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File: 1345596754827.png (398.98 KB, 3024x1818, aj gun.png)

I Made an (F)Art Anonymous 610

So, I took about half an hour to draw this. Other than the missing back leg, how to do better?

Anonymous 611

Biased, but I love AJ.

Quality sketch. Maybe a little more length on mane. Honestly have a hard time finding big flaws.

Meet!DahGayseXY 612

Now just go over it with smooth black lining, fill in the colors, and you're done.

Anonymous 613

File: 1345656929456.png (300.56 KB, 3024x1818, aj guncc.png)

fill doesnt like me very much

Meet!DahGayseXY 614

What are you using to draw?
If you're using SAI or PHOTOSHOP there's a MAGIC WAND tool you can use to select regions and adjust the tolerance to find moar pixels to use with the fill tool.
I'd suggest doing color on another layer below the lineart, or on multiple layers even.

Meet!DahGayseXY 615

But it looks great. Really good.

Anonymous 617

File: 1345688424850.jpg (154.74 KB, 1680x1010, ajumad.jpg)

ArtRage. I mean, I could've not used fill. But I'm laaazy. :(

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 625

Saved. The fill isn't that bad.

Anonymous 628

File: 1345874965164.gif (218.36 KB, 353x393, 1343618516500.gif)

Ah. Thanks.

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