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Let's figure out how do we fix Chrysalis and the whole changeling concept.
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/fic/ Archival We've decided that this board's current activity can be better served by our other boards. This board isn't sustaining much activity of its own or functioning as a living resource. This board is going to be removed from the main board list in a few days and go into read-only mode.
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Why do you write? Simple question. How you got into writing, what you hope to achieve doing it, what aspect of it you like most… What drives you, /fic/?
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The sexy antics of the students and staff of Canterlot High are explored here in the Equestria Girls Fingerbang thread. Whether you're interested in the brash captain of the soccer team, the awkward egghead or the busty voluptuous principal, we've got stories, poems, art and other creative works just for you.

New readers, writers, and artists are always welcome.



>Thread archive and our 15 recommended stories:


>Verified tripcodes:


Fingerbang IRC Chat
Channel: #eqgfb

>Got an idea or a request for a story? Post it here:

>They will then be added to: http://pastebin.com/j3VKarkC

>Q: Why is the thread called "fingerbang" when many stories contain no trace of fingerbanging or even smut?

A: While smut plays a central element in many of our stories, the inclusion of fingerbanging or smut is not mandatory. Writers are able to write about anything, as long as elements of the high school setting and/or the inclusion of human characters remains in place.

>Q: How did the fingerbang threads start?

In late July 2013, a based anon created a topic with a picture of Rarara with the caption of "I want to fingerbang Rarity under the gym bleachers". The rest is history.
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Emotional clop #Mature
Are there any clopfics that gave you feels as well as boners?
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The Training Grounds: HNNNNG Edition #Reviewer #Training Grounds

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post.
Writers: Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
Reviewers: How to review | List of unclaimed requests
Maintainers: The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
Live communication: The IRC channel
Some Notes:
  • Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome!
  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right, ask about it! Whether it be about a review you've received, a fanfic submitted, or something about the queue spreadsheet, the best way to solve it is through communication.
  • If you think you've been missed: please remind us with a link to your original post.
  • Feel free to ask questions about fanfics and writing them!
  • If you respond to a post: please link to the post you are responding to.
  • Reviewers: the writers want their work to shine. Highlight faults with gusto. Don't fear compliments either: if something makes you smile, a few kind words won't ruin your review.
  • Writers: the reviewers love to read, but will often lean towards being critical. Don't allow it to discourage you; use their criticism to improve your writing! See "Receiving Critique: Gallant" in The Editor's Omnibus and the Submission Etiquette Guide.

Helpful Documentation
How to request to be a queue maintainer:
Note: you don't have to be a maintainer to help out reviewing in this thread. What maintainers do is update and maintain the queue spreadsheet. If you review in The Training Grounds on a regular basis, and would like to help out maintaining the queue:
  1. Read / bookmark this document
  2. Email Demetrius (deconstrained at gmail.com) and say something random in that email. Post the same thing (verbatim) in this thread, preferably identifying yourself with a tripcode.
  3. When you've been given editing permissions, you may delete your random post.
You can do it!
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Review Request—Arcane Nights, Book 1: Blackthorn Asylum So, I'm curious, would anyone be willing to share their opinion on this fic I've been working on? I want to try submitting it to Equestria Daily, and I already tried once and edited it to improve it.

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Are there any Carrot Top/Golden Harvest clopfics?
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Pony Transformation Fiction General #Mature
Here is the thread transplanted from /mlp/ over here. We are PTFG, the one-stop shop for all your human-to-pony transformation needs.
New writers, readers, and artists always more than welcome!

>Story archive and additional links and materials:


Official /soc/-type chatter's in #ptfg on irc.rizon.net
Newcomers are welcome.
#ptfg #transformation #fiction #general #/mlp/ #refugee
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Did somebody ever create a series of fics trying to be a superior show based on my little pony which actually lived up to what it was suppose to be?
I'm talking about alternate takes on G1,G2,G3,G4 all of them not just the latest one. You'd think there'd be some fanfiction left from the old fanbase.
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Story Request/Recommendation General #General #Discussion #Collection

Hello and welcome to the Recommendation and Request General of MLPchan's /fic/!

Consider this a thread to drop in a fic you think deserves attention or to request a story.

1.) No self-promotion. Your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) Provide tags and some small additional information, such as content, for people to know what they are heading into.

1.) Post on this thread promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see people asking for recommendations, direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

Places to look for fics:
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What does /fic/ think about CRISIS: Equestria?
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Umbra's Review Threat - "Let's Try Again for Like the Nineteenth Time" Edition #Reviewer

Well hello there and welcome to /fic/. Why am I welcoming you? I have no idea, considering I've not been active in the MLP fanfiction community for… well, forever, in fandom years.

My name is Umbra, and once upon a time, I raped the souls of authors treading on this blessed ground.

Just kidding, I'm only half that conceited. What I'm really trying to say is that I rather enjoy reading and reviewing, and I've been known to provide decent advice from time to time.

Those of you more familiar with me will also know that I am inconsistent as balls. I will not try to make a secret of the fact that I've been known to start a thread, disappear for months at a time, and generally drop off the map at random for entirely unknown reasons. I won't bore you with those reasons, because they're really no excuse. But I tell you this as a warning: I start review threads during certain periods in my life when I believe I'll have the time, and I do my absolute best to churn out reviews.

VERY CLEAR, however, I WANT TO BE (also Yoda), if you ask me to review something, please post knowing full well that I may never get to your story. I want to help this community because I truly love MLP fanfiction, but I have many other responsibilities in my life. This time I have a few failsafes that I hope will prevent us from reaching a point of implosion, so I'm confident we'll at least be able to keep the thread running for a while, but I can in no way guarantee continuity. That being the case, if you are posting a story in my thread, I have no problem with you posting in other review threads. In fact, so long as the other reviewer is okay with it, I would encourage that. Just make sure we each have a clean document to work on.

Without further ado, here we go with a few rules:


1) No grammar editing. It kills me to do this because I know technical editing is extremely important, but that’s part of what destroyed my thread in the past. I’ll provide phrasing assistance if I notice any grave issues, and I’ll absolutely provide general plot suggestions, but intense technically editing is unfortunately too much for my schedule.

2) No word counts above 12,000. This number will allow for most one-shots and some of the longer chapters of ongoing stories. If, however, you’d like me to review a longer story, I’ll review until the 12,000 word mark, at which point you’re welcome to enter the next portion in the review rotation. I set this limit so that I can constantly cycle through stories and make sure everyone gets feedback as quickly as possible.

3) I have no restrictions on content. If, however, you would like to submit a story that falls into the “mature” category, please email the title, tags and link here:

[email protected]

and I’ll enter it into the queue.

4) I review in a style that I refer to as “Hardcore,” based on Vimbert’s Vindictive reviews. I do this because I believe a tough love approach to writing is the best one. Why? Let’s be honest: writers can be pretty damn arrogant, and I am in no way an exception. There were times when I was ludicrously outraged by an Equestria Daily rejection letter, only to realize after careful discussion with friends that my rejection was completely justified.

In my reviews, I will rip your soul out because you need it to be ripped out, just like I do. That’s the same reason that my private editors have no problem being brutally honest about flaws in my stories.

Poor phrasing? Hardcore comment.

Incoherent plot? Ultra-Hardcore comment.

Horrifying character development? Prepare your butthole.

I used to offer a choice between “ordinary” and Hardcore reviews, but now I don’t really see the point in doing that. And so if you post a story here, fully expect me to treat you like a murderer in response to any affront to the English language.

The flipside of this? If you produce an excellent story, I will not stop raving about you. When I’ve really enjoyed stories in the past, I’ve written entire posts dedicated to praising the author and everything they had done. That’s because I really do want you to write well. I may be an asshole while reviewing, but in reality I’m actually a decent person. I like puppies and mud pits, just like you.

5) Google Documents only please, with comments turned on. No FimFiction, no FanFiction.net.

6) Lastly, please be respectful to others at all times. This rule applies to me as well. Even if I am reviewing the everloving SHIT out of your story, I will never criticize you as a person unless you’ve given me a reason to (flagrant disregard for /fic/’s rules, for example). If you have major flaws within your story, expect me to be excruciatingly harsh on them, but also know that I will never be discourteous toward you as a person.

Alright, I think that covers just about everything.

Hugs and kisses, let’s do this.
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Synosis Reviews #Story Help #Discussion

Please note: this is not a standard review thread. It’s for synopses/descriptions rather than entire fics, and anyone may feel free to chime in. Previous thread at http: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/122131.html

The synopsis, while small, is in some ways the most important part of a story. A good one can score you more readers, while a bad one can stop readers in their tracks. So here’s a mini-review thread. Submissions should include a title and tags, in addition to the synopsis.

General advice:

-Proofread. Proofread the buck out of your synopsis. If I see spelling and grammar errors, that doesn’t bode well for the fic proper.
-Keep it relatively short. A paragraph or two, sure, but don’t try to fit a whole chapter in there.
-Don’t try to be fancy. Ellipses, semicolons, em dashes, and suchlike are generally unnecessary in such a short piece.
-Don’t be vague. Don’t be coy. Don’t be mysterious.

That last covers a lot of ground. See, your synopsis is your first chance (and, in many cases, your only chance) to get a reader interested. Don’t hint at something which might maybe be cool and if we start reading we can find it; just go ahead and give us the cool thing. If you’re writing an intentionally vague synopsis and thinking, “Oh, the reader will see me being all mysterious, and they’ll be so desperate to know my secrets,” then you’re wrong. Readers, by and large, do not care that much.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut, “Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.” Use your synopsis to find that one person. Your best chance to hook readers is by telling them what your story is about and why they, personally, want to read it.

A few specific points on this subject:
-Tell us your characters’ names, even (especially) if you’re using OCs. It’s tough to care about people whose names we don’t know.
-Describe the story’s conflicts, and be concrete.
-Describe those conflicts’ stakes. What is at risk? Why do we care?
-Don’t hedge your conflicts or their stakes. No “this might happen.” No “will this happen?” Your stakes should be important and irrevocable. Rhetorical questions in general should be avoided unless you are extremely confident in the effectiveness of their use.
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Critique & Editing for Full Stories #Reviewer #Closed Queue: >>6727

Hey, a review thread. Here’s how it works: you submit stuff, and I review it. Pretty simple.


1. A review request must—
(a) include a self-sufficient story and its title, synopsis, and wordcount;
(b) be submitted for either critique or editing; and
(c) be made explicitly in a post with subject “Review Request” (or some variation)
2. If a work is submitted for editing, then the story must be provided as a comment-enabled Google Docs document.
3. I’m not obligated to review anything.

Some clarification:

1(a). A submitted story must contain a fully complete narrative with the only assumptions about me as a reader being that I’ve seen every episode of MLP:FiM. I don’t want half-finished stories, prologues, first chapters of dreamt epics, etc. Provided these criteria are met, I don’t care about the genre, length, etc. of the story, nor do I care whether or not it’s fanfiction.

1(b). I review stories in one of two modes: either critique or editing.

Critique involves me reading your story and then letting you know what I think about it as a whole.
Editing involves me reading your story and red-lining every mechanical foible I can find.

These modes are mutually exclusive. If you feel you need both, submit first for critique and then afterwards for editing.

3. This in particular applies to editing, which has the purpose of being a final polish onto what should already be a well-drafted work. If you submit a hacked-together first draft for editing right away, I’m just going to reject it.


I allot 2 hours per day for reviewing.

I am a relatively slow reader at around 220 words per minute. For critique, you can expect this to be somewhere around 200 words per minute, followed by about half of that time spent writing the critique, give or take some for how much there is to say. For editing, it’s about 50 words per minute. (These are currently gross estimates and subject to refinement given more data.)

The queue will be handled in a first in first out (FIFO) manner that makes use of a time-sharing mechanism. Whenever a review is taken off the queue, it is allocated up to 4 hours for reviewing. If the review is not done by the end of this time, it will be placed back on the end of the queue and the next review will be worked on. I use this system so that large reviews (e.g., editing a whole novel which would take 40 hours or 20 days) do not congest my workload so much that no other reviews can be done. To get an idea of how this looks in practise, see the “Example Queue” sheet in my review spreadsheet.

Please note that the “E” in “ETA” stands for “estimated”. That means it’s not entirely precise. If I’m a little bit off, that’s just the way it is. I’m trying to make these estimates very generous, so hopefully they’re off in a way that I’m early more often than late.

Also, this system is flexible. If you have any questions about your review, don’t be afraid to ask them. You can contact me via this thread, IRC (#fic on irc.canternet.org), or email ([email protected]).


Review spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnDeokHj1HDFdHFCN1NEX2xHakFJbjhKQ3NHZUpyaWc
Editing shorthand: http://rogerdodger.me/2013/07/08/editing-shorthand/
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What Are You Reading? #Discussion

Alternative title: Let's talk about real books. (But talking about fics is good, too.)

Currently reading:
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver
The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson
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So when will somebody write alterations or complete remakes of the season 4 premiere?

The demand is actually much higher than some would believe.
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Do you guys have the formula for writing show-accurate episodes? Specificaly looking for FIM S1 episodes.
Characters, plots, action. The dialogue, subtlety, etc.

Also ideas for where to improve the more lacking aspects of the show, are welcome.
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Of Opening Scenes and Men #Story Help #Discussion #Just for Fun

Every writer knows this feeling: You have a real whopper of a story idea, something that's burning a hole in your very soul as it demands to be unleashed upon hapless paper by cruel pen (or pencil for those of us with sausage fingers). Everything is laid out, from beginning to end. The climax is as stupendous as it is moving, the subtle nuances of character development that makes them seem almost like old friends you've known for your entire life, vivid and captivating descriptions that make the world pop out of the page…

Now if only you could make the first damn sentence!

It's like trying to roll a fifty-ton stone; once it's going nothing will stop you, but reaching that point is a story in and of itself, and not a particularly interesting one at that. Every time you jot down that opening you scrap it, disgusted by the vile mash of letters and broken dreams that stares back. Maybe you'll manage to create something that doesn't make your stomach roil, only to hit the same problem upon finishing the paragraph, the page, the chapter! A never-ending cycle of self-doubt as you question your very existence, or at least the reason why the abomination of prose that stands before you hasn't been removed from it.

But lo! that is the purpose of this thread, to help you power through such trials and tribulations. How, you ask? Why, it's quite simple.

See that backspace button?

Rip it out by its roots! Crush it with a hammer! Incinerate it with a lighter and hairspray bottle! It matters not how you remove its insidious temptations, only that you do not use it once in this entire exercise. Your purpose is singular; to write, to put your words to work, to create. Furthermore, you will not move backwards to add additional words or make use of the Insert function to overwrite your mistakes. There is only one direction to go and that is forward. Set a time limit for yourself, it matters not whether it is mere minute or an hour or a day, nor should it concern you if you go past this into the tail end of the morning. Your only objective will be to add to the muse, to build a foundation and see what wonders you are capable of creating without such ugly sirens like as “flow”, “grammar” and “punctuation” demanding attention undivided. There will be time to appease them later. For now though, you write for yourself!

For those that do not enjoy such florid prose, the rules are simple:

This thread is designed to help you power through the opening scene of your story, as well as potentially helping you spot common errors in your typing (for example, I often spell “since” as “sicne”).

You may not, under any circumstance until your self-imposed time limit is done, make any edits or revisions to what you write. Nothing. You will write, and that is all.
Once the time limit is up you may, of course, rework it in any way you wish.

The time limit is absolute; you must continue writing until it is spent. Whether you continue past this point is your own decision, but quitting before is up is a mark of shame. Shammeeeeee.

While you are encouraged to post your work on the thread, you are not obligated to (not that anyone could force you to, anyways). Additionally, reviewing your fellow user's work is encouraged.

And remember, have fun!
Good luck!
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What would /fic/ say about reviewing the show, starting with season 4?
The idea is to keep literate people who know what they're talking about in one place and give some good, save-worthy reviews.
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3k words a week. What timing! I've been looking for some inspiration, and youtube sent me an email that this video was just posted yesterday.

I'm taking up Brandon Sanderson's challenge, and I invite you to join me. I'll be posting a link to a Gdoc every week, of 3k words or more. The reason? Accountability. It's the only thing that ever drives me other than an incessant story that won't get out of my head. I have none of the latter at the moment, but when it comes around I want to be able to write it properly. So, I'm using the tool of accountability via peers to hold me to 3k a week. Thus, I'm making a public thread. Feel free to climb on board.
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No writing skillz I don't know why, but browsing this board just made me want to write, I have no idea how to write, I don't have ideas for stories, either, and I don't read much, either, I'm basically some complete fuck up who just got a little bit inspired to stop doing nothing in it's daily life.

I was wondering if any of you could possibly knew, where should I start about it, if you ask me, I'd want to write adventure/epic themed stories.
The story itself, I don't have one.

As in drawing you usually start "drawing circles, copying, structure" and pretty much whatever, so what would be the "drawing circles" for writing?

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Have you ever had those moments where you force yourself to write just because you can't find any decent stories, or ones with what you want?

I tend to do this, but I'm just horrible at writing.
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Future of /fic/ - Electric Boogaloo #ImageBoardProblems #ThisThreadAgain

Let’s not beat around the bush here… /fic/ is dying. What was once a fairly vibrant community that attracted newcomers and new threads daily is now a board where month-old threads are still on the front page.

But what to do? Well, we’ve been asking this question for some time. The same old ideas get thrown around a lot—contests, advertisements, more reviews, etc. These are all good solutions, but they still don’t address the elephant in the room.

We’re split between two websites.

Facing facts: MLPchan has not provided much organic traffic from other parts of the site. It’s pretty much just been us here for the last 8 months. The few outsiders who have come around to stay came as their own community, deciding to stick only to their own threads that could just as well go in /anon/. By contrast, Ponychan’s /fic/ is still getting posts in it from curious outsiders looking in.

The only way to sustain a community is if there are new members joining as old ones leave. Without this influx of new users, we are left with what we have now.

So I wonder if moving back to Ponychan is a possibility. I decided to reread the last thread of the move discussion (reading that thread in hindsight is kind of depressing; do not recommend), and the prevailing points of contest regarding the move were:

– Edit feature
– Auto-reloading threads
– Replies displayed in post header
– Collapsible text
– Dedicated mod
– Mature content allowed

The first four are all already implemented at Ponychan by default, so those issues are already solved. All that’s really left are those last two points. To figure out if they were non-starters, I contacted Ponychan staff about them.

Regarding a dedicated mod, Seattle_Lite was offered the position a while back, took it, then sort of went AWOL, so they’re obviously interested in providing this. I was offered the role should it be deemed a beneficial solution.

Regarding mature content, I discussed with Orange whether or not Ponychan would allow posting of mature-rated content in /fic/. I described it to him as this:

> WebFaction don’t allow stuff that’s “lewd or pornographic”

> What is and isn’t pornographic could be slightly open to interpretation. one definition is “obscene pictures, writings, drawings, motion pictures, videos, or the like intended primarily to cause sexual arousal and having little or no artistic merit”
> I think in most cases it’s easy to tell whether an author is approaching such material in an artistic manner or not.

To which he agreed that that could work and he’d be willing to implement a filter. I presume some additional clarification will be required as to what is and isn’t okay, which is what I hope to get from this thread.

The main take away here is that the Ponychan staff are willing to accommodate /fic/’s requirements. I propose we consider a move back to our old home and that any problems with such a decision be raised so that we can see if they may be addressed.
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Today I wrote... It doesn't need to be a story. It doesn't need to be in context. It doesn't need to be good. Post any snippet of fiction that you wrote in the last twenty-four hours. (Behind hide tags, if you please, so other posters aren't intimidated by your massive throbbing word count.)

This thread's here to motivate regular writing – daily writing. Whether it's a five minute prompt or a ten hour binge, whether it's Pony or Star Trek or Original Setting Do Not Steal, make a post that shouts to the universe, "I did the motherfucker."

Every post should contain {h}a new fictional snippet.{/h} The rest is up to you: offer context, talk about the process, propose prompts/ideas, comment on other people's stuff, or do none of the above as you please. (With one caveat: no criticism of written work posted. It's too new and too raw. Stick to the parts you like.)

Write! Share.
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I need to learn about build-up, structure, pacing, transitions, diversity, etc.
Stuff such as when should characters get a break from the story in order to talk and eventually solve the puzzle, and how many scenes should there be?
Suggestions for paying attention to multiple characters at once and give them each an important role, rather than cram them all into one force and be done with it.
And all that great useful jazz, to make artistic writing which feels clear, enjoyable, filled with content and solved every loose end.

Where do I start?
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Can an experienced writer turn this script into a proper story with good exposition and lengthy transitions? Something above nine-thousand words. Not the creator of it, I just found it and I'd love to read it in a proper format.

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Tactical Insertions #Reviewer#Queue_Is_Open

Hello and welcome to the first ever Tactical Writing Post! I've been ponying since Lesson Zero, I opened my fimfiction account about a year ago, and I've been around /fic/ ever since. I always thought about making a thread like this, but I never really wanted to be saddled with obligation like that. Well, I still don't, but I do want to offer something to others that I am immensely thankful for in my own writing endeavors. Having a good editor, someone who's willing to talk to you about your strengths and weaknesses, is pure gold.

I'm hardly a poni superstar, but you could do worse than me. I've written a whole bunch of things. Out of my things, a couple are on EQD, a couple have racked views in the multiple thousands, a couple have been praised by ponies who I greatly respect, and one actually got a quote on wtfponyfanfiction. Check me out at http://www.fimfiction.net/user/TacticalRainboom and turn on "show mature" for extra goodies.

If you feel like I'm someone whose point of view might be useful to you, go ahead and read the guidelines below, then either submit your story or just talk to me–if all you're looking for is a writepony's opinion on something, I'm totally happy to oblige. There's no queue for quick chats! Also, if that's what you want, try to find me on the IRC. I'm there all the time, and it's a much better way to communicate.

Thread information:
+ Please talk to me about stuff. Talk to me as much as you want about your review, about your fic, about your cat, whatever. I'm here to help; I can answer whatever questions you have.

+ I have no content restrictions whatsoever. Email things to me if they can't be posted in a non-mature thread. I mean it–this is part of the reason for this thread's existence. In the unlikely case that you actually manage to squick me, I apologize.

+ I will point out technical problems, but I will not give you a grammar sweep. I am here to help you with author-blindness and to give advice–if your mechanics are weak, I will tell you what's wrong, but the work of fixing it is up to you.

+ Please do not queue your fic with me and someone else at the same time. There are other reviewers who are just as good as me, and I don't want this thread to get overloaded like so many of these do.

+ I have a very fast turnaround time when I have the chance to do reviews, but if my queue is looking long, I'm not the best choice.

Please follow this format:
Fuck formats. Just include the title, synopsis, and wordcount with your link.
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The Future of /fic/ This is not another PSA asking for more TTG reviewers. I already tried that a couple months ago, and the most that happened was Minjask came out of retirement for one or two reviews. We can't a PSA every month asking for help. It just isn't going to work.

A few days ago, when I finished my review of Mare of the Mountain, I found a group that says it has "the best of the best" reviewers. I figure we can both help each other. http://www.fimfiction.net/group/197153/writers-and-reviewers-institute-for-technical-excellence.

Of the current reviewers of /fic/ we have: Minty, Roger, Golden_Vision, Writers_Block, Tactical, and me. That's six people. We clearly have a problem. If you don't count my latest review, it has been two and a half weeks since someone reviewed a story for the training grounds.

I have contacted one of the admins of WRITE and he has shown interest in my idea, since WRITE is a combination of two old reviewing groups as well. I have asked him if he would join us for a chat in the IRC. He said we could talk after Bronycon ends.

The way I see it, we could help each other out. They'd be getting the flow of rejected authors from EqD, and we'd get help lightening the load off TTG and a bunch of new faces for the IRC channel.
(No image)
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Applerape Mk.II Bigger, badder, and all in yo face dawg! #Mature
>FAQ: What is Applerape?
Applerape is a collective of stories about Anon, the only human in Equestria being harrassed, raped, etc, by members of the applefamily.
22 replies
Worldsingers Rebooted #Collaboration

Old Thread: >>>/rp/447178

Our Base of Operations: http://worldsingers.wikia.com/wiki/Worldsingers_Wiki

Welcome to WorldCorp, your one-stop shopping destination for realms, planets, and planes. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep you limbs within a reasonable radius of your keyboard at all times.

Worldsingers is a collaborative effort to create a world licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 3.0), which you can find here: (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), with attributions made to “Worldsingers.” While it is the intention to make a world which has a Friendship is Magic feel, there’s no guarantee of the finished product sharing much of anything with FiM.

Comrade 25 has presented several excellent points regarding the structuring of this project, and I’ll let him make those points in full himself, but as a tl;dr:

”What are we trying to do here?” and “How are we going to do it?”

My greatest mistake was trying to impose an arbitrary structure for the world’s creation, without participant input and without first considering the logistical issues associated with this project. We are going to be doing things far more organically now, with the structure and impetus of the project being determined by the participants. The premise hasn’t changed, but our approach has.

In case you didn’t catch it above, we are also changing to a wiki format.

The wiki will serve as a point of consolidation for the project’s created content.

Now, without further ado, release the Krak Creativity.
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BronyCAN Mock Fanfic Panel Practice Livestream #Livestream#Fanfic Panel
Hold onto your sweet apple-buckin’ keester, because this Thursday is the mock fanfiction panel practice for BronyCAN!

> “Mock fanfiction panel? Is Pen Stroke going to be there?”

Hah-hah! Of course not! And please stop asking that question! Attending will be myself, of shipfic fame; Horse Voice, of pony vault fame; and Gary Oak, of [explicit] fame! We’ll be on livestream, tossing around our experiences and views on writing. Learn industry secrets, 12 ways to improve your storytelling, and 5 simple writing tricks top fandom authors don’t want you to know about!

> “Listen, that’s all good and everything, but I’m a busy guy; what time is it at?”

We haven’t decided! Which is good news because it’s still up in the air so we can find the time slot that best accommodates you*! That said, the mock panel will most likely take place sometime in the afternoon, either after lunch or after people are off work.
*you refers to the lowest common denominator of those viewing this. If you are not among that denomination, you are excluded.

> “So what’re you gonna talk about?”

We currently have a list of topics including several aspects of storytelling, mechanics/editing, and mindset—but overall those are the big three we’ll be talking about as we branch off into subtopics off them. Most likely one of us will start on a topic, and then the others will add on to their point or maybe even disagree with it and provide another view. From our preliminary discussions, it seems like the three of us are three very different kinds of authors, so there should be some (healthy) diversity in the views presented.

> “Will I have a chance to ask questions or comment during the panel?”

Of course! All of us will be watching the livestream chat while the panel goes on and will jump in on any good questions or comments made by viewers. We also highly encourage you to give feedback on our performance, in fact, according to the contract I forged your signature onto, it’s mandatory!

> “Say, will you preread my fanfiction for me? It’s about my OC, Rain Dust, getting trapped in equestria where he falls in love with Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sp—”

And that’s all the time we have for now! Be sure to watch this post for further information, as well as the time of the livestream leading up to the day. Based on responses in this thread and some internal discussion, we’ll decide on a time and post it before thursday at the latest.

And last but not least, if any of you plan on stopping by BronyCAN, be sure to say hi!
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Vimbert the Review Mercenary #Reviewer
Hello there, fanficcers! This is a review thread, but think of it more like an advertisement plastered to a billboard than a local shop.

Let me get straight to the point and say that I do review commissions: private reviews for authors who want an experienced eye looking over their fanfics. My reviews are based on initial reader response—I keep a microphone open and running as I read, and I’ll frequently muse aloud. This allows you to hear my reactions in real time, and since I edit out the silences, it’s all in one compact package filled with my sexy voice.

Who is this guy who wants money for reviews, you might ask? I’ve been reviewing in the fandom for almost two years now, and in that time I’ve looked over some big-name stories, including Past Sins, Ponies Make War/The Immortal Game, The End of Ponies, Composure, Pony Age: Origins, and many more over six review threads on Ponychan’s /fic/ board. (Sadly, only one has not 404’ed by this time.) http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/76172.html

I’ve also been an EqD pre-reader for over a year, and I’ve read staggering amounts of fanfic (over 1200 verdicts given, including pre-screenings) in that position. I also have a BA with a minor in Creative Writing. In short, I’m someone with some name recognition who will pick apart every bit of grammar and story you’ve got to throw at me. If you’d like to see my writing, visit my Fimfiction page here: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Vimbert%20the%20Unimpressive

My rates are as follows:
For a standard review, $2 per every 1,000 words of story read. I’ll review everything from the most innocent slice-of-life to the darkest rape clop. (I don’t post my reviews publicly or take stories for review through public posting, so mods, I don’t believe I’m breaking your rules by saying this.)

For a more brief review, a mere dollar, regardless of story length, will get your story a quick skim by me. These reviews do not go in-depth, but instead give bullet point listings of issues likely to be brought up were it submitted to EqD and a prediction about what verdict the pre-readers will hand back. This allows you to have a general idea where the weak points in the story might be and to revise with those in mind.

For those interested, I can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected] . Sending me a PM on Fimfiction is also fine. I take Paypal for payment, and negotiation is possible on rates (I.E., I would trade a review on a medium-length piece for a piece of fanart or the like for a story of mine. If I really like the concept of the story, I can knock my rates down a little.) Even if all you want are more details, drop me a line!

Additional information: I write in American English, and my grasp on other regional styles is a bit shaky. I tend to favor the succinct over the long and flowery, and I’m better with characters than with setting. If I am involved with reviewing your fanfiction in any way, I will excuse myself from looking at it if it is sent into Equestria Daily for pre-reading, to avoid a conflict of interest.
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Looking for an author #Mature

To write a sequel for a clopfic I had commissioned a while back, and any future projects I might have in mind. I'd be willing to pay $45 for 4,000 words.

Here's some prerequisites:

>Needs to have Skype

>Needs to be alright with human/pony pairings, hard fetishes, and smut in general

>Needs to be able to write vivid description and accurate portrayals of romance, sex and existing characters

If you think you're up for the job, please add theoctavarius on Skype, and we'll take it from there.
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Appejack Could someone wright a fic with applejack sneezing?
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Golden Vision Reviews — Summer Edition Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Golden Vision. I like ponies, time travel, long walks on the beach, and tearing apart the heart and soul of any aspiring author who thinks they can write fanfiction.

Oh, don’t worry. You can come closer. I won’t bite. Much.

So, this is a review thread. In it, I shall glomp, wub, and boop your stories until they fall apart of internal bleeding. The times shall be hard, you and your ego will suffer, but I can promise that you’ll be a better author for it. Golden Vision Reviews™ does not actually make any legal claim to this effect, and is not responsible for the failings of n00b authors who do not know an em-dash from a proper noun.

This is a bit different from some other review threads, however. The preferred submission type is Google Docs; however, I will refrain from commenting on your fic Unless I really like you, or think that your fic so good that only a few minor corrections are needed. Instead, this thread will have a format more similar to that of a prereading one. For each story that I read, I will return a laundry list of problems that I found, as specific as I can make them, accompanied by at least one example for each (if at all possible) to give the author some perspective on what the problem is and how to fix it. Should anyone require a followup meeting with me to go over how, exactly, they can fix the listed problems (assuming that they’re unable to understand the resources I’ve provided them), I’ll be happy to take an hour or two to help you understand how to improve that part of your writing.

Just some quick rules. First, be reasonable and polite. Don’t flame me or anyone else in this thread, and don’t submit anything that’s just plain ridiculous (I usually start to back away around 10k words, or one chapter; by that point, I probably have a pretty good idea already of what your problems are). You are indeed welcome to resubmit, but if I see none of those problems fixed, that fic will be blacklisted and ignored until you can prove to me that you’ve done your utmost to address those issues.

Secondly, as I would suspect would be obvious, no clop or gore. Do your best to stay within MLPChan's standards; you should all know the rules by now. Thirdly, you are required to submit your fic both in this thread and in my reviewing queue, which I have linked below. Fourthly, if you have an update about your story, or want me to drop it, please post it in the thread below. You can semi-regularly find me hanging out in the #fic IRC on irc.canternet.net, should you want to chat me up (email works too).

Happy /fic/ing, everyone!

-Golden Vision
AKA G-Vizzle, GVeezy, Golden Showers, That Weird Arse What Was His Name Again

Submission Form: http://derpy.me/txBQo
Submission Queue:: http://derpy.me/Y6ETx

Useful Resources
Ezn’s Guide: http://eznguide.rogerdodger.me/
The Editor’s Omnibus: http://derpy.me/EditorsOmnibus
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The Writer's Cafe - Story Idea General, Version 1.0.0 - FOREVER Edition #Discussion #General #Writer's Cafe

Hello and welcome to the Writer's Cafe, a place to exchange ideas between your fellow authors and to spark conversations that will better both your idea and you as an author.

Consider this a place to drop ideas that you won't write or feed upon ideas that make your own stories a little bit better.

Form if you want feedback on your idea: http://goo.gl/3rdNQ

The list of ideas: http://goo.gl/o4sCW
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College Application Essays #Writing Exercise

Hey, hey, everybody, it's time for another one of these! Because the last one, you know, turned out so well. (And I don't actually remember when that was.)

So it's about two-thirds into summer for some of us, and for others, summer might almost be over. (And for some of us, summer isn't for another four months or so.) That means school's starting! And that also means college applications are due some time between now and the next four months! So that makes this writing exercise super awesome and timely: Choose a common app prompt from below and write it from your own experiences, something you've made up, from the perspective of a pony trying to get into a pony university, etc. The new (so they changed it up this year, it seems) prompts are:

- 1. Some students have a background or a story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

- 2. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn.

- 3. Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again?

- 4. Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?

- 5. Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

"But I'm already in college!" most of you might be saying. Or maybe "I've already graduated!" Or "Fuck you, I'm struggling with real college apps as it is!" Well, the point of this is to exercise your writing. Unless you're applying to college right the fuck now, in which case, good luck! But if you're not, this is a writing exercise to write about not-stories. Write these as if they were actual college application essays and you're trying to get into a college, human or pony. (Or dragon or griffon or mule or what have you.) The purpose of this exercise is to get as much pertinent information as possible across in as few words as possible. Oh, yeah, that's important to mention–the submission must be between 250 and 650 words; no more, no less. At least that's the common app's stance; we don't have their counter so use whatever word counter you've got.

And hey, maybe it'll be interesting to compare what you've written to your actual college app essay. See how far you've come, so to speak.

250 to 650 words–it shouldn't take long, right? Ignoring the whole this-would-greatly-affecting-the-course-of-your-life-if-not-outright-determining-it thing, of course.

Source for prompts: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-benedict/i-heart-the-college-admis_b_3733391.html
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Golden Vision Reviews — Now 20% Wibbly-Wobblier! #Reviewer

Greetings! Fancy a jelly baby?

My name is Golden Vision. Some of you might remember me as That Guy Who's Obsessed With Doctor Whooves. I've been around the /fic/ block since about February, and I've like to think that I've gotten to know a little bit about reviewing in that time.

So! This is my third review thread. Now, I'm an author, and so I like to think that I bring my own—usually somewhat sympathetic—perspective to reviewing, and I can't think of a greater feeling than seeing a somewhat shoddy fic eventually shine on EqD or the fimfic Featured Box, knowing that I helped put it there. So I really do want to help you out.

I specialize in…nothing much, really. For characterization, plot, ,worldbuilding, and all of the other little details that go into making a story, I'm your guy. That said, I'm changing some things with this here review thread.

Too often, I feel as though I'm giving a cookie-cutter review. "Too much LUS" (Lavender Unicorn Syndrome), I'll say, or "Needs more Showing, and less Telling." If I even start talking about tense issues or punctuation errors, then clearly something's gone terribly wrong. I feel like I'm doing the author, myself, and those still waiting in my queue a disservice by rewriting a review that I could have given out by copy/pasting from one that I did two days previously.

So here's what's going to happen.

I want to be a reviewer, not a grammarbot. I believe firmly that anyone who cares enough to write their own story should care enough to give it a cursory edit themselves. Therefore, I've provided a collection of prewritten, basic guides to techniques of writing below this OP. Such hits as Ezn's Guide and the Prereader's Omnibus should be familiar to you.

Now, I really want to review stories—that is, plot, characters, setting—all that good stuff. However, if it's clear that you made no effort to make your story readable, then you can go to the back of the line. I reserve the right to reject your story out of hand if it has (consistent) problems with:

1. Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (LUS)
2. (Bad) Show, Don't Tell (SDT)
3. Grammar Mistakes
4. Misspelling
5. Crappy Formatting
6. Purple Prose
7. Mary Sue-ness
8. Talking Heads Syndrome (Lack of Body Language)

Let nobody say, though, that I'm an unfair guy. If you're really having trouble with any of these concepts, then feel free to schedule a chat with me on your writing through my email: [email protected] I'd be more than willing to take the time to go over it with you.

Please note that I do have a queue. You can find the submission form at:

And the queue itself at:

Please note that you are required to request a review in this thread as well as submitting your story into my queue. Failure to do either will result in a rejection of your story from consideration, until further notice.

I will also require a Google Docs version of the fic in question, with comments enabled. Please note that, firstly, I do not review crackfics, and secondly, that multi-chapter stories are welcome (there is no absolute word limit), but I reserve the right to go chapter by chapter on your fic, stretching it out across reviews of other fics. In that respect, consider yourself more of a repeat customer than someone who's made a bulk purchase.

I hope to see you all soon! This is Golden Vision, signing out!


Sithicus Helpicus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kqN1tIlVqAVNQkiF_ZV72j-6sljr0bNyzpHAi9TXWTg/edit?hl=en_GB&authkey=CIe4pqkI

Cereal's Writing Guide: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/02/pony-writing-guide.html

Escher's Hints: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gItgz9pF4dT1kS8APsbuQHA1l9Q5kPY8vCVXjpxo2NA/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CKbFlMkN

The Editor's Omnibus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WMMs8H-GpFIXPsQeC0RNu8V-Cq6uyGl_UERpOUK_6KY/edit?hl=en_US

Towson University Writing Support: http://www.towson.edu/ows/index.htm

Ezn's Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xemG7BLk2rvAmQCREIaj5wX2ubvmVt7WziEvh7xXV9g/edit
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What are the most underrated and overrated fanfics you've read?

>hard mode: no FoE/Past Sins/MLD
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Soundslikeponies' Advice and Lesson Thread! Welcome to Soundslikeponies' advice and lesson thread!

Seeing as I don't have time for a proper review thread, I'm instead making an advice and lesson thread. The goal of this thread is to teach:
fundamental style, writing habits, learning habits, writing mentality, and storytelling advice
I'll be accepting topic requests, but also writing on my own chosen topics (it'll be about 50/50) so anyone who is seeking advice about an aspect of writing should feel free to submit a topic. However, if I feel the topic was already covered in another lesson, or the topic doesn't merit too much discussion, I may not pick it.
Another method of submission, is to submit a fic and I will skim it for something it needs help with, and write a lesson on that topic.

A short sample lesson:

False Confidence Mentality:

Something you'll need to learn how to do in order to improve your writing, is being able to view your work objectively. Writers are usually blind to the flaws in what they write, but it is possible to remove those rose-tinted glasses and see your own writing almost like a reviewer would. Some writers are so blind to their own writing's flaws that they don't even believe it when they're told something is wrong. Don't be that guy.

Some writers are aware of the flaws in their writing, and the fear of writing and doing poorly leaves them paralyzed from typing more than a 5k one-shot every other month. They spend all their time endlessly revising one piece to the point where there's been twenty iterations of it, and they don't even know their own story anymore. People who don't write out of fear of it not turning out good. Don't be that guy.

Simply put, false confidence is a writer's best friend. Hemingway jokingly said, "write drunk, edit sober" and it went on to be one of the most popular quotes on writing. Well, it's bullshit. You can't write at your 100% while drunk just the same way you can't drive at 100% while drunk. What the beer does give you, however, is enough confidence to hit on that girl across the bar that's totally out of your league. And that's what you need to write.

You don't need to be drunk to actually have confidence, just fake it until the fake confidence becomes real confidence. Personally, I often joke about with mock confidence, saying dickish, cocky things while having it quite obvious that they're just a joke. If you tell your brain something often enough, it eventually starts taking it as truth. Telling yourself "you're handsome" "you're an awesome person" "you're so much more talented than other people" in your head often enough will lead to you having real, not imagined, confidence. This idea of repitition to make your brain do something applies to progression, to staying in shape, and to making sure you write every day. Why do you think drill seargeants have soldiers recite things while training? Why do you think all those self-help seminars encourage you to say things outloud? It's because that stuff actually works.

Tell yourself you're going to improve, that you're going to be somebody. Tell yourself you're going to work on writing every day, and hate yourself when you don't. Tell yourself that you're going to write a story that over a thousand people will like, and then do it. Tell yourself that when you say you're going to do something, you do it. But all the while you have to keep something in mind:

Welcome to Writing; You Suck
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Weekly Discussion Thread Week 1: Villains Welcome to the weekly discussion thread! This week’s topic is Villains (Mwah-hah-hah!).
Villains are a specific type of antagonist, but they also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be psychotic, cruel, or simply misdirected. They typically play a major role in whatever story they’re in, and in many cases the villain can make or break a story.
>What are the most defining aspects of a good villain?
>What types of villains do you tend towards, whether reading them or writing them?
>What are some things to avoid in creating a villain?
Feel free to discuss the topic below. Responding to each other’s answers/questions is highly encouraged, but do be respectful!
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Official "Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" Thread Good evening, everypony, and welcome to the Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything thread (MLPchan Edition)! We've been doing this for a while now over on Ponychan, and figured it was about time to bring all the question-and-answer-y goodness over to this board.

The purpose of this thread is pretty much exactly what the title says: you ask questions, and we answer 'em. Questions can be related to fanfiction, general writing, Equestria Daily, the show, the fandom, Nicolas Cage, or really anything else you can think of – just be aware that you might not get a good answer if your question is about, say, quantum physics.

I'd normally put an FAQ in the OP, but I figure this is a new board with new people (somewhat) so I'm not sure what the frequently asked questions will even be! So assuming I haven't done something horrible with this OP and broken all the rules, feel free to ask away and we'll do our best to answer.

Current queue information: http://goo.gl/b7anF
Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/122969.html
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Bronycon Fanfiction Panel Hullo there!

So, in case you lot didn't already know, I've been invited by Bleeding Raindrops (Minjask) to be on a fanfiction panel at Bronycon, entitled "The Do's and Don'ts of Fanfiction." Other participants include Wanderer D and Obselesence.

In any case, we'll be doing a mock/practice run of the panel tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST over Google Hangouts. Before you ask, no, you do not need a Google+ account to watch (just a GMail one). If you'd like to come on and heckle, spectate, or praise our literary genius (heh), I'll put up the link to the Hangout tomorrow.

Anyways, hope to see you guys there!
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Bronycon Meetup Thread Seeing as Bronycon's in a week, I figured that anyone who's going might as well post here so that we can get a meetup of sorts going. I think it'd be pretty cool to meet you guys IRL.

There'll be an event called "Quills & Sofas," which is basically just an ongoing writers' event which lasts for the con. I suggest picking a date and time for all /fic/cers to meet up there, if only to say hi and hang out for twenty-thirty minutes.

Anyone interested?
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Write-off: Round n Accolades: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/scoreboard
All anthologies: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/fic+Write+Off
Current list of participants: http://goo.gl/15vdt

People say that if you can't explain your product in three seconds, then your product won't sell. I guess I'm out of seconds. This here is the write-off. It involves writing (and reading). Perhaps you would care to join? Here's the gist:

– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

If you’d like to participate, just leave a comment below in this webzone and I'll add you to the list.

The event will take place on the weekend starting 31st of May.

The exact times for each round are listed here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16

When finished, submit your works here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16/fic/submit

Note that you can preview your work once it's submitted by going to the "My Submissions" page, and you can edit it as long as submissions are still open.

You can markup your work with BBCode for bold, italics, etc. See http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/faq#How-do-I-get-style for the list of available tags.

Prompt suggestions will be taken two hours before the writing commences. After an hour of suggestions, the prompts will be open to be voted upon by the public.

Prompt suggestions: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16/prompt/submit
Prompt voting: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16/prompt/vote

The rules of the event are listed here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16/rules

I reserve the right to disqualify any entry with or without reason.

Once the stories are collected into an anthology post on the »Fic Write off« Fimfiction account, a public poll will allow readers to rate the stories. Voters must read at least half of the stories submitted before casting a vote. When voting opens, go here (http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/16/fic/vote/public) to cast your vote.

After ten days of voting, the scores will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

Well, I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Good luck. Roger out.

Picture source: http://vunlinur.deviantart.com/art/Random-pony-334823401
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About popularity... So, I've been thinking about something recently. More specifically, about popularity.

No, not about how something becomes popular or whether being popular should actually matter. What I'm wondering is why are some things popular while others are not?

I mean, I've written something that enjoyed moderate success (on FimFiction, at least). But, when reading other stories that I enjoy and think are criminally under-appreciated, I feel as if though my own story enjoys far too much success. And, at other times, when I'm reading a stinker that's somehow achieved great popularity and feedback, I feel as if though my story hasn't been nearly as successful as it deserves to be…

So, what makes something popular? Quality is evidently not the only needed ingredient (or sometimes even needed at all, apparently), so what more is there to it? Should a work be more easily digestible than some more complex, and often more fulfilling, works? Is it about luck, timing, or what? How many goats are appropriate to sacrifice!?

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This contest is going on and it involves writing, in case you hadn't seen it. Just thought I'd let you know.
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Rainy Prereading #Reviewer

Hello! How are you this evening? Or morning. Honestly, this site runs 24/7, so it could be any time of day—or night—for you right now. I’m Bleeding Raindrops, but you can call me Rain, Raindrops, or whatever else you desire.

Anywho, this isn’t a normal review thread. I’m basically a prereader of sorts. No, not for EqD. What I’ll do is look at your story—once—and respond with my opinion, and the impression left by the more prominent scenes in your story, and I will pay special attention to specific scenes upon request. I will not be looking at your story a second time, as this is a first reactions thread, and not an editor's grotto. I will likely not have a sudden epiphany over your writing even after you've corrected it for em-dash usage.

I will not be rating your story or pointing out story holes and grammar mistakes. However, the information I provide will still be crucial to your story, as it will analyze:

*Clarity of descriptions
*Confusing scenes or segments
*Portrayal of emotions


1. No resubmissions.
2. No submissions longer than 5,000 words. However, depending on genre and/or synopsis, I may be more lenient. I greatly enjoy sad and/or grimdark stories, so feel free to send those in abundance.
3. Any format is accepted. Submissions are not limited to GDocs.
4. No gore or sex, as per MLPChan's rules. If you have to ask, don't post it; instead, shoot it to me in an email, and I'll let you know if I'm willing to look it over under the table.
5. Please include a title, author's name, appropriate tags, a link to the story, a synopsis, and word count in your submission.
6. If you have a scene that you would like me to focus on, please include that in a request at the end of your submission.


The queue will close if it reaches ten stories, and will not reopen until it drops below five. This is so that I am not swamped, and have time to recover should this occur.
It has also only ever happened once.

Curious where you are in the queue? Check it out here:
If your story has been or is being reviewed, you'll want to look here for it:

If you need to contact me, ping me in the IRC or send me an email.
IRC: http://client.canternet.org/?channels=fic&prompt=1&uio=d4
Email: [email protected]
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After watching some of ACRacebest convention video blogs, I've been thinking about trying, once again, to organize a meet up for Pony fanfic writers. Maybe more people would be able to come if I didn't limit it to just the users of this board; then Seth would probably plug it in the round up.

What do you guys think? Would this interest you at all?
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Rules and Etiquette

Welcome to /fic/, the board for pony fanfiction and all things related to it! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to drop by the #fic IRC.


  1. Threads and posts should pertain to written fiction.
  2. Threads should not be redundant.
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Story archives

Writing guides

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I think it's time I learned about these puzzling categories of the personages, and if I should even bother to memorize them or just reinterpret what I need in order to make it easier.
Because memorizing hundreds of guides and abstract notions sounds insane…though college still wants people to do that.
I suggest not answering these paragraphs in a descending order and neither directly. Same for not doing it all in one go, but that really goes without saying.

First of all what's the meaning behind ''great'' character development?
If the character slightly or majorly changes his personality across the series? Is it still called development if the character regresses instead of evolving?
Is the evolution of a character always about growing up - getting a mature attitude and become capable of taking up responsibilities?
The total amount of time all of his common emotions and unique traits have been shown for.
If the reasons the character changes for, isn't jarring/poorly made?

Do the quality of the jokes, charm, action have any effect on the depthness? Or Depth and lovable personality are two entirely different things?
How much do relationships with other characters, hobbies, likes&dislikes, roles, different experiences/completed goals affect the character's depth? Or that's the depth of the character's background and has nothing to do with the depth of the personality?
Does the intelligence of a character represent how deep she/he is? Self-awareness/common sense, rational thinking and diplomacy/reasoning.
Same for the indepedence, responsibility and ingenuity of handling challenges. Do these things have their own category, rather than all falling into personality? Because they seem rather different compared to the flavors of an archetype.

Is the depth of a character really represented by how many traits it has or it's actually about the quality; what kinda traits were integrated and how well they are handled together?(or how well each trait is used?) If they go swimmingly//if they contradict each other(for a reason): Happy, but in reality depressed as hell because too dependant on social groups; either because the character was born that way or he had a life changing event, usually found in their childhood.
Because otherwise you can have a character with personality, but it can still end up being a shallow character…or am I getting this wrong? A character with no motivation, beliefs and doesn't care about anything. Which feels like the player from a video game, doing things just because it's funny or he's forced to do it.
Let's see…so far I've identified what seems to be three important depth categories - intelligence, personality and functionality/motivation. Optionally the character's background because it's far more set in stone and unique compared to the other categories, so it can't be passed as easily onto other characters; e.g. what happened in magical mystery cure.

Are stereotypes 1d,2d and archetypes are 3d?
Can't certain stereotypes be considered rounded and fleshed out if they use all the traits? Theres enough traits associated to a stereotype that if you were to use them all then a character would actually be quite deep and fleshed out, as opposed to a flat character with only one real feature. Like often the bubblehead or silent character would let go of all the pinned up anger in one episode, but how about showing off that trait much more often across the entire series. Keep adding predominant traits till it's no longer a one trait defined character.
An eccentric personality posseses a huge amount of traits which other stereotypes only have a few of them: positively ignorant/bubblehead, mischievious, psychopathic, shouting energetic/genki girl, party maniac, perverted/playboy lifestyle, 4th wall breaking, riddler, joker, affinity for evil. There's some more traits found in the Aquarius.
Is there such a thing as an archetype ''character''? I don't remember even one character which managed to exhibit half of those traits by himself. Unless I screwed up the definition of archetype.
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Directory: >>159

Welcome to /fic/, the board for pony fanfiction and all things related to it! If you need help from other members or have a question, feel free to drop by the #fic IRC.

Posting Guidelines (or: the /fic/ Readme)

#Tag your threads as appropriately as you can. You can make up your own tags, but try to make them descriptive of your thread or fic. Make a tag by typing "[#Your tag here]" in the text box.
● Use the Recommendation/Request General at >>79 if you want to recommend a story you haven't written or if you're looking for genre suggestions, a fic you can't remember the name of, etc.
● Instead of double posting to correct errors, edit your post with the Edit button, bottom right of the page. You can use this to update collections and open/close threads, too.

Posting stories:
● If you want to show off a story you wrote, include a story title, a description, story tags, and a link to the story (where applicable).
● If you have multiple stories, consider using one thread for all of your stories instead of making a thread for each story.
● If you're looking for help with your story, there's a directory of readily available reviewers here: >>159. If you need feedback on your story, you are strongly advised to post in one of them.

Getting criticism:
● If somepony thinks your story isn't great, they might let you know. That might hurt your feelings, but that's a risk you take when you open your fic to feedback. FIMFiction has a dislike button for a reason.
● If you submit a story to a review thread, please tell that reviewer what reviews you've requested or received before, be it from other reviewers, Equestria Daily pre-readers, your dog, etc.
● Reviews take time, so please be patient if you're waiting for one.

● Try to get to your reviews in a timely manner. If you can't, consider closing your thread to submissions.
● If your review is really long, consider [hide]ing your review, which puts it in a collapsible spoiler.
● Be polite. You don't have to sugarcoat feedback, but you don't have to be caustic about it, either.

Mature content
● This board accepts review of mature-themed stories, under the following conditions:
—― You must enable mature content in your settings (the top right corner - select "Show mature content threads").
—― You must tag any threads created with the "Mature" checkbox or with [#Mature] at the beginning of your thread.
● You are highly encouraged to first make use of an existing review thread accepting mature-themed fics before making a thread.
—― These review threads can be found in the Directory below this post with (Mature) after their titles.


Tags are what you use to show what your thread is about or what genre your story is. For example, a review thread can have a #Reviewer tag, while a fic thread can have a #Story tag. There aren't official tags, so you can use any tag you want, like #Mystery or #Drama. To make a tag, put #Your tag between [ ]s. [#Your Tag] becomes #Your Tag. No need for [/#Your Tag] or anything.

For your convenience, here's a list of common thread tags:
● Reviewer
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● Collection
● Event

And here are some standardized story tags:
● Slice of Life
● Comedy
● Action/Adventure
● Romance
● Tragedy
● Drama
● Thriller
● Horror
● Sci-fi
● Crossover

For more, you can see Wikipedia's list of literary genres. Alternatively, you can get creative.

For stories or threads with mature content, we have a #Mature tag. You can see >>/site/3678 for details on that. The short of it is, this tag denotes adult content like clop or gore in thread, be it discussion of that content or stories with that content. You can turn on and off the ability to view these stories in the settings menu.


Places to read fics:
Equestria Daily Archive
Pony Fiction Archives
Pony Fiction Vault

Writing Guides:
Ezn's Guide
The Editor's Omnibus
Cereal Velocity's Pony Writing Guide

Failure to adhere to the guidelines above may result in mod discretionary action.

Sticky to be edited as things develop. Last updated on the date below this line.

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Soundslikeponies' Awesome Author Thread #Author
Have you ever been kept up at night by annoying questions such as ‘what is the meaning of life?’ ‘what is true happiness?’ or ‘did I leave the stove on?’ Well good news! My stories guarantee you’ll forget your difficult philosophical ponderings as your house burns to the ground around you!

Anyways, between finishing one of my fics and starting my third, I figured now would be a good time to make an author thread, where I’ll be posting updates and new fics. I have a couple more stories planned, and will soon be able to get back to pumping out 2 chapters a week, with a pretty even balance of shipping and non-shipping for everyone to enjoy. I write almost exclusively about the main characters (and the princesses) but I might do something centered around a background pony someday. (tl;dr: here’s my user page: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/soundslikeponies)

We'll Keep In Touch

[Romance][Slice of Life]

By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: Left only with a promise to keep in touch, Rainbow Dash struggles to convey her feelings, and to figure out what the words were that she couldn't say on that last snowy night at the train station before Twilight left. As everyone slowly drifts apart, Dash will have to put in the effort if she wants to keep her friends together.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/70396/well-keep-in-touch
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/12/story-well-keep-in-touch.html

Comments: Well, this is a new record time for getting featured on fimfiction at just 15 minutes, half the time Nightmare's Night took. I took the story I wrote for the last write off, whose main complaints were the fact that it wasn't fleshed out well enough, and fleshed it out. Then it stood at 6,300 words, and now it stands at 9,500. This one shot is a completely different take on a TwiDash relationship than my other story, Flying High, Falling Hard, which is about young, dumb love. This one is more about the pain of distance and separation, and how easy it is to just drift away from those important to you if you both simply stop caring. Despite all this, it isn't really a sad fic. It's somber in tone, but is overall meant to be heartwarming, as is the spirit of the holiday I wrote it for.

Equestria from Dust

[Adventure][Alternate Universe]

By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: Celestia awakens to see an empty world, white sandstone stretching the horizon. She wanders the world as she builds it from her imagination, filling it with life, but as time passes, the world that she created begins to seem like little more than a lucid dream, conjured from the dust.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/33610/Equestria-from-Dust
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/10/story-equestria-from-dust.html

Comments: This fic was something I wrote to broaden my style and experience, but it turned into a story and idea that I became completely taken with. This story had good reception from the prereaders and reviewers on here I showed it to, so I figured I'd post it.

Let's Find You a Date!


By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: When Rarity finds out how little Twilight gets out of the Library, things get out of hand as she decides to take it upon herself to teach Twilight the ropes of dating. But as Rarity drags her around, Twilight begins to have a good idea of who she wants to ask out.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/23373/Let%27s-Find-You-a-Date!
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/05/story-lets-find-you-date.html

Comments: I wrote this as a way of venting my comedic desires. It was also written since there seemed to be a lack of the pairing—one which I thought could work. I wrote it to be more light-hearted and fun than Flying High, Falling Hard, but a bit of drama seeped into it.

Flying High, Falling Hard

[Romance][Alternate Universe]

By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: When Rainbow Dash crashes into the library one too many times, Twilight ends up becoming her coach for the upcoming Best Young Flier Competition. But Rainbow Dash wants more, and relationships are never as perfect as they seem.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/3391/Flying-High%2C-Falling-Hard
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/07/story-flying-high-falling-hard.html

Comments: This was my first fic (or piece of writing for that matter), which I have been rewriting and reuploading chapters of. When I originally posted it, TwiDash was almost non-existent, and this fic became the TwiDash fic for a while. I wrote it early on when a lot of the shipping fics in the fandom have everything go (more or less) perfectly for the two ponies in love. This fic was meant to offset that by having Dash and Twilight's relationship have quite a few issues, caused mostly by their own flaws.

The Nightmare’s Night


By soundslikeponies

Synopsis: It's Nightmare Night, and Luna is visiting Ponyville again. The mayor tasks Twilight with guiding and helping Luna around Ponyville and making sure the Princess has a good stay. Though Luna comes to Ponyville with a proposition for Twilight.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/59743/The-Nightmare%27s-Night

Comments: This is pending some revision before it gets submitted to EqD again. It was a rushed project that didn’t get much for editing since I wanted to release it on Halloween. It’s also one of the very few (or, well, only that I know of) Twilight x Luna fics that has Luna act as she does in canon. I plan to do the revisions to this story after I finish the chapter I’m on, so if you can wait a couple days I’d recommend waiting until the revisions are done and it’s up on EqD before reading it.
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Where we are, and where we are going Hello,

As you may have inferred, I am now mod of /fic/. You may be thinking, "But, Roger, how will you handle the mountainous responsibility of moderating /fic/'s extraordinary traffic?" Now, yes, the extreme selflessness exhibited by myself in taking this position is certainly admirable, but rest assured that this burden which I have accepted is endurable.

Jokes aside, we have recently gotten some new neighbours in the form of the "Pony Transformation Fiction General". I'm glad that everyone's been able to live harmoniously with them, even if their culture is a little different than ours. In case anyone from there is reading: Hi, I hope /fic/ has been a good new home for you.

Anyway, to get to the point of this thread: if I am to moderate this place, I think we ought to revise /fic/'s sticky. It was written in a (slightly) different time and for a (slightly) different environment. I'm not thinking about any drastic changes, rather trimming a few things down. In a previous /site/ thread, I said that the rules could effectively be boiled down to three things:

(1) Be about writing
(2) Be pony related
(3) Be non-redundant

I also said that you could probably skirt rule (2) if your stuff is good enough (read: nobody bothers to report it). (3) means don't post something that's already got a thread for it: recommendations, review requests, etc. Everything else could reasonably fall under "Etiquette".

To help brainstorm revisions to the sticky, and in consideration of the above, I ask: Why do you come to /fic/? What is /fic/? What ought it be?
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ive been on a gloryhole stint.
i wanna do something with a 'test' set up by celestia for twilight.
the test is she has to guess who the stallion is based on their cock, which is stuck through a glorhyhole for her to inspect.

and if she is wrong, she gets to suck it off and taste its cum and guess again.

and if she passes the test her training in ponyville really will be complete.

and if she fails back to magic kindergarden… or something.
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HoRI 2: Electric Boogaloo Inflammatory title aside, this is less about referencing the original HoRI and more about doing an homage to the /fic/ community. As more than some of you might be aware, there was recently a discussion in the #fic IRC about who each of the members of this community are, what they're like, and how they're perceived. So, I guess that I got bitten by the plot bunny, so here I am to make a probably silly post about a silly idea.

The basic idea of this is to write a story in which the full community of /fic/ is portrayed according to each "character's" popular perception. It'll be fairly innocent (though, especially with Tactical and Split involved, there'll likely be more than one dirty joke somewhere), and I hope that it'll be a fun little story that people can read to say, "Oh, yeah! That's X/Y/Z/me!"

The structure will be similar to your average Slice-of-Life fic, with a short number of chapters and a basic plot. It will be MLP-based (Grif can be a seapony, for example), though requests for other developments will likely be happily accepted for the purposes of general silliness.

If you'd like to have your character used in this (or just to okay their use), feel free to comment below. If you think this is a terrible idea, feel free to do the same. If you've already got an OC (with a defined personality), I'll be happy to use them, though be warned that they might be given a part in the "family" (the structure we'll be using) that isn't quite what you had planned. If that last bit upsets you, then feel free to set a strict limit on how your OC may be used, and I'll do my best to accommodate. Note that none of this is intended to criticize, insult, or belittle, and if you do feel insulted or misrepresented by your character's portrayal, I'll apologize and remove the offending parts with no questions asked.

Otherwise, I'm looking for any other people who want to help out with this, either through co-writing, prereading, outlining, or just yelling at me for being a moron. So, yeah.

Let the House of /fic/ begin!
(No image)
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question im in the process of writing a story about flash sentry and twilight on a adventure in the pony world, im kinda torn between making it a serious but fun story or a really bad, stupidly funny comedy

both have the same premise its how the characters interect

the serious one will try to get as clost to how they talk in the show as possible while the comedy one will be random and over the top

so what should i go with?
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I think now it a good time as any:

As you might have become aware, Demetrius and I have recently gotten interested in ways improving the current set-up of the review assignment and distribution, trying to make people not have to keep tabs on the system and simply review/write. Basically, he wants to make it as automatic as possible, which I agree is a good goal.

At this, however, we have two proposal (and I don't think having more would hurt anyone) as to how to best achieve this and having some input from others might be helpful.

So, this thread is being made to have a place that isn't the Training ground filled with said discussion.

Opine and drop off why something might not be possible, or make your own proposal.

That's about it.
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Minific Write-off Round #3 Accolades: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/scoreboard
Overview: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/17-Minific-Contest-3

Starts Sun, 23 Jun 02:00 UTC. 400–750 word limit. 24 hours of writing time. 7 days of public voting.

For those of you unfamiliar with the write-off, here's the gist:

– Participants write stories over a given time period
– The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

Good luck,
Roger out
(No image)
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Contest: Through the Looking Glass What with summer coming on, I figured it was about time that our tired old site actually did something for once…hence, Bronystate is holding a fanfiction contest!

The short form of the rules: you're to write a one-shot story, minimum 2000 words, about how you think Equestria Girls will play out - or, if you've seen it already, how you think it /should/ have played out. Top three entries will have a choice of three prizes: one Steam game under $20, a free commission courtesy of the talented Chobibi, or getting any line they please red in the voice of their favourite pony (fan VAs, details negotiable with one Scoot-Scootaloo). All entries should be mailed to [email protected] as an attachment compatible with Word 2010 or under. You are also allowed to include a link to your Fimfic, Fanfic, or whatever page if you please. Please also note in your e-mail whether you use British, Canadian, or American spellings.

Contest runs until midnight July 6th, 2013. For the long version of the contest description, please visit the following page:


#contest #fanfiction #prizes #bronystate
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FimFiction /fic/ Group As some of you may have noticed, I’ve recently set up a group for /fic/ on FimFiction.net (link: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198766/fic). The idea originally came up in the IRC as part of a discussion on declining activity on /fic/ (on both MLPChan and Ponychan), especially in terms of “new blood” and its introduction into the community. It’s true that /fic/ is a very insular community, and that we tend to be quite…intimidating to newcomers. It’s also true that even the “EqD rejects” tend to either avoid /fic/ due to reputation, or else out of simple laziness or lack of comprehension of the formatting of a ‘chan board. So, I made the group on FimFiction with the intention of making us more accessible to the fanfiction “public” (or, as Ion would say, the potato-less masses).

This thread is to foster ideas, planning, and general discussion as to the purpose, structure, and activity of a /fic/ group on FimFiction. If you like the idea, then welcome. If you don’t, then you’re welcome too—just make sure to tell us why you think it’s a crap concept. To begin, I’ll list a few facts and questions to start discussion off in here.

1.) The /fic/ community is quite small, isolated, and possibly shrinking.
Again, we can be quite intimidating, and most EqD rejections don’t even come here, let alone stick around after they’ve gotten their TG review. We also tend to lose quite a few reviewers to burnout, hiatus, or simple ascension (EqD).

2.) /fic/ (as a chan board) doesn’t have the best reputation or presence on the Internet.
The logic behind this new group, therefore, is to both increase people’s knowledge of /fic/ as a resource, as well as to raise awareness of our competency. This, hopefully, will also improve our reputations, as well as to attract writers who would otherwise be driven away by MLPChan and Ponychan’s infamy (and difficulty of use, which is evidently a major issue).

3.) The boards are quite, quite dead.
That’s not to say that nothing is happening, but business is much slower than it was before the move, and even before that, it wasn’t really much of anything compared to some other boards. The number of reviewers is dwindling, but so is the number of submitting writers.

1.) Is this a good idea? Are you supportive, apathetic, or openly hostile to the idea of throwing wide the doors of /fic/ to the FimFiction masses?

2.) Do you think this will work? If so, then what do you hope that it will accomplish?

3.) Would you prefer to have FimFic as an advertising board that hotlinks back to 'chan threads, or for there to be full-blown reviewing threads and communities on the FimFic group?

4.) Do you want your bio/thread to be posted and/or linked there? (If so, email me a bio and a link)

5.) Should we commission an artwork for the group header? Who should do it? What should it be of? Who should be included?

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Amazon start publishing licensed fanfiction #Discussion


This post was edited by its author on .
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Scootaloo's Father's Day #Story Hey!

Just looking for some feedback on my story I wrote for the EQD FlashFic #3. I am hoping to get it posted on EQD so any help I can get to polish it up before the pre-readers get to it would be appreciated!


Edit: Oops, my bad!


Synopsis: It's Father's Day in Ponyville and Scootaloo doesn't have a father to give a presentation at school, again. Scootaloo's friends get together to help her enjoy the holiday without feeling left out. And with a bit of divine intervention, she has the best Father's Day yet.

Genre: Slice of Life #Slice of Life

Characters: Everypony #Everypony (Mane 6, CMC, Celestia, OC's, Other)

Sorry about the noobish first post, I submitted it to the GDoc instead and joined the fimfic group. I'm sorry this came around the summer influx but I promise I want to be active in the community. I'm no fancy pants college student with their books and semicolons an' all.
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Good FanFics Any recommendations. One-shot, FoE ,Longer than Long Dick Johnson's Penis, doesn't matter.Just something really good. Its hard finding things on FimFic that aren't on the featured page that are good.
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/fic/ Digest #Publication#Discussion#We're Back, Baby

Welcome, one and all, to my humble abode. Here roam zombies and your humble necromancer, who has taken much delight in their quickening.

I have visited the empty ruins of the middling /fic/, and have found its wonders plentiful. But the temples of the ancients’ wisdom lie hidden under the sands of time, darkened forever to the world. The goal of this thread is to dig into that loamy cemetery—the final resting place these great repositories of knowledge—and produce from the rotting loins of those glorious ancients a palatable summation of issues to facilitate discussion. It is a shame to see many a gem buried when its life has concluded, never to be seen again save maybe by the chance spam bot. I plan to rectify this, and this seems a time good as any to do it.
In order to avoid unnecessary necroing, I ask everyone to keep within this thread when discussing and replying to the threads or topics. Let the Old Ones rest in peace.

Once I have surveyed a thread of suitable content, I shall write a digest of it, and post it here.

I do not promise to be unbiased.

I do not promise to contextualize the topic at hand.

I do not promise to be historically accurate.

I do, however, promise to resurrect to the best of my own ability the spirit of the discussion and to present it to you in an amicable and respecting manner.

Stay safe, Dear Readers, and stray not far from the path.
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Discussion: An Awkward Confession #Mature
Well my good gentlemen, I am rather curious to your response to a thread I recently posted on fimfiction's Mind Control group. Originally, I didn't think it would garner much of any attention at all. However, to my delight, it has ACTUALLY generated some civic discussion on the matter, providing me material to further use on my stories.


And stumbling on to this site as of recent… I am rather curious to your opinions.

So! I shall give you the pasted version below. I suggest you click on the links provided however, due to formatting issues and what not.

Here are the links in question.




(Random Rape Group)

And the pasted version below.
Enjoy and discuss…



Whelp, I am just going to assume that most of you lads here are as sick of a fuck like myself.

If not, I suggest you politely pull out of the parking lot and SCRAM!

… All that wish to leave are unaccounted for?


So on to the topic at hand.

Suffice to say, I believe I am among one of the more depraved individuals out here.

While I may posses a somewhat sophisticated repertoire in contrast with the average YouTuber, I do have a few "odd" fetishes here myself.

Obviously, mind control is one of them.

But here is where things get a little kinky.

I happen to also take an interest in transformation and err… To be completely and utterly tactless, rape.

(Before you ask, I DO NOT condone rape in real life in any way, shape, or form. Those who commit such a thing deserve to suffer for it twice fold. Only as an extremely odd, and some of you would be inclined to agree perverted fetish.)

Now, where am I going with this?

Long story short, I wrote a… Well…

See for yourself.


Specifically, I created a story with a main protagonist who is kindaselfinsertedbutnotreallyquitesoeventhoughitseemsitis.

Moot to point, he… Correction, she is well…


ALRIGHT! Sheesh.

Anyhow… I believe some of the more intuitive among you already know where this is heading.

To put it bluntly, Nightmare Moon uses the main protagonist as a source of potential energy. How she goes about this though, isn't exactly to the benefit of the main character. As in though he does indeed get to become one of his favorite character, Season 1 Luna, (Like myself for example, just to give you a hint just how dangerously close this leans on the edge of Gary Suedom.) that is the only good thing that comes with being abducted by Nightmare Moon. And you know what? She didn't get her name Nightmare Moon for nothing. She appears to specialize in psychological warfare, throwing her foe's mental will into complete chaos.

Here, it means that Stuart is…

You know what, I have already spoiled it enough at this point. Read if you are so inclined to be curious. Here is a hint.

But anyhow, my reason for this thread?

I want to see what you guys would do if confronted with being unexpectedly transformed into a pony, (being a favorite character here is optional if you wish.)

However, here is the snag. You are being used, and abused with mind control by a sexual deviant of your favorite character. As in to the point where they forcibly take you by force. I mean that quite literally. Not only that, but you have been swapped to the opposite gender! Now, imagine how painful it would be if some character decides to, oh I don't know, impregnate you with their seed. And I don't mean the romantic kind. I mean the kind where they make you their bitch. Where you are abused as a sex object. While somewhat erotic, I have decided to investigate at some point in time as to how a character would be affected by this, both emotionally/mentally, and physically. To say it would be scarring would be a complete understatement.

Of course, writing this comes with the risk of under-handing the severity of the topic. To that point, we have become so desentizied by violence in modern media that we don't even flinch at it. (At least, I don't.)

But here comes what I want to ask you.

You have been transformed into a pony of the opposite gender by one of your favorite ponies.

(In this case, either a background pony, a clone of them, or your own original OC.)

At first, you might appear ecstatic about this.

Then you find out what your so called "favorite character" is going to do to you, all the while they explain to you in explicit detail as they lock down all avenues of escape, AND taken precautions so that you will NOT be able to stop them. No alicorn powers here lad.

Then they proceed to do you in. Your mental psyche will be shattered. It is unavoidable.

The question is, how would you deal with it.

How would you feel about the situation?
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Anon the space anon adapted from an CYOA #fucking insane

You are anon well everyone's anon you were part of a colonization crew from earth you could go home at anytime.You remember your prime directive:"Find a willing native and reproduce." Most of your comrads found a native of already and have families,now it's your turn.
Be Anonymous found a particularly willing native her name Fluttershy
"Wow this equestrian is very willing I might be the fastest to find a family."
"H-h-ey anon I-i w-w-was thinking maybe you like to g-g-go on a d-d-date."
"of course miss Shy now i was thinking of several places; A fancy restrant called Le-pona,A small down to earth maybe apples,And good ole sugarcube corner ." they then go on a date "Hey flutters how bout we go to a little place called Olive garden."
"T-t-hat sounds nice just let me get dressed then."
Later at olive garden after ordeing your food you try to make small talk.So Ms.shy i am low on credits and have no job my pay hasn't come in yet and i'll be ordering the lobster." damn you're an idiot you probably screwed the whole thing up but she must be willing the mate with you or else >kill "T-t-thats ok anon I'll pay,no need to worry." "Thank you ms.Shy." your food finally arrives before you sink into the pit anymore" Your lobster is cooked right and her chef meat free salad looks good too. You both dig in using your excellanctant silverware and her using hooves.You have a good dinner and you fell happy." you drop her off in your Ponedon land speeder. Now since the night is young you have choices to make. you decide to take her to the street races
" Wait ms.shy the night is still young maybe we could go for a ride ? "
"O-oh anon what about ang""you can bring angel if you want but I don't recommend it ." "alright then."
You drive her to the spot here the races take place, both pony and human alike are there then you go up to the registry "Hello sir i would like to enter my speeder into one of your races." alright we have 9 races going then
You decide to take the 25 mile race with rainbow and cloud
You load the specially anon race mix into your speeder
You lock fluttershy up since no hands
"AND 1…2…….3 GO!!" and their off! You have a better chance at winning because of your human made tech cause your not a flying horse,You zoom past them crashing into every rock
And beside you the rainbow one is catching up notgonnahappen.jpg You turn on your autoturrent *Boom Boom*

"Noo rainbow" "ohshi flutters was friends with with that thing."
Nope.gif you decide to tractor beam rainbow along ,flutters' doesn't know the difference and then you crash into a crowd on ponies"sorry,so sorry,I'm sorry,new driver" you say to the crowd trying not to hurt to many of them. You dash to the finish line flutters obviously impressed that you saved her friend even though you shot her down in the first place. And your friends are their the congratulate you on coming in first.

It was in fact a good date

chapther two
You rape fluttershy the police come and bring you in csi pony happens mlpchan is to blame then you make a call to fluttershy
You tell the guards you want to make a call.The human presence here made ponedon technology jump forward 1,000 years And they stay don't have widespread telephones yet,Luckily this place has one "Alright mr.anonymous dial 9 first."
you try to remember if flutters was a phone.You dial the number
"Hello yes,This is fluttershy." "Het fluttershy you better break me out of prison or pay my bail or once i get out am going to rape you again..Nice talking to you fluttershy."
Now you wait the tempered little pone will have to pay or else.
You anonymuos decide to since it's your last day cause a riot
You walk up to the biggest toughest person you could find.it's pony with a earth celebrity cutiemark surprisingly the prisons coed "Hey you my names anonymuos,what's your's?" "My name is..Tracy.Why do you ask?" you then punch her in the face "Nigga you mah bitch now!" you pick her up and throw her at a gurad,before you know it people and ponies are fighting and magic is flying everywhere. out then find the meekest weakest person you could,It's fluttershy "hey,hey anon i came to….Pick you up Eek!!"
You set out with flutters but not before you hear something that will haunt you always
You run off with flutters now your cute partner in crime.
Then at the house
You decide to stay home with shy,help out a bit maybe do your job. One night you've decided you had enough you were going to make this mare yours,you sneak into her room,Welp cotich tits you pop one in your month earning a few moans from fluttershy you must be careful not to wake up that killer rabbit next to her.You finger her gently slipping one then two making mock thrusts shes getting wetter every moment you go.Taking your mouth off her small tit , you kiss her mouth gently you really hate that rabbit . You slide you dick out ready to do your job.posting yourself at her entrench already sopping wet you slide in their with a *pop* then things go down heel
She pops awake she obviously a virgin and you're staring her right in the eyes all the while barely making any sound "mmmm hi." it's to late to stop right now but flutter;s seems to be enjoying it now grinding in rhythm with you it's to much then its starts her vaginal muscles start to milk you moving in a wave rhythm it's just maddening YOU NEED TO CUM….NOW but it keeps going almost like a suction effect it's just crazy you decide to kiss her,the evil death bunny is still asleep and her moans seem to be getting louder
then you grasp a tit in both hands working them,tugging at them and pulling then you cum you let your hand go weak and you both scream in a glorious climax Then he wakes up

Then angel wakes up and eats anon's finger Before you very eyes angel turns into a a ferioussome Ultra Giga Nigga He them lets loose a thunderous roar "OOGA BOOGA WERE ALL THE WHITE FILLIES AT!"
dear god you run as fast as you can angel nigga running after you punching trees out the way "OOGA!!" You must lead him into town Holding flutters you tell her to fly "Flutters you have to take flight." But.."'OOOOOOOGA!!!!!!"
You throw flutters at angel not stopping, you hear an other roar and talking and your being chased again bye angel nigga and flutters hanging by his neck you run into town then angelnigga throws you into the library"OOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGAAAAAA BOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"Theme for this battle:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfrTkDmDX2g

You stay and fight angel already climbing up into the tree house
You dash out into the square the town already waking up and seeing the fighting you draw a blaster,angel charges you smashing you into a nearby wall , next you sleep a blast of magic
two no three unicorns blasting angel with magic he grabs the unicorns killing them,He lets loose another roars "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGAAA BOOOOOOOOOOGGAAAAA!!" you feel as if you time is up and you shoot every eye you see the sun already coming up then you get an idea.You use the force and STOP THE SUN FROM RISING!!!! you feel the princesses coming "Anon stop this." angel looks at the princesses running at them bloodlust he smashese luna and throws her at the moon.You don't know what happened but a dragon flew into town being chased by a star destoyer angel then gets bigger then scp 628 comes and angel eats him.
You managed to grab flutters from him she hanging off your neck you must fight.the whole town starts grabing every weapon they have then changelings burst from the ground angel breathing fire and the star destroyer telling everyone the flee the town then.
(No image)
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Cherry Berrys google glass adventure http://www.fimfiction.net/story/107413/cherry-berrys-google-glass-adventure

this is a story of Cherry Berry, when she gets a parcel delivered she opens it to find a google glass, but this google glass lets her see invisible creatures and gives her powers depending on how she uses the device

for those of you who dont know who Cherry Berry is, she is a random background pony i chose out of the few shown on the mlp wiki

i originally worte this fic as a short comedy but as i fleshed it out in my mind i have some key plot points in mind and am loving what ideas i have i hope you all do too, there will be light gore in future chapters

also if you didn't notice the scouter has the google logo on the visor xP

i hope to have this written and finished before the end of june

but enough talk, have at you!

enjoy :3
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Serious Syntax #Tips & Tricks #Grammar #Discussion

One day I was a writing a story about polychormatic ponies when I suddenly thought about something. I asked myself, like I'm hoping sure every author has at some point, if what I was writing was conveying exactly what I wanted it to. Being me, I overthought and spent a good thirty minutes contemplating not just the words themselves, but their ordering in the sentence, the sentence's position within the paragraph, the specific feeling I wanted the paragraph to evoke, and so on. As this went on I found myself going beyond that, to seemingly simple things like quotation marks to more complex things like the very feeling of a word.

Any English author should know there are rules to the English language. To disregard those rules not only fogs the messages, meanings, and the very story itself to the reader, but oftentimes makes it practically unbearable to the point the reader stops reading not because the story disinterests them, but because sloppy, distracting writing makes them want to stop. A fluid story is a good story; nobody wants to feel like there's a stop sign every twenty feet. To remedy this one must just keep writing and learn. The first story is predominantly the worst thing someone'll ever write, and unless one learns that will never change. Messy writing loses a reader's attention and could even lose their respect. The more fluid the writing, the clearer the window is between the reader and what the author is saying.

I've been proofreading ponyfiction for people for about a year now. I've dipped my feet in stories from a few thousand words to a few hundred thousand, and by now I'd like to think of myself as being pretty adept. I like to think that the errors I point out are the correct ones and that I hadn't missed any in my one, occasionally two passes of a document. By now, I think I've got an idea of what I'm doing but by no means do I think of myself as a professional, and I surely acknowledge that I do make mistakes in my proofreading, even if I'm not aware of them.

That all being said, I feel like sharing what I've learned over the past year in an effort to help clean that window. I'm sure even now that some of the things I identify as rules are wrong or just have rough kinks in them, but I, and I'm sure a lot of you too, would like to marginalize that as much as possible. So let's work together, shall we? Yes, there are things a quick internet search would clear up, but there are a lot of unspoken things in the English language that have to be learned, not necessarily taught.

I'm hoping this thread could stand to have people ask simple questions and receive simple questions in kind. For instance, if someone asks if a certain comma is in the right spot, another person then answers them only to get corrected by someone else. Not only that, but I'm hoping for discussion as well, especially on more complex topics. I've got some topics myself I will be bringing up, as well as my own opinions on them and in some cases my thought processes, such as how I choose the right word to fit the mood of a sentence.

So here's a list of fifteen topics I will be bringing up, preferably in order but no guarantees. I don't know when I'll get around to posting, but I'd like to do so once or twice a week or two. Be warned, I do tend to ramble and to a lesser extent digress, in case that hasn't been figured out by now.

>>5499 Common misconceptions
>>5580 Prereading, proofreading, and editing
>>5814 Numbers
Uppercase versus lowercase
Literal versus figurative
Bold, italicized, and underlined text
Spellcheckers, dictionaries, and thesauruses
Word choice
Word order
Word play, jokes, and puns
Exaggeration and repetition
Quotation marks and apostrophes
Similes, Metaphors, and Personification

After I complete these, I'll be opening the floor for suggestions on which other topics I should bring up.

There's a couple things I would like to note before all this, even though I bet I'll still be saying these later again and again.

>This thread is not to be used as a full editing or reviewing service. There are other threads for that.

>Understand that what I say can be wrong, and what you say can be wrong too.
>There is an exception to every rule, sometimes many, and I doubt I can list them all when needed. Be wary of that.
>Bear in mind that whatever is said should only be considered when it comes to your own writing, and that you should write for what best fits the context of what you're writing.
>I'm horrible at explaining so I sometimes butcher what I want to say.

What I think is really awesome about this fandom, especially with the fanfiction side, is the intimacy of it all. Writers can get immediate feedback from readers, and so often are people willing to help one another; it's amazing. So how about we all work together to help expand our knowledge on the literary devices, proper grammar usage, and the English language in general.
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The Changing of the Guard Title: The Changing of the Guard

Author: Rarity's Stallion

email address: [email protected]

Tags: [Dark]

Synopsis: After Twilight is crown by Celestia and Luna as the sole princess of Equestria and left to govern the land by herself, Equestria is thrown into an armed conflict with the Griffon Nation. While necessary measures are undertaken to ensure Equestria's security, these measures along with the war effort sew seeds of discontent. This discontent soon boils over into a full-scale revolt that threatens the very throne upon which Twilight sits.

Link (FimFiction): http://www.fimfiction.net/story/94220/the-changing-of-the-guard

Chapters to be reviewed: All posted
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The Rolling Game Thread No long-winded OP here, folks! The idea is simple: every week, a new writing-related game will begin, with the OP being edited to reflect the new topic.
This week's feature: Song Stories
Music moves us. It can make the most stoic of men cry, the least happy people dance, and the most dull individual inspired.

Find a song you like and write a short scene or story to it.

Challenge Mode: For every minute of music, write one-hundred words, give-or-take 10% of the total as flex-space.
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Previous thread >>120

Welcome, one and all, to the new and improved review thread of moi. As you can see from that fancy thing up above, name’s Figments.

Now, I’m not one for long-winded intros or some crazy things like that, so I’m just gonna get to straight to the point: allow me to help you help us all, but as you can see, I need your help to do just that.

I do have a few requirements for posting in this thread. Consider them just guidelines, ‘cause sometimes I won’t even enforce them if I’m in the right mood (which never happens).

1) Please read the sticky before posting. I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news if you miss something important.

2) Please adhere to the Standard Fic Posting Structure, or SFPS for short. This includes a space for each of the following: Title, Author, Appropriate Tags, Synopsis, Word Count, and the Link.

3) I only accept GDocs or MS Word Web App files. I do not even glance at FimFic links, and if you post those, you’re getting ignored.

4) Please submit only one chapter at a time. I don’t want people dumping 100k fics in 20 different parts for me to go through. Even a single chapter that's got more words than story wastes my time. So just keep them as short as possible.

5) I will accept most genres; however, there are some things that I will not accept, such as: heavy gore, most grimdark, shipping-focused stories (when the story is all about the relationship and not anything else), trollfics, poems, screenplays, and clopfics. I accept OC ponies, but be warned: because I like to think I specialize in OCs, I will be incredibly harsh on poorly written ones, so be sure to run tests prior to submission. Mary/Gary Stu tests can be found in the Training Grounds OP.

6) Patience is a virtue, but if I take longer than a couple weeks, it’s time to start bugging me. I might get annoyed, but it’s all part of the process.

7) Please post both here and in my queue. The links to both are after the break

Any questions, my policy is feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer or point you in the direction of someone or something that /can/ answer.


Submission Form: http://sdrv.ms/ZLndaL
Queue: http://sdrv.ms/WcRU1n
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Azusa's Review Thread: Magical Lesbian Edition #Reviewer

Stay awhile, and listen.

Next month will be the anniversary of when I started seriously reviewing pony fic, so I decided to start a review thread. I've reviewed around 25 stories on The Training Grounds.

Read Me
>Use Google Documents if you want more than a tl;dr review.

>I reserve the right to review only the first chapter of a multi-chapter story if it has more than sentence level problems.

>I am willing to review non-pony fiction if your story seems interesting.

>Bug me in the #fic IRC channel on Canternet if you feel that I'm taking too long. Link: http://derpy.me/TFaOm

>Use the IRC anyway, because it's a fun time-sink.

Stories I've reviewed that made it to EqD.

Further writing advice.

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War of the Poets The Submission Round is now complete. All poems can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oFEd3FSL3kUfNzVF9INCBSWVZPbk-2i3uT-LWlbzIDw. Voting begins Wednesday, May 22nd at 5 AM GMT.

The Voting Round has begun! Vote here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PK-MBpZrMhLFoDSjXEyXAs-Xf5C81QhHW-zeBxZ9uJI/viewform. It ends Saturday, May 25th, at 5 AM GMT.

Let us play a game.
Come on now; it will be fun.
The best poet wins.

So I proposed the other day in the IRC a rather unique idea. We've all participated in writeoffs before, whether for longer fics, drabbles, or other little tidbits, but to my knowledge we've never had a competition that channels the spirit of rhyme and meter.

So! I propose that we have a Poetry Writeoff—a "War of the Poets," if you will. There seemed to be some interest on the IRC when I brought it up, so I hope it gets some participation. What are the rules?

1.) Submissions begin Friday, May 17th at 5 AM GMT, and end on Monday, May 19th at 5 AM GMT.
2.) There will be no required topic or idea. If it's poni, and you want to write about it, go ahead.
3.) There will likewise be no required format. Limerick? Free verse? Iambic pentameter? Haiku? If you want to use it, feel free.
4.) You can submit as many poems as you like. I'll be making a compendium of them all at the end, we'll vote on our favorites, and if people want to, we can post the compilation on FimFic.
5.) Don't worry if you think you can't write poetry. What matters isn't whether your work will make it into Reader's Digest, but whether you have fun doing it, and whether it gets you interested in a new form of writing which, after all, is what /fic/ is all about, right?

So! Sign up below if you're interested, if you have an idea for the writeoff, or if you just want to call me a moron. Either one works.

Hope to see you there!
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An Open Examination of First Chapters This doesn't apply as heavily related to one shots, but what elements are important almost exclusively to first chapters.

Fundamentally, what makes the difference between a story that you will read in it's entirety, and a story that you'll forget about in a few hours?

Sure plot hooks are a part, but what's the difference between a hook that works and one that flounders?
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The Possibilities of Potion #Mature
I'm actually enjoying this.
>insert long pause here

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Let's play a game. #Game

It's that time of year again, gents. The first and second times were a couple of the biggest failures to happen on /fic/, but you know what they say–third time's the charm. The rules are as follows:

1. Each player signs up whenever; players will go in order of sign up. Player 1 gets to choose how it starts, but not where it goes.
2. Each player writes one page, which should be around four to six hundred words. Should the page break come mid-sentence, so be it. The next player will pick up where you left off.
3. No messing with fonts and sizes, and don't break established formatting.
4. Nothing should break MLPChan rules. That should go without saying.
5. Player slots are first-come-first-serve except for player slot 1, which if contested, will be determined by a die roll.
6. No bitching about what someone's already written. This is a game, and no one likes that guy who bitches about shit. We all know this is going to end poorly one way or another, so if it's going to crash and burn, it's going to do so spectacularly.
7. Have fun.
7a, subsection 5, paragraph 2: Rules one through five are malleable.

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Corsairs; Requesting criticism on a fic im working on Looking for brutally honest criticism on a fic I'm writing about technology versus magic focusing on Victorian era pirate ponies and futuristic-esque diamond dogs.

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DemPonies's Mystical Thread of Writing #Author

Greetings, fellow denizens of the internet!

I am DemPonies, and if you are reading this, you have stumbled upon my author thread here on mlpchan. Why an author thread? Becuase all the cool kids on this board's got an author thread, and I'm a cool kid dammnit!

Here I will put my stories, future chapters of those stories, and whatever else I damn well please.

If you want to contact me, you can find me here (http://www.fimfiction.net/user/DemPonies) or ping me while I'm lurking in the IRC chat.

Twilight's Odyssey

[Adventure][Alternate Universe]

Synopsis: In an Equestria where Discord never was, and the Pony Princesses never came to power, a young Twilight Sparkle loses her family in a crowd during the Summer Sun Celebration. Little does she know that her very existence is about to set a series of events into motion that will take her far beyond the borders of Equestria itself—and change the fates of both her nation and her life, forever.

Fimfic link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/24518/twilights-odyssey
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Community event/activity/collaboration In considering a new possible activity for the community to have during this long off-season, I think perhaps this time it would be best to have everyone's open input on it, and brainstorm for ideas instead of picking one of the common, old standbys we usually use.

So what should we do? How should we do it?
Make it some kind of contest, but with a new twist? A collaborative effort between both artists and writers?
A comic of some kind, with the reward the finished work, or a series of contests where an art contest determines a fic contest or vice versa, with prizes?
Or a community game with art/writing as part of it?

Any ideas are welcome, and feel free to bring up anything you come up with.
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Worldsingers, a Collaborative Project Welcome to WorldCorp, your one-stop shopping destination for realms, planets, and planes. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep you limbs within a reasonable radius of your keyboard at all times.

Worldsingers is a collaborative effort to create a world licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 3.0), which you can find here: (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), with attributions made to “Worldsingers.” While it is the intention to make a world which has a Friendship is Magic feel, there’s no guarantee of the finished product sharing much of anything with FiM.

While this thread is on the /fic/ board, that doesn’t mean that members of other boards can’t participate, with the intention of eventually moving over to other boards like /art/ and /rp/. Ultimately, the goals here are 1) to host an event to facilitate camaraderie among MLPchan-goers of the various boards and 2) to have an expansive, interesting, and inspiring world open to the public for anything from role-playing to art to writing to music or to whatever the heart's desire, given they follow the license.

Now on to everyone’s favorite part:

The Rules:
1. Sign up below if you want join.

2. Each participant will be in charge of a certain part of the world, chiefly:

a. Geography and History
i. Cartography (if desired)
ii. Major Historical Events and Figures
iii. Climate, Fauna, Foliage, and the Like.

b. People and (Their) Places
i. Politics, Economies, and Nations
ii. Religion and Mythologies (Objective and Subjective [Note])
iii. Cultures

c. Magic and Technology
i. Major Systems of Magic, Their Rules and Bases
ii. The Advancement of the Civilizations
iii. The Impact of the Above

3. These parts can be revised or divided into further sub-divisions depending on 1) the number of participants and/or 2) the personal decisions of the individual(s) entrusted with the cluster(s).

4. The sign-up period will be from now to Monday, May 13, midnight UTC. (The project will still be open to latecomers should they want to join, but they’ll have to assist a current participant or come up with their own valid, but unused, Creation Category.)

5. If you sign up, you agree that all the work you create for Worldsingers is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

6. After the deadline, I’ll present a properly balanced questionnaire divided into a group or cluster for each participant.

7. The participants will chose the cluster they want in the order they signed up, with myself going last.

[Note]: Objective Mythology is the reality; Subjective Mythology is how the peoples view it.

List of Participants: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fDBzX2KuL-bC7cnHcbQ152OT8zxtFljELA7I8Zd9OgY/edit?usp=sharing
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Need ideas for a brutal grimdark gorefic #Mature
My little Dashie is overrated ^_^
Well the idea is that filly Dashie got found by a malicious man (you) and instead of receiving love, warmth and comfort she will undergo torture, abuse and gruesome scenarios. A grimdark gorefic trollfic :P

I need ideas for what I can do to her in the gorefic. Like stripping the wings, amputating a leg, tasering her, killing Fluttershy in front of her. Pretty much cupcakes (but worse) except Rainbow Dash is an innocent, defenseless filly.
One note is that you want to keep her alive and subject her to as much pain, horror and abuse as possible as long as possible.

So, any ideas? *EVIL*
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Metal Gear Rising Brainstorming I'll say here the same thing I said on fimchan:

I want to write a Metal Gear fic, specifically one based on Rising, but the entire series has some great materials. It's just that I don't know how to transition from the show's setting to something that would allow all the high drama and combat spectacle that would allow this story to work.

So far, I've only been able to think of using a Post-Fallout-Equestria setting; we've got robots, firearms and armed conflict are something ponies are familiar with… but it feels a mite too recursive.

As Raiden would say in "The War Still Rages Within", "The only way out of the cycle, is to strike out and pave your own way" (says the guy who writes crossover fanfics…)

I mean, just look at this pic. It is so incredibly cool, it *demands* writing. My fingers are *itching* with the need to tell this tale.
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A podcast you should listen to #Discussion

Writing Excuses - http://www.writingexcuses.com/

Writing Excuses is a podcast hosted by the following authors:
Brandon Sanderson - Author of the Mistborn series and selected to complete the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan's passing
Dan Wells - Author of the John Cleaver series and several other novels
Howard Tayler - Writer and illustrator of the webcomic series Schlock Mercenary
Mary Robinette Kowal - Author of a few novels and a plethora of short stories.
All of these authors are traditionally published.

The podcast is 15 minutes long, making it fairly convenient for listening. I listen to one episode in the morning, sometimes one on lunch as well. Each episode focuses on a different subject, from brainstorming to villans to "killing your darlings", or ideas that you've really taken a liking to but ultimately hinder the story.

I originally started listening to this podcast simply because Brandon Sanderson was a part of it, but after listening to several episodes, I've found his co-hosts just as articulate. With SEVEN seasons of this podcast available for listening, it honestly feels like I'm stealing. This kind of knowledge shouldn't be free. If you're serious about writing, I suggest you give it a listen.

If you've listened to a certain episode and want to talk about it, this would be a great place to do so!
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Write-off - I Lost Count edition Sister thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/126972.html
Accolades: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/scoreboard
All anthologies: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/fic+Write+Off
Current list of participants: http://goo.gl/DMUWc

Hey, buddy. Psst. Come over here. I got somethin' for ya. You see those folks over there talkin' about writing and "plot" and "character" and all that baloney? Yeah, well there's this place, right, where they all hang out one weekend, and they write stories like a bunch of mad baboons with half-broken typewriters. We give them fake medals when they win, too. It's a riot. You can join in too, as long as you can make words from those pretty little fingers o' yours. So if you want a chance to get into the big leagues, I got all there information you need right here…

– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

If you’d like to participate, just drop your name below and I’ll add you to the list.

The event will take place on the weekend starting 15th of March.

The exact times for each round are listed here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15

When finished, submit your works here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15/fic/submit

Note that you can preview your work once it's submitted by going to the "My Submissions" page, and you can edit it as long as submissions are still open.

You can markup your work with BBCode for bold, italics, etc. See http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/faq#How-do-I-get-style for the list of available tags.

Prompt suggestions will be taken two hours before the writing commences. After an hour of suggestions, the prompts will be open to be voted upon by the public.

Prompt suggestions: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15/prompt/submit
Prompt voting: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15/prompt/vote

The rules of the event are listed here: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15/rules

I reserve the right to disqualify any entry with or without reason.

Once the stories are collected into an anthology post on the »Fic Write off« Fimfiction account, a public poll will allow readers to rate the stories. Voters must read at least half of the stories submitted before casting a vote. When voting opens, go here (http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/15/fic/vote/public) to cast your vote.

After a week of voting, the scores will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

Well, I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Good luck. Roger out.

Picture source: http://dawnmistpony.deviantart.com/art/MLD-4-350745107
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LIGHTNING ROUND: MINIFIC WRITE-OFF Oh hey what's up. Happy April Fools' Day! I don't have a joke for you, but I do have a surprise. I thought I'd go ahead and run a write-off.



600 word maximum. On your honor for your chosen word processor's word count method. No maximum number of entries.

No content restrictions, but I will reject any entries that are well and truly offensive. Hopefully that'll reduce the problem of people being subjected to stuff that they would normally refuse to read.

Submit prompts NOW. They will be decided by RNG. I have sole discretion in screening prompts for being shit, or for dozens and dozens being submitted by the same person.

This is gonna be FUN!
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Hearts of Red Ink: The Sequeling #Planning #Oh God Not This Again

With the divorcing of /fic/ from Ponychan, I thought it time to consummate the community's new-found relationship with a sequel to the seminal reviewer meta-fic Hearts of Red Ink.

What is Hearts of Red Ink (or HoRI, as it is commonly abbreviated to), you ask? Well, it was story that starred several key figures of /fic/'s populace at the time. In it, a mysterious and malicious (for most, if not all…) force began to gender-bend the denizens of /fic/ and filled them with the insatiable urge to commit acts of an unspeakable nature. Of course, it was merely unspeakable and the story's author had no trouble putting it to print. Amazingly, despite the rather obvious allusions and questionable content, it was not removed by the moderators and proceeded to a rather messy climax that, nonetheless, resulted in the crisis passing and leaving (most of) the afflicted with only bad memories and sore unmentionables. At the end, the author was so distraught by the abomination his accursed hands had wrought that he made every effort to purge its putrid filth from existence. Alas, this being the internet, a few copies still linger, much like recordings of the Star Wars Christmas Special or the smell of last week's tuna casserole.

This thread is merely the foreplay, though. Considering the nature of the story, seeing as it uses other peoples' personas, it requires willing participants and, as such, is entirely opt-in. The story itself is all in good jest but be forewarned; there will be subject matter that may not agree with you. Alas, all I can offer is this vague warning since most of the fun comes from not knowing what unfortunate fate your avatar (or others') will suffer in the story's proceedings. As a general rule, if it was featured in a thread on old /fic/, it will make its way here.

For those of you that wish to partake in this sordid spectacle, I will require the following:
Your express permission, as posted on this thread.
A description of your character's disposition, attitude, quirks ect (if you want me to strive for accuracy, at least).
A description of your character's appearance or, preferably, a picture. Even an OC maker image will do.
If you have any particular limitations in regards to your character you must state them here (IE no sexual intercourse of any kind). In a similar vein, if you want a particular event to occur it may be requested, but know that there is no guarantee of it being executed to your exact specifications.

The story itself, when made, will be posted in a NSFW thread. This will require any viewers to enable NSFW thread viewing, obviously.

I eagerly await your consensual agreement.
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The Consolidated Applejinx IC Thread Mk. III #Mature
As discussed- here is the current AJIC crit thread! As with two previous Ponychan SFW threads and two previous FIMchan NSFW threads, here's how it works: You post fics to critique, and Applejinx's general notion of the mane cast respond IN CHARACTER saying what they think of their representation. This thread tends not to run a queue! Be good ponies and don't expect the girls will more than skim hundred-thousand-word-epics just for a crit, and don't expect line editing- it is more about general advice and guidance (where possible)
Offer valid where limited. Some side effects may apply. Do not operate heavy machinery. (like, ever. stupid machinery!)
Applejinx's Trixie's Magic Bit books can be found at:
(No image)
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Is there a map of Equestria? I'm curious of the Equestria region and culture.
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MY LITTLE NYXIE [My furst stori] #Review plz #Pen Storke is a genus [#Best Poni

Today i want to make an anoum… annoy… say something!

Nyx is my waifu. Dis is story of how she become my waifu.
So, i was, like, realy sad and stuff cause my parents are all ded in super-duper tragic car acident and my sis wuz rapered or somethin.

Then the dorebell rung!!!!1!l!

I open dore and there wuz a LITTLE NYXIE all for myselves!

and sew I razed her like mai own filly and we had great times and she help me get over my pearants dyeing (but not my sister. that still makes me saaaaad face :*((( ). 1 day she even make sanic darkboom (like rainboom but DARK cuz she all black n stuff) because she went gotta go fast!

Than one day we was watching a super–duper purty setsun and she say "Strum wud you be my daddy and hubby?" and of coarse I sed "forever and ever!"

we had lots of babies and they were kawaii THE END
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Hey. Hey, ion, hey. ion, hey. Hey, ion. Knife. Lol, jk. i just had a story i wanted your opinion on. Be as merciless as you desire; i've always enjoyed reading your malicious skepticism. it amuses me.

Here's the story. Enjoy, if you so wish.
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Editor Wanted / Needed - Please inquire within Alright, so I've been told by no few ponies that I need an editor / proofreader. These two things may be mutually exclusive but I don't know.

Given that I'm still pretty new to this fanfiction business, I don't have the foggiest where else to look for help.

So, on the suggestion of Figments from the #FimFiction chatroom, I've decided to come here and put out my post in the hopes that somepony will come along and help me be a better Fictioneer.

My FimFiction profile can be found here - http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Lapis-Lazuli

I currently have four works that will need Editing asisstance-
My finished fic, "Twilight Struggle" Needs a thorough cleanup job.
My in progress fic, "Codes Apprentice" could use a full time editor to help me keep this monster in line.
I have a one-shot fic, "Musical Relations" That is currently about a quarter of the way done, and I'd like to get edited and reviewed before I post it,
And I have an upcoming multi-part fic, "Twilight Fall" which will also need an editor for the entire series.

For those of you who may be interested in helping with any or all of these. You can either contact me here, at FimFiction or at my E-mail address.

Thanks to anyone who responds, or just has some kind advice to give me on the subject of looking for help or editing.

Peace love and Ponies, y'all.
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Crossover fanfics, yay. I haven't come up with a name for the story yet, but I have a premise for it, at least.

A pig gets seperated from his group of fellow pigs during an Angry Bird ambush. The pig gets flung into Equestria.

#Story #Sci-Fi #Adventure #Crossover #Minion Protagonist

Feedback is allowed and appreciated. This isn't the full story, only the prologue. I guess it could be some sort of temporary one-shot fic, but I will make more chapters. Eventually.

(No image)
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A work in progress So, I've made a rough draft of the first chapter/Prologue of a crossover fanfic. I would appreciate the good folks here at /fic/ to take a look. I'm fairly new to this fanfiction business, so I think any advice that isn't "give up" should somewhat work.

Warning, Angry Birds content ahead.

Here's a link: http://pastebin.com/4deKJPPj

Again, any feedback is welcome.
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Live Reading, Reactions Hi there. No, I'm not showing you a recording of me reading a story called Reactions. Actually what this is is a thing I'm going to do for MLPCRadio. I'm going to record my reaction to popular fiction, and post the videos. What this does is show my opinion of the story (essentially a review) meanwhile (hopefully) entertaining the audience with the strange manner in which I read things. (you should have seen my face when I read Cupcakes. I imagine it must have been very creepy, cuz it felt weird.) In any case, I'll need to find some reputable fiction which I have not read and in the interest of not freaking out my audience, I'm looking for something other than the most popular request, which is Sweet Apple Massacre. Sadly I have read Bubbles, or I'd have started with that. So, does anypony have any suggestions? Preferably something less than 20k words. I kind of live under a rock, so your input might be more valuable than you think.

/oat/ thread: http://mlpchan.net/oat/res/290046.html#290046
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Fucking Casperfic! Hi y name is Casper and i've recently started writing an awesome fic, my friends say it's a really gud idea, so ar i've only written proloq, but i have idea in head.
Title is plaecholder.

Worst Shit Ever
A Casper fanfic


Rainbow Dash soared through the air dropping rocks upon rocks to the beat of their foul wardrums on the hoards of some real nasty creatures.
Man oh man, was theese creatures nasty, like, not Discord nasty, but still really nasty. The rocks fell down crushing skulls and bones.
She could hear her friends and alot, ALOT of other ponies marching towards the battlefield led by the warscratches of lead turntablist Vinyl Scratch.
The war had been going on for like, a week, wich is like a long ass time, pony time, but the battle had just begun.
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Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell - discussion This may be slightly off topic, but the book is technically fanfiction. Plus I'm kinda curious what other writers think of it.

Read it here if for some reason you can't purchase a physical copy: http://derpy.me/Bnl1r
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Peddler's Wagon Fallout Equestira: Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler

Is script workshopping allowed around here? Because I make radio plays and I thought it might be nice to have a place to brainstorm and get crituqe on them? Maybe do some casting? And that seems a bit more suited to the /fic/ board because of the subject matter of this particular play.
In anycase, I made this last night in about four hours


It's a short audio drama set in the Fallout Pony-verse staring Prodigious Peddler and a ghoul named Domino. It was originally just gonna be a one-shot, but it proved VERY popular. So I've made an offshoot tumblr http://peddlerswagon.tumblr.com/

and am planning to write a couple more. I'd like to set up a little place to work the script around a bit, get some honest opinions. If that's your bag, please come in! I'd love some help.

If I'm in the wrong place, I shall gladly leave.
(No image)
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Review Request: Phantoms Of The Past Title: Phantoms Of The Past
Author: AceTriggerhappy
Tags:Tragedy Dark Random Adventure Alternate Universe Human
Word count: 23,199 (6 chapters so far)

Synopsis: In Equestria, there is a comet that is believed to be an omen of great things to come. There are those who don't believe in it, and claim that is just a legend. They are proven wrong.

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/79760/phantoms-of-the-past

Looking for some one to review & criticize it so i can improve it
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This is so perfect!
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Questions Thread I would like to know if someone tried to combine Dash, Pinkie and Twilight's traits into one character.
(No image)
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CoolStoryBrony's Emporium of Erroneous Equine Epics Greetings, denizens of the Ponynet. I come bearing knowledge of important things about stuff.

I've never been one for message boards, but this seems like the easiest way to provide an exposé of my poniponi crud while limiting embarrassment to myself and shame to my family. As such, this is my first thread creation, or post for that matter. On that note, I have called only the most dedicated of my FiMFiction audience here for a reason; I've been slamming my head into my undead keyboard for a while now, mostly in the process of conjuring a literary mid-air albatross tragedy known to hopefully none as Forever, Endeavor. It has yet to see the blinding light of peer review, and I'm fairly certain it could stand to be ripped apart fiber by fiber by a few of you more observant goobers out there.

While I won't post often in this thread and when I do I'll wish I hadn't, my ever-conscious eyes will be scanning the landscape in search of anything and everything relating to my crapbaskets of words. So if you write something to me, and I don't respond, chances are I've read it but chose to hide under the bridge of Internet anonymity like the misanthropic l'il bridge hobbit that I am. Now then, on to shenanigans.

What this thread is for:
— My exhibition of unedited gibberish to be picked apart like a corpse before the ravenous honesty of editors.
— Clear-cut discussion of what is and isn't tolerable in my stories, as well as any and all comparisons to Autore mi Innamorato to make me chortle like a bearded Latina schoolgirl.
— Abstinence, a good workout, and a wholesome recital of electric violin.

What this thread is NOT for:
— Beseeching for work on certain projects and/or baseless veneration.
— Self-aggrandizement or otherwise shameless plugging of oneself or others. That's my job.
— Sex and drugs and Rock n' Roll.

As I pump out more garbage with the enthusiasm of a wet sloth, this will likely be the first place it's posted for a tuneup. While some of the more faint-hearted would call this spoilers, I call it an opportunity to make me make my shiz-nits less nitz-shitty. I thank you in advance, though we are all in agreement that the Color was far superior in selection.

So, what's currently on the table for autopsy?

Make a Wish
Synopsis: Scootaloo has always been a positive pony, despite the odds never being in her favor. She's always been proud that she could handle life on her own. She has a permanent shelter, enough apples to last a lifetime, and the two best friends she's ever known. But life as an orphan could never be that easy… When Scootaloo finds herself in a seemingly hopeless battle against time, how will her situation impact the most important pony in her life? Join Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo as they struggle against all odds to make Scootaloo's wish come true.
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19908/make-a-wish
Notes: Ewwwww… This was a great idea that I've executed horribly. I'm tempted to go back and rewrite the whole thing, and you may see a bit of that here.

Synopsis: You can't trust anyone… Especially if they've been verbed.
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/69648/verbed
Notes: Think of Verbed as a poniponi version of Seinfeld. Dry humor about nothing.
As I recall, the original hallucinogenic idea behind Verbed was something like this. It was a story interpretation of my random thoughts and ideas, with very little continuity. In fact, the only continuity was Twilight showing up and announcing her trust or distrust for whichever ponies had names that could be used as verbs. When she got to a name like "Pinkie Pie", somepony could explain to her that verbs were arbitrary, i.e. "pie" is a noun that you can use as a verb. This would only further her mental deterioration, to the point where everypony's name would be woven into a verb somehow. Hence, "Verbed".
Each conversation prior to Twilight's unwarranted expose of the ambiguities of the gooey grammatical placenta that is English would involve something totally and completely random, most likely something from one of the "Important Things about Stuff" I occassionally throw up on FiMFiction and Tumblr. The story can go on for as long as I can keep being ridiculous, which is to say as long as FiMFiction stays clinging to consciousness.
All in all, it's a stupid and silly and just plain absurd way for me to prove to the world that I can do more than philo-feels. If you wanna jump on the flat-tired bandwagon of idiocy that is situational comedy about nothing, feel free to throw out an idea for something in the story. I just may use it and maybe forget to credit you.

As well as whatever chapters of Forever, Endeavor I post.

So that's about it. Fire away, and try to hit as many vital organs as you think these stories may have.

Here's to craptastic Schwarzenegger flicks.
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New EqD Fanfanfiction Policy In the Ask an EqD Pre-reader thread (>>3742), one person asked, and was answered:

> Q. What is EqD's policy on stories written as sequels to stories other authors wrote, but without the original author's stamp of approval?

> A. We won't post unofficial sequels without permission from the original author.

This was later defined as:

> Is your story a fanfic of a fanfic? You require permission from the original author.

> Is your story a fanfic of MLP: Friendship is Magic? You do not need permission from Hasbro.
> Is your story a crossover with something else? You do not need permission from the creator.

Where the following definitions were used:

> Fanfiction - A non-canon story involving the characters and/or universe of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Generally produced by fans of the show.

> Crossover - A fanfiction which includes major elements from both MLP: FiM and some other (typically fictional) universe.

My concerns with this policy are outlined below.

(1) Hypocrisy

Equestria Daily does not require permission from the My Little Pony copyright holders, nor the copyright holders of any work that is not a My Little Pony fanfiction. To give exclusive license to control derivative works to only My Little Pony fanfiction authors is wholly hypocritical.

The distinction between "crossover" and "fanfiction" is only in what the source material is. As these distinctions change how a story is affected by this new policy, that they are such is hypocritical.

(2) Ill-defined

If an author does not label their work as derivative of another's, the degree to which some other work may be copied from another's is not at all properly explained (especially since this rule is right now unwritten).

As is explained by the video series Everything is a Remix[1], many ideas are not the invention and thus not rightfully the property of any one person. In particular, Daffodil gave one example that I'm sure most would say is poor judgement:

> [A] story about Twilight Sparkle adopting a child would be a fanfic. A story about Twilight Sparkle adopting a child named Nyx who happens to be the embodiment of Nightmare Moon would be a fanfic-of-a-fanfic.

Does this mean that every story where Twilight Sparkle adopts a child of some kind requires permission? To that end, I ask from whom? I do not know the author in question. If this type of generic story is what is guarded by such a policy, I fear many people (including myself) will unwillingly infringe it and thus be forced into obtaining permission from one (or even many) authors that they don't even know.

Are characters protected, and if so by how much? Are plots protected, and if so by how much? Are settings and world building protected, and if so by how much? Are names of places protected?

(3) Precedent

As it stands, Equestria Daily has hosted many stories which violate this policy. For example, Ancients Blunders[2] is a story about how Pinkie Pie adopts a baby embodiment of Discord, i.e., is a derivative of Past Sins, and did not obtain permission from Pen Stroke. Neither Fallout: Equestria nor Conversion Bureau side stories have ever required permission to be posted on the site. Considering the lack of refinement to the policy as shown in (2), there are likely many more examples that were simply ignored (for lack of proper attribution). Precedent is against this policy.

(4) Incentive against attribution

With this policy, giving credits to your inspiration for your work places a cost upon you, for you are admitting your work to be derivative of another's fanfiction. This means you are liable to asking for permission, and in some cases doing so may not be possible. Thus, a smart person would simply fail to acknowledge their work as derivative at all, not attributing the original author. The policy then harms the very people it is made to protect.

(5) No exceptions

The 1976 copyright law of the United States has sections detailing exceptions when regarding derivative works, commonly known as "Fair use". This is because courts recognised that a number of exceptions are morally reasonable, the most prudent of which are for parody and satire. EqD's policy, on the other hand, contains no such exceptions which most people would consider reasonable. People should, at the very least, be allowed to parody or satire others' works without their permission.

(6) Unwritten rule

The rule is currently not included in EqD's fanfiction submission rules[3], so most people will be unaware of the requirement but are still affected by it. (It's not unreasonable to assume that people in fanfiction communities are operating on implied permission given that, you know, they're writing fanfiction.)


I ask that, given the above, EqD's policy against unsolicited works of fanfanfiction be removed.

As good intentioned as it might be, giving exclusive rights to control derivative works to one author takes away rights from another author. Since all fanfiction is done as a labour of love, introducing such restrictions is completely ignorant of where fanfiction comes from in the first place. Ratifying into law politeness defeats the point of being polite, which is that it's not required. It's the equivalent of a child saying "please" only because their mother made them: it makes the gesture meaningless.

[1]: http://www.everythingisaremix.info/
[2]: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/11/story-ancient-blunders.html
[3]: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/01/story-submission-guidelines.html
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What is a writer? I recently had a chat with a few of my friends about the nature of the arts and the different people involved with them. Being musicians, we kind of came to a conclusion that a lot of musicians are crazy people.

Then we talked about artists. We came to the conclusion that there's a lot of crazy artists, too.

So what about writers? Are we crazy, normal, or something else entirely?

What are your thoughts?
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Season Wrap-up Fanfic Contest Welcome to the Season Wrap-up contest for /fic/!
To celebrate the finale of Season 3, pony authors are invited to once again participate in an MLPchan write-off for those great IDW MLP:FiM comics!

Right after the final episode airs, tune in to this thread for the announcement of what you'll need to do for your chance to win! More information and the fics themselves will be posted here and at the Write-off site http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/

The contest:
- Create an original piece of pony fanfiction, between Saturday, February 16th 16:00 UTC and Friday, Februrary 22nd 06:00 UTC
- Theme/prompt: The 'prompt/theme' is "Season 3." Basically - "Any story involving events, situations, characters introduced, ideas presented, headcanons/fanons created by anything that occured in Season 3

The prizes:
- The top two stories will have their authors receive a copy of the fantastic IDW official canon comic (as well as a pony toy to commemorate their victory :D).

Be sure to check out the other Season Wrap-up contests happening around at >>>/pony/, >>>/oat/ and >>>/art/
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Write-off - Mature Edition #Event #Mature

Event overview: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/13

For those out of the loop, the Write-off is a timed challenge where writers create stories to a given prompt. The works are then released anonymously for all to see, followed by judging rounds to allow readers to determine the winners. The event is concluded with the results posted and the authors revealed. Check the site FAQ for a full rundown.

Unlike previous events, the content rating on this event is M. This means that anything not forbidden by other rules is fair game. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to write something that would be considered mature, just that it is allowed.

The writing starts Fri, 01 Feb 2013 06:00 UTC and lasts for 3 days, ending Mon, 04 Feb 2013 06:00 UTC.

For all fic participants, there is a mandatory preliminary voting round which lasts for 7 days. This means that by entering, you're bound to reading mature content. If that's not your bag, well, consider waiting for the next event.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Good luck,
Roger out.
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Building Bridges #Discussion

Hello, /fic/. Some of you know me, some of you likely don’t, but allow me to share a thought with you.

How many of you can draw? I ask because I’m terrible at it and, when I think of looking around for someone to make art for me, I noticed something: it seems a little difficult to find artists.

Let me explain: I’m saying it’s hard to find them, not that a ton don’t exist. I’ve gone to the art-board, and I don’t know how to really take it.

A lot of the artists work on commission, which I don’t think I can pay for as I: A. Don’t do enough online shopping to own a Paypal account, or B. Think I’d ever really want to tell people I spent upwards of fifteen to twenty dollars on a pony drawing. A good pony drawing, yes, as a lot of the artists who take commissions really do look like they have some stellar work, but still… that feels uncomfortable. Maybe someday, I’d be ready to do something like that, but I’m just not yet quite feeling like I am prepared for such an action as of yet.

And, as much as I want to rail against those who sell their services for not helping purely from the joy of the art, I really can’t blame them. Money spends, people need to eat, and I’m pretty sure the only reason we here on /fic/ don’t do the same is because there’s really no way to market our work like an artist can. Still, that leaves some of us in a very awkward predicament. Do I go for one of the few artists that take requests (and who seem to sort of fade out after a time, if the board is any guess, even though a few show some real promise) or do I simply buckle down and pay an artist for a commission?

I raised this up quite a while back in the IRC, but, after some discussion and a detour to explore a trail that sadly led nowhere, I have decided to try again. I think there might be a middle ground. A sort of training ground, if you will.

No, I am not talking of the TTG, though I am proposing something slightly similar: two threads, one on /art/ and one on /fic/, to connect the two in such a way as to enable transitioning from one to another in a much easier fashion than is currently available. The thread would work in a similar manner to the TTG but, instead of purely reviews, it’s a thread for finding and creating both stories and art.

Here is a link to the proposal proper:


If you have any questions; suggestions; thoughts; or, better yet, offers of assistance, please post so. I wish to discuss this thoroughly, because I think it could be a nice tool.
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Celestial Sparkling Trixie has come back, and she has a new level of experience in the arcane arts, higher than even Twilight! Twilight tries to best her in another contest, but at what cost?

I'd also like to request Pascoite to review this first chapter(if he has time!). The link is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LAmtPE1Geyr7umKSJL16WqZZFVp0ivf8S2g6gJtUTKA/edit?usp=sharing
(No image)
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Dating for Eggheads SNIP

Twilight Sparkle begins to feel a bit lonley, and asks her friends for some advice on how to fix that.
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"We were just on a simple flight test how could this happen!" ,said Commander Hill.

"It was just a simple military exercise. how did it go so wrong." He thought again.

Pacing around the wreck that was before him and the mutilated body's belonging to his former teammates. From what he could tell he was in a forest it seemed peaceful maybe a little to peaceful.

"How did I survive and not them." ,Hill muttered to himself.

Just then the bush rustled and a, lion scorpion? Launched itself out of the bush at the Commander. His hand fell to his holster, drew his five seven aimed it just at the beasts head and fired, it had no effect except the the fact that it got angrier. The creature lashed out at Hill again, putting four slashes in his stomach. He leaped into the wreckage of the charred, destroyed plane, he quickly slide under a broke piece of the plane, narrowly dodging a piece of steel that would have decapitated the Commander. He reached for the wall holding all of the weapons and gear, grabbed the L118A sniper. He proceeded to peak his head around the corner nothing was there. He scanned the forest floor once again and winced at the sharp pain in his chest and stomach. Hill needed to find someone to help him soon, he would bleed out soon or worse get thrashed by that creature. What had his son been telling him the week before, he was reading a story about mythical beast and this one seem to match what he called a Manticore. He witnessed the bloody carcass, that used to be his friend Claude, being ripped to shreds by the Manticore. He pull the rifle up putting it to his shoulder and fired hitting it in the side of the beasts hip it seem to do the trick, Or not it turned around not even paying attention to the pain from the bullet wound. It rushed him, Hill backed up. The Manticore couldn't fit into the small opening, Hill raised the Rifle again and fired right between its eyes he saw the life leave is eyes and then it proceeded to collapse. He went back inside, tripped over a steel rod jutting out of the wall of the plane, into a pool of blood, Just now realizing the full pain of the slashes in his stomach. Hill sat back up and looked over and saw Co-Pilot Philly, he had a steel rod stick up through his chest and blood coming out of his mouth, he made a weak moan and looked over at Hill, then fell unconscious, Hill heard some rhyming outside of the ruined plane. He got up stumbled a bit and looked outside of the plane, There was a Zebra standing there wearing a ragged old brown hood, and a bag slung over her back.

"Who is there?", said the Zebra.

Hill limped out of the plane tripped and landed face first, in front of the Zebra.
So many thoughts raced through his head, had he lost so much blood that he was hallucinating or was this really happening . He chose the latter half of the argument consuming his thoughts, as the Zebra walked closer he started to black out the last thing he saw was the Zebra standing over him with a confused look on its face.
(No image)
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Dating for Eggheads #Author

Twilight Sparkle begins to feel a bit lonley, and asks her friends for some advice on how to fix that.

Characters: Twilight Sparkle
mane 6

Type: Mature

Link: SNIP
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Weekly Writing Workshop, with Golden Vision and Nicholas Hello all! Golden Vision, reviewer and writer extraordinaire, reporting for duty!

Some of you might remember the two Livestreamed Writers' Workshops that I did back when we were all on Ponychan's /fic/. Welp, I'm bringing them back with a vengeance—and a twist.

Welcome, people of MLPChan, to the Weekly Writing Workshop!

Please don't confuse this, by the way, with the /fic/ Writer's Workshop, a community-wide event to be held at some future date. Totally different.

I'll be joined by your co-host, #fic's very own Nicholas, and we'll blaze a trail through poni fiction in a way you've never seen before. Each week, we'll do a livestreamed event (and possibly a podcast later on) that comes in three distinct segments, as detailed below.

1.) Tip of the Week/Style & Technique (15-30 minutes)
*In this section, we'll go over a certain tip of the week, and detail the ways in which it can be applied to writing at large. Sample topics might include grammatical misdemeanors, characterization missteps, or even storytelling clichés to avoid. In the meantime, we'll also discuss a certain pro tip or other form of advice to make your writing even better, rather than just avoiding common pitfalls. The end result should hopefully be to make you a more experience, and more confident writer of both fiction and prose.

2.) Interviews (15 + 15 minutes)
*This part will consist of two, roughly 15-minute segments, in which we interview one reviewer and one writer, respectively (new ones very week!). Baron and I will ask them different questions to get an idea of how they go about their craft, and how they view the task of writing in general. If there are any writers or reviewers that you'd like to see on the show, or if you have specific questions to ask them, leave them on a post below!

3.) Live Review (15-30 minutes)
*Our final segment will be a live review, critique, and commentary on a provided fanfic. The objective of this bit will be to get across how the average reader might look over and receive a peculiar mode of writing, and how different problems and concepts are best dealt with. I've met many a writer who said their skill improved after reviewing the work of others, and we hope to give our audience that same kind of benefit and insight.

Our first broadcast will be Saturday, December 1st, at 3:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT). All are welcome to view, and we've definitely got some fun stuff lined up for you! Feel free to drop any comments, requests, or thoughts in the thread below, and we'll do our best to get back to you.

We're looking forward to seeing you all for our first broadcast! This is so exciting!

-Golden Vision & Nicholas
Cohosts of the Weekly Writing Workshop W^3

Livestream Location: http://www.livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MLPWritersWorkshop?feature=mhee
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Garnot Reviews #Reviewer

Some of you may know who I am, but most will not. Keeping introductions short, my name is Garnot, (pronounced Girr-naat), I’m somewhat of a silent veteran, lurking about around the fandom since its inception. I’ve been around, and as such, know a thing or two about writing. To that end, I’ve decided to officially open up a solo thread to help anyone who seeks my services.

You’ll find me to be a fair reviewer, one who will tell you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, regardless of how ugly it may be. My one goal is to see you improve; see you take your place in the sun. That is my goal.

I strive to write unique stories, and as such, I also take on unique tales, tales other reviewers might not have a taste for. My forte is world building, creating engaging scenes, strong syntax, and good pacing, but I can also help you with dialogue, characterization, and making your story show, not tell. I’m familiar with just about any genre, though I tend to do best with Dark, Adventure, and Drama.

Here is my previous thread for those wanting to know more of my previous work alongside SLP: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/110925.html

As for the purpose of this thread, well, that’s a bit tricky. While I’m open for anyone to submit, I’m not going to take just any type of story that is tossed at my doorstep. Instead, I will take stories that show promise, as well as effort.

If you want someone to look at your self-insert with shallow humans, little prancing strawberry elves, and more sues than can be counted on one hand, then you are best served with another reviewer.

If, you story is well thought out, has a theme that ties character and narration, and shows effort, then you are by all means welcome with open arms. This thread is more about getting the story on track, ensuring plot works, and themes and ideas that go beyond the mundane.


1) Google documents only. No PDFs, no FIMfics (unless said FIMfic provides GDoc links), and no pastebin.

2) Your google document must be viewable by those with the link, and have comments enabled. No commenting rights=no review.

3) Ensure that your document is clean, neat, and devoid of as many grammatical issues as possible. If your story is riddled with errors, do not expect me to read beyond the first page.

4) I do not take uncommon formats such as poetry, scripts, or screenplay. Such things can be in the story itself, but cannot BE the story.

4) You will put your title, author name, word count, and synopsis in your post unless we have made a previous agreement via email or chat. You must also submit your story to the queue form. Stories that are not in the queue form will not be reviewed.

5) The max length I will take for any one chapter is 20K words. Any more, and you better hope I like it, or I will not continue.

6) You are allowed to resubmit ONLY if your story has changes incorporated. If your tale reads the same, then it is an instant rejection. I’m here to help, but you must be willing to put in the work for my aid to sink in.

7) All authors must submit an email. Failure to do so will result in the review being rejected till an email is provided

Failure to follow any of this rules will result in an instant rejection!

Submission form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?pli=1&formkey=dE5kMUVmSjNPbjhKS2toMVA0bS05MlE6MQ#gid=0

Queue: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtkQ3lLbn7K4dE5kMUVmSjNPbjhKS2toMVA0bS05MlE#gid=0
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Bronycon writing panel Hi there, just your friendly neighborhood Raindrops here. So, it turns out I’m the head panelist for a Bronycon writing panel, which is titled, “How To Write A Better Story”. We’ll be explaining the Dos and Don’ts of fan fiction, and I aspire to make this better than EqD made it last year. I’m currently the only ponyperson assigned to this, but I’d like to fill a panel of 6 people. You guys are my first options because honestly, I can’t think of anypony better to host a writing panel than the writing community that taught me almost everything I know about writing.

So, any thoughts or suggestions about the panel would be helpful, even if you don’t want to be on it. This is kind of a big deal to me. Not only have I wanted to do something like this for the community since… well, forever, but I’m also going to finally get to meet some of you in person, which is, like, awesome. So, if you’d like to be on the panel, let me know, although I’m probably going to favor people who know quite a bit about writing, since this is kind of an instructional panel, after all.
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Okay people. I just watched the trailer for the Bronycon documentary, and I noticed something that really bugs the crap out of me.

So, at the convention, as with all cons, you see artists of all types being showcased. Artists like John Joseco, amateur VA's like RinaChan, musicians like Mandopony, EurobeatBrony and the like. All these artists got their moment in the spotlight, and deservedly so. They are extremely talented, and deserve every ounce of adoration they get.

But where was AstheticB? Why no nterviews with Pandora Prancypants? How come we don't get to hear about the latest plans for Pen Stroke, midnightshadow, or Loyal2Luna? We get no info on upcoming stories from soundslikeponies or Golden Vision, and you can forget about the latest bit of fiction from Guesswork.

Why not? Because, as we all know, fan fiction is nothing but shameless self-insert clop written by pathetic neck beards who live in their parents basement writing stories about Rainbow Dash falling in love with their OC alicorn.

Why is fan fiction always relegated to the bottom of the bin? No, wait, scratch that. It's not even IN the bin! Anytime you hear about fan made content, you hear all about animation, music, and artwork. But you never hear about fan made fiction. Why? I'm not talking about half the crap that gets in the featured box. I'm talking about people like the above authors, who spend countless hours slaving over the keyboard making our work as good as we can make it. That true artists of the printed medium never get recognition is a damn tragedy.

And before you even say it, no, I'm NOT talking about myself. I fully realize that I'm not some master artisan. I'm good, and I work my ass of to be as good as I can, but I'm not good enough to get printed. Stories like The Immortal Game, Flight of The Alicorn, if you removed any reference to pony, they could easily be published. they have the level of polish that most only dream of. But, will THEY get a booth in Artist's alley at Bronycon? Will THEY get recognized in the documentary?

>pic related

God damn shame.
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Ezn Writes! #Author

Hey, I'm Ezn. You may know me as the author of http://derpy.me/EznGuide or as an occasional TTG reviewer or as "the guy at the place". I also write fanfiction about ponies! I figured I'd give this author thread thing a swing on this shiny new board, largely because of all the OP editing I'll need to do to satisfy my OCD.

About my stories: They often have OCs in main roles with canon characters in supporting or cameo roles. I'm big on world-building and the weird ideas/subversions that buzz around in my brain. In my more serious moments, I write adventures. In my less serious moments, I write punchlines.

About me: I've been writing for a number of years now, and ponies represent my first foray into fanfiction. I started watching the show in May 2011, shortly after the conclusion of the first season. I read a lot of ponyfic.

EQD author tag: http://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Author%3A%20Ezn
FIMfiction profile: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Ezn
Spiffy Tumblr fics page: http://eznwords.tumblr.com/fics

And here's what I've written so far:

Long Distance
#Adventure | Complete – 18 parts | Writing time: 14 months
"A communication scholar from Canterlot, a mailmare from Fillydelphia, and a zebra diplomat in training, brought together by a hunger for knowledge, embark on a journey of discovery to the mysterious homeland of the dragons."

Notes: My first work of fanfiction and the longest thing I've ever written (also the focus of my previous thread). It's got its flaws, but I'm proud of having written it.

I Dream of Daisies
#Sci-Fi #Adventure | Incomplete – 2/8 parts | Writing time: still ongoing
"Daisy Dreams, master of lucid dreaming and a rare earth pony in the field of subconscious investigation, enters the dreams of troubled ponies to help them overcome their troubles and get to sleep at night."

Notes: The episodic adventures of a dream-raiding pony and the patients she helps. The first part, "Nightmare Audition" came fourth in the second /fic/ Write-Off and I decided to make it the start of a series. Set in the same universe as Long Distance.

Stage Fright!
#Slice-of-Life | Complete – 5 short parts | Writing time: a few weeks over a few months
"Sweetie Belle loves to sing and make up little songs when she's feeling down When her sister hears one of them, and finds out about her beautiful singing voice for the first time, she suggests Sweetie Belle audition for the Sapphire Shores Singer Search. Now Sweetie Belle will have to sing and make her sister proud in front of hundreds of strangers. Gulp."

Notes: Bronze medallist in the Hearth's Warming Care Package write-off, this is my attempt at writing an episode-like children's story.

The Humanification Bureau
#Dark #Human | Complete – 4 parts | Writing time: a weekend
"In the dark future of Equestria, a ponykind that has turned its back on the ideals of friendship and love faces the threat of extinction. Their land is corrupted by twisted dark magic, and scarred by countless wars.

"But when a mysterious race of aliens armed with amazing technology arrives in Equestria, ponykind is given another chance at survival. Will they take it?"

Notes: It’s a reversal of Blaze's infamous "Conversion Bureau". Instead of having ponies come to dystopian Earth and convert humans, I had humans go to dystopian Equestria and convert ponies. Written over the weekend of "May the Best Pet Win" and not touched much since.

Rainbow Dash Watches Clouds
#Slice-of-Life | Complete – One-shot | Writing time: around three hours
"One lazy afternoon, Rainbow Dash, too sleepy to practise or manage the weather, lies back and watches the clouds drift by."

Notes: After a chat on the /fic/ IRC, my brain belched this forth fully-formed as a short cooldown exercise the day I finished writing Long Distance. It's not very substantial, but not very long either.

The Holder of Heart
#Dark #Crossover | Complete – One-Shot | Writing time: a day
"Diamond Tiara follows the directions of a mysterious and ratty piece of parchment to find the Heart of Diamond.

"It is 1 of 100. They must never come together."

Notes: Thirty Minute Pony Stories was responsible for this one – prompt #84, to be specific. It wasn't an official entry because I only found out about it after submissions closed, but I was compelled to subvert the shipping-orientated prompt with a creepypasta crossover, because that's just the kind of guy I am.

#Romance #Tragedy | Complete – One-Shot | Writing time: a few days
"I just arrived in Ponyville. It smells good. I'm hungry."

Notes: An extended version of an entry into the minific write-off "What Lies Beneath". This is one of my few sincere attempts at writing a story involving romance in some way, and it probably shows.

Thirty Dollars
#Comedy #Tragedy #Human | Complete – One-Shot | Writing time: an hour or two
"'Step right up, folks, for the journey of a lifetime! Happiness, adventure and friendship can be all yours in the magical land of Equestria, and all for the low, low price of just thirty dollars.'"

Notes: An extended version of an entry into the minific write-off "The Price of a Dream". It's short, silly, and pretty much exists solely for the sake of its ridiculous punchline.

The Ballad of Davvid Daggers
#Comedy #Romance | Complete – One-Shot | Writing time: three hours over ten days
"Lunar Army Field Marshall Davvid Daggers is consumed with hatred for the most narcissistic and beautiful unicorn in Ponyville – Rarity. However, his feelings may run deeper than even he realises…"

Notes: So I have this friend who really hates Rarity. And he has an OC. This is something most folk will probably want to skip – it's silly, OOC and targeted at a pretty narrow audience.

It's Tricksy
#Comedy | Complete – One-shot | Writing time: around three hours
"The Great and Powerful Trixie's first performance in Zebrica becomes a war of words."

Notes: The mashup of an idea I had for a since-abandoned longer fic about Trixie in Zebrica and the silliness that is rapping ponies. It was quick and fun to write, and good practice for my rhyming skills after three months of not even thinking about zebra dialogue.

Brief Glimpses – An Anthology
#Random #Collection | Complete? | Writing time: ???
"A collection of flash-fiction stories about ponies, ranging in tone from weird slice-of-life to speculative tales of possible future Equestrias."

Notes: I love short story anthologies, and the FIMFiction rollercoaster's "your fic must be at least this long to ride" sign is my excuse to make my own and fill it with all the titchy flashfiction pieces I write when the mood takes me. Some of them are inspired by Thirty Minute Pony Stories prompts, others by minific competitions. I've marked the collection complete with ten stories.

This thread is going to be for posting rough drafts of new stories and new chapters of old stories and new chapters of new stories and old chapters of new stories – I may also toss in some other things I do that aren't stories. I welcome any comments about any of these fics, but keep in mind that some of them are pretty old and not really things I'm working on at the moment.

Hello MLPchan, it's nice to meet you.
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/fic/'s Day Out #Discussion #Event

Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/125201.html

Operation Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12XmgV1H5K0ZRhAfNaU2L9ikY6hVk8aQtg6xWwyag3Ms/edit#

Review Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GcqQPmje5XvavquheJ5dGEiVnDkbR1PUbHvd-3f6j5c/edit

Registration form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFIwOHdtQzZjV1NSQmlhbklvWlFCeEE6MQ

"On the featured box on the 13th? /fic/ comes for your head" - Seattle_Lite

In which the reviewers of /fic/ have a fun day out.

The idea is that on the 13th of each month, we mobilize and go to Fimfic to leave reviews on Featured Box fics. These reviews will be blunt and comprehensive, preferably line-by-line breakdown: think greentext reviews of Training Grounds lore. No personal attacks, less snark, more srs bsns. We will review [insert arbitrary number] words, no more, no less, and end the comment with a signature, possibly "[insert name] of /fic/".

The purpose is to get /fic/'s name out. In short, to win publicity. Authors would benefit somewhat from the editing advice we give, but the ultimate goal is to spread the awareness that there are skilled, serious reviewers on /fic/, should people wish to find such services.

The procedure is as follows:
1) Reviewers sign themselves in to an IRC or Skype room, which will be the base of operations
2) Reviewers are assigned fics there
3) Reviewers read the fics, discuss points if necessary and leave a review of the first [insert number] words
4) Wait for the next month to come

It will be swift, it will be sudden, and it will most likely be a ton of fun.
This thread is for discussion of details, modus operandi, pretty much everything really, as it's still in the conceptual stage. It's also to gauge interest, because to make this work, we'll need to keep it up for at least a few months, and to do that in turn, we'll need reviewers.

The estimated workload is, as mentioned, a comprehensive review of an arbitrary number of words once a month. I'm thinking maybe 2500, though some have suggested we do the first chapter instead.

So, whaddaya guys think?

IRC discussion logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mazwr5m40uhskpf/logs.txt
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In an unfamiliar style, a familiar story #Exercise

Use a style, tense, point of view, etc. that you don't use often or have never used to write a short story about a stressful or amusing-in-hindsight event in your life. Try to spend less than thirty minutes writing it.

It is a Friday evening in the warm, dry, obnoxiously noisy datacenter. There I fumble on a few hours' sleep inscribing numbers on masking tape with a blue sharpie. A few times, I miss the tape and hit my fingers. I cautiously inscribe three numbered pieces of tape and stick them to three short, identical-looking orange cat-5e cables, one by one. I attach the pieces near where the cables terminate at ports in a blue network switch.

I raise my voice above the cacophony of air conditioning reverberating through thin structures of anodized aluminum surfaces and the whine of hundreds of little DC fans. "Okay, so now they're all marked, in case we need to go back to the way they were. I'm going to check the notes I took on the switch's VLAN configuration one last time, then we're going to switch the cables. Then we test shutting the master off to see if the failover works, and then the same thing with the slave."

"Okay," boss says.

I unplug the cables, which have been sitting in that configuration for months, one by one. I then plug them back in, one by one, in a completely different permutation of what they had been before. Boss punches the power button on one of the black firewall units. A tense minute of waiting passes, in which I continuously ping our company's website on my phone inside of Terminal Emulator for Android, waiting for a response.

64 bytes from network-{redacted}.static.{redacted}.com ({redacted IPv4}): icmp_req=1 ttl=50 time=148 ms

"Hey, it's back up!"

Boss opens the website on his iPad. "Hey! It's up!"

"Ha! Son of a bitch! I just knew it was the cabling all along!" I high-five my boss. My suspicions stood confirmed: either the guy who initially set up the network months before I was hired didn't double-check his cable work, or boss or some other employee experimented with the cabling and bungled it horribly in a nervous, irrational fit to restore service during one of the many past outages I'd been told stories about.

"Successful evening of maintenance!"

I contemplate going home, but am nagged by the notion of how it's not very often we schedule maintenance downtime. The servers have been spinning and humming for months since the Friday night three months ago when I babysat them through the night as terminal emulators ponderously scrolled through dpkg output in the long update to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

"Hey, since we're here, I'd like to update the software on the servers. It will probably take twenty or thirty minutes, and they might need to reboot."

I tear the masking tape off of the cables, pocket the sharpie and roll of tape, lock the back of the cage. Boss and I move to the other side of the row of cabinets and pull out the KVM console. I log into the server and begin a run-of-the-mill, cut-and-dried software package update. The keyboard is shoulder height and the communal step ladder is nowhere to be found, so I'm standing upright and shrugging to tap the keys as I work.

MySQL silently shuts down on one of the servers.

"{Redacted design partner's website} is down!" Boss says nervously.

"Yeah, it usually happens when a service is being updated. It'll be back up sooner or later in the process."

Five minutes pass. Boss grows more nervous.

"You know, I'm going to attempt to restart the MySQL server just to see if it's some config incompatibility error or something in the update that's stopping it from coming back up."

# service mysql restart

"{Redacted design partner's website} is still down," Boss says.

"What? Let me see that."

I look at a PHP stack trace on the screen of my boss's iPad, and my solar plexus drops a few degrees Celsius.

"Okay, gimme some time, I know what this is, and I've dealt with it before. Thankfully, the developers of MySQL made tools for dealing with this."

"Will we be able to fix it?"

"Worst case scenario, which we'll most likely avoid, we have to restore from backups and everyone loses twenty-four hours worth of data, and again I'm pretty sure it won't come to that."

"That's thousands of dollars worth of {data commodity}."

I take a deep breath and calmly open three browser tabs in Firefox on the server while dpkg continues spinning away in the terminal behind it. In one, I open Oracle's MySQL documentation and bring up a page on how to fix corrupted MyISAM tables. In the other two, I mash random Google queries about corrupted tables in hope that I can find a page I have bookmarked at home but not on the server's blank-slate Firefox.


Stage one. No conspicuous output. Stage two. Stop, apply, restart, same error. My throat is parched, and I take my leave to use the bathroom and drinking fountain while boss sits on a swivel stool and titters nervously on his iPad.

Stage three. I am near to an old, familiar feeling. The anxiety attack wells up, but I squelch it with all my will, using denial as my shield. I deny that all is lost. To panic would be irrational.

Stage four. I'm tossing backups of the raw database binary files in /tmp and restoring them cautiously, playing god logged in as root with a fragile civilization of precious human-entered data. Same error.

My throat dries again, and I take another drinking fountain break. A chorus of tinnitus follows me through the silent halls. I sip the tepid tapwater and return to the noisy dry hell in heavy breaths and sighs.

Stage four again. Same problem. I recall a quote, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," from Einstein. I try the "REPAIR TABLE" command. The error persists.

I return to Google once again and filter for results from dev.mysql.com.


Twenty seconds pass as I skim through the manual and learn about the command's invocation and use.

# mysqlcheck —all-databases

A neat, reassuring stream of STDIO text starts scrolling out. I see the names of familiar databases and tables amongst the output. A few moments pass by, and I wonder if I'm doomed or liberated.

"Hey, I don't know what you did, but it worked!"

"It did?"

"{Redacted design partner's website} is back up!"

Then, the weekend a paranoid trip back to the office at 9 PM to double-check everything begins. Then I change into my sweaty bicycling clothes and bicycle out into the night. Friday is kinder than most nights; too many people visit the restaurants downtown, and that scares away the meth addicts. A peaceful dearth of random shouting makes for a peaceful ride home in the dark.
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/fic/ Guestbook and Roll of Regulars - Jan '13 - Yes, We're Doing This Again Edition Old thread: >>699

In this thread, introduce yourself. At the beginning of every odd-numbered month, we'll lock and re-make it. That way, it'll be a directory of current /fic/ folks, their threads, works, and a bit about each. Newcomers, guests, and people just passing through are welcome to make posts of their own, too.

So, usually we're a pretty serious, all business folk - present tomfoolery notwithstanding. In the interest of keeping this thread neat and tidy, one post per person, please, and discussion in other threads. Think of it as your "profile" if this were a BBoard or Facebook or yellow pages.

If you don't know yet, MLPchan allows you to edit posts.
See that "password" box when you post? Type something in there that you'll remember. Then you can check-mark your post later, click "edit" at the bottom, and hey-presto there you go. If you don't pick your own password, MLPchan will generate one for your computer, which you might not be able to remember later. Then again you won't have to unless you switch computers.

- Pen names / presence on other sites
- Writing bio and interests
- Works
- Threads you're involved with
- Anything else short and interesting about you.
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Project: Autoreview >Copied from Ponychan
Greetings all. I'm coming by to drop off a tool that hopefully you will be able to use.


Using it is straightforward. Copy the story text into the box and it will give you some statistics, check for a few common problems, and give wordcounts. If it flags any common problems, there are links to explanations given with each line.

This is an attempt to automate feedback for stories. It won't replace the feedback of a full-fledged review, but hopefully will help writers get an initial run of feedback on their stories, help them learn to spot and avoid common mistakes and reduce the work involved for reviewers.

The program isn't perfect. If your story comes out clean of errors, this doesn't mean that it is entirely free of any errors. Similarly, it won't flag every error. But it should get a large number of the most commonly occurring ones.

Right now, it checks capitalization at the beginning of sentences, checks for rarely capitalized words, and checks dialogue punctuation.

If you have suggestions for how I can improve the program, eg features to implement, how the interface can be improved, bugs you encounter, etc, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you would prefer to communicate your suggestions by email, you can use either the email in my trip or the dedicated email address for the project reviewsuggestions at gmail.

I'll continue developing the program and if I make significant changes, I'll try to keep the thread updated. Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to come by and answer them.

Thanks and enjoy.
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Umbra's review thread: [Insert Cleverness] Edition I think the image says it all. I do not play games when I review. I may be blunt. My criticisms may make you want to cry, or fornicate me with a large piece of metal. I may act like an asshole, but I promise I have every intent of making your story everything it can be. That being said, the rules.


1) Be kind and courteous. Even I follow this rule, the exception being when I am reviewing in Hardcore mode. More on that in a moment.

2) Follow the MLPchan guidelines. That means no clop and no excessive gore, or more accurately, not publicly. If you have a story that violates the MLPchan guidelines, I will usually still review it. Email it to me at [email protected]

3) Be patient. Christmas season is the most docile time of my life. I will be able to review without much delay during the next couple of weeks, but by the middle of January, all bets are off. I will do my best to remain active after that, but I can't make any promises.

4) Nothing over 7,500 words. If this seems unfair or strange, try to understand that excessively long stories are part of the reason that my past threads have failed. With each new iteration, I do my best to create new rules that expedite the process. If you have a one-shot longer than this, submit it in pieces.

5) EDIT: Submissions should be through Google Documents with comments turned on. This is the easiest way for me to point out specific problems.

6) EDIT: Inform me if your story is being looked at by another reviewer. If someone else finishes their review of your story before I do, let me know so I can decide if my review is necessary.

With the rules down, let's talk hardcore (and get your mind out of the gutter).

Hardcore (TM) mode is a specific style of review I offer. When I review in Hardcore mode, I will (brutally) point out every minuscule error using a combination of swear words, offensive analogies, and whatever else I feel like. To give you an idea of what this is like, I regularly crash documents from the sheer volume of comments I leave.

Hardcore reviews are horrible, but it's what I recommend if you want your story to truly shine. Now, should you want a Hardcore review, you must explicitly request it by stating "I would like a hardcore review" in some way during your post.

I believe that's it. Let the story dumping begin.
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The Training Grounds #Reviewer

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post.

For writers:
Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
For reviewers:
How to review | List of unclaimed requests
For Maintainers:
The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
Live communication:
The IRC channel

Some Notes:
  • Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome!
  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right, ask about it! Whether it be about a review you've received, a fanfic submitted, or something about the queue spreadsheet, the best way to solve it is through communication.
  • If you think you've been missed: please remind us with a link to your original post.
  • Feel free to ask questions about fanfics and writing them!
  • If you respond to a post: please link to the post you are responding to.
  • Reviewers: the writers want their work to shine. Highlight faults with gusto. Don't fear compliments either: if something makes you smile, a few kind words won't ruin your review.
  • Writers: the reviewers love to read, but will often lean towards being critical. Don't allow it to discourage you; use their criticism to improve your writing! See "Receiving Critique: Gallant" in The Editor's Omnibus and the Submission Etiquette Guide.

Helpful Documentation

How to request to be a queue maintainer:
Note: you don't have to be a maintainer to help out reviewing in this thread. What maintainers do is update and maintain the queue spreadsheet. If you review in The Training Grounds on a regular basis, and would like to help out maintaining the queue:
  • Read / bookmark this document
  • Email Demetrius (deconstrained at gmail.com) and say something random in that email. Post the same thing (verbatim) in this thread, preferably identifying yourself with a tripcode.
  • When you've been given editing permissions, you may delete your random post.
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The Red Fic District #Mature#Reviewer#Group Review#NSFW
Reviewers, whips, chains, gags, other dubious items. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for one or more of those things. Well, you want ‘em? We got ‘em!

Welcome to the Red Fic District, home of the questionable content stories. Provided you give us a few tidbits of information about your work, you can find a reviewer who’ll read your NSFW stories and critique them.

Here, we’ll get you started. This is what you need to tell us so we can start reviewing your story:

1. Title
2. Author name
3. Synopsis
4. Nature of the content (Including how heavy it is. A character list would also be much appreciated, but is not required. We may not mind reviewing clop, but some people are picky about which character’s they read about sexing it up.)
5. Links (We prefer comment-enabled Google Docs)
6. Word count

There? Got that all sorted out? Good! Now read the rules.

We’re almost done here and you can submit. We do have some rules, common etiquette and a no-no list.

There must be an actual storyline that we can follow, and a bunch of sex scene’s broken up by walking around won’t cut it.
We do not allowing the following as they are too NSFW:*
* Necrophilia
* Blood and gore
* Foalcon - Underage sex with ANYTHING
* Vore
* Scat
* Trollfics
* Beastiality - Sentient-on-nonsentient variety (I.E. Fluttershy on Angel, Applejack on Winona, etc…)

We do allow certain scenarios, provided you have sufficient justification. Sufficient justification is up to the reviewer and they can drop a review if they feel you did not explain well enough. This includes:
* Human on pony
* Rape of any kind - nonconsent “noncon”, dubious consent “dubcon” (drunk, asleep, or any other instance where consent is unclear)

Remember common etiquette: I.E. If you slap, expect to be slapped. Just be kind and you’ll be treated likewise. Remember, this is a mature thread. Act like it! (Want bonus points? Grab a story to review while you wait on your own. We’ll get to it faster that way!)
Failure to adhere to these rules/submission guidelines will result in anything ranging from a dropped review to a blacklist from the thread.

While we do outline the rules here, it’d be appreciated if you at some point in time took a second to read the entire rules document here: http://derpy.me/rfddocs

Now that you’ve read through this incredibly boring OP, you may just be ready to post. Use the submission form at http://derpy.me/rfdsubmit. You can monitor your story at http://derpy.me/rfdspreadsheet. We promise, we’ll get to the story as soon as possible.**

*Some reviewers will review banned material, but it’s up to you to arrange a private session with them. Read the rules document for details.
**We’re only human. We have lives as well, so please don’t expect an overnight review. Feel free to POLITELY poke your reviewer if you haven’t gotten a review or a dropped review notification within a week.

Thanks for reading this. Now go submit your story, find a seat (Watch out for the dubiously placed items), and wait for the review!
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Friendship isn't exactly all that sexual Hello there! I would just like to ask for feedback and editing help with my fanfiction, if at all possible!

Story Description: "Spike starts using his writing talents for more than just friendship reports. But when one of his more… embarrassing works is accidentally leaked to the public, Spike gets on the nerves of his best friends."

Below I have placed links to both versions of it (clean and explicit) for your convenience. I hope you enjoy the story!

Explicit: SNIP

Clean: http://sectussection.deviantart.com/#/d5qvz3m

#Story #Comedy
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Editing and so forth #Editing Help #Pre-readers welcome #Story in Progress

First time posting here. Bear with me.

So I've written the story Apples and Wheat and it's gotten surprisingly good reception. However, I've been told it needs a bit lore polish by the EqD pre-readers. I'm not exactly bent on getting my story on EqD, but it would nice.

Anyways, the main reason I'm putting this up for critiquing is improve my writing plus I'm bored out of mind.

Image not related. Ever.

Tags: Comedy Crossover Slice of Life

The Apple Family decides to plant wheat this year and end up with a surprise house guest.

How will the Apple clan handle having a wolf in their home? Let alone, a Wise Wolf that's obsessed with sweet succulent juicy apples?


In a nut shell it's a crossover of Spice and Wolf with MLP. The main focus is how the Apples handle have Holo in their home. How Holo handles being with the Apples and in Ponyville. Plus I explain/explore the relationship that Holo and Granny Smith have in chapter 3.

FIMFiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/67672/apples-and-wheat
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What up, my ponies? In case you don't know me, I go by Tactical!Rainboom on the forums, and also on Fimfiction and on Steam, but in the IRC I'm Ardor or Tactical or whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment. I'm a medically confirmed Asian-American who likes ponies, writing, and sometimes writing about ponies. I take my writing seriously, even when I'm writing dumb stuff about colorful ponies, and I try to be able to stand by the writing quality of everything I do.

If you feel like I'm someone worth talking to about writing-ish stuff, I invite you to come on in and pull up a chair. I'm always happy to talk to people about stuff and sometimes help people with stuff.

Without further ado, here are some links for you to ignore!

The Ancient Heart's First Beating
This is a story about many things, but ultimately, it is a story about love. —This is the best thing I have ever written. This is the best thing I expect to write for a long time. This story blew away the pony who I look to as a mentor and inspiration. I implore you to read this. Even if you don't like it, I want to share it.

Equestrian Aerial Magic Assault Unit 00
Twilight and Rainbow Dash take to the skies to show the world the meaning of Equestrian air superiority. —This is a fun story about a unicorn tied to a pegasus dodging lasers and single-hoofedly taking down a massive airship, while also learning about their feelings for each other.

Long Live the Queen
An archaeologist finds something hidden in his team's dig site, and learns the story of a long-forgotten queen. —This made it to EQD, but I don't know why it was so much better than what I sent in that didn't make it to EQD. This has the tone of Ancient Heart and I really don't know how to classify that.

Starswirl Walked Through Time
Twilight Sparkle is overjoyed to play the part of Starswirl the Bearded in a play, but she gets more than she bargained for when one of Starswirl's old nemeses mistakes her for the real thing. —This thing isn't perfect, but I feel like I did some things right with it. Another experiment with heroic/action themes.

The Sixth Age
Welcome to New Canterlot, chummer. A magical place—magical in the dangerous way. —This was one of the earliest things I wrote and I sort of regret doing an idea like this when I was so inexperienced. It's got a light sci-fi cyberpunk feel that borrows only slightly from Shadowrun.

Dumb things I don't feel the need to show off can be found behind my fimfiction link, plus some fun cloppy things that would need a #mature tag.

I've got a bunch more ideas being actively written that might be coming up soon, which is why I felt worthy of making this thread. Stay tuned! Ha, as if any of you care.
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Christmas Write-off #Event

Event overview: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/12

Hello again, everyone. It's another /art/-/fic/ contest.

For those out of the loop, the competition is quite simple: prompt → art → fic. First, everyone decides on a worded prompt to act as the event's theme. Artists draw pictures from the worded prompt, and then writers write stories to the pictures.

In addition to your usual incentive of absolutely nothing fame and glory, the winner will be awarded a copy of IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic (http://www.idwpublishing.com/news/article/2349/), courtesy of Anonthony.

The fic round starts Fri, 14 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC and lasts for 3 days, ending Mon, 17 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC. For those too lazy to do the conversion, if you make an account on the site (with the correct timezone settings), all the times will display in your local timezone.

Worded prompt suggestions start Sun, 09 Dec 2012 04:00 UTC, last an hour, and are followed by a one hour voting round.

For all fic participants, there is a mandatory preliminary voting round which lasts for 10 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Good luck,
Roger out.
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VA's want work? Here’s what we are looking for this time around:
- Voice actors, both male and female, there are a wide variety of roles to fill, but heres what we need specifically:
- 1 Rainbow Dash VA
- 1 Gilda VA
- 1 British VA
- 1 “Average Joe” VA
- 1 Billy Mays impersonator
- And approximately 2-6 VA’s who can adapt and do various voices

If you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected] including the following details:
- Your name and online nickname (if applicable)
- Links to any previous experience (if applicable)
- One audio clip, between 2 and 15 minutes long, of you acting in the personality of the voice(s) that you are applying for. You may attempt as many voices as you feel necessary. Please include a script of what you read.
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Thunderfall Readers' Circle #Readers#TRC

Hey, guys. Twice a month I'm gonna grab a list of recent and featured stories over on FiMFiction, read them and leave comments. I think it'd be fun with more people, so I'd like to invite ya guys along. This isn't about fixing anypony's story, just a chance to enjoy and discuss fic with each other. Think of it as food critics just going bar-hopping for the heck of it.

Where: starting right here!
Dates: 15th and last of each month.
Time: Lists posted approximately 0500Z (when I get home) and going until whenever.
Who: Anyone who's willing to follow the two rules:

1. Everypony has to bring one positive and one negative criticism for each story.
2. Be nice.

I'd like to thank Casca and everyone who provided inspiration with the "/fic/'s Day Out" concept. It's not a bad idea, but I want to do something less ambitious and more cuddly.

That's it. Hope to see you Saturday.
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Talking Head Syndrome #Discussion

Last night I was listening a college lecture about writing on YouTube last night. In it, he said not to have characters doing things most of the time usually while they are talking. This goes against what I have been told about Talking Head Syndrome. I have been told by reviewers—who have gotten on EqD—to not go more than one or two paragraphs of dialog without somepony doing something.

This makes sense to me. Recently, I watched Red Letter Media's review of the Star Wars prequels and one of the main complaints that he had with the movie was how whenever the characters are talking, they're always sitting down or staring at a CGI landscape. He compared it to the new Star Trek movie, where they're often running around the ship while talking. But those are both movies and they work in different ways than prose fiction does.

I don't know, what do you think?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWdE1J2U7A8&feature=share&list=PLFAB0B0381EA9A36A (Skip to around 5:00)
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Original Characterization Story Review #Reviewer #OCs/Background Ponies #Accepting stories and outlines

Your story, whether it be drafted or in outline form, centers around characters whose characterization springs from your mind. You do not rely upon canon to breathe life into your characters, or expect reader familiarity with popular fanon. Whether they be background characters, or purely your own creation, you gave them independent life.

Want it workshopped? Pass it here. Mane Six or Human In Equestria fics need not apply.

No length limits, but if your piece runs long I make no promise to read it all. Your opening and setup and initial characterization will hook readers and propel your piece forward, or not; they're the priority.

5 replies
First Dawn #Mature

In this story, a young Fluttershy gets the sex talk and touches herself. I wanna put that out there so we're clear.

But at the same time, it's not about abuse or corruption of innocence. Nopony gets hurt, or forced into something she's too young for. I wanted to write something mature and non-exploitative and kinda sexy and very cute. I think it came out pretty well and folks seem to love it.

I've seen folks suggest it isn't even M content. Which just floors me, but it might just make the feature box.

Would you folks consider reading, maybe even blogging it there? I'd really appreciate it.

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Elements of Equity Alright. I haven't been this nervous since I first posted on /mlp/.
I'm new to this site, so let me know if I'm not doing this correctly.
I'm to #tag what my story entails? I'll go ahead and do that…

#Discord, #Celestia, #Elysium, #Preliminary, #Romantic.
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1K, Every Day #Event

Good evening, my fellow a/fic/ionados.

With tentative weariness, I bring you my own malformed brainchild. “1K, Every Day” is an endeavor to produce consistent and cohesive prose. The main thing is quite simple:

Write one-thousand words everyday.

The minutiae are far more dubious, however. It is of import that the produce displayed in this thread be of decent quality, and that there be some semblance of purport among the drivel. In my own attempt, I will be following several complex and arcane rules, which I will refrain from reproducing here in full. A few noteworthy ones, however, are that (1) I’m working from a character list of thirty pre-selected characters, (2) the majority of entries will be in first person, and (3) what I write about each day will be determined by numbers produced from random.org's whitenoise-based random number generator.

Characterization is one of the principle tenants of enjoyable fiction. This exercise is designed to develop skills in characterization, good writing habits, and an ability to think on one’s feet, as it were. This is by no means an exclusive exercise. In fact, I have made it public not only for my own benefit but also that of others—that they might also desire to participate.

Now, I don’t expect anyone to participate with me, nor do I expect someone who does wish to participate to follow the rules and formulae I have set for myself. But if you wish, you can post your own gorrowful crap alongside mine, as about anything is allowed which does not break site rules (do note, however, that this is a non-mature thread). Any wordcount, any consistency, and any subject matter.

I will start my own adventure at a pre-determined date (which I’ve yet to bother to look up), and I will edit this OP with more information as it becomes available.

Edit: My own escapade is set for Saturday, December 22, 2012. Anyone who wishes to can start any time they wish to, but here is the catch:

You must set your own rules.

And the only real enforcement for those rules will be your own conscience. But you don't want to let yourself down, do you?

[end of edit]

Godspeed, all, and good night.

Yes, I did post this slightly prematurely, but it’s because OCD made 12-12-12 very signifigant, and if I didn’t post this now, it wouldn’t be the same.

And, yes, Caesar is one of my pre-selected characters.
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Describe /fic/ What characteristics make /fic/, /fic/? If a character were to represent /fic/, what qualities would it have, what personality traits?
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Writer's Workshop — /fic/ Community Event High on the tailwinds of our recent Thanksgiving /fic/ Writeoff, inspiration has struck for our next community event: a Writer's Workshop.

But this won't be your mother's workshop; oh no. Instead, we'll be having a full out convention-style event, with different reviewers and writers doing individual or pair panels on a subject or topic of their expertise, as it pertains to writing. Example topics might include, for example, creating emotive imagery, choosing appropriate verbiage, or the basics of elementary grammar. Any well-known author/reviewer, or /fic/ (or #fic) regular who feels confident in a certain topic is welcome to apply to hold their own panel through this thread.

In the meantime, we also have the intended audience of this Workshop event—you, the writers and underclassmen reviewers. If you've got any suggestions for the procedure of the Workshop, or anything specific you'd like to see, or even just well-wishes and a note of attendance, feel free to post it in the thread below as well.

As it stands now, the Workshop will likely be a panel/round-robin type of thing, where Skype and/or Livestream are utilized along with GDocs and a chat client to gain the maximum interactivity between panelist and audience. If there are any other suggestions or thoughts on the format of the Workshop itself, please—well. You know the drill by now.

Anyways, we haven't decided on time or days yet, so don't worry about not being able to attend. We'll likely spread this Workshop over a several day period—even as long as a week—and have different panels at all different times of the day. Maybe some will even repeat, for those unlucky people who had to miss one that they wanted.

!!Applejack/Anonthony will also be trying to contact knighty and Sethisto for advertising on fimfiction and EqD, respectively, so be ready for an influx of inquisitive newbies. If he is successful, then please be gentle with them. We'll show the rest of the Brony fandom that /fic/ is an especially gracious host.

For the forty-second time, please leave any thoughts, requests, suggestions, or comments in the thread below. Hope you all like this idea!

-Golden Vision
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first time fanfic hey guys, i'm completly new here and wanted to post the opening to a fanfic I've been right. It's a take on the conversion bureau cliche and a crossover so I think it may suck but I want to make it not suck. so please any advice or criticism is welcomed.

The Conversion Bureau: 52

A grey lone unicorn stood looking over ther paramount of the easternmost tower of Canterlots central palace, which was filled with various labs dedicated to bleeding edge research in various magical and scientific fields, founded the by the princesses themselves. " This just can't be right, the lay lines are all wrong." Star sight furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, trying to extend his sense of the natural ebb and flow of magic in and around Canterlot. feeling out the natural state of magic on it's own terms. many unicorns simply didn't even think about where the magic they used in their day to day lives. but not Star Sight, ever since he could first use magic he was intensely fascinated by where it came from how it behaved in nature. When the princesses had announced their plan to the ponies of the world, an exodus from Equus to another unknown world in order to avoid the all consuming hordes plaguing Equus, they had made certain to share what information they could gleam of this new world with academia . Star examined the estimated map of the lay lines of this new world, along with the theorized placing of Equestria's lines in a world that should be devoid of magic. The new formations however were completely of kilter, and dear herd the STRENGTH of these lines, it was almost as if this world was absolutely brimming with magical energy, as well as other forces appearing at the very edge of his perception altering the harmonics of the natural magic's as well as that those of the massive barrier encompassing Equestria. "where in Tartarus are we?"
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Food for thought #Discussion#Exercise

A bit of an exercise for reviewers, authors, or anyone who wants to give it a little thought. Without using examples or the words "show" or "tell," define or describe show vs. tell and detail how to fix a story when it has been described to have show vs. tell issues.
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Umbra's advice column of rainbows and jellybeans #Discussion #General #StoryHelp

A while back, after my first submission to Equestria Daily, I was referred to Ponychan for editing. I was very impressed by each reviewer's willingness to volunteer their time to read obituaries fanfiction. After having a number of stories reviewed, I wanted to help out as well. I started my own review thread, and everything exploded and caused me to abandon my thread twice went perfectly.

Except for a few weeks out of the year, my schedule is just too busy for a review thread. So I was faced with a question:

"Alright, what can I do in the fanfiction community that's disgustingly pretentious, but also won't overload my already busting schedule?"

An advice column! And thus…


This thread is not for full story reviewing or proofreading. For that, check out the Training Grounds. They do great work!

The main purpose of this thread is to offer general advice or answer questions about the trickier grammar issues, plot elements, and anything else that might be on your mind. Now for a couple of specific rules:

1) No clop or excessive gore content. This is an MLPchan rule, so if you have a question about either of the above, you can email me at [email protected]

2) Play nice in the sandbox. Everyone here is learning, so please be courteous when answering or asking a question.

I want this to be a community sort of thing, so anyone who wants to chime in and offer an opinion is welcome to.
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Conch Shell VII: Creative Consultant #Reviewer #Discussion #General

/fic/ was, and still is, known for its wide variety of review threads, where authors can go to get input on their fiction. In the past, I attempted to throw my metaphorical hat into the reviewing ring, but I found I lacked the literary chops to do so. My strengths didn't lie in identifying problems with existing works. But, as I discovered in the process of writing my "pet project" crossover, they did lie in world-building and working out small details. So I bought an office out in the middle of nowhere and started offering up my services.

To oversimplify the matter, the standard reviewer's thread focuses on stories, making it effectively a more personalized version of the Training Grounds. With that in mind, my thread will function as a personalized version of the Story Forge. Got a story idea you want to develop, but you just don't know how to start? Don't know where you're going with a scene? Hit a brick wall with your story? Congratulations, you're my new clientele. I'll offer my opinion on your ideas, so they can grow and mature. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea—only bad execution. I shall be constructive as possible, and I shall never tell you your idea sucks. Or, if I absolutely must do that, I will do my damnedest to explain why.

So come on, kid. Step into my office. I don't have all day.
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MLPchan Thanksgiving Writeoff #Event

Prompt: Words That We Couldn't Say

Writing: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 06:00 UTC to Mon, 26 Nov 2012 06:00 UTC
Voting: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 06:05 UTC to Mon, 03 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC

Event details at: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/#11-MLPChan-Thanksgiving-Write-off

To kick off the community here, we're putting up a prize for a writeoff over the Thanksgiving weekend:
The winner will get their choice between a Derpy or Rainbow Dash Funko vinyl collectible pictured here.

So here's a chance for those ideas you had that you didn't get a chance to put to use in the Hearth's Warming Event to be brought to life.

Submission Information:
Submissions will be handled by the website http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me. See Rules for the rules, and FAQ for information on how the judging will take place. All entries must be received by Mon, 26 Nov 2012 06:00 UTC
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Machine of Death style collection #Collab #Collection

Yeah, I know I suggested this awhile back and it didn't work out; I blame that on my stupid idea of trying to collect donations so we could go to BroNYcon. But seeing as how we haven't had much traffic lately, I think now would be a good time to try again.

The idea is that we each write a one-shot story about an agreed upon topic, then we review each other's stories until they're all ready. After which we take all the stories and put them in a PDF, which Seth will hopefully make a post about.

But first we have to decide on the common theme, ideally one that's at least kinda like the show we're basing this off of. Also, I'm going to email Seth, asking him to plug this thread after we get five people agreeing to do this besides myself.

Oh, this is what the Machine of Death is about: http://machineofdeath.net/about
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Hearth's Warming Care Package #Event

The event has ended! Here are the results: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/3-Hearths-Warming-Care-Package/results

Copied from an Equestria Daily post ( http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/10/announcing-hearths-warming-care-package.html ) :

It's not quite yet Halloween, which means it's time to start thinking about the winter holiday season. Smart alecky quips aside, a group of bronies have taken it upon themselves to put us all in the holiday spirit by setting up a very unique sort of charity for now seven-years-old Kiki Havivy, the little girl fighting a potentially lethal brain tumor whom Tara Strong has been rallying us around for quite a few months now.

What makes this project unique is that it's not seeking funding, but rather a much needed boost of morale in the form of stories. That's right, it's time to put our collective fanfiction chops to work for the forces of good! Check on down below the page break for the official press release, an informational video, and as a special bonus, a video that got released a few days prior of little Kiki singing, circa age 3. If that doesn't motivate you, I'm not sure what will.

Greetings and Salutations to All of Equestria!

This letter is to announce the arrival of a new brony charity project, known as the ‘Hearth’s Warming Care Package’. We have been moved by the many great things the members of our fandom and community have done for those less fortunate, and this project is a way for those without funds to give back to a cause.

For our first event, we are putting together a care package for a fan you might already know about. Kiki Havivy is a wonderful little pegasister that was diagnosed with brain cancer in January of 2011 at the age of six. She is fighting an uphill battle, and so far, the brony community has raised countless sums of money to aid her in her quest for survival, as well as the dozens of artists and musicians who gave their work to auctions and charity albums.

We also seek to do something for Kiki for those that do not readily have money to give to her cause or a skill of monetary value. To this end, we are announcing the first ever brony charity fanfiction contest. We are looking for a great story that we can illustrate, print and send to Kiki along with a package full of holiday cards, toys and wishes for her speedy recovery.

But wait, there’s more!

We have several big names in the fanfiction community lined up to judge your entries. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get some feedback on your work from some of the most respected and renown writers, on top of the chance to write for a cause. Among our judges are such names as DawnFade, Chromosome, Pen Stroke, WandererD, JasonTheHuman, The Descendant, Chaotic Dreams, PhantomFox, TwilightClopple, Thyrai, PonIver, The Sentient Cloud, Whirring Gears, Steel Resolve and even more![1]

Interested? Read on for the details and rules…
Submission Information
Submissions will be handled by the website http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me. See Rules for the rules, and FAQ for information on how the judging will take place. All entries must be received by Sat, 10 Nov 2012 18:00:00 UTC.[2]

First, all entries will be included in a bound anthology that we will send with the care package to Kiki and her family.

Two runners up will receive a commissioned cover for their story (or if they so choose, any other story they have or will be writing). They will also receive one shirt of their choice from the exquisite brony boutique at WeLoveFine.

Our grand prize winner will have their story illustrated, printed, and sent with the care package. On top of that, they will receive a 14” commissioned plush pony of their choosing (including OCs, and voice boxes available for canon characters), care of CreatedWithLove (http://createdwithlove.deviantart.com), who will also be including a plush of Kiki’s OC to send with the care package.

If you would like to be a part of this special gift for Kiki, we welcome all forms of aid. If you wish to donate money, please visit http://www.giveforward.com/supportkikiscancerfund. Artists and others who wish to be included in some way in the project are encouraged to contact either [email protected], or our project coordinator, PonIver (FIMFiction: PonIver, Skype: doughboy1337, Twitter: @PonIver, [email protected]).

We would love to include all who wish to be a part of this project, so don’t hesitate to ask! Cards, toy donations, or just some way to devote time to the project! We won’t turn anyone away.

We truly look forward to giving Kiki the best Hearth’s Warming ever, and wish her many more to come.

Love, Tolerate, and Seasons Greetings to All

PonIver and the ‘Hearth’s Warming Care Package’ Project

[1] Current judges are PhantomFox7, Wanderer_D, SleeplessBrony, TheDescendant, Unahim, DawnFade, Thyrai, PegasusRescueBrigade, and AbsoluteAnonymous.
[2] See note at top of post.
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An Inconvenient Truth >Pic tangentially related.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make that greatly distresses me. I'll make this as quick as I can. For the past year now, I've been working on a crossover with a certain video game entitled Team Fortress 2. Billed as a tragicomedy, The RED Cataclysm has been the story I've wanted to tell ever since I got into this fandom. It began life as my first-ever foray into the brony community, and it's been steadily evolving ever since then into a story of grand scope, greater than I ever could have imagined it becoming when I scratched out the first draft.

And I think it just jumped the shark.

So I ask you, fellow denizens of /fic/, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever poured your heart and soul into something, watched it grow and blossom into maturity, and then looked back on it and realized "Wow, this is complete horseshit"? And if so, how did you cope with that realization?
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Applejinx's Neither Flesh, Fowl Nor Good Red Herring IC Review Thread Howdy! This ain't the first Applejinx IC review thread. Ponychan's on its second one, and handles the majority of fics (and is where the Google Docs points to). FIMchan has always had one, specifically for handling clopfictions and stuff that Ponychan couldn't take.

Since mlpchan's fic has no particular bias for or against adult content so long as you just link to it, let's do something unique to mlpchan for this version. How's this?

Introducin' the Verse thread!

That's not to say you got to talk in verse- no, the idea here is, this is for crittin' fics where the intention is to take the EXISTING MLP:FIM show and extrapolate it- neither sticking strictly to what the show's allowed to do, nor entirely replacing it with subverted versions like FIW, nor going off to deal with OCs with the mane cast in supporting roles.

Call it a masterclass, special emphasis on folks who are trying to include ALL the mane cast ponies and write plots based on their personality interaction.

Remember, the rule is not 'nobody could call it OOC'! I will assume you mean to shift a few details and run with it as the differences spread out to affect the whole story. I'll try to work out what axioms shifted and I'll try to see in what ways the rest of the MLP universe persists- in particular, if you're able to hold on to kindness, friendship, caring (even in a grimdark or noir 'verse) that will get high marks.

Th' point is, rather than keep the names and revamp everything else, or keep the characters but switch out the whole underlying mood, in this thread we switch out fundamental things (sexuality, violence, maybe death?) while trying to hang on to the SOUL of MLP:FIM.

If you succeed, a few ponies will jes' hate you and lambaste you for getting it so wrong, but a lot of other folks will latch on to your work and follow it avidly- and you'll have a Verse, one that you can say is basically Equestria (and one where you can get the same sense of security and comfort in love and friendship!) but which also has added elements that you CANNOT see on the Hub.

Welcome to mlpchan's specialized version of this thread, if anypony is up for the masterclass challenge!
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Uh, should we be worried that FiMfic.net will get a cease and desist from Little Brown? It's not like they have anything to lose by suing away. Getting us mad won't hurt their sales, but leaving FiMfic up might. I'm sure that there are plenty of kids who visit that site and most of the stuff that gets posted is at least of the same quality as the books Little Brown will be selling.

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Fanfiction Extravaganza #Author
Hey there, I go by Jersey Lightning.
Fanfiction writer for a few years now, ponyfic writer for significantly less time but I've got a few fics out there that are doing reasonably well,

And they are:
Pilot's Story
This is essentially the story of a human cargo pilot's entrance to, and adventures in Equestria. She'll have to both acclimate to this new life and deal with the consequences of her entry into Equestria.

Next up is:
Confessions Of An Equine.
This is not your typical HiE fic, because in this case H means horse. The first person(pony?) story of a mare who finds herself in equestria and has to come to terms with her newfound intellect.

Neo-Equestria Evangelion
This is, for those familiar with the anime, not a crossover in the traditional sense, no canon Evangelion characters will make an appearance. This is the story of Evangelion if it had happened to ponykind instead of humanity.
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Improvement, and How to Go About Achieving It #Discussion

/fic/ is a board for fanfiction review, brainstorming, critique, creation and discussion. Well, mostly one and three, which pertain to the purpose of improving one's work.

But how do you go about improving one's writing skills overall? Do you simply get better after churning out tens of thousands of werds werds werds? Or have you not really improved because you're a natural genius and don't need to? Maybe it's a sudden moment of revelation on how to show rather than tell, or maybe it's an acquired thing, after getting draft after draft poked and jabbed in a review thread, and then suddenly realizing that you've got a much more solid style, four months later.

In this thread, we discuss improvement, be it to a single piece of work of our own or to one's writing style as a whole. We can discuss how we got about to improving, or whether we've improved at all. Perhaps the added insight would be beneficial to reviewers, to get a better grasp on what kind of advice or review works for certain people, and how it affects them - I know I'd appreciate it, at least.

Some discussion guidelines:
@ Do you feel you've improved as an author from your experiences in /fic/? How so? (this is easily achieved; just compare some of your old works to the more recent ones)
@ What helped you to improve?
@ Which do you think is more beneficial to overall improvement - line-by-line reviews, or overall reviews?
@ Why does this look suspiciously like a customer satisfaction form? Other
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/fic/ Guestbook and Roll of Regulars - Nov '12 - Great Migration Edition Newcomers, welcome to /fic/. Old hands, do you like the new digs? In this thread, introduce yourself. At the beginning of every odd-numbered month, we'll lock and re-make it. That way, it'll be a directory of current /fic/ folks, their threads, works, and a bit about each. Newcomers, guests, and people just passing through are welcome to make posts of their own, too.

So, usually we're a pretty serious, all business folk - present tomfoolery notwithstanding. In the interest of keeping this thread neat and tidy, one post per person, please, and discussion in other threads. Think of it as your "profile" if this were a BBoard or Facebook or yellow pages.

If you don't know yet, MLPchan allows you to edit posts.
See that "password" box when you post? Type something in there that you'll remember. Then you can check-mark your post later, click "edit" at the bottom, and hey-presto there you go. If you don't pick your own password, MLPchan will generate one for your computer, which you might not be able to remember later. Then again you won't have to unless you switch computers.

- Pen names / presence on other sites
- Writing bio and interests
- Works
- Threads you're involved with
- Anything else short and interesting about you.
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The Grammar Insurrection #Reviewer#Seminar#Style-and-Usage

Chances are, if you didn't sleep through school, someone tried to teach you how to underline predicates and what a participle is. If you were lucky, they taught you to diagram sentences.

They probably never taught you why any of this matters. This is the Grammar Insurrection, discussion of how to make images by combining words. This is grammar as you've never seen it taught before.

Online or in school you can find plenty of places that will teach you how to place commas, make verbs agree with their subject, and so on. Here at the Grammar Insurrection, we say that doesn't matter so much. Mechanical issues are secondary. Of course you want your prose to look nice, but the true heart of fine grammar is correct and clear usage.

But first, the structure and rules. This is a seminar thread, not a review thread, and will it run differently from them. We discuss one passage at a time. Please bring your own writing for discussion, but be ready to learn from others before (and hopefully after!) your turn comes.

1 - Everypony is here to learn, even reviewers, even myself.
2 - Everypony is here to teach when possible, even the newest writer.
3 - Passages for discussion should be shorter than one thousand words and suitable for general discussion. Specifically,
a - Not everypony wants to read about heavy kissing and/or kicking, so action passages are limited to an "Everypony" rating.
b - Sometimes it's an artistic choice to write unclear prose. That's fine, but it doesn't belong here.
4 - Be nice (towards each other).
5 - Be strict (towards prose).

Now I will take a perfectly good piece of writing and ruin it two ways. This comes from Brian Jacques' Mossflower. First, I will scratch up the presentation, the mere mechanics of punctuation and spelling. Second, I will ruin the flow and usage. If you believe, as I do, that the first is better, you might just be a good candidate for the Insurrection.

gonff teh mousethief padded sailently along the passaj from thee larder nd storeroom of kotir . he waz a plup littl creature clad inna gren jerkin wiv a broad bukld belt

he wuz a ducker an a weaver of life a marvelus mimik balad riter singer and lokpik and very jovial wiv it all . the woodlandrs wer immensely fond of the littl thief . gonff shrugged it all off calling every kreachur hiz matey in imitation of the otters whom he greatly admired

chukling quietly to himself he drew the smol daggr from his belt and cut off a weje fram teh cheez he was carring . slung around his shouldr waz a larj flasc uv elderbery wine wich he had also stollen from the larder . gonff ate and drank singing kwietlee to himsef in a deep bass voice betwene mouthfulz ov cheez nd whine

the prince uv mousethieves honors you
to vizit eer this day
so keep ur larder door shut tite
lok ol ur food awy
o foolish onez go chec ur stor
uf food so rich and faine
be shur that ill be back for mor
espeshalee this wine

at the sound of hevvee paws gonff fell silent . melting back into the shadowz he huddld down and held his breff

two weezls drest in r-more and carring spears trujded past . they wir argyuing heatedlee

As Gonff the mousethief walked silently along the passage that lead from the larder of the castle of the wildcat king Verdauga Greeneyes, Kotir, he looked plump being a little creature who was clad in a green jerkin with a broad buckled belt. He was a ducker, a weaver of life, a marvelous mimic, wrote ballads, singing, was a lockpick, and was very jovial with it all. The woodlanders were immensely fond of Gonff. He shrugged it all off while he called every creature his matey imitating the otters he greatly admired. As he chuckled quietly to himself, he drew the small dagger from his belt cutting off a wedge from the cheese that he was carrying. Before, he also had stolen from the larder a large flask of elderberry wine which was lung around his shoulder. Gonff ate and drank and was singing quietly to himself in a deep bass voice between mouthfuls of cheese and wine.

The Prince of Mousethieves honors you,
To visit here this day.
So keep your larder door shut tight,
Lock all your food away.
O foolish ones, go check your store
Of food so rich and fine.
Be sure that I’ll be back for more,
Especially this wine.

Gonff fell silent when he heard the sound of heavy paws, melting back into the shadows. He huddled down before he held his breath. Two weasels dressed in armor and carrying spears trudged past arguing heatedly.
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*chan Staff Fanfic Face-off #Event

In the interest of inter-board relations, http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me is hosting a fanfiction contest between the staff of Ponychan, efchan, and MLPchan.

The site staff will be given one week, starting Mon, 29 Oct 02:00 UTC, to write fanfiction based on a prompt determined in the hours prior. Each site is allowed up to five participants, and participants for each site must be active staff as of 21 Oct 2012.

When the writing is done, the stories will be posted anonymously to be judged by the community.

Which site has the best writers on staff? Who will succumb to creating a GeneralZoi OC abomination? What wacky adventures can our *chan overlords concoct for our pastel-coloured equines? If there are answers to these questions, they're probably somewhere around here.

See the site FAQ (http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/faq) for a quick overview of how these things normally go down. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck, and I hope everyone has a good time. All bets are open.
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What do you do when someone you know asks to see your writing, but they're homophobic and you don't want them to see your shipping stories? Even if I showed the [Friend-shipping] story I wrote a year ago, it's still on the same FimFiction account that's linked to my lesbian shipping fics.

What should I do, /fic/?
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Story Help I was wondering if anybody would help a writer out. I have written a few crossover stories, but two I enjoy writing can't be completed. I have major writer's block. What's worse, I have two story ideas that can't be made possible, but I really want to write them.

The two I have written but don't know how to continue are The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara and Angry Joe Power Hour!
The other is called Oncoming Storm. You can find links to them here If you want to leave reviews, that's fine:


The other two ideas I can't fully write are called Alan Wake's Equestrian Nightmare and From Equestria With Love. I have basic ideas for them mind you, I just can't write them. I don't know how. Can someone lend a helping hand for a dude that has had writer's block for a month or maybe even longer? (Sorry if I end up reposting this)
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Mature Fic Discussion & Recommendation #Mature
#NSFW #Discussion #Recommendation

Since we have a regular discussion and recommendation thread, let's get a Mature thread version going.

ITT: Bring up your favorite adult-centric stories and authors.

Particularly, recommend me the best examples the fandom has to offer (in your opinion) of Applejack-starring NSFW fics. Any pairing save familial, I don't really like any BraeJack, MacJack, etc.
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I wrote a fanfiction guide! http://derpy.me/NuJHF

Comments are enabled and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please tell me if there are any parts where I was confusing or vague.
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Figment's Review Thread... of SCIENCE! #Reviewer

Greetings, you fine connoisseurs of literature! My name is Figments, and I'm here to review your fanfiction. What does that mean? Well, let me give you a rundown of it: I go through your fic, scouring every nook and cranny for imperfections, and then come back to you with both suggestions and results, helping you along in this crazy world of pony fanfiction.

So, getting back to the subject, welcome to my review thread! Being an author myself, I know the problems faced with creating a story, so feel free to ask any question regarding such! I'm a bit more lenient than most other folks in terms of *coughs * language, general mishaps, and so on and so forth. That doesn't mean that I won't come down hard on your fic. When I do, that's generally because I want to see it as the best that it can be.

I do have a few requirements and preferences for reviewing, as follows:

1) Please read the sticky. It's the only hope for sailing these dangerous waters! That and us reviewers. *coughs * Moving on…

2) Please use this format when posting here: Title, Author, Appropriate Tags, Synopsis, Word Count, and your Gdocs Link (with sharing and comments enabled)

3) I will only accept Google Docs as this is the most convenient to review with. If your story is on FiMFiction and you would like a review, please transfer the story over to Gdocs and enable sharing with comments.

4) NO 10,000 + WORD EPIC CHAPTERS. My limit is 7K. No more, no less. I will be lenient if you go just a few words over; and by a few, I mean like ten to thirty, not one hundred to seven hundred. I gladly take resubmissions if edits have been made! Just keep in mind: I am not here to beta test your fic. I'm here to help make it better, so don't spam resubmissions.

5) I will accept most genres; however, there are some things that I will not accept, such as: heavy gore, most grimdark, shipping-focused stories (when the story is all about the relationship and not anything else), trollfics, poems, screenplays, and clopfics. I accept OC ponies, but be warned: because I like to think I specialize in OCs, I will be incredibly harsh on poorly written ones, so be sure to run tests prior to submission. Mary/Gary Stu tests can be found in the Training Grounds OP.

6) Keep in mind that I am a student. Because it is summer, I will be free most of the time. However, as the school year begins, I will take a little longer due to time constraints. Don't worry, I will get to your fic.

7) Please post both here and into my queue with the submissions form located at the bottom of this OP. If it's not in my queue, you're going to get ignored.

There; all done. *sighs * I feel much better. Like a weight has been lifted from my back! REFRESHING! Now pack your bags, mates. We're off to study the science… of FANFICTION!
I'm also on Ponychan! http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/112293.html
Submission Form: http://tinyurl.com/83koao8
My Fabulous Queue: http://tinyurl.com/76ytxwm
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Mlpchan's Official /fic/ Write-Off, First Edition Hello and welcome to the Official first ever MLPchan /fic/ write-off!

Stories: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/47540/Misconceptions
Voting: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZDWMGLW

– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt given at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers and judges then rate the stories and
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

The contest is open to any and all willing participants. All we ask is that you let us know in this thread if you wish to participate.

• Prompt suggestions open Monday, August 20th 18:00 UTC
• Writing begins Friday, August 24th 12:00am UTC.
• Submissions close Monday, August 27th 12:00am UTC.
• Public voting begins Monday, August 27th 04:00 UTC.
• Panel voting begins Friday, August 31st 14:00 UTC.
• Event concludes Tuesday, September 4th.**

Prompt suggestions will be taken via this thread from 6pm UST on Monday, August 20th. Eligible Prompts will be selected and discussed via the staff and decided upon by day one of the writing period.
Criteria for Prompts:
- Obey mlpchan and fimfiction’s guidlines
- Do not lock the author into one specific genre or style
- Offer an acceptable amount of creativity
- Are not inherently vague
- Be some short phrase or figure of speech
- Be appropriate for a title of a story

The rules of the event are:
(1) you adhere to the submission guidelines - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SOTMJXnj_lj1BCE-D3YGDd2erVcE2g5RY77aSp3Y0r4/edit
(2) you start writing only after the prompt is released;
(3) you submit before the deadline;
(4) your story follows all posting guidelines of Mlpchan and Fimfiction;
(5) your story uses the prompt to a reasonable and discernible degree;
(6) your story is not submitted elsewhere until the event’s conclusion.

We, the Staff, reserve the right to disqualify any entry with or without reason.

Once the stories are collected into an anthology post on fimfiction.net/user/MLPchan_write-off, a public poll will be posted to allow readers to rate the stories. Voters must read at least half of the stories submitted before casting a vote.

After a week, five finalists will be chosen and sent to panel members to have the winner decided.

The judging criteria with which the staff will follow can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hgVW8JSqIp4NVF2fUd9E8-tJJ359689sDrmmClDeBF4/edit

First-place Winner:
A submission to EQD
Stickied thread displaying your fic
A Pinkie Pie brushable w/ mini-DVD
Friendship is Magic coloring book
Blind Bag figurine

**Tentative; meaning it may or may not change according to the Staff's discretion. A 24 hour announcement will predate the final closure.

A special thank you to Roger!DodgeR for letting use his /fic/ write-off formatting, to the Judges for their help and advice, to Anonthony for helping to make this possible and for providing prizes, and to Bleeding Rain!DROPS for his invaluable support.
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Single-Breath Fics Shiny new booooooard!

I figure this board should prove itself via people breathing life into it, so I guess I'll be the one to do that. In this thread, write stories that are a single paragraph long and no more.

It's a challenge, it's a creativity excercise, it's an easy and fun little game to take your mind off what you SHOULD be doing right now. So put fingers to keys and see what comes out! Maybe a brief moment, maybe a philosophical manifesto, maybe a Pony Clop Haiku (tm). Who cares? Write it!

There aren't any rules, thougqh I guess you should keep content under control? If it were me I'd say go for it with clop but put a lid on well and truly *dark* themes. You know which ones. That's my personal preference, though, far be it for me to censor you.
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Attention all reviewers and Judges!! As co-host of MLPchan's /fic/ write -off, I am hereby officially announcing that we are hiring new judges!

Our last event had a bit of a rocky slope, and I didn't have the luxury of screening the already unstaffed group we had.

However, I am taking the time now to rectify that. If you would be interested in being a part of the reviewing process, or would like to chip in to the whole process, I will be taking applications via email at [email protected]

Applicants will be screened. I will be asking a few questions and providing them with a piece of literature to review.

I am looking forward to hearing from those interested!

Happy Reviewing!

- Sarf
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The Seven Tribes I really, really need to find an editor. I've never even seen the EQD proofreaders because of all the errors. Here's the first chapter:

I've had like 5 different people go over it and apparently it still has errors.

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NaPoWriMo #Event


NaPoWriMo! One month, fifty thousand words! It's like NaNoWriMo, except pony! Like in NaNoWriMo, you're given one month (in this case, all of August) to write fifty thousand words.

(Written by Noble Cause, copied and pasted from Equestria Daily:)

Q. Do I have to write the whole 50,000 words?

A. Not at all. Some of the better fics to come out of this event barely broke 5 K last year. Do NOT feel obligated to push yourself if you feel that your work doesn't go beyond 3,000, or 5,000, or 20,000 words. The story is done and the tale is told in however many words you need.

Q. Where do I send my fic?

A. One of three ways, either attach it in an e-mail to [email protected], post it to FimFic (you're welcome to post chapters there as you go) or throw it on Gdocs. Whatever works for you.

Q. Is there a FAQ or central website for more info about this whole thing?

A. Unfortunately not. This is a one-mare show, and I do… pretty much everything on my own. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to e-mail. I do have a day job, but I check my e-mail every morning and evening, and I have Fridays off along with the weekends. That's the best times to grab me.

Q. Do I get anything for this?

A. Mostly just bragging rights, and (if you so desire to submit it properly), possibly ending up here on Equestria Daily.

Q. That's nice, but anything substantial?

A. Well, here's some news. If things are looking up for me at the end of this event, financially speaking, I'll see about possibly getting some random participants Steam games on the cheap. That's finances permitting, of course.

That's all for now, my friends. May the ideas be cohesive, the words flow like Canterlot's falls, and the stress be low-key. Remember, this is all in fun.

Good luck, and ENJOY YOURSELVES!

All the best,
- Noble Cause

(End paste. I didn't write this.)
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Dark Horizons Chapter 2 Review Okay, so I've been working on the second chapter of this fic for a while now, and I wanted both a general review, and secondarily a specific opinion on whether or not I should end the chapter on Twilight's lamenting of the girls laughing, or continue it on.

link is: http://www.fimfiction.net/chapter/99476

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