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Anonymous 5754

okay guys, I'm trying to find two old pictures that got drawn up, I want to say it was a painting style?

but it was of twilight and crew ready to fight G1 tirek

in the first picture, you're looking at them from behind the pony's side

in the second one, I want to say you're looking from tirek's perspective

this has been really bothering me for a few months that I can't find them through all the pure trash of revived tirek that's out there

any help at all?

Anonymous 5755

I should probably note that I actually did spent the time to go through derpibooru under both "tirac" and "tirek" and oh what a surprise, two beautifully composed pictures were NOT THERE

you know what was there?

83 pages of fucking memes.

Moritmer !HOoVEs3Q5. 5784

I can think of two pictures that sound very, very similar to your description, but they have g4 tirek, not g1.

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