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Fanfiction Extravaganza Jersey_Lightning 1288

Hey there, I go by Jersey Lightning.
Fanfiction writer for a few years now, ponyfic writer for significantly less time but I've got a few fics out there that are doing reasonably well,

And they are:
Pilot's Story
This is essentially the story of a human cargo pilot's entrance to, and adventures in Equestria. She'll have to both acclimate to this new life and deal with the consequences of her entry into Equestria.

Next up is:
Confessions Of An Equine.
This is not your typical HiE fic, because in this case H means horse. The first person(pony?) story of a mare who finds herself in equestria and has to come to terms with her newfound intellect.

Neo-Equestria Evangelion
This is, for those familiar with the anime, not a crossover in the traditional sense, no canon Evangelion characters will make an appearance. This is the story of Evangelion if it had happened to ponykind instead of humanity.
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Casca!blANCA/Sq2 1289

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Welcome to /fic/! Just a couple o' heads ups:
1) to tag, put it in square brackets. [(hash tag) Author] would give you #Author.
2) /fic/ doesn't generate much attention, so don't be too disappointed if response is cold. =s If you're looking for critique, though, you can visit one of the review threads, with the TG: http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/525+50.html being the largest.

Either way, enjoy your stay!

Jersey_Lightning 1290

i forgot to add an edit password so i'm unable to fix the op :|


I'll edit your OP for you.

Casca's right; individual author threads tend to get less of the attention they need then seeking a reviewer directly in a review thread, so you might consider going that route.


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