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Making a contribution... CR 5315

Hey! So, I've been having a great interest in making contributions to the fandom for a while now and was wondering where a good place would be to host my content as well as find some people to make collabs with. I sing, write music and am interested in voice acting. What would you recommend?

Anonymous 5389

For all three of those, I'd suggest using YouTube to host the actual content. For temporary hosting of voicework, you could also use vocaroo. For songs and music, you might also post on bandcamp, but I'd suggest building up at least one full album worth of content before posting there.

For collaborations, depending on what you're doing, you'll probably find people anywhere from here to 4chan to spacebattles to fimfiction to conferences to real-life friends.

Once you've found people you want to collaborate with, you'll want to coordinate with them using a combination of a forum somewhere, private email, and some kind of real-time communication such as Hangouts or Skype. (Which you use depends on what your friends and collaborators use; if you end up with a choice, go with Hangouts.)

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