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Anonymous 5258

Who wants a pony hoverboard? Me!

Google Hendo Hoverboards if you haven't stumbled upon em... right now it's just a kickstarter with a working prorotype *jazz hands* not taking it' too seriously though.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 5263

File: 1416648705320.png (251.63 KB, 1280x720, Applejack_looking_at_Pinkie_su…)

I'm skeptical. Don't you need massive stationary electromagnets on the ground underneath, to make things hover above it? If you made the plates on the hoverboard repel plates in the board itself, either the plates would fly apart (and one would hit the ground) or they would sit there putting their force into straining the structure containing them, and nothing would be levitating it.

I mean, maybe if these are only intended to be used as single person vehicles on a MagLev line. That doesn't seem like it'd sell though, what with supersonic trains bumping into you and all.

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