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File: 1349183936939.jpg (818.36 KB, 2480x3508, Rainbows board.jpg)

Rainbows Longboard Dasadan 797

Hey Mlpchan Ive been Working on these mane 6 longboard designs for a while now and i wanted to see if i can get some feedback on em before i try kickstarter

Anonymous 808

Show me some more. The Dash one seems fine, actually.

Dasadan 811

File: 1349359950092.jpg (1012.74 KB, 2480x3508, Twilights board.jpg)

This is Twilights Im working on rarities Atm

Anonymous 812

File: 1349393774288.png (Spoiler Image,135.33 KB, 1577x1633, Lurking2.png)

Anonymous 813

File: 1349393943654.png (26.96 KB, 737x852, Nyx Lurk.png)

Jax (Element of Fett, INTP, and /oat/) !Nn69xDErmY 823

File: 1349585035304.jpg (151 KB, 576x784, image.jpg)

I'm confused. Are these some type of snowboard? If so, I would buy one. I love snowboarding.

Dasadan 827


These Are Longboards Large skateboards More for traveling and going fast :3

Anonymous 4145

Rainbow dash's should be a top mount symmetrical speed board.

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