

There’s only one story I have published as of right now (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/42392/just-wait-until-the-end) but there are others which shall soon join it. One is planned as a series of long-fics, while a couple are some short stories I enjoyed making in the write-offs, which will be cleaned and submitted to both EQD and Fimfiction when I can.

I work the TTG, have participated in several Write-Offs, and continue to try and push someone through my current long-fic so that it might be properly sent out to face the world with all reasonable confidence. On occasion, I’ve also been known to pop into the IRC.

I enjoy many things including, but not limited: marksmanship, skiing, videogames, writing and reading, and picking story universes apart to discover how they work (be it film, show, or paperback).

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