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Weekly Writing Workshop, with Golden Vision and Nicholas 1973

Hello all! Golden Vision, reviewer and writer extraordinaire, reporting for duty!

Some of you might remember the two Livestreamed Writers' Workshops that I did back when we were all on Ponychan's /fic/. Welp, I'm bringing them back with a vengeance—and a twist.

Welcome, people of MLPChan, to the Weekly Writing Workshop!

Please don't confuse this, by the way, with the /fic/ Writer's Workshop, a community-wide event to be held at some future date. Totally different.

I'll be joined by your co-host, #fic's very own Nicholas, and we'll blaze a trail through poni fiction in a way you've never seen before. Each week, we'll do a livestreamed event (and possibly a podcast later on) that comes in three distinct segments, as detailed below.

1.) Tip of the Week/Style & Technique (15-30 minutes)
*In this section, we'll go over a certain tip of the week, and detail the ways in which it can be applied to writing at large. Sample topics might include grammatical misdemeanors, characterization missteps, or even storytelling clichés to avoid. In the meantime, we'll also discuss a certain pro tip or other form of advice to make your writing even better, rather than just avoiding common pitfalls. The end result should hopefully be to make you a more experience, and more confident writer of both fiction and prose.

2.) Interviews (15 + 15 minutes)
*This part will consist of two, roughly 15-minute segments, in which we interview one reviewer and one writer, respectively (new ones very week!). Baron and I will ask them different questions to get an idea of how they go about their craft, and how they view the task of writing in general. If there are any writers or reviewers that you'd like to see on the show, or if you have specific questions to ask them, leave them on a post below!

3.) Live Review (15-30 minutes)
*Our final segment will be a live review, critique, and commentary on a provided fanfic. The objective of this bit will be to get across how the average reader might look over and receive a peculiar mode of writing, and how different problems and concepts are best dealt with. I've met many a writer who said their skill improved after reviewing the work of others, and we hope to give our audience that same kind of benefit and insight.

Our first broadcast will be Saturday, December 1st, at 3:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT). All are welcome to view, and we've definitely got some fun stuff lined up for you! Feel free to drop any comments, requests, or thoughts in the thread below, and we'll do our best to get back to you.

We're looking forward to seeing you all for our first broadcast! This is so exciting!

-Golden Vision & Nicholas
Cohosts of the Weekly Writing Workshop W^3

Livestream Location: http://www.livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MLPWritersWorkshop?feature=mhee


Is this supposed to be advertising for the next one? Cool!

Hey, is there anything I can do to help?


File: 1354760418399.gif (61.48 KB, 500x512, e6d.gif)

This is actually a repost, as I may have accidentally deleted the last thread while trying to edit the OP

Anyway, I'm currently uploading last week's full episode, and prepping questions and notes for this week's.

>Hey, is there anything I can do to help?

Watch, comment, and advertise. :3

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 1976

As before, I'd love to participate in any capacity befitting me, if I somehow find the time.


File: 1354762147291.gif (2.79 MB, 680x383, 64a.gif)

The first episode is UP!

This post was edited by its author on .


Hey everyone! This week's episode will begin in 45 minutes! You can find the site at: http://www.livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop.

This week, we'll be discussing:

—Awkward/lengthy writing
—The infodump

As well as interviewing renowned author and reviewer, Cold in Gardez and Dublio (respectively). Be there, or be square! See you all at 3 PM EST!


Second episode is up!


Next week, we'll be interviewing Casca! Can't wait!


File: 1355027244692.png (90.88 KB, 600x600, nooooo.png)

Surely you mean next-next week, right?


I have you down for the 15th, and Pav down for the 22nd o.O

Pav Feira!ToolDoTeR. 2252

File: 1355084502714.jpg (156.57 KB, 850x609, 055-Trust.jpg)

I think we swapped since I'm MIA on the 22nd


File: 1355085222048.gif (2.07 MB, 500x500, PMr7mhdb8UOYQIbJ9MWfSg2.gif)



File: 1355596064657.png (358.85 KB, 900x518, doctor_whooves_wallpaper_by_oe…)

Hi everyone! Don't forget that we're broadcasting in an hour and half, at 3:00 PM EST! This week, we'll be checking out the concept of character quirks, and how using them can affect your writing. We'll also be reviewing the newest chapter of TacticalRainboom's The Sixth Age, which can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DXArpgZ1lnbuKJ2ng77soq-0fjtC2Ctj1YBvKk0lWZY/edit. Finally, we'll be interviewing /fic/'s very own Pav Feira! We're all looking forward to it, and we hope to see you there!

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 2392

whoa whoa whoa hey whoa


I don't think it's been RADICALLY changed but I wouldn't want you to use an old version. That there is the whole damn thing, so just copypaste the Victoria bit off the end.


Hey guys!

First off, last weeks episode is UP, and can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMYE1nz7IAE.

Secondly, we'll be taking suggestions or requests for fanfics to review on the program. Whether it's one of your favorite authors', or one that you've been working on and just want evaluated, leave a GDoc link here or email it to [email protected], and we'll take a look at it.

Also, this coming week, we'll be interviewing celebrated writer Paleo Prints, known for his work on fics such as School Daze and The Three Whooves. If you've got an suggestions for interview questions, feel free to drop 'em here!


Hey guys! Episode 4 of W^3 will be starting in 45 minutes! We'll be discussing Purple Prose in our Tips & Tricks segment, go over Tired Foal's story Truth Among Lies: The Alchemist's Dogma, and interviewing renowned author Paleo Prints. We also have a special guest co-host today—soundslikeponies!

As always, the link can be found at: livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop.

See you all there!


File: 1356795059059.png (206.33 KB, 760x778, mlp_fim___doctor_whoof_base_by…)

Hi everyone! You ready for today's episode of W^3? We'll be ging live at 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT). Here's what we've got lined up:

First, in our Fiction Toolboxi segment, Nicholas will be talking about the use of flashbacks, and their artful and proper use.

Next, in the Fanfiction Review, we'll be looking over the Compendium of Steve's A Single Wish, which can be found at http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2062/a-single-wish.

Finally, we'll be celebrating well-known comedy (or crack) author Blueshift! Make sure to be there—it's going to be a wacky ride!
-GV & Nicholas


File: 1356802387585.png (442.36 KB, 565x526, avatar2.png)

Did last week's episode ever go up on youtube?


File: 1356810309983.gif (166.41 KB, 500x356, 43a.gif)

Starting in 15 minutes! Link is here: http://www.livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop



And that face scares the SHIT out of me


File: 1357401974410.png (373.92 KB, 900x720, doctor_whooves_by_mikoruthehed…)

New episode today, 3 PM EST!

Today we'll be talking about Talking Heads Syndrome, as well as reviewing author Sagebrush's story, From Canterlot With Love. We'll also be interviewing Wanderer D, so if you've got any questions for him, drop them down below and stop by during the livestream!

See you all then!

Nicholas 3657

File: 1359230563696.png (1.27 MB, 1017x786, MusicHowDoesItWork.png)

Hey all, the 9th Weekly Writers' Workshop with Golden Vision and Nicholas is starting in just a couple minutes! This week, we'll be discussing Body Language in our Tips and Tricks segment, then an interview with JasonTheHuman of Anthropology fame shall follow. Veteran and novice writers alike should benefit from this simple, yet often neglected bit of writing advice.

Hope you're able to join us! Should be a fairly incoherent hour or two!

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3673

File: 1359427951920.png (121.82 KB, 1309x1000, 135826732508.png)

I was occupied that day. Is there a copy of the recording somehwere?

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