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File: 1350619361908.png (445.56 KB, 960x200, AJ - banner 2.png)

Banner Contest! Anonymous 876[View All]

Alright, artists, shoopers, doodlers and drawers…

We're gonna have a banner contest. Simple and straightforward - between now and November 1, about 2 weeks time, make and submit a banner for the site (or a board of your choice, if you want to make one specific to say, /oat/ or /pony/).

Users will comment on the submitted banners, and all the ones we like will be added to a rotation on the site. Let any artists or such you might know who may be interested know, and let's see what you can come up with.

The dimensions we should stick to are a maximum of 1000 width by 150 height.

This'll be linked on /site/ and in the ticker links and some other boards will get notice too. Thanks!
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Anonymous 1050

File: 1351147929741.gif (258.35 KB, 800x150, mlpchan banner 3.gif)

I like it too.
Re-posting it, I just added a border.
Because borders are cool.


File: 1351149759693.gif (1.99 MB, 640x360, hnng.gif)


Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 1053

File: 1351154690493.gif (5.05 KB, 50x50, if I run fast enough maybe I w…)

Here's the original .gif if you're interested!

Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 1073

File: 1351210310964.png (64.58 KB, 800x150, 7fc6e2_2220212u.png)

I couldn't resist.


File: 1351241617738.png (48.76 KB, 124x115, flutter hug.png)



File: 1351269668018.png (265.33 KB, 999x149, MLP CHAN Banner that Should be…)

Everything Else is Child's Play


File: 1351303321382.png (131.83 KB, 600x150, normal.png)

The!GummyfZBao 1109


Mitch!wk/OtICxrQ 1120

File: 1351373057203.png (8.63 KB, 1000x150, banner.png)

I hope I didn't mess this up


File: 1351382333133.png (40.5 KB, 600x150, too young.png)


File: 1351382344436.png (44.71 KB, 1284x214, normal people.png)


If anyone want to have a go at putting the logo on there be my guest. I couldn't get it to fit without being intrusive


File: 1351405909322.png (30.73 KB, 600x150, It's not just a cartoon.png)


Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 1141

File: 1351432043623.png (44.43 KB, 600x150, too young.png)


File: 1351464700446.png (120.95 KB, 343x260, 132210014521.png)

Now why didn't I think of that?

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 1144

we need a purple tinker banner

Anonymous 1149

File: 1351481726164.gif (122.17 KB, 150x150, bana4.gif)


File: 1351504632468.png (341.95 KB, 780x700, confused I dont get it.png)

Does she even browse this chan?

Mitch!wk/OtICxrQ 1174

Is PT even still alive?


File: 1351566783697.png (45.39 KB, 600x150, cute horse.png)


File: 1351739120706.png (99.07 KB, 648x148, liar.png)

Anonymous 1203

Should we start to give feedback on which ones we think we like best and should be added?


File: 1351750711172.png (142.87 KB, 732x830, Fortuna Kinky - Nightmare Nigh…)

Freedom of speech. It's always helpful for the deciders to know which ones are liked. If you want to give feedback, just do it.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 1208

Yes, users should definitely tell us which ones they like best and would like to see as banners on the site.


All of them. Except for the the duplicates of course.
I assume we we be using a script that randomly selects one every time the page is loaded? Or will it be like EQD where it needs to be changed manually?


File: 1351814135940.png (493.37 KB, 1024x1024, Fortune 1.png)

Personally I think that:
May not be the best choices for banners… At least on the more pony related boards. I can see them working on /chat/ or /anon/ though.

All others look brilliant, though.


File: 1351849537552.png (76.25 KB, 413x519, Um hello.png)

Are banners going to be board specific?


File: 1351850145346.png (237.46 KB, 1000x150, Banner 2 Scaled.png)

See: >>913
Hence why I included the name of a board in mine.


File: 1351850753902.png (53.53 KB, 250x222, am i wearing my glasses right.…)

But they don't have to be. Right?

If so,

/oat/ /chat/ or /anon/
/oat/ or /site/


File: 1351906072540.png (94.36 KB, 1000x150, mlp.png)

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 1223

File: 1351945103258.jpg (18.46 KB, 554x353, heavy-laughing.jpg)


File: 1352195890459.png (40.18 KB, 200x150, anon.png)

I know I'm about 5 days late on on this, but I made this for /anon/

The joke is, that if you see this banner on /anon/, there is one person on /anon/
Polite sage because I don't feel like making a late bump

TPWPFluttershy(out) 1275

I think it would be better if it was wider.
And don't worry. I don't think there is any intention of enforcing a deadline.


File: 1352746169064.png (11.27 KB, 519x94, Thanks for the critiques.png)

Would it be in bad taste to have this as a banner?

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1303

File: 1352773097596.png (512 KB, 4009x637, Banner final 1.png)

One of them…

Wait for it.

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1304

File: 1352773130468.png (269.31 KB, 3692x304, Banner final 2.png)

And the second.

You decide.

I'm kinda torn between them.

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1305

File: 1352773296945.png (169.76 KB, 535x498, mlfw3645-vlcsnap-2012-03-15-18…)


Some resizing may be needed… Saw that now…


File: 1352783115739.png (462.21 KB, 615x408, 921[1].png)

I told you bro. I told you about the size limits.

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1313

File: 1352837518100.png (169.76 KB, 535x498, mlfw3645-vlcsnap-2012-03-15-18…)


My creativity didn't care

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1314

File: 1352837703117.png (82.13 KB, 996x82, Banner final 2 small.png)

FPP 1352

Flutter has one nostril, and Dash has none.

TPWPFluttershy 1354

File: 1352934472221.png (165.21 KB, 634x356, mlfw2040-132421386714[1].png)

Someone is missing. But I can't figure out who.

FPP 1355



Mitch!wk/OtICxrQ 1368

Who are you talking about? Isn't the picture missing a green and purple character?

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1400


You're right… Awkward.

And you're right… Awkward…

I'll make a new one.

Mr. Whoever-you-are(DeFreeze)!aA7XtAv84U 1609

File: 1354678251227.png (292.38 KB, 4323x269, APPLEJACK INC.png)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 2363

File: 1358838815527.jpg (86.77 KB, 1200x839, Obama-laughing.jpg)

>he didn't even realize he forgot best secondary character

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 2661

File: 1361921897929.png (545.68 KB, 1904x3600, calvin.png)

Somehow this must be turned into a banner. I don't know how and I don't care.

Anonymous 2689

Hoping that shit's still around.

Anonymous 3863

File: 1376280765578.png (84.19 KB, 1000x150, banner.png)

Necrobump, courtesy of boredom, Photoshop and IRC

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