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Message from the DA group! Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 598

Hello mlpchan /art/! You can call me Epony~, and I'm a co-founder on PAD's DA group. "EponymouslyEponymous" there since Eponymous and Epony were taken I believe.

As you all well know, or at least I'd assume you can all find out easily enough, PAD's "pony after dark" art group on deviantart is, and has now been for a bit, fully open to you guys to come in and join us and share your art with the people of PAD, your fellow /art/ists, and the whole of this site really. (Was there too many commas in that long sentence? Oh well, I do that, heh… see) Here's a link if you are curious and happen to not have heard about it - http://pony-after-dark.deviantart.com/

Anyways, I'm making this OP post to let you guys know that if you want to share art in "pony after dark", please leave us a comment explaining how you found us in your invitation request. That way we can avoid the guys that just search pony groups on DA and join every single one they can, or whatever… yes, we get those. And it's not like we're picky, but we just want to know who our group members are and to keep the group somewhat tighter and more intimate… (stop thinking like that~). Basically, we have only a few Co-Founders and the group was originally designed just for close friends of PAD to share stuff. But now we have an awesome new group of people coming in that we're happy to welcome in! We just don't know all you guys necessarily, but we'd love to get to know you.

So, again, please leave an comment when you ask for an invitation. Say something like, "Hi my name is -name-, and I found you guys through mlpchan's art group"! And if you don't have art to contribute, following requires no invitation… or maybe you think you'll be inspired to try some art of your own and will want an invitation anyways. Let us know. We can only glean so much from reading your DA page.

So… see you guys around and I I'd love to see more and various art.

Also, if there's any mods in the area, a sticky would be appreciated, but if you don't find that necessary, that's fine too. Thanks!

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 600

File: 1345421244505.png (456.02 KB, 1280x1695, 1345243639375.png)

We'll keep it visible. Thanks Epony.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 601

File: 1345421748679.png (193.81 KB, 397x421, pinkie nice!.png)


..and thank you as well Anonthony!

You ever gonna post some art in there :P~

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 602

File: 1345422038572.png (204.83 KB, 475x453, pinkie this hat is about books…)


Oh, and this thread is open for anyone that wants to announce they're invitation request in here too. That way we can be double sure and find out if we need to check out updates on DA just by looking here.

Anonymous 603

I forgot about this! I was going to join and add my terrible sprites and stuff. I'll be asking to join up within the next few minutes here. dA is SaiKar.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 604

File: 1345423727450.png (170.01 KB, 461x457, pinkie do want.png)


Oh cool! I remember that you had been talking about arting a while back. I forgot that you weren't already with us. I'd love to see and share your stuff in the DA group.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 609

File: 1345544443547.png (351 KB, 703x713, pinkie is a bit lost on this.p…)

So, anyone here go by "MetalH24" or "chuggaaconroy64" on Deviantart? One person is seeking an invitation and the other is wanting to post art. Just would like to know.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 647

File: 1345894147885.png (137.5 KB, 356x361, pinkie don't mind me im just h…)

Got an unrecognized poster that goes by "PiplupSTARSCommander" trying to join the DA group. Is that any of you guys?

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 794

File: 1349113429688.png (363.46 KB, 619x615, pinkie what's up down there!.p…)

Hello again Thonychan /art/! Long time no see.

Do we have a DA user by the name of "BlueBoomx" in here?

If you know her or are her, please speak up!


File: 1351187035581.png (376.79 KB, 643x619, pinkie pudding a smile for my …)

Hi guys!

Do we have someone here that goes by "NSslayer" on Deviantart?

We also have someone named "SS-SpirtStar" that awesomely let us know that she is from here on mlpchan! Thanks for that SpiritStar.

If anyone here knows who these guys are on this site, please let me know. I know at least one of them is from here, I just don't know who they are here. I'm really only curious in SpiritStar's case.

Red Star 1064

File: 1351203576476.png (74.31 KB, 480x480, Nice capitalism you have there…)

I've been thinking about joining for a while now but I've been wondering a couple of things:

>is mature art ok? Your name suggests it but I just wanted to be sure

>is there some sort of groupchat system or do you guys have a steam group or something?
>Is it purely show ponies or are variations such as anthro, humanized, OCs, etc. allowed?


File: 1351585258243.png (221.23 KB, 418x429, pinkie lemme break the ice her…)


Oh hey… sorry I'm just now seeing this but I've been busy and I don't honestly expect to see much here usually, heh.


>is mature art ok? Your name suggests it but I just wanted to be sure

Our name has really nothing to do with Equestria After Dark. In fact, I myself knew of PAD long before the other thing. Not sure why that name was picked specifically, but a safe bet would be because it was the chat thread where people from /pony/ came to hang out in the evening after a long day of silly "argumenting" and possibly because of the ironic association with "EAD".

That all said, our name does not imply an interest in porn, and I'm sorry it could seem that way. Crazy I hadn't thought that this might happen and that it hasn't happened sooner really. We haven't had anyone try and post porn in our DA group, but I believe we want to keep it "SFW" in accordance with the general site rules of mlpchan, Ponychan, and whatever DA's regulations are on this. Basically, anything that's posted there should be able to be posted in any of the channels here outside of that special one Thony set aside for such things as porn. We of course don't care if you art your own porn images, and are free to join us and share your "lighter fare"… we probably just wont be interested in accepting "blantant porn"/NSFW images as a general rule.

>is there some sort of groupchat system or do you guys have a steam group or something?

We do have a steam group that many PAD members use, but it's not something that's really attached to the DA directly. The common thing that ties us together is "PAD" which can be found on this site every night on the /pony/ board. However, Thony is an old friend of the group and it was agreed that PAD's DA group would be inviting to his site's /art/ board. So anyone from here is welcome to join without having ever visited PAD if they choose. I guess the mentality is that friends of PAD are welcome there and everyone here is a friend of Anonthony at the very least. We would love to encourage people to come visit PAD though of course. It should be mentioned though that outside of PAD and this board, we try to keep things a little "exclusive" so that our small number of group admins can handle it and the group stays close knit and more personal. More details on this can be read in the DA group's journal.

>Is it purely show ponies or are variations such as anthro, humanized, OCs, etc. allowed?

Any art related to ponies is allowed. Of course, show ponies are the most popular submissions, but we have some humanized, anthro, and OC submissions as well.

It's kinda a slow and more personal pony group on DA, so you won't see a whole lot of new stuff day to day. At the same time, this makes it easy to browse the gallery and keep up with the art of your friends, and that's really what making it was for.

Hope that answers your questions, ans see ya around!

Is it alright if... EarthPhantomTS 2588

a newbie like me joins? Cause I like the idea of getting to know you guys. As friends.

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