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File: 1344720034627.png (215.97 KB, 371x387, Picture 2.png)

Fluttershy Plush Progress 479

Been working on this for a couple weeks need some advice from other pony fans what do you think ponies?


File: 1344720101345.png (278.54 KB, 442x472, Picture 3.png)

Anonymous 481

grab the shotgun!

Kind of hard to tell at that stage really

Anonymous 486

So far, it has potential. The mane and tail will determine a lot here; the wings seem good. You've avoided what seem to be common mistakes among others who do this, and I think you'll progress well if you don't try to rush.

Meet!DahGayseXY 515

I think it needs moar tummeh
looking good though

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