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Golden Vision Reviews — Now 20% Wibbly-Wobblier! 652[View][Last 50 Posts]


Greetings! Fancy a jelly baby?

My name is Golden Vision. Some of you might remember me as That Guy Who's Obsessed With Doctor Whooves. I've been around the /fic/ block since about February, and I've like to think that I've gotten to know a little bit about reviewing in that time.

So! This is my third review thread. Now, I'm an author, and so I like to think that I bring my own—usually somewhat sympathetic—perspective to reviewing, and I can't think of a greater feeling than seeing a somewhat shoddy fic eventually shine on EqD or the fimfic Featured Box, knowing that I helped put it there. So I really do want to help you out.

I specialize in…nothing much, really. For characterization, plot, ,worldbuilding, and all of the other little details that go into making a story, I'm your guy. That said, I'm changing some things with this here review thread.

Too often, I feel as though I'm giving a cookie-cutter review. "Too much LUS" (Lavender Unicorn Syndrome), I'll say, or "Needs more Showing, and less Telling." If I even start talking about tense issues or punctuation errors, then clearly something's gone terribly wrong. I feel like I'm doing the author, myself, and those still waiting in my queue a disservice by rewriting a review that I could have given out by copy/pasting from one that I did two days previously.

So here's what's going to happen.

I want to be a reviewer, not a grammarbot. I believe firmly that anyone who cares enough to write their own story should care enough to give it a cursory edit themselves. Therefore, I've provided a collection of prewritten, basic guides to techniques of writing below this OP. Such hits as Ezn's Guide and the Prereader's Omnibus should be familiar to you.
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I'll probably get to your fic this weekend, actually. Would you be okay if I used it for this week's W^3 fic review? :3

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 2336

I would love it if you did.

Be advised that it's choked with comments left by someone who's very observant and who really likes the way his words look on the screen. That review isn't going to be finished anytime soon, either.

Maybe copypaste 6A into a new google doc when it's time for you to live review it?

twillale 2339


We never have enough time to do All The Things, do we? ;)

Best of luck in your endeavours, GV, and thank you for all the work you've done!

File: 1374881606818.png (152.04 KB, 362x275, 1305610478489.png)

Anonymous 6876[View]

What are the most underrated and overrated fanfics you've read?

>hard mode: no FoE/Past Sins/MLD
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6913

File: 1375101373244.jpg (36.19 KB, 234x308, lassie1.jpg)

Not gonna lie, I pretty much don't read fanfiction. Only when there's something really notable to be seen (and at that only when it's short)

So when someone says "shipping + drama" my mind immediately goes to the only long fanfic series I've ever been loyal to.

Like, I dunno. I have an odd relationship to this fic. I've come to recognize its flaws, and for some people those flaws are going to kill it, but the fic also does some really crazy things right in ways that few fics do.

Anonymous 6981

>Only when there's something really notable to be seen (and at that only when it's short)

That would make you one of the people who snowball crappy one shot fics into the top spots.

>"shipping + drama"

When I hear this, my mind doesn't drift to "the" fic, although I'm not sure what that is.
It drifts to every single crappy overrated shipping fic that floods this fandom.

honestly, the amount of good fics in this fandom can be counted on one hand, once you get through the drudge of shipping and crappy comedy fics, you don't have much left.
Even less when you take away all the one-shots.

Tactical 6982


Well no, the whole thing of not reading anything unless it's "notable" is that I don't even read short stuff from the featured box sight unseen.

As for the fic that I call "the" fic, that's personal to me, there isn't a fic that anyone else would recognize by that name.

and I see more shitty saccharine shipping than shitty actual drama.

File: 1358015751963.png (424.16 KB, 1024x576, vinyl_scratch_silhouette_wall_…)

Soundslikeponies' Advice and Lesson Thread! Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 3348[View]

Welcome to Soundslikeponies' advice and lesson thread!

Seeing as I don't have time for a proper review thread, I'm instead making an advice and lesson thread. The goal of this thread is to teach:
fundamental style, writing habits, learning habits, writing mentality, and storytelling advice
I'll be accepting topic requests, but also writing on my own chosen topics (it'll be about 50/50) so anyone who is seeking advice about an aspect of writing should feel free to submit a topic. However, if I feel the topic was already covered in another lesson, or the topic doesn't merit too much discussion, I may not pick it.
Another method of submission, is to submit a fic and I will skim it for something it needs help with, and write a lesson on that topic.

A short sample lesson:

False Confidence Mentality:

Something you'll need to learn how to do in order to improve your writing, is being able to view your work objectively. Writers are usually blind to the flaws in what they write, but it is possible to remove those rose-tinted glasses and see your own writing almost like a reviewer would. Some writers are so blind to their own writing's flaws that they don't even believe it when they're told something is wrong. Don't be that guy.

Some writers are aware of the flaws in their writing, and the fear of writing and doing poorly leaves them paralyzed from typing more than a 5k one-shot every other month. They spend all their time endlessly revising one piece to the point where there's been twenty iterations of it, and they don't even know their own story anymore. People who don't write out of fear of it not turning out good. Don't be that guy.

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Advice: Omniscient Narrative Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6828

File: 1374021938524.png (587.39 KB, 600x600, VinylScratchButton[1].png)

Omniscient Narrative is a form of Third Person Narrative, meaning that it's from the point of view of an onlooker. The difference with the Omniscient Narrator, is that he is a chronicler or storyteller of sorts. He's a third person with knowledge of every character's thoughts. The benefits of an omniscient narrator is that the reader may hear two parties whispering at either end of a hall, or two characters secret thoughts about one another. It offers the most complete telling of a story.

Here's an example of something only Omniscient Narrative can do:
Under the eaves crept two shadows, drab in black. The lead one crouched and tip-toed his way to below a window, while his companion strolled up behind him. Inside the Count of Edinburrow was discussing a rather lucrative business proposition with a few of his colleagues. Said proposition would see that many of the poor in the southern district would have their homes demolished for some sultry compensation to make way for a new yarn factory. The project would not go through, however, if the two skulking shadows had anything to say about it.

There's a careful line to tread with omniscience. True omniscience will kill tension, but by appropriately using it, you can create plot situations that would be difficult to convey with a more limited PoV. It just takes a slightly different way of storytelling to make use of it.
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Tactical 6829

I guess my question was how to create something that's pointedly third person omni, avoiding falling into just a failure of normal third person.

Lesson: Some Useful Tricks/Explenations Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6975

File: 1375734073202.jpg (199.03 KB, 600x843, vinyl_scratch_san_diego_exclus…)

Throughout my time spent writing, I've had several 'epiphany' moments where something just clicked and my writing improved immensely. They mostly came from me gaining a different understanding of advice I’d been told, and being able to describe the advice in my own words. Without further adieu, here are a few of them:

Avoiding “She did this. She did that.”:

This is something I only figured out pretty recently, in fact. I used to spend a lot of time trying to avoid this problem, until I figured out an easy method that can help avoid it. Namely, whenever the character takes an action, they’re likely taking that action on something, so by simply describing that something in its own sentence, you can break up the monotony. For example:

>Fluttershy left her cottage and went to the market. There, she wandered past the various stalls, wondering what to buy. She came across one peculiar stall, set apart from the others with dark letters from a foreign language painted on a board hanging down from its roof. She approached it, swallowing as she noticed the hard stare the owner was giving her. “Um, hello.”

What many beginners do to break up this monotony, is use passive voice, which is most often a mistake. A much easier way to break this up, as well as enrich the setting, is to describe some of the things having actions taken on them.

>Fluttershy left her cottage and Went to the market. It was Saturday; the town square was packed with ponies, as often tourists as they were not. She wandered past the various stalls, wondering what to buy. One peculiar stall caught her eye. It was set apart from the others. Dark letters from a foreign language were painted across a board hanging down from its roof. For some reason, she felt compelled to walk over to it. The owner had an ugly scar on his lip and an unkind stare, looking nothing like a merchant. Fluttershy swallowed. “Um, hello.”

The cases where this sometimes doesn’t work is usually body language, but in those cases, you can usually just try to describe what the character is looking at. If it’s another pony, what are they doing? If it’s a spooky cave, does its walls glisten with dampness? Its depths reek of something foul?

Show; Don’t Tell:
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File: 1375481113123.png (876.13 KB, 684x1000, queen_chrysalis_by_purplekecle…)

Weekly Discussion Thread Week 1: Villains Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6967[View]

Welcome to the weekly discussion thread! This week’s topic is Villains (Mwah-hah-hah!).
Villains are a specific type of antagonist, but they also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be psychotic, cruel, or simply misdirected. They typically play a major role in whatever story they’re in, and in many cases the villain can make or break a story.
>What are the most defining aspects of a good villain?
>What types of villains do you tend towards, whether reading them or writing them?
>What are some things to avoid in creating a villain?
Feel free to discuss the topic below. Responding to each other’s answers/questions is highly encouraged, but do be respectful!

FullmetalPony 6969

File: 1375502331075.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.44 KB, 867x922, crocpony.jpg)

Well, if we're talking about an all out villain and not a tragic on (see Nightmare Moon) I'd say a sense of irredeemability is a defining trait that shows them in a contemptible light no matter what they do.

Hidden for One Piece fans like the image
Take Crocodile's teamup with Luffy. It's not a sense of alliance but rather that Crocodile is still a monstrous human being that could easily turn on Luffy in a second, but he's so badass while he does it that you're both sickened by his actions and impressed by his skills.

The other aspect I like is they're not just a villain, they're motivated into action. For as much as the hero struggles to prevail, the villain works to succeed in the own plan. I especially enjoy when a villain's goal drives them so much that the hero starts as just a nuisance that builds and builds and pushes the villain to more and more drastic action that hopefully leads to an epic climax (ex. Chrysalis)

Given that, I try very hard to avoid making my villains the antagonist just because they're evil. It's why I Sombra so much because his villainy comes off more as a force of nature or a wild animal than a menacing villain. Yes, in the past he's shown being brutal and his failsafes in the Crystal Kingdom are intriguing, but they're diminished by his appearance as a literal shadow that looms over the Kingdom. Yeah, that's a little scary, but not in the same direct way Chrysalis, Discord, and Nightmare Moon were presented.

Sagebrush!neT57iwtRU 6970

I like a villain that can sway me towards their point of view, or, even better, that I might not recognize as a villain in the first place. Failing that, I like a villain that can at least make me laugh.

I suspect that a common theme in this thread will be that a villain should have motivations beyond being evil, so I'm going to preempt that a bit by saying it depends on what kind of story one is reading/trying to tell. A hammy ne'er-do-well might fit perfectly in a comedy. For example, Mojo Jojo. Bits of development are nice at times, but I think characters like that really hit their stride in their setting when they're being over-the-top jerks.

As for what makes a good villain, I'm not going to try to pin that down. They could be entirely detestable, like the internet tells me GoT's Joffrey Baratheon is, or they could be sympathetic, like Watchmen's Ozymandias. What I think is important is memorability, though there are many roads towards that end.

Anonymous 6971

I believe the best villains are the ones that recognize the threat that the hero poses to their own goals, and respects that threat, never to be consumed by his own ego and megalomaniac schemes.

Or whatever schemes a writer happens to give them.

Mainly, I think what makes a good villain is giving meaning to their face, rather than just inserting one for the hell of it.

File: 1359763159355.png (145.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_lrqi0trv5p1qfewofo1_500…)

Official "Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" Thread Daffodil 3742[View][Last 50 Posts]

Good evening, everypony, and welcome to the Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything thread (MLPchan Edition)! We've been doing this for a while now over on Ponychan, and figured it was about time to bring all the question-and-answer-y goodness over to this board.

The purpose of this thread is pretty much exactly what the title says: you ask questions, and we answer 'em. Questions can be related to fanfiction, general writing, Equestria Daily, the show, the fandom, Nicolas Cage, or really anything else you can think of – just be aware that you might not get a good answer if your question is about, say, quantum physics.

I'd normally put an FAQ in the OP, but I figure this is a new board with new people (somewhat) so I'm not sure what the frequently asked questions will even be! So assuming I haven't done something horrible with this OP and broken all the rules, feel free to ask away and we'll do our best to answer.

Current queue information: http://goo.gl/b7anF
Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/122969.html
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Pre-reader 63.546!vZ.Mh9z92U 6930

We had… mixed results from the last such call. We still get applications even without advertising

Anonymous 6939

How many newpone have you taken on in the past few months, as opposed to those that have left?

Pre-reader 63.546!vZ.Mh9z92U 6940

One in March and one earlier this month. Tough to say how many left, as they're mostly ones that haven't actually been pre-reading in a while and just now made it official. So, we've probably only lost one or two active ones.

File: 1373292234482.jpg (1.62 MB, 1936x2592, 2013-07-04 11.51.18.jpg)

Bronycon Fanfiction Panel 6721[View]

Hullo there!

So, in case you lot didn't already know, I've been invited by Bleeding Raindrops (Minjask) to be on a fanfiction panel at Bronycon, entitled "The Do's and Don'ts of Fanfiction." Other participants include Wanderer D and Obselesence.

In any case, we'll be doing a mock/practice run of the panel tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST over Google Hangouts. Before you ask, no, you do not need a Google+ account to watch (just a GMail one). If you'd like to come on and heckle, spectate, or praise our literary genius (heh), I'll put up the link to the Hangout tomorrow.

Anyways, hope to see you guys there!
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Anonymous 6743

If it offers any consolation, I'm sure the real panel will be just as… hilarious.

Anonymous 6910

Pretty much this


File: 1375781980937.png (124.01 KB, 403x553, Bucket Dash.png)

TFW real panel was freaking awesome. Thanks very much in part to Applejinx I recieved a standing ovation upon entering the panel room.

The second a video of the actual panel shows up somewhere I will repost it here.

File: 1374849188944.png (789.8 KB, 1244x674, tumblr_mq0hmxKTqk1r38helo1_128…)

Bronycon Meetup Thread 6873[View]

Seeing as Bronycon's in a week, I figured that anyone who's going might as well post here so that we can get a meetup of sorts going. I think it'd be pretty cool to meet you guys IRL.

There'll be an event called "Quills & Sofas," which is basically just an ongoing writers' event which lasts for the con. I suggest picking a date and time for all /fic/cers to meet up there, if only to say hi and hang out for twenty-thirty minutes.

Anyone interested?


File: 1374852284699.jpg (16.65 KB, 421x399, z07.jpg)


File: 1374865559176.png (125.59 KB, 450x315, LabPartners.png)

A rendezvous between illustrious mlpchan ponyfic authors? I'm entirely game, assuming our meet time isn't cockblocked by the perpetual panel schedule. Think people could swing an afterhours meetup? Or pick a block during the wub-wubs of Bronypalooza? As if sleep will be a thing at BronyCon. I shall be doing my best batpony impression.

File: 1369417935243.png (566.57 KB, 900x675, random_pony__by_vunlinur-d5jcf…)

Write-off: Round n 5597[View][Last 50 Posts]

Accolades: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/scoreboard
All anthologies: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/fic+Write+Off
Current list of participants: http://goo.gl/15vdt

People say that if you can't explain your product in three seconds, then your product won't sell. I guess I'm out of seconds. This here is the write-off. It involves writing (and reading). Perhaps you would care to join? Here's the gist:

– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

If you’d like to participate, just leave a comment below in this webzone and I'll add you to the list.

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Anonymous 6863

Sweet. Luv ya, Roger. <3

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 6864

Just please remember Bronycon is next weekend. D:D:D:

Azusa!fG2qnvpWXU 6866

File: 1374727287665.jpg (101.1 KB, 800x1001, Rainbow Dash133157125148.jpg)

>Just please remember Bronycon is next weekend.
>mfw I won't be going.

About popularity... Anonymous 6846[View]

So, I've been thinking about something recently. More specifically, about popularity.

No, not about how something becomes popular or whether being popular should actually matter. What I'm wondering is why are some things popular while others are not?

I mean, I've written something that enjoyed moderate success (on FimFiction, at least). But, when reading other stories that I enjoy and think are criminally under-appreciated, I feel as if though my own story enjoys far too much success. And, at other times, when I'm reading a stinker that's somehow achieved great popularity and feedback, I feel as if though my story hasn't been nearly as successful as it deserves to be…

So, what makes something popular? Quality is evidently not the only needed ingredient (or sometimes even needed at all, apparently), so what more is there to it? Should a work be more easily digestible than some more complex, and often more fulfilling, works? Is it about luck, timing, or what? How many goats are appropriate to sacrifice!?

4 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


More than anything, stories get popular because their authors are already popular. Case in point: The Cuckoo's Calling receiving a surge in popularity once it was revealed that Robert Galbraith was in fact J.K. Rowling.

How to be a popular author, and how to write a popular story, are similar but different. Let's assume we're talking about the latter and that you're not a popular author.

First, as Vimbert said, front matter is everything. The metric of popularity you're actually using here is views. I doesn't even matter what's in the story, because once they've opened it, you've got their view. The actual content of the story itself will have an impact on recommendations and whether or not that particular reader will follow you or read another one of your stories, but in isolation it's irrelevant to that view. What matters is you have an eye-catching image with a bombastic or intriguing synopsis.

Write enough of these stories, as Azu said, and eventually you'll build up a substantive number of followers, at which point all of your stories are guaranteed a view from each follower plus the eye balls you'll get from the feature box.

That said, to get a story to be popular to the same degree as Fallout: Equestria or My Little Dashie, the content is important. It has to strike a chord within your audience strong enough that they have to share this feeling with other people. A throwaway comedy with a snappy cover image will never get more than perhaps ten-thousand views and will be forgotten a week later.

Of course, there are a whole bunch of other factors as well. Easily digestible stories will obviously win over complex ones. Timing is a huge factor. What is it that the market is lacking right now? This very easily explains the popularity of books like 50 Shades of Grey. (Of course, the Internet is not particularly good at understanding the mindset of mid-'40s stay-at-home housewives, so they'll say the reason is obviously pure luck.) Similarly, Fallout: Equestria was the first epic-length story in the fandom and owes a lot of its popularity to timing (and the added exposure that its permanent position on the EqD sidebar provided). It became culturally relevant to the point that when a new chapter was released, most people would read it that very day. Likewise for Past Sins.

But I'd rather change the question at that point from "How do I make something
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Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6854

File: 1374454003553.png (123.09 KB, 216x275, gladiat.png)

Consider that picture stolen and used. Beautiful.

To write stories that try to grab people with frontloaded appeal is to hope for a lightning strike of popularity. And that's all it is: a lightning strike. Faust knows I've thrown rods out hoping for a lightning strike, and Faust knows I've failed. How the fuck did a story titled Soarin and the Magic Bondage Bridle not hit the featured box?

You want views? Try to put something on EQD. The pre-reading process may not be as fair as the PRs themselves like to claim, but it sure as hell is a better system than the featured box. A story going on EQD says that one or two of the PRs–who are perfectly literate and intelligent, to a man–liked your story.

The featured box says that the hordes of morons who praise second person anthro clop as high art liked your story. I mean, sure, that counts for something, but really.

Chill out and go back to working on your craft, because that lightning strike really shouldn't be your goal. Your goal is to keep writing and keep learning–remember that.
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not OP 6859

I feel like every post here has hit the nail on the head, just using a different shaped hammer each time. lulz

I would, however, add one thing to this thread that incredibly thoroughly answered your question: Why are you asking that question in the first place?

If it's just out of curiosity, well that's the reason I clicked here too, so I get it. But if you're an author and are asking in part to see if there's a way to refine your style, I'd suggest you don't. Now, that's not to say your writing might not need refinement, but just don't ever refine it with views/popularity/mass appeal in mind. It seems like anyone who does that inevitably falls into the trap of dumbing their content down, spreading it too thin to broaden out it's appeal, or in some way lowing the quality of the content their creating. And even if that does get you mass popularity, do you want to be like pop music that everyone agrees has no redeeming qualities other than its mass appeal?

If you want to do mass appeal, just write more stories that appeal to different niches. For example, if someone writes two stories that are solid quality and one appeals to the star wars niche while the other appeals to the mlp niche, that person will get more views (even correcting for the fact that they're two separate stories) than their counterpart who wrote one story of a slightly lower quality to pull off making a crossover story between the two niches. Even though the first person's following will now consist of people that don't understand each others niches, their following will be bigger. However, that following will have taken more time and effort, as they had to write two separate stories of higher quality, so in the same time with less effort the second writer could've put out another lower quality mass appeal piece and doubled their following. But the question remains: would you rather be the person with the higher number or the person with the higher quality pieces and usually more dedicated following?

It's not impossible to disregard mass appeal and still attain it, but even if you don't ever attain it you should still take solace in the fact that you wrote the highest quality stories you could, and that was a more worthwhile pursuit than simply writing popular things that got their 15 minutes and then lost their
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File: 1374345230700.jpg (24.48 KB, 640x480, 1044762_488823867861590_926581…)

Anonymous 6844[View]

This contest is going on and it involves writing, in case you hadn't seen it. Just thought I'd let you know.

File: 1344401603555.jpg (42.36 KB, 900x900, rain pinkamena.jpg)

Rainy Prereading 187[View]


Hello! How are you this evening? Or morning. Honestly, this site runs 24/7, so it could be any time of day—or night—for you right now. I’m Bleeding Raindrops, but you can call me Rain, Raindrops, or whatever else you desire.

Anywho, this isn’t a normal review thread. I’m basically a prereader of sorts. No, not for EqD. What I’ll do is look at your story—once—and respond with my opinion, and the impression left by the more prominent scenes in your story, and I will pay special attention to specific scenes upon request. I will not be looking at your story a second time, as this is a first reactions thread, and not an editor's grotto. I will likely not have a sudden epiphany over your writing even after you've corrected it for em-dash usage.

I will not be rating your story or pointing out story holes and grammar mistakes. However, the information I provide will still be crucial to your story, as it will analyze:

*Clarity of descriptions
*Confusing scenes or segments
*Portrayal of emotions


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Review: Black Box Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3361

File: 1358050062199.png (285.56 KB, 1198x1134, 132632033382.png)

In which, a black pony slaughters a bunch of guards, some ponies try to escape, and Celestia comes to visit.

The Mane Events
Lab techs and security guards run for their lives from a mysterious black pony with incredible magical abilities. They are mostly all slaughtered, but three of them make it to a laboratory room with a blast door. They struggle to close the blast door, and almost fail, but a smart young lab tech takes a shard gun and fires through the crack in the door, giving them the one chance they need to shut it. Now they wait in the dark, but something is breaking through the glass on the far side of the room.

Wave Chaser wakes up to hear the sound of shard guns being fired behind some wall. Wherever they are, it must be safe, because Quick Step is fast asleep. Wave Chaser recalls what Origin said to her, about his dark mark, and she is worried about him. Quick Step wakes up long enough to try to talk Wave Chaser out of using her dark mark, which she does anyway, and vanishes.

Falter Reach continues his usual charade of hiding the true identity of Black Box from Celestia. Atmosphere, the warden, struggles to find answers for Celestia’s questions. They head downstairs in an elevator, and Atmosphere gets a message from his PDA. He informs Reach that two new guards have been stationed, and then heads off somewhere, just as two more ponies break out of their cells.

Between The Lines
Black Box is in complete disarray. Abyss, the bringer of death, has broken out, or been let out by a saboteur, who likely lost his life shortly after. Three friends, Wave Chaser, Quick Step, and Origin, are fighting to escape the vast underground prison that is Black Box. Atmosphere has to blackmail one of the inmates, Falter Reach, to alter Celestia’s perception of Black Box in order to keep it a secret. He fears Reach, though, for he knows what horrible fate could befall him should Reach ever turn on him, or any of the other inmates.

Synopsis Review
Once again, I love it. Dark, ominous, foreboding—a well baited hook. And the story does indeed deliver. Well done BoP.
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Review Response Breath of Plagues 3374

File: 1358082945049.gif (279.4 KB, 545x950, EnjoymentRainbow.gif)

Thanks for the review. Yeah, there were a lot of errors I missed. I put it in the auto proofreader and I'm going to go through and fix it up next chance I get.

>Another thing, is this a later chapter from another story I recall reading? It was about a pony who could survive anything, but whenever he chose to survive instead of die, a filly somewhere was killed in his place. It sounds like that might just be Origin.

It is. That was Black Box chapter 2. Origin's mark MAKES him regenerate at the cost of a life. He can store lives for payment, and steal them from people close to death. The first time he died he didn't have any lives to use, so one was forcibly selected at random and that just happened to be a filly. It set up a consequence to him dying too much. He can never die, but it causes trauma for him.

Chapter 2, would clear up all of your questions except for Abyss' personality. He's not a psychopath but he's not completely sane. I won't spoil anything else.

I guess my only concern that you highlighted is that you believed the ponies that entered the hallway at the end of the scene were prisoners. They're not. They're the real ones behind the creation and goals of Black Box, and they've come for THEIR evaluation. I might need to clear that up but the next chapter will clear up who they are for sure.

Thanks for the look Rain. I always enjoy your help and encouragement.I better fix those errors before Umbra rapes me…

Shameless bump 6842


File: 1373262068958.png (1.12 MB, 755x1057, Dashing.png)


After watching some of ACRacebest convention video blogs, I've been thinking about trying, once again, to organize a meet up for Pony fanfic writers. Maybe more people would be able to come if I didn't limit it to just the users of this board; then Seth would probably plug it in the round up.

What do you guys think? Would this interest you at all?
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Anonymous 6723


*kicks DemPonies to Austin, Texas*


The problem isn't so much travel, it's more finding a place to stay and food. At least that's what it was before I bought bunch of crap that I didn't need… *sighs*


File: 1374027844416.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, 20130414045345684.gif)

I guess it wouldn't hurt to plug this. http://www.fimfiction.net/group/199343/meet-ups

File: 1373917539395.gif (989.66 KB, 240x135, 1278423053450346.gif)

Anonymous 6808[View]

I think it's time I learned about these puzzling categories of the personages, and if I should even bother to memorize them or just reinterpret what I need in order to make it easier.
Because memorizing hundreds of guides and abstract notions sounds insane…though college still wants people to do that.
I suggest not answering these paragraphs in a descending order and neither directly. Same for not doing it all in one go, but that really goes without saying.

First of all what's the meaning behind ''great'' character development?
If the character slightly or majorly changes his personality across the series? Is it still called development if the character regresses instead of evolving?
Is the evolution of a character always about growing up - getting a mature attitude and become capable of taking up responsibilities?
The total amount of time all of his common emotions and unique traits have been shown for.
If the reasons the character changes for, isn't jarring/poorly made?

Do the quality of the jokes, charm, action have any effect on the depthness? Or Depth and lovable personality are two entirely different things?
How much do relationships with other characters, hobbies, likes&dislikes, roles, different experiences/completed goals affect the character's depth? Or that's the depth of the character's background and has nothing to do with the depth of the personality?
Does the intelligence of a character represent how deep she/he is? Self-awareness/common sense, rational thinking and diplomacy/reasoning.
Same for the indepedence, responsibility and ingenuity of handling challenges. Do these things have their own category, rather than all falling into personality? Because they seem rather different compared to the flavors of an archetype.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

TwilightSnarkle!OMGpONypDQ 6809

File: 1373920753337.png (176.97 KB, 426x419, gummifex.png)

I think you're going too far too soon, honestly.
The power of a good character is how relatable they are. In order for a character to be powerful to an audience, the audience must understand them.
Pinkie Pie's a bubblehead partyfreak. Written as a disposable character, that's all we'd know, and some people might relate. But giving her depth? Well, we explain why she likes parties: she likes to make others smile. Why does she like to make others smile? Because before she smiled, her life was (literally) gray and empty.
Take a character concept. Write out the 'features' of the character. Then ask yourself why a few times. In my experience, if I can answer three 'why' questions on the same trait, then that trait has appreciable depth.
Review the other traits and make sure there are (minimal) conflicts unless the character is irrational.
Once you've done that, you can choose to show which facets you wish to the audience, but make sure the character acts according to those hidden 'why' reasons. This will give the illusion of depth without having to go into a six-paragraph exposition for each action.

Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6811

File: 1373927711449.png (670.98 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_mpk1akAJOk1rbr172o1_128…)

There's a few different things to consider with a character. Their introduction to your story is where they first appear, and where you have to do something to make them memorable. Our introduction to Bilbo Baggins is "Nope, sorry! Not today! I am not–no–not going adventuring today!"

Dialogue is most definitely another important aspect. A relateable character who's boring every time they open their mouth is never going to win over the readers.

Most importantly though, and this applies for your story as a whole, "the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself can alone make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the agony and the sweat." A character who has inner turmoil, and the subject of that inner turmoil, is what will really make or break a character.

Create a character who is half gryphon half pegasus and stick them in the middle of a war between the two races.
Create a guard who fought on the wrong side of a war and place him and his his loving wife and two daughters in poverty, as the only payment for his loyalty to the fallen crown.
Create a character who has two ponies competing for her affections, each friends that she's known for a long time.
Create someone whose every accomplishment is overshadowed by their father's even greater accomplishments. "Graduated the academy at eighteen? Well, my word that's young! Though not nearly as young as your father; let me tell you, I've never seen somepony handle a spear so well."

You put a character in an interesting situation, form their personality from that situation, then write good enough dialogue to make them interesting and you should have a good character.

Tactical 6812

One good piece of advice is to work bckwards. Creating an interesting character out of love for the character will create distracting elements and will tempt you to create a Sue of one variety or another.

What is your objective in using the character? What role do they play? Why are they interesting? How do their traits complicate matters, drive plot points, or strengthen their symbolic power? Edit: Also, what SLP said about voice. Voice is probably the most important of all.

These questions should guide creating your character.

Sometimes, of course, you create a character who needs to breathe in order to work: a character for whom an interesting personality and a strong, consistent motivation is not enough. To develop these characters, again I advise resisting the urge to create an RP character with an interesting history and with interesting traits or quirks. An interesting quirk or too is good, but quirks do not count as character exploration. Neither does in-depth analysis of personality and how the character should behave.

Instead, think of non-obvious traits of your characters; things that are offscreen, mundane, unimportant. Again this will help you to work backwards and create new angles that make the character interesting in ways that obsessive detail on obvious things can't.

The example I've been using is of an RPG character I once made who was a mage. I had a good, solid theme to her–she had only nonlethal combat magic, she was good at clairvoyance, she followed a religion of peace and spirituality, and she was with the party because she had a dream of retiring to a life of religious pilgrimage.

See the problem? She's nothing but an RPG stereotype, no matter how meticulously I tried to make her a "good character."

I began by asking these questions: What is her ethnicity? Who were her parents? What are her specific beliefs?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1343305512165.png (266.34 KB, 550x550)

!!Spike ## Mod 158[View]

Directory: >>159

Welcome to /fic/, the board for pony fanfiction and all things related to it! If you need help from other members or have a question, feel free to drop by the #fic IRC.

Posting Guidelines (or: the /fic/ Readme)

#Tag your threads as appropriately as you can. You can make up your own tags, but try to make them descriptive of your thread or fic. Make a tag by typing "[#Your tag here]" in the text box.
● Use the Recommendation/Request General at >>79 if you want to recommend a story you haven't written or if you're looking for genre suggestions, a fic you can't remember the name of, etc.
● Instead of double posting to correct errors, edit your post with the Edit button, bottom right of the page. You can use this to update collections and open/close threads, too.

Posting stories:
● If you want to show off a story you wrote, include a story title, a description, story tags, and a link to the story (where applicable).
● If you have multiple stories, consider using one thread for all of your stories instead of making a thread for each story.
● If you're looking for help with your story, there's a directory of readily available reviewers here: >>159. If you need feedback on your story, you are strongly advised to post in one of them.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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!!Bloom ## Mod 6825

File: 1374015118304.png (56.92 KB, 120x315)

Autosaging for new sticky

Silver_Smoulder!!3n4T97LhvH 6833

Well, I was more referring to the fact that I write (pitifully) stories that aren't just AiE, but they're all in the same format - greentexted stuff, with no paragraphs, but my stuff touches on like pony-pony interactions.

Would I still post here?

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 6897

I guess there's no harm in making a thread for greentext stories

File: 1352757805877.jpg (106.55 KB, 800x760, 819c59c195d38412248c60c1a45c4f…)

Soundslikeponies' Awesome Author Thread 953[View]

Have you ever been kept up at night by annoying questions such as ‘what is the meaning of life?’ ‘what is true happiness?’ or ‘did I leave the stove on?’ Well good news! My stories guarantee you’ll forget your difficult philosophical ponderings as your house burns to the ground around you!

Anyways, between finishing one of my fics and starting my third, I figured now would be a good time to make an author thread, where I’ll be posting updates and new fics. I have a couple more stories planned, and will soon be able to get back to pumping out 2 chapters a week, with a pretty even balance of shipping and non-shipping for everyone to enjoy. I write almost exclusively about the main characters (and the princesses) but I might do something centered around a background pony someday. (tl;dr: here’s my user page: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/soundslikeponies)

We'll Keep In Touch

[Romance][Slice of Life]

By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: Left only with a promise to keep in touch, Rainbow Dash struggles to convey her feelings, and to figure out what the words were that she couldn't say on that last snowy night at the train station before Twilight left. As everyone slowly drifts apart, Dash will have to put in the effort if she wants to keep her friends together.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/70396/well-keep-in-touch
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/12/story-well-keep-in-touch.html
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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New Chapter! soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5333

File: 1367787977364.jpeg (431.46 KB, 1316x931, macpony55-20120116T185452-g32d…)

Chapter 27 of Flying High, Falling Hard is out!
Chapter title: A Date

Twilight and Dash finally go out on what's technically only their second date, while Soarin' takes Spitfire on a night out to try to help take her mind off things.

New Chapter! soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 5638

File: 1369576525471.jpg (81.63 KB, 963x830, princess_celestia_by_celebi_yo…)

Chapter 15 of Equestria from Dust is out!
Chapter title: Part 15: Fragment

Celestia and Luna encounter Discord in Celestia's dreams. But what is he playing at, leading them to ask questions that they never bothered to ask before?
>New Cover Art

Well, back from a week and a half long break. Hopefully I have more direction with where I want my stories to go (I never can tell, really).

On another note, I recommend The Kingkiller series to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels and a cocky main character.

Story Complete! Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 6795

File: 1373815772277.jpg (443.6 KB, 749x797, celestia___kiriban_by_sayluh-d…)

Equestria from Dust
[Adventure][Alternate Universe]
Word Count: 69,576
By: soundslikeponies

Synopsis: Celestia awakens to see an empty world, white sandstone stretching the horizon. She wanders the world as she builds it from her imagination, filling it with life, but as time passes, the world that she created begins to seem like little more than a lucid dream, conjured from the dust.

Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/33610/Equestria-from-Dust
Equestria Daily Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/10/story-equestria-from-dust.html

Closing Author's Comments: At its heart, I wanted Equestria from Dust to be about Celestia's soul searching journey. The story uses an epic backdrop while remaining a story about "the heart in conflict with itself" through and through, as it's a struggle through the millenia for Celestia escape her loneliness and find meaning in the world she's created.

I had a whole lot of fun writing the beginning parts of this fic. I feel like I let the prose's edge dull a bit over time, though it's still more stylized than anything else I've written. I never went into this story trying to impart any headcanon (I specifically started with none, and all that was put in was created by the story for the story) but it seems from the comments that a few people decided to adopt it anyway.

All in all I'm pleased with how this story went. People have said it dips in the middle a bit, but I think in full release, where you aren't waiting weeks between chapters, it's more of a non-issue. It was all necessary build up that I tried to make engaging.
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1373037107366.jpg (345.83 KB, 630x1268)

Where we are, and where we are going !!Bloom ## Mod 6639[View]


As you may have inferred, I am now mod of /fic/. You may be thinking, "But, Roger, how will you handle the mountainous responsibility of moderating /fic/'s extraordinary traffic?" Now, yes, the extreme selflessness exhibited by myself in taking this position is certainly admirable, but rest assured that this burden which I have accepted is endurable.

Jokes aside, we have recently gotten some new neighbours in the form of the "Pony Transformation Fiction General". I'm glad that everyone's been able to live harmoniously with them, even if their culture is a little different than ours. In case anyone from there is reading: Hi, I hope /fic/ has been a good new home for you.

Anyway, to get to the point of this thread: if I am to moderate this place, I think we ought to revise /fic/'s sticky. It was written in a (slightly) different time and for a (slightly) different environment. I'm not thinking about any drastic changes, rather trimming a few things down. In a previous /site/ thread, I said that the rules could effectively be boiled down to three things:

(1) Be about writing
(2) Be pony related
(3) Be non-redundant

I also said that you could probably skirt rule (2) if your stuff is good enough (read: nobody bothers to report it). (3) means don't post something that's already got a thread for it: recommendations, review requests, etc. Everything else could reasonably fall under "Etiquette".

To help brainstorm revisions to the sticky, and in consideration of the above, I ask: Why do you come to /fic/? What is /fic/? What ought it be?
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!!Bloom ## Mod 6790

File: 1373791724013.png (379.92 KB, 1219x1296)

Given the consensus, rule 1(b) has been removed from the rules in the current darft.

>>6641 has been updated to the latest draft. If there are no issues with the rules/phrasing, it will go live in a few days.

I'll be maintaining the directory from now on with the rule that any thread not posted in for 2 weeks is inactive, unless the OP convinces me otherwise.

Present!PeRFeCt9JM 6791

>Threads and posts should be pertaining to written fiction.

"should pertain"

>Stories are customarily accompanied by a title, a description, tags, and a link to the story in question (where applicable).

Tagging and descriptions as just a point of etiquette? That seems like an invitation for problems.

>If you throw a tantrum, you will have come here to learn, and left without a single lesson.

This is a bit harsh. I'd suggest something more like, "You've come here to learn, so be open to feedback regardless of how pleasant it is to hear."

!!Bloom ## Mod 6792

File: 1373811386066.jpg (63.85 KB, 655x480)

>"should pertain"

>Tagging and descriptions as just a point of etiquette? That seems like an invitation for problems.

Not all stories posted here include those things. For example, the write-off stories don't have tags nor a synopsis, and a lot of stories in >>6087 don't even have titles. (Not to mention, I'd have to somehow define what a "story" is…) It's not something that ought to be strictly enforced.

>This is a bit harsh. I'd suggest something more like, "You've come here to learn, so be open to feedback regardless of how pleasant it is to hear."

I may just remove that sentence. It's not particularly neccessary.

File: 1370403640706.png (444.07 KB, 1063x358, Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.3…)

HoRI 2: Electric Boogaloo 5845[View]

Inflammatory title aside, this is less about referencing the original HoRI and more about doing an homage to the /fic/ community. As more than some of you might be aware, there was recently a discussion in the #fic IRC about who each of the members of this community are, what they're like, and how they're perceived. So, I guess that I got bitten by the plot bunny, so here I am to make a probably silly post about a silly idea.

The basic idea of this is to write a story in which the full community of /fic/ is portrayed according to each "character's" popular perception. It'll be fairly innocent (though, especially with Tactical and Split involved, there'll likely be more than one dirty joke somewhere), and I hope that it'll be a fun little story that people can read to say, "Oh, yeah! That's X/Y/Z/me!"

The structure will be similar to your average Slice-of-Life fic, with a short number of chapters and a basic plot. It will be MLP-based (Grif can be a seapony, for example), though requests for other developments will likely be happily accepted for the purposes of general silliness.

If you'd like to have your character used in this (or just to okay their use), feel free to comment below. If you think this is a terrible idea, feel free to do the same. If you've already got an OC (with a defined personality), I'll be happy to use them, though be warned that they might be given a part in the "family" (the structure we'll be using) that isn't quite what you had planned. If that last bit upsets you, then feel free to set a strict limit on how your OC may be used, and I'll do my best to accommodate. Note that none of this is intended to criticize, insult, or belittle, and if you do feel insulted or misrepresented by your character's portrayal, I'll apologize and remove the offending parts with no questions asked.

Otherwise, I'm looking for any other people who want to help out with this, either through co-writing, prereading, outlining, or just yelling at me for being a moron. So, yeah.

Let the House of /fic/ begin!
49 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


Welp, I'll be starting on Ch. 3 now. Here's the first hundred words or so: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18VMiEluhWlhdbna73fNIHozw1Y31ltZTnVBE6hdr6fU/edit


File: 1373497617309.png (73.83 KB, 945x945, shrugpony Bleeding Rain.png)

Sure, count Bleeding Raindrops sometimes Minjask in.

>Need to get a new shrugpony vector with a better manestyle


File: 1373498277509.jpg (342.63 KB, 2150x1649, thecrazywun.jpg)

Forgot a personality. Let's see. Rainstream has her own background which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11hql6OHuUvLsM3GHVWr7AksbTUrMg_UDRP-pw1YjTWk/edit
It's very slapped together because I've been adding to it as it comes to me. But if you want a little more "me" you could just write what you think of me. I'm a shapeshifting mare who normally goes by Bleeding Raindrops, but I occasionally turn into an orange filly with a purple mane, and call myself Minjask. I'm considerably less bright in this form, though, and have a much bigger ego.
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question Anonymous 6755[View]

im in the process of writing a story about flash sentry and twilight on a adventure in the pony world, im kinda torn between making it a serious but fun story or a really bad, stupidly funny comedy

both have the same premise its how the characters interect

the serious one will try to get as clost to how they talk in the show as possible while the comedy one will be random and over the top

so what should i go with?


File: 1373497557183.jpg (184.8 KB, 914x580, 229417__UNOPT__safe_apple-bloo…)

Story idea thread >>49

Though seeing as how it wasn't on the front page, you're forgiven for making a new thread.

File: 1352897852688.gif (140.22 KB, 500x300, Amonloving.gif)

Anonymous 1005[View]


I think now it a good time as any:

As you might have become aware, Demetrius and I have recently gotten interested in ways improving the current set-up of the review assignment and distribution, trying to make people not have to keep tabs on the system and simply review/write. Basically, he wants to make it as automatic as possible, which I agree is a good goal.

At this, however, we have two proposal (and I don't think having more would hurt anyone) as to how to best achieve this and having some input from others might be helpful.

So, this thread is being made to have a place that isn't the Training ground filled with said discussion.

Opine and drop off why something might not be possible, or make your own proposal.

That's about it.
59 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 6611

Just thought I'd like to comment that most if not all the stuff the anon suggested earlier is possible now using the "query" and "importrange" functions. Ah well. But damn, technology moves.

Anonymous 6628

Whatever the hell happen to… well, everything?


File: 1373173055504.jpg (323.21 KB, 2779x1850, yifRp.jpg)

Never mind; forget I exist :-P

I'll spare you the details but sum it up by saying life now is a Mandelbrot set's edge of "holy shit I have to finish X before Y." So, don't expect anything of me.

What I meant to say is that you can import data from other spreadsheets using *native* Google spreadsheet functions, which makes the anon's idea totally feasible. I never meant to suggest it should/will be done, just that it could be done, as a "for the record" footnote to this thread.
This post was edited by its author on .

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