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Artists Accepting Commission:
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Anonymous 1751


EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 2389

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This really needs updating.

!Pipes is a little squid 2643

I have a question. Does the art have to be pony related ? Because i really dont like drawing pones. I do the odd human version but …


File: 1362333591678.png (327.04 KB, 500x697, 947f5a16bdb6d70a9262bde57ffc53…)

Though the boards pony-centric, I don't see any issue with you posting other art. A few people already do.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 2752

File: 1363149801632.jpg (484.7 KB, 1770x1799, paint to infinity.jpg)

I got some useful tools/sites for you guys. Feel free to suggest others.

Image editing software

Designed for simulating the effects of natural mediums. Basic version is free.

For working with Raster images and similar to Photoshop. Free and open source with lots of useful plugins. Easy to use if you're familiar with Photoshop.

For those looking to work with vectors this provides an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Easy to use, free and open source.

Design Tools

Color Blender
Helpful for creating color pallets. Give it a color and it will suggest six complementary colors, all web safe.
This is particularly useful if you're designing an OC.
Free with no download needed.

Crimson 3001

File: 1369418375887.jpg (400.43 KB, 2560x1440, Wallpaper.jpg)

Hey, I wanted to notify that recently overnight it seems the pad/mlpchan art group has vanished. I do not know if it exists. All I know was that I was trying to change its name and give leadership to someone else. now its gone.

So I apologize to everyone for this of course. I had thought I did warn people of the fact that they should save pics in case this did happen.

I will make a new art group with an actual mlpchan related name soon for everyone.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 3056

yeah i got a 404 too, and the ponyafterdark page doesn't seems to be that one.

question about artist thread calmsystems 4484


I would like to start drawing and would like to make an "artist" thread for myself.
Calling my doodles art isn't a tasteful joke, in my opinion.

I'm a total beginner, so I'm not sure if I can do that.
I wouldn't like to upload my stuff to my blog(s) yet. I lack the skills for that.

Thank you for the answer in advance.

Anonymous 4486

>I would like to make an "artist" thread

Sure, make one.

Those who would like your pictures will appreciate your thread. Those who don't like stuff like this can easily hide it.
And this place really needs more traffic.

calmsystems 4487

Thank you.


Question here

But, if I was to make a thread here, I don't really know how to art, per say… but I do know how to recolor quite well.

Would a thread like that be allowed? Or am I better off just not even bothering?

Anonymous 4575

File: 1390527388447.jpg (345.74 KB, 788x625, 7310_-_applejack_color_swap_fl…)

Keep in mind that this board is VERY slow. As long as you're not expecting too much attention feel free to make new thread.
Also read this:

Mortimer !HooveS/Nlc 4598

It really is very slow.

Anonymous 5782

Slow indeed.

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